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A Day At The Pool

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Tiny rivulets of scented water traveled down over Emma’s breasts and into the bath as she sat between Regina’s open thighs, leaning comfortably against the Queen’s chest and safely in her embrace.  Regina was dipping a fluffy cream colored hand towel into the re-warmed, by their magic, bath water and hugging Emma to her as she wrung it out over the younger woman’s chest and then soothingly ran the soft fabric against her skin.  Emma was 100% sure she had never felt this loved and taken care of before and that was only reinforced by Regina, in that exact moment, using the towel to wipe her face while placing a lingering kiss at the blonde’s temple.


To detour her thoughts from the highly emotional path they were on, Emma smiled and aimed for a lighter mood.  “You know… The wet look works for you, Regina.”


“Oh?”  She could hear the humor in the woman’s voice and Emma looked back to see the Queen with her dark wet hair slicked back on her head and those beautiful brown eyes took center stage as they sparkled with delight.


“Yeah, you know…” the blonde settled back again and felt elated when Regina pulled her in snugly, “… like in another life, you could have been a model.  Regina Mills, famous model for Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit Edition.”


She heard the brunette snort and felt her shake her head. Without looking, she could almost see Regina’s astonished forehead wrinkle.


“You say the absolute strangest things, Sheriff Swan.”  That was said softly in her ear in Regina’s husky voice and Emma’s legs moved together to disguise the tremor of arousal the sexy tone brought to her nether regions.  A second later Regina bit her earlobe and the water near her legs sloshed, which brought out a bewitching and wicked chuckle from the Queen.  Emma mused to herself that Regina always knew what she was doing and she imagined that the queen-turned-mayor took great pleasure in driving her crazy, physically, emotionally and sexually.


“Do… do you even own a bathing suit?”  Keep it under control, Swan.  Of course, it wasn't helping that Regina was using the hanging tip of the towel to run across her nipples firming them into taut points.  When she circled the beaded flesh, the bath water splashed again near Emma’s thighs and Regina chortled in satisfaction.  Wicked.  The former Evil Queen could be very wicked indeed.


Regina embraced the woman in front of her, enjoying their bath time.  She stroked the blonde’s wet-darkened strands behind her ear and again placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.  For the life of her, Regina could not answer as to why she suddenly felt like a giddy school girl, but she deduced that Emma Swan had something to do with it.  She was feeling such intense… emotions for her sheriff so quickly.  There was a rightness to it.  An excitement that could be rivaled by nothing else that she had ever felt before.  Lightly rubbing the side of the savior’s head with her chin in pensive circles, Regina nearly scoffed a loud thinking if only her mother could see her now, Cora would probably call her all sorts of derisive names; names she had heard before in her mother’s acerbic tone.  “Foolish girl.  Love is weakness.”  Sighing absently, she pushed all thoughts of Cora aside. Her mother ought not to have spoken about things she knew nothing about.


“Uh-oh, what’s the matter?”  Emma responded to the weary sigh she had heard and was instantly on alert.  She softly kneaded Regina’s knees supportively hoping that her message of whatever-this-is-we’ll-get-through-it was apparent.


Regina dropped the wisp of towel and used both hands to comfortingly stroke Emma’s hair back at the top of her head, only making Emma turn up more to check on her. Smiling down on the blonde, Regina swore that she was not letting “Cora” ruin what she and Emma had right now.  Not now, not ever.




Emma inquisitively furrowed a brow.  “It didn’t sound like nothing.”


There was concern in the sheriff’s tone and Regina’s lips turned upward at the idea that Emma Swan would probably always tell Regina that what Regina thought and how she felt mattered to her


“Really, Emma.  It’s nothing.”  Regina kissed the tip of the woman’s nose and fingered the cleft in her chin.  Adorable.  “Red.”




“My bathing suit.  It’s a red Speedo one-piece.  A racing model. It’s very practical and nothing as sexy as your yellow bikini.  I only use it to swim in for fitness.”


A short burst of disbelieving laughter sounded from Emma.  “Regardless of how practical looking it is, I bet you make it sexy as hell.”  The blonde wove their fingers together, settling in cozily again and exhaling in relaxation as she looked at their hands.  Regina had perfectly beautiful hands.  “Just like everything else you wear.  Seriously… do you have a pair of jeans?”  Emma grinned and ran her thumb over Regina’s thumb nail, “… or are expensive flat front chinos the most casual you get, Your Highness?”


Emma began to chuckle at her own joke until the older woman good-naturedly pinched her hand, making her yelp before chuckling again.


“I think I have a pair of denim pants in the bottom of my drawer somewhere.  A pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans from 1983.”  Emma rolled her eyes because of course Regina would call them denim pants and of course they’d be in the bottom of a pile of other more worn clothes.  “And for your information, it’s either ‘My Queen’ or ‘Your Majesty’.  You are a ‘Your Highness’, but only to others.” 


“Not to you?” Emma cracked wittingly.  “To you, I’m Your Idiot.”


The unadulterated laughter expelled from Regina was so happy that Emma couldn’t help but brightly smile because she was responsible for it.


“Yes,” Regina tittered, warming Emma’s cooling chest again with scented bath water, “My lovable idiot.”


Suddenly everything froze.  Regina’s hand stilled on Emma’s torso.  Emma seemed to stop breathing and the brunette’s eyes widened, realizing what she had just said.  Minutes passed and the blonde placed her hand over Regina’s and reassuringly made her continue rubbing her with the soothing towel.


“Are you running?”  Emma asked referencing her earlier plea to Regina at the pool to not run from her emotions.


Regina’s mouth worked, opening and closing without a single uttered word, and then blushing, glad that Emma was turned away from her, she wisecracked, “Where would I be running to?  I’m in the bathtub with you.”


The blonde understood the evasive move for what it was and did not let the Queen get away with it.  Regina could be all kinds of things when they were out in public, at Granny’s, in front of her parents, but when they were alone in an intimate setting such as this, she was not going to let the woman be so elusive.


“Because I like it, you know...”  Somewhere in Emma Swan, the young orphan still lived.  “I like being lovable to someone.”  Of course she knew Henry loved her, and so did her parents, but having Regina love her meant something entirely different. 


There were so many firsts happening for Emma today, but she emotionally opened herself up, made herself a little more vulnerable and showed her need to be loved by wrapping Regina around herself like a security blanket, resting her arms above Regina’s wanting to remain in her close embrace.  Please, Emma thought.  Please.


Regina warmly snuggled her in and while pressing her lips to the younger woman’s cheek she whispered in her ear.  “To someone, you are,” and there was no doubt between them that the Queen meant herself.


The blonde had heard the words “I love you” before, but never had they made quite the same gleeful impact as Regina’s words just now.  Besides she knew Regina well enough to know that the woman didn’t say anything she didn’t mean and at this point in time, those words were everything.


Running her toe against the edge of the tub, Emma knew if she said something addressing these feelings or pushed further, Regina might retreat into her shell, her little protective sanctuary that she had created for herself a very, very long time ago, so Emma cleared her throat of her own strong feelings and rasped out, “Good,” and left it at that.


Suddenly, the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars played loudly from the bedroom.  Emma frowned, “What is that?  Star Wars?”


Regina groaned.  “It’s Mary Margaret.”


“You gave my mom the Darth Vader ring tone on your phone?”  Emma turned to look at the brunette with new found respect, liking this funny piece of information about Regina.  The Queen was a Star Wars fan.  “That is hilarious!”


“I wonder why she’s calling me.”


“Maybe because I left my phone in the car.”


“They know we’re together?”


“Oh yeah.  I think they figured everything out.”  Silence passed between them as Emma guided the towel across her body again and brought the woman’s other hand up to kiss each knuckle and a comforting grin blossomed on Regina’s lips.  The brunette placed her head against the tub’s edge, closing her eyes and relaxing.  “So what ringtone does my dad have?”


“The intro to the original Lone Ranger theme song.”  At Emma’s questioning gaze, Regina explained, “It’s because he thinks he’s such a hero all the time.  He always wants to go in, guns blazing.”  Regina shook her head disapprovingly.


“What about me?  What’s my ring tone?”  Emma rubbed Regina’s thighs.  “Wait, I know…” and then the blonde swayed her shoulders as she began singing a pop song by Nelly, changing the words around just a bit, “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.  The Savior is so hot, I wanna take my clothes off…”


Emma didn’t get to finish her rendition because suddenly the dripping towel was twisted over her head, dumping water over her as she sputtered, shut her eyes and sat up amidst peals of Regina’s laughter.  Opening her eyes and shaking the water off, stroking her hair back, her dimples flashed in mischief at Regina and she clambered up, pulling the Queen by her hips playfully, pulling her lower into the tub but still above the water’s level.  She laid on top of the older woman and kissed her.  A few good retorts were on the tip of Emma’s tongue but once it was gently sucked into Regina’s mouth she had forgotten what she was going to say.


Lifting her head, not going very far, Emma watched the smoldering desire burn hotly in Regina’s eyes and it matched what the blonde was feeling on the inside.  After caressing the brunette’s cheek with her knuckle, Emma slowly covered her mouth with hers and things became urgent and demanding all too quickly.




Regina felt refreshed and rejuvenated after their bath, which could have been due to a number of things.  Perhaps it was the coziness of their cuddling and bantering, or maybe it was the ecstasy of their kissing and touching but she felt thoroughly wonderful.


Dressed in her short grey robe, Regina reached for her phone and noticed that there was a missed call and an SMS from Mary Margaret. 


IDIOT 1:  Do you guys want dinner?  We were planning on BBQ.


Regina frowned and checked her other messages and saw a message from David.


IDIOT 2:  So no rush or anything but if you want food, come over.  If not, no worries.  Henry’s spending the night.


Her phone’s SMS alert went off in her hand and she went back to her received message list and smiled seeing Henry’s name.


HENRY:  Why is everyone acting weird?  Every time I ask about you and Ma, Grandma and Grandpa look at each other funny. Are you and Ma together? 


As Regina pondered how to respond another message bubble popped up.


HENRY:  You know if you and Ma FINALLY hooked up, I’m okay with it.  Just so you know.  I’m actually really happy about it if you guys are happy.


Emma exited the bathroom just then wrapped in a towel with another drying the ends of her hair and saw Regina with her back to her looking very pensive.  Walking up to Regina, placing the towel on the chaise lounge she hugged Regina from behind.  “What are you thinking about?”


Holding Henry’s message up for the blonde's view she asked, “Are you in the mood for a BBQ?”


Instead of taking the phone, she held the hand that held the phone and read while mentioning, “I’m always in the mood for a BBQ.”


Regina tittered and leaned back into Emma’s embrace.  “Of course you are.”


“Hmmm…” the younger woman released her hand and kissed her cheek before nuzzling her ear.  “Looks like we have some explaining to do.”


“It would appear so, but very little.  As usual, our son has pretty much figured things out.”  The brunette twisted her head and their lips met and she kissed the blonde until Emma’s lips spread into a smile.


“I like when you call him our son.”  Emma turned the older woman in her arm so they were facing each other.  “It took a while but I think I finally wore you down.”


“Well he is our son.”  Regina was surprised at how easily her arms slipped around Emma’s neck, as if they had been doing this for a lot longer than an afternoon.


Emma snorted and leaned forward offering her lips to the Queen.  “Try telling you that a few years ago.”


Shaking her head and grinning, Regina fingered a deep dimple in the woman’s cheek.  “Hah! I think my ‘being worn down’ had to do more with Henry than you…” Regina continued to joke while planting her forehead against the blonde’s, “Every time a goofy grin would drift across his face or he would say or do something silly, he’d remind me of you.”


The younger woman’s mouth hung open in mock offense and her hands around the Queen’s waist wandered down to her bottom where she squeezed the woman through her robe.


“EMMA!”  The brunette jumped and Emma caught her shapely rump in her arms and carried her to the messy bed.  “Just to be clear…” Regina cradled the woman’s cheeks in her palm demanding her attention while also kissing her lightly, “… you cannot pick me up whenever the moment moves you and throw me around.”


“Says the woman who hurdled me 8 feet into the air.”


“That was one time and frankly you deserved it.”


“Ohhhh…” Emma sat astride Regina’s hips and stretched her arms up over her head and kissed her soundly.  When she lifted her head she had a look of naughtiness about her that Regina found entirely fascinating and a little nerve-wracking.  “Now, I wonder...”  Emma strongly held both Regina’s wrists in her hand and with the other drew a slow line down her, forehead, down a cheek and then down the middle of her breast bone.  “Is Her Majesty, Queen Regina, ticklish?”


The Queen’s eyes rounded in surprise and she wiggled a little in the blonde’s grasp, who found the movement rather exciting.




“You are!”  Emma gasped as Regina’s grin began accompanied by pleading eyes before she even had a chance to even touch her.




Regina’s protests were muffled by Emma’s sweet mouth as she felt the woman’s fingers graze her left flank and she couldn’t help the giggle that escaped.  When the blonde added pressure a loud burst of un-queenlike laughter bleated from the older woman and Emma chuckled into her neck.




“How long has it been since you’ve been called cute, Regina?”


“Cute?  I surely don’t know.”


“Well, you are.  Absolutely, adorably cute.”  Emma gave her a sinful open mouth kiss that made the Queen’s toes curl.  However, that rather delicious moment was offset by another tickle that had Regina squirming and laughing like a child.


When the older woman had tears of mirth threatening to spill from her eyes, from laughing so hard, Emma discarded her towel presenting her naked form and she untied Regina’s robe and left it wide open so that their soft skin could come into contact with each other’s.  She maneuvered herself and straddled Regina brushing their warm and aroused centers together.


“Mmmm yeeeees, Regina.  That’s so good,” she whispered in the gasping woman’s ear while she fisted their hands together above Regina’s head and moved in an enticing rhythm that made Regina slicker with each glide, but sooner rather than later the brunette needed more, so with all her strength, she pushed up against the savior and flipped them so that now she was above the blonde, settled in between her legs with her robe billowing over them.


Now that their positions were switched, Regina pinned the savior down on the bed with their fingers folded above the blonde’s head and leered at her, taking every attractive inch of Emma’s body that she could in.


“You’re eyeing me like you’re going to eat me.”


Regina tauntingly brought her face closer, white teeth glinting wickedly in an indecent grin.  “I just might.”  Now the brunette held both the savior’s wrists in one hand so she could trail the other one down to the blonde’s breast where she cupped and fingered a budding tip.  “You are strikingly beautiful, Emma, and such an unexpected but entirely delightful surprise.”


Slowly flicking along Emma’s lip, Regina groaned when the woman’s tongue greeted hers in a sensual welcome.


“God, I love the way you kiss, Regina.  We should have done this ages ago.”


The Queen smiled and sighed, pulling the fondling hand at the younger woman’s breast away to caress her cheek, and then slipping it to the back of her neck to deepen the kiss, melting the savior instantly.


Throwing a leg over Emma’s, and letting the blonde help rid her of her robe, Regina moved them into a position where they each had the other’s eager thigh rubbing against heated aroused flesh.


Rocking against one another, moaning and kissing they worked each other up in a steady rhythm.  Regina whispered beautiful compliments while Emma nibbled at the Queen’s pulse point in response and dug her nails into Regina’s shoulders.  The sensation of the brunette’s thigh against Emma’s pulsating core was rushing her toward release and she bent her leg up so Regina could slide against it, which the older woman appreciated.


Regina swore loudly, astounding Emma, using language unbecoming a queen, but she was so enraptured that she knelt up, spreading Emma open by pushing the blonde's leg back and mounting the younger woman’s hooded sex with her own.  She began to undulate her hips causing the most delicious friction to happen between them.  Emma clutched at the sheets with one hand and Regina’s hip with the other.


The older woman’s lips parted in awe looking down at the vision of sexiness before her.  As she continued to grind their throbbing centers together, hugging the younger woman’s leg, she covered a rosy tipped breast in her hand, massaging it firmly, holding on while her hips rolled fervently.


“Oh… Emma…”


“God, Regina… Don’t stop!”  As the Queen moved faster, she was spurred on by the sound of the younger woman’s enthusiastic moans, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…”


They didn’t stop.  They rode each other until they both cried out, peaking and tumbling into blissful, trembling heaps of post orgasmic lassitude.




In the hall outside her parent’s apartment, Emma turned around to gauge Regina’s mood.  Even though the woman looked calm and collected on the outside, only the young blonde could detect the nervousness she harbored on the inside, because Emma was feeling similarly.  They would both rather be chasing down monsters than dealing with their own emotional demons.  Of course the hard part was over, really.  They had come together and connected in every possible way.  Now it was time to confirm to everyone that they were a couple.  No more guessing, no more hiding; making it perfectly and unmistakably official.   “So… are you ready, Your Royal Hotness?”


“Yes, Your Royal Silliness,” Regina retorted back plainly but Emma glared at her.


“I call you hot, you call me silly.”  Emma shook her head as Regina made a small cough to keep from chuckling.  “Is this how our relationship is going to be from here on out?”


The brunette yanked on her hips, bringing her within kissing distance and uttered, “Yes.  Probably.”


“Uh-huh.” Emma was able to get out with a smirk just as their lips met.  The kiss was meant to be a quick one but the two had yet to figure out how to keep things short and quick.  They had their whole lives to work that out.


As their kiss deepened they heard several cats meowing and they slowly turned their heads to find a light blue wrinkled eye staring at them through the crack in the door of the apartment across the way.  What a time for nosy neighbors!


Emma planted a friendly grin on her face.  “Hi, Ms. Lagoloff.  Lovely evening, isn’t it?”


The door immediately shut soundly and they could hear the door knob lock, then the deadbolt lock and then a chain lock slip into place.  Regina looked at Emma again and shook her head good-humoredly while Emma’s forehead collided with Regina’s shoulder amused that she and the Queen were caught “necking” out in the hall.


“Well,” Regina mused loudly, “One down… a whole town to go.”  Emma shook with laughter slipping her arms around Regina’s waist, hugging her, and they swayed a little bit.  “Let’s go inside.  I shudder at the thought of getting caught by the miserable cat lady again.”


“Ooh… shudder, huh?  I bet I know a few more ways in which I can make you shudder, Regina.”


Regina reached behind Emma and pinched her bottom, though it made matters worse as the younger woman jumped in surprise and their bodies collided and rubbed up against each other.


“Don’t be coy, Miss Swan, or I will take you home right now and make you prove it.”


Emma had to put a stopper in the sudden elation she felt at Regina’s statement.  Technically speaking, she was already home but hearing Regina refer to her house on Mifflin Street as home excited Emma.  Yes, they had plenty of time to think about logistics where their new relationship was concerned.


“Yes, My Queen.”  She turned and held her key up to the keyhole but was forcibly spun around and kissed into a submissive daze and then just as quickly let go and twisted back around toward the door.


“Okay, now.” The Queen huffed, taking another deep breath for good measure.


Emma had to shake her head to clear it and she couldn’t help the big smile from overtaking her face.  Sappily, she thought that this must be what honeymoon couples felt like.


Opening the door she stepped into the apartment to find the table piled with food.  Ribs, chicken, burgers, hot dogs.  Van Halen, David’s favorite music band, was playing loudly and Neal was in a high chair banging a rattle against the little table top not even close to the timing of the beat.   Her dad was drying dishes singing, playing air-guitar and tossing the clean dishes to a nearby Henry who caught them and was putting them away and all to Snow warning them to be careful.


Emma turned around and caught Regina investigating the scene with amusement.  Arms crossed she nodded at Henry and quipped, “Is this how you are raising our son?  Amongst sheer pandemonium?”


Rolling her eyes, Emma turned back to the family and greeted over the music, “Hey…”


The music stopped and everyone’s attention went to the door with big smiles until Regina sidled up to Emma.


Mary Margaret’s eyes widened along with everyone else’s and Henry almost dropped a glass.  “Regina… Are… Are you wearing jeans?”


Regina looked down at the snug fit blue jeans that hugged her curves belted over a red scoop neck top under a dark sweater and high heeled boots.  “Yes.  I own a pair of jeans.”


Emma piped in proudly.  “I got the Queen to wear jeans.”


“How did you do that?” Henry set the glass in the cabinet and walked over.


Regina chewed on the inside of her lip and stared at the floor and Emma tried her hardest not to blush.  “She lost a bet.”


No one needed to know about their wager on who could make the other person climax the fastest, a bet that Emma was extremely proud to have won, though she wasn’t sure she’d be so lucky the next time.  They weren't that far apart.


“I think you look great, Mom.”  Henry stood close by and looked from one woman to the other and nodded his head agreeably.  “Hey, Mom!  I want to show you something on the computer.”  He took her hand and Emma watched a huge smile form on Regina’s face.  “There was this television show called Miami Medical and this actress on it looks just like you!”  He pulled on her arm and then stopped and thought better of himself and amended, “… except totally not as pretty.”  Regina threw Emma a grin as she let her son pull her away.


Emma watched them go and then walked to the counter where her parents were.


“So…” prompted her father. 


“Yes?” Emma stalled.


“You and Regina…” her mother finished with a hand on her cocked hip.


“Yes.  Me and Regina.”


Her mother beamed and walked around the counter and Emma grabbed her by the elbow.  “Mom!  You’re not going to do anything weird like… hug her are you?”


“What?!  No!”  Mary Margaret feigned offense but Emma wasn’t sure that her mother wasn’t planning on doing it.  “Regina and I don’t hug.  We attack each other with swords and arrows.”  Funny, Emma thought.  That almost sounded affectionate to match the grin the woman wore.  Then her mom thought seriously and wistfully, looking at the older woman peeping over her grandson’s shoulder at the laptop screen. “Maybe one day.”


Fifteen minutes later they all sat at the table together with David and Mary Margaret at the ends, Neal and Henry on one side and Regina and Emma on the other.


This was very reminiscent of their first family dinner together at Granny’s back when they were in the midst of trying to fight off Zelena, Henry didn’t know who everyone was and she had a hard time keeping her eyes off Regina. Now, they were finally together, and this time, they could hold hands underneath the table whenever they wanted.  As if on cue, Emma suddenly felt Regina’s fingers curl around hers and they shared a knowing smile before Regina turned to Henry and encouraged him to have more salad.  He groaned and Emma chuckled and Regina rolled her eyes.