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Break me to saddle, highb100d bard

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D —> Break me to saddle, highb100d bard, for you
D —> As yet but halter, groom, and gently train
D —> That I may know my place, master me, restrain
D —> With whip, scourge, spur, and bit the pride I rue
D —> I, unsubjugated colt, to bridle new
D —> All proper grace with wild mutiny do profane
D —> My b100d, that by right ought teach me duty from the vein
D —> Still is riot-muddled, and runs not pure and b100
D —> Yet I crave your tyranny, and yearn to kneel
D —> But vainglory has made a traitor of my knee
D —> Aggress, aggrieve me, bring me hard to heel
D —> Brand me with your sovereignty, for I
D —> E%cept you harness me, never shall be free
D —> Nor ever STRONG, e%cept you conquer me