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Favorite Toy

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Kara has a new fixation, something she can’t put down. Some kid had given her a Rubik’s Cube after Supergirl had found his dog. She had been intent on figuring out how to solve it, and actually did it only an hour later with no help. Lena is actually impressed. Sometimes she forgets how smart her girlfriend is because most of the time she’s just a dork. 


But now Kara can’t put it down. Now it’s a problem. 


Lena’s eyes follow intently as Kara’s hands move the cube seamlessly. Her fingers move faster than she can keep up with, angled and curling quickly and so perfectly. 


She clears her throat but can’t pull her gaze away. There’s a blur of color until the blonde slams it down, clapping her hands together with a giddy laugh. 


“Did you see?” Kara asks excitedly. “I think that was pretty fast that time. Do you think I could be in one of those competitions?”


“I think using superspeed might be considered cheating.”


Kara feigns a gasp. “Lena I would never !”


Lena rolls her eyes and goes back to typing out an email on her laptop. She tries to focus, needs to because her lawyers are sorting out a civil case LCorp shouldn’t even be involved in and if she doesn’t get it done…


But the way Kara’s fingers move with precision draws her eyes in. She can’t look away. Each knuckle bends with fine control that leaves Lena’s heart beating fast. 


“I think I’m gonna go into LCorp today.” Lena closes her laptop shut and stuffs it into her bag. 


“Okay. When are you getting home?” Kara asks without even looking up. 


“When I have no more emails left to answer.”


“Alright. Love you!” The blonde tilts her head up for a kiss as Lena stands. She only gives her a peck, not sure she’d be able to force herself to leave if she went any further, and marches out the door. 




When Lena returns with Chinese takeout at six o’clock, Kara is on the balcony, now with a much larger Rubik’s Cube. The edges are more rounded but still in a cubic shape. She looks halfway finished. 


“When did you get that?”


Kara shrugs. “I needed more of a challenge.”


“I didn’t even know they came that big.” When Kara doesn’t answer, Lena drops the takeout on the table. “I brought potstickers.”


Kara smiles and sits up straight, finishing whatever algorithm she was in the middle of. “I’m starving!”


“I know.” The ravenette sits down and unpacks the food. She sets out five containers next to Kara and two next to herself. 


“How was emailing important people?” Kara asks, opening a box and stuffing an entire potsticker into her mouth. 


“I got it done. At least now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Until tomorrow morning probably.” Lena scoops chowmein up with her shopsticks. 


“You have to stop working on the weekends.”


Lena only hums as she chews, bending her head back and forth to alleviate the soreness. Kara stands up then, rounding her chair and putting her hands on Lena’s shoulders. Her thumbs dig into the tight muscle, making Lena moan as she swallows. 


“Just stay home tomorrow. It’s Sunday. You need to relax.” The blonde kisses the top of Lena’s head. 


“Maybe.,” Lena says noncommittally. “If you stop playing with the Rubik’s Cube.”


“What’s wrong with the Rubik’s Cube?” 


“Nothing.” Lena sighs, feeling the tension release from her shoulders. “It just must be nice to be played with so much.”


Kara snorts. “Really, Lena? You’re jealous of a toy?”


“Don’t be silly. It’s just all you’ve been doing for the last two days. It’s distracting.”


“Oh shoot. I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to bother you.”


Lena pulls Kara’s arms around her, kissing the palm of her hand. “It’s not a bother. I’m glad you’ve found some fixation you enjoy.” Her thumbs trace Kara’s knuckles. “But I thought I was your favorite toy?”


Kara giggles. “You are jealous of the Rubik’s Cube!”


Lena blushes, hiding her red face in Kara’s arms. 


“Well, don’t tell the cube this but you are still my favorite toy.”


“I don’t believe you.”


Kara kisses her ear and then her neck before standing up straight and walking back to her chair. “Come here.” She pats her lap. “Pants off.”


“Kara we’re outside—”


“Pants off,” Kara repeats, patting her lap again. 


Lena shakes her head as she stands up with a sigh. She shimmies out of her slacks, left in only her navy thong and climbs onto her girlfriend’s lap. 


Kara’s hands wrap around Lena, moving under her blouse and easily undoing her bra. “Tell me, Lena, what exactly is so distracting about the Rubik’s Cube?”


A shiver runs through Lena as hands explore her sensitive skin. “Your fingers… they just look nice.”


“My fingers?” Kara chuckles. “I had no idea you liked them so much.” Her hands find Lena’s breasts then, pinching the nipples gently and making Lena gasp. 


“I love them.”


Kara continues playing with the ravenette’s nipples, twisting and pinching and pulling just enough to make Lena squirm. 


“Where do you love them?”




“But where do you want them now?”


Lena gulps, letting her eyes fall shut. “Inside of me.”


One hand leaves her tit. Lena expects to feel it between her legs but instead it finds her mouth. She obediently parts her lips, sucking on one finger, then two as they invade her mouth. 


“In here?” Kara teases. 


“Mm mm,” Lena hums a no but she truly doesn’t mind this either. Her tongue finds every crevice of Kara’s fingers, licking each hard knuckle and ridge. 


“Are you sure? I think you like this just fine.” She slides her fingers out, a string of spit still connecting them to Lena’s red lips. 


“I- I meant in my vagina…” 


“Ohh,” Kara says, pretending to be shocked. “Well just be more specific next time, babe.”


Without much warning, she tugs Lena’s thong out of the way and inserts both fingers into her wet cunt. Lena whines as her hips push forward, wanting more. 


“Like this?”


“Just like that!”


“I wonder,” Kara starts. “What can I do faster? This Rubik’s Cube or my girlfriend?”


With her free hand, she lets go of Lena’s (now extremely sensitive) nipple and reaches for the large half solved cube. 


Lena watches as with only the one hand she starts twisting it, superspeed engaging. 


But then she feels the pads of Kara’s fingers buried deep inside of her start to vibrate as they thrust. They rub against her walls so, so right and she knows she won’t last long. 


“K- Kara!”


Lena moans as she tumbles over the edge falling onto Kara and putting her face into her neck. Kara’s fingers don’t slow. They keep going, keep pushing. 


“I’m not stopping until this cube is solved,” Kara whispers into her ear. “So get comfortable, baby.”


Lena takes deep breaths as her body shakes from the orgasm. She focuses on the kisses she gives Kara’s neck, leaving red marks from her lipstick. She sucks at the warm skin, loving the way Kara gasps and gives her more room. She’ll never be able to leave a purple mark on the Kryptonian skin, but she’ll settle for the idea of it. 


A thumb slips over the ravenette’s clit before pressing into it more insistently. She grinds her hips down. 


“More, please!”


A third finger slips in and stretches her just right. A new burn builds in her core, clawing its way under her skin. Her inner walls tighten and clench over Kara until she’s releasing once again. 


“Good girl,” Kara praises. “Again.”


“Fuck!” There’s no time between as she comes again, body rigid and shaking, as if it belongs to Kara. She lifts her head from the blonde’s neck, looking down at the cube. It’s nearly done, or at least it seems that way but she can’t exactly tell with the way the colors blur together. “Kara…” she whines. 


“You can do it. You can be my perfect little toy, can’t you?”


God , does Kara know exactly how to rile Lena up. She ducks back into Kara’s neck, arms holding around her neck tightly. She’s so sensitive, too sensitive, but her body is selfishly eager for more as she gladly takes every thrust and every vibrating finger. 


“More, Kara…” It’s barely a whisper, but the Kryptonian must hear her. A fourth finger slides in and Kara’s hand is knuckle deep. Lena fists her shirt, grasping onto anything to keep her tethered to the earth. 


One wave, then another. At some point, Lena notices Kara’s shirt is wet under her cheek but the thought hardly stays as her mind turns to mush. 


“Kara,” Lena gasps. “I need more!”


The thumb teasing her clit disappears, sliding between soaked folds until it joins the rest of Kara’s fingers. The strong hand sinks all the way into her until it’s balled into a fist. Kara is gentle, but moves just the way Lena needs her to, twisting and flexing her hand. 


“Come for me one last time, baby.”


Kara rubs her girlfriend’s clit with her other hand that must be free now and Lena immediately obeys, her moans lost in her throat as she silently screams out her pleasure. 


Kara slows down until every shake and twitch drains from Lena’s body. The ravenette feels numb as she slumps against Kara, no longer sure she’ll ever be able to move again. 


“You did so well, Lena.” The blonde peppers her skin with kisses as she rubs Lena’s back. “We haven’t done that in a while. How are you feeling?”


“S-so good.”


“Do you want me to take out my hand?”


Lena groans, not really wanting it but suddenly her stomach is letting her know she’s hungry. “Slowly.”


Kara is careful, pulling her hand away inch by inch, making Lena’s body jerk involuntarily from her oversensitivity. As the last of her fingers slip out, Lena pouts at the feeling of emptiness. 


“Did you finish the Rubik’s Cube?”


Kara chuckles, making Lena look up at her with narrowed eyes. “I actually finished right before I put my pinky in but you kept asking for more. How could I say no?”


“You’re unbelievable.”


“I just like watching you enjoy yourself.” Kara kisses each of Lena’s pink cheeks before kissing her nose. “You should do it more often.” And finally, she kisses her lips. 


“Well let me know when you have time in your Rubik’s Cube schedule for me,” Lena teases after biting Kara’s lower lip. 


“I think there’s a couple times I can fit you in.” Their lips meet again, tongues stealing swipes at each other. “Also I think I’ve come to a conclusion.”




“I can do you faster than the Rubik’s Cube.”


Lena scoffs and pushes away from her but the Kryptonian has her arms wrapped tightly around her waist. “I can’t believe I’m attracted to you.”


“You don’t mean that,” Kara coos. “I know you like being my favorite toy.”