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tie me up

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           kuro squirms.

           "you're going to fall if you keep doing that," sangatsu says, focused entirely on the test tubes in his hands.

           kuro flexes his fingers, the tips just starting to prickle from numbness. his wrists are completely useless, the ropes binding them to the stool's back legs perhaps tied a touch too tight, his legs similarly rendered immobile and numbing at a slower rate. thighs held spread open, kuro gnaws at his bottom lip, trembles racing up his spine unbidden. the stool wobbles with him, just barely, and sangatsu finally - finally - looks at him.

           a moan bubbles up from kuro's throat. he wiggles some more, the vibrator inside him shifting, whirring away and deep in a way that's difficult to ignore. cheeks turning pink, sangatsu averts his eyes.

           whining, kuro moves again, pressing his ass harder into the cushion. "sangatsu," he says, voice cracking in the middle.

           "not yet," sangatsu replies. his face is much redder now. "just—a little longer." he goes back to work, his demeanor seeming less confident and put together than before.

           kuro rolls his head to rest on his shoulder. he's hard, hard enough that his cock presses thick and full against the front of his pants. every moment passes him by and makes him more hyperaware of his physical state, tied up and spread out, on display for anyone to see, and thoroughly teased. time stretches slowly, nearly unbearable. his eyes mist over, his next moan sounding more like a sob.

           glass rattles somewhere out of his sight, the room going silent again save for the muffled vibrator.

           hips jerking forward, the stool reacting almost violently, kuro actually does sob, tears sliding over the bridge of his nose and into his hair. he grinds into the cushion, back arching.

           something smashes, and sangatsu's gloved hands are suddenly on his face, smearing the tears over his cheeks.

           "don't cry," sangatsu says, his face warring between annoyed and embarrassed, red like a strawberry and brows furrowed.

           kuro pushes his face into sangatsu's hands. "please," he whimpers.

           "can i," sangatsu starts, eyes darting quickly to kuro's thighs then back up to his face. "can i touch you?"

           kuro moans, nodding in reply. the first brush of fingers on his covered cock shakes him for head to toe, his breath hitching with how this affects the vibrator, somehow burying it further. sangatsu flattens his palm, rubbing kuro's dick up and down. kuro moans once more, half of it interrupted by sangatsu's lips and tongue. the inside of kuro's underwear is wet with precum, more dripping out at the coaxing of sangatsu's hand.

           sangatsu breaks the kiss, his breathing shallow. his hand molds itself to kuro's cock, stroking harder. "come on," he says, "i," he swallows, flushing a darker red, "i want you to come."

           squeezing his eyes shut, kuro lets himself go with a choked sob, his underwear practically soaked by the time he's finished. the ropes come undone quickly, and kuro almost falls to the floor without the ties to anchor him, but sangatsu hooks an arm around his lower back. kuro curls into sangatsu, hiding his face, feeling sangatsu's lips smooth over the raw skin of his right wrist.

           "you okay?" sangatsu asks, voice soft like a feather on kuro's ear.

           kuro takes a deep breath and nods, biting his bottom lip.

           sangatsu kisses the bump of bone in kuro's wrist. "good."