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A Day At The Pool

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With purpose, Regina towed Emma behind her and curtly nodded to people who, at first were greeting them with, “Hi Mayor…Hi Sheriff…” and then suddenly falling quiet as they sensed that there might be some sort of emergency going on.  Emma would just wave and walk as fast at her flip-flop sandals would allow her.  Yes, there was an urgent emergency.  Regina had to get the no longer resistible Emma Swan alone.


Ordinarily, one might think that Emma and Regina might gather quite the curious crowd and maybe have some people follow them, but in the past, people had learned the hard way that whenever the Queen and the Savior looked like they might be preparing to knock heads, the best thing to do would be to stay away.


Regina dragged the sheriff into the ladies locker-room, which was also a bathroom, showers and on the other side an open changing area with stalls for the more shy.  There were a few people occupying the toilets and a couple of people in the showers, but mostly the two women had gone in undetected, which was surprising because with the clacking of Regina’s heels, one would think they would be very noticeable.


They headed back to the changing area and Regina found an empty changing room at the end that was fairly dry so she maneuvered Emma in front of her, looked around to see if anyone was watching and pushed her in and up against a wall, closing and locking the door.


“R-…”  Not only was she silenced by a finger against her lips but also by the woman’s lower body pressing up against hers.  Being so close to one another was intoxicating.


Speaking under her breath, Regina smiled, ran her fingertip enticingly along Emma’s bottom lip and said, “Tell me again, Emma, what you told me outside.”


The younger woman stared at Regina’s deep red lips and the pink tongue tip that peeked out to moisten them and immediately replied without having to think about it, “I want you.”


With a naughty spread of her lips, growing increasingly wider to show her teeth in an almost feral manner, Regina caused Emma’s breath to catch in her throat as the mayor's brown eyes glowed in fiery anticipation.


Keeping her lips a mere inch away from the blonde’s, Regina whispered, “I think we’re about to share our first kiss, Miss Swan.”  With the use of her old nickname, several torrid fantasies that Emma had torturously had of Mayor Mills, when she had first arrived in Storybrooke, came rushing back to her in full force, staggering her senses.


As soon as the brunette’s lips brushed hers, Regina kissed and called for her complete surrender.  Emma threaded her fingers shamelessly into the woman’s short dark hair and when Regina insisted upon it, the Sheriff opened her lips accepting the mayor’s tongue into her mouth.


Fuck!  They should have done this a lot sooner, Emma concluded, but was resolute that, from now on, they were not going to waste any more time.  She slipped a hand around Regina’s waist while still keeping the other one at the nape of her neck.  Mewling in delight when her tongue chased Regina’s in retreat, she was not disappointed with finally being able to taste the sweetness of the mayor’s mouth.  One curiosity, satisfied.


Regina plastered Emma’s hands against the wall, on either side of her head, and whispered tantalizingly in her ear.  “You’ll get a turn later, Emma.  Right now, I want to watch you come undone and squirm against me.  May I?”  Emma gulped and nodded.  So far, this was already better than any fantasy Emma had ever had, because now she had the dark haired mayor’s body pressed enchantingly against her and the woman’s hot breath in her ear.  “Good.  No touching.”  Regina brought Emma’s hands down and let them hang at her sides.


Grazing her knuckles against fair skinned cheeks, Regina began her seduction by laying claim to her lips again, all the while Emma leaned against the wall with Regina coaxing her into submission.  Jesus, Regina could kiss!  More, more!


Slanting her head, she allowed it to deepen and when she felt curious fingertips at her breasts, Emma gasped against plump red lips.


With quick flicks and rolling pinches to her covered nipples, the younger woman was worked up into a frenzy and Regina was more than happy to swallow her whimpers.


“You are so sweet, Emma.  I love how responsive you are.  Your nipples look like they are going to cut through this bathing suit, you are so hard and tight.”


The blonde had to moisten her lips because her heavy breathing had left her so dry.  “Kiss me, Regina, please.”


“Yes, dear,” and Emma closed her eyes awaiting Regina’s kiss but instead felt the woman’s mouth close over her breast.


“Oh my God!”  It was the loudest she could get while still whispering and she watched as Regina played with her; her fingers pulled on one nipple while her teeth and tongue teased the other one. Emma’s hands balled into fists at her sides to keep from touching herself because she knew Regina would want that task.


She was proven right when she felt the older woman’s fingers stroke her through the yellow fabric.


Tentatively, Regina fondled the woman through her bikini pants, relishing the contour of Emma’s sex.  She had the sudden urge to rip it off, so she forced herself to calm down and release Emma’s nipple so she could just watch the blonde become increasingly more excited.  The view was absolutely incredible.


Emma’s eyes were closed and her lips were parted and Regina thought she had never seen anything more beautiful than an aroused Emma Swan.


“Tell me again, Emma.”


“I want you, Regina.”  Regina circled Emma’s clit, producing a gasp from her and a sense of urgency.  The younger woman’s head left the stall wall and she leaned in closer and uttered for the brunette’s ears, “I want you to fuck me, right up against this wall and make me come so hard that I hurt with wanting to scream your name in front of all these people.”


Regina’s lips were on hers immediately giving her the hottest open mouth kiss she could ever remember receiving and the woman slipped her hand passed the waistband of her bikini bottoms and into soft slick folds.  Regina quietly groaned into Emma’s mouth at the contact.


“Oh my God, Emma… you are so…”  Emma was enthralled by Regina’s intense expression as the woman’s fingers glided through her slippery center, “…excited.”


Emma smiled sexily at her, “What did you expect, Regina. You are sex on a stick hot and have been fucking teasing me for nearly four years.”  They shared a grin and the dark haired woman shook her head.


“Well, don’t worry.  You’re finally getting what’s coming to you.”  Regina captured Emma’s lips as she rubbed her softness in a steady rhythm, sparking sighs and pants from her.  “Quiet, Emma…” Regina giggled softly in her ear.  “Do you want everyone to know that the mayor has her hand down the sheriff's pants?”  Those lips moved from her ear to the corner of her mouth just as a slippery fingertip traced her opening.  “Besides, everyone will know we belong to each other soon enough.” 


Surprisingly, that comment was the one that sent an electrified jolt through Emma’s system and she rejoiced when she felt the mayor enter her.


“Oh yes… You feel divine, Sheriff Swan.”


She wasn’t sure how long they remained like this, but Regina was igniting her, not only with her hands, but with her words as well.  The mumblings in her ear about how she felt in great detail, how hot she made Regina and how much Regina was enjoying this.  She had never been screwed up against a wall like this. It put every other past experience to shame and they weren’t even naked yet.


The room was beginning to fill with more people and they heard someone occupy the stall right beside them.  Regina grinned wickedly at her, added another finger and started pushing into her deeper and faster.


Emma wanted to scream, wanted to yell how good it felt and not to stop.  Oh please don’t stop.  She was so close and Regina’s hand was so insistent with two fingers inside her and the heel of her palm alternating with her thumb, pressing against her aching clit.  Fuck.  Fuck.  So good!


Regina could read in Emma’s eyes that she was nearing her climax so she curled her fingers slightly and stroked that sensitive spot inside her and made the savior erupt.  Hearing a whimpering “Yes!” from the blonde, Regina’s eyes widened in delight and she slammed her free hand over the blonde’s mouth and quietly worded while pumping her fingers frantically, ”Shhhhhhhh...”  Emma’s body quivered and she came all over Regina.


Emma wrinkledfistfuls of the mayor's clothes as she rocked against the woman’s hand with her mouth covered and a forehead plastered against her own; the scent of Regina’s breath and her own release was intoxicating.


They heard the woman next door cough and exit through her stall door none the wiser that the savior was being royally fucked by the queen.


Regina’s fingers slowed and then left her pants, her sex was still humming from her orgasm and Emma felt the soaked digits on her waist. Once the brunette withdrew her quieting hand from her mouth, Emma crushed their lips together in desperation and stormed her tongue in to excite and conquer.


As sated as Emma felt, it was sorely outweighed by her desire for the woman she was running her hands over now.  She gently pushed her to the other side of the stall, cupping her breasts through her blouse, flicking the tips with her thumbs and squeezing them roughly and it was Regina’s turn to whimper.


“Shhh, yourself, Your Majesty.  Let’s see how quiet you can be when I make you come all over my tongue.”


Regina groaned and grasped Emma’s wrists in hers pushing the blonde away from her.  “Not here.”


Emma freed her arms, pressed herself against Regina again and dove her hands quickly under Regina’s skirt and grabbed her bottom and she groaned at the discovery of what Regina Mills wore under her skirts.


“Jesus, Regina…” she whispered into the brunette’s ear as her fingers touched the smooth skin of her backside, having slipped into the leg openings of her panties.  “Garters and stockings?”


“Mm…” That was the sexy confirmation delivered as Regina cupped Emma’s face in both her hands, stroking the blonde’s slightly freckled cheeks. “I like the way they make me feel.”


“I’m going to like the way they make me feel in a minute.” She nearly overtook Regina with a soul satisfying kiss. 


“No.  Emma, wait. Not here.  Please.”


Her pleading words said not here, but her body was belying her rubbing up against Emma like she wanted more.


“Why not here?”


Regina reached down and withdrew the sheriff's hands from her body.


“Because, Emma.  The first time you bring me to climax, I want to be really loud about it.”


Emma’s eyes rolled back into her head and she fell against the wall just above Regina’s shoulder, overcome with lust just thinking of Regina loudly crying out her name.  “Jesus Christ!”  She lightly knocked her head against the side of the stall in utter frustration.


Regina grasped her head and held it with a quiet chuckle.  “My house.  Twenty minutes.  If you arrive there in a timely fashion, I may even join you for a shower first.”


“Fuck me.” Emma murmured under her breath as Regina pushed off the wall but with her arms around Emma’s neck. She stroked her nape and there was promise in the Queen’s eyes that spoke volumes.


“Twenty minutes, Emma.  Don’t be late.”  With that, Regina cautiously opened the door, made sure it was safe to exit and with a final wink over her shoulder left Emma to her indecent thoughts of what, or who, was to come next.