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fanmix: Whistle Down The Wind

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Polly Oliver
(North Texas Wind Symphony)


Get Up

I'm not afraid to fall, it means I climbed up high
To fall is not to fail, you fail when you don't try
Not afraid to fall, I might just learn to fly
And I will spread these wings of mine
If I get up I might fall back down again
So let's get up, come on
If I get up I might fall back down again
We get up anyway


If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all okay
And not to worry, 'cause worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these
I won't be made useless
Won't be idle with despair

My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
They're not yours, they are my own
And I am never broken

Whistle Down the Wind
(Whistle Down The Wind Original London Cast Recording)

Whistle down the wind
Let your voices carry
Drown out all the rain
Light a patch of darkness
Treacherous and scary

Make it clear and strong
So the whole night long
Every signal that you send, until the very end
I will not abandon you, my precious friend

(Color Me Badd)

She's faced the hardest times you can imagine
And many times her eyes fought back the tears
And when her youthful world was about to fall in
Each time, her slender shoulders
Bore the weight of all her fears

Let her cry, for she's a lady
Let her dream, for she's a child
Let the rain fall down upon her
She's a free and gentle flower, growing wild

The Joyful Knight
(Heather Dale)

A squire was donning armor, and she bade me stand beside her.
I wondered that a woman found the strength to face that fight.
"O what a joyful life have I!" she told me 'neath that open sky,
"My knight is there upon the field; how fortunate am I!
For when I think to fail and yield, one word from him inspires me.
My knight is there upon the field; how fortunate am I!"

A squire may choose what lord she will, and pledge her faith on bended knee,
Not so for those who stand and watch upon the gallery in colors bright.
But if that choice were up to me, I'd choose that joyful knight.

Short Hair
(Mulan Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Soldiers (Remastered)

It's time to strap our boots on
This is the perfect day to die
Wipe the blood out of our eyes

In this life there's no surrender
There's nothing left for us to do
But find the strength to see this through

We are the ones who will never be broken
With our final breath, we'll fight to the death
We are soldiers

If I Die Young
(The Band Perry)

If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

Gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket
Save 'em for a time when you're really gonna need 'em
Oh, the sharp knife of a short life
Well, I've had just enough time
So put on your best, boys, and I'll wear my pearls

We Live

With life, you never know
When you're coming up to the end of the road
So what do we do then, with tragedy around the bend?

We live, we love
We forgive and never give up
'Cause the days we are given are gifts from above
And today we remember to live and to love

Brother Stand Beside Me
(Heather Dale)

Brother, stand beside me
Brother, lend your arm
See the weakness in the world
And choose to be strong
Let them sing, let them sing our praises
When we've gone

The Wars of the Last Wolves
(Rurouni Kenshin Trust & Betrayal OST)


Whistle Down the Wind (reprise)
(Whistle Down the Wind Original London Cast Recording)

So try and stem the tide
Then you'll raise a banner
Send a flare up in the sky
Try to burn a torch
And try to build a bonfire

Every signal that you send, until the very end, I'm there
So whistle down the wind, for I have always been right there

Kimi no Kioku
(Hakuouki ED)

zutto mamoritai to negatta tatoe kizutsuite mo
(I always wished to protect you, even if I got hurt)
dare yori mo chikaku de mitsumeteita
(I was watching you closer than anyone)
dakishimeta nukumori wa mada kono te no naka ni
(The warmth of our embrace is still in these hands)
(I won't forget)
ikutsu no kisetsu o kasanete mo anata omotteru
(No matter how many seasons pass, I'm thinking of you)

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