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Just A Dose Of Danny

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Steve had been feeling pretty good earlier in the day. He'd gone running, Watched Christmas movies with Grace and Danny, and read some of the book that Danny had got him, He'd had a little naked time with his Dan, and he'd even gone out to dinner with Grace, and Danny. He felt fine when they'd gotten home, but now he just plain felt icky. He took a shower, but that didn't even really help. Steve tried laying in bed and trying to rest but he couldn't get comfortable. He gave up on resting and headed downstairs.

Danny was watching the hockey game with his dad. His mother was sitting in the armchair knitting. She really wasn't into hockey. He enjoyed getting to watch live games with his dad, it just hit differently. He made a promise to himself to come back to Jersey every fall for Thanksgiving. His Ohana in Hawaii instead celebrated Friendsgiving the first week of December, it would work out perfectly.

He was watching the Devils' feeble attempt at a powerplay when Steve came shuffling into the family room. He had the sherpa blanket clutched in one hand trailing behind him, as he tugged at his ear. His boy looked downright miserable.

" C'mere," Danny said holding his arms out and hugging Steve before settling the man down so his head was resting in his lap.

" Don't feel good, babe" Danny asked softly as he rubbed Steve's stomach, which never failed to soothe him. Steve shook his head yes.

" Dan, my ear hurts," Steve said, and Danny could hear it in his voice.

" I know, Sweetheart," Danny replied as he pressed a kiss to Steve's forehead taking note of the heat.

He knew Steve had taken the antibiotic tablet just before dinner and wasn't due his next dose for another couple of hours.  Danny pushed Steve's hair off his forehead, and Steve nuzzled into the comforting touch. He was happy that Steve came to him because he didn't feel good, instead of choosing to continue to suffer on his own.

" Hey Dad, can you get Steve some Tylenol?" Danny said, he didn't want to make his boy move if he didn't have to.

" I can do that, liquid or tablet?" Eddie asked, and Danny thought about it and made a decision.

" Liquid Dad, Thanks," Danny said and smiled as Eddie gave Steve's knee a soft squeeze on his way to the kitchen.

" Babe, you've got a bit of a fever. I think your body is working on getting rid of your ear infection." Steve just nodded and turned onto his side to face Danny's stomach and curled up his legs.

" Here Champ, sit up a bit." Steve did as he was asked and took the dosage cup with liquid Tylenol and drank it before handing it back.

" Thank You," Steve said softly to Eddie before he curled back up to Danny.

Danny continued to softly rub his thumb along Steve's jaw.

" I love you, Dan, you always make me feel better," Steve said voice muffled where he'd snuggled right up to Danny's tummy.

" I love you, my handsome and beautiful boy," Danny said, and Steve made that wonderful little sound as Danny softly ran his fingers through his hair, his finally drooping closed.

Danny freed the sherpa blanket from Steve's grasp and spread it over his boy, he'd wake Steve in an hour for his ear drops, then take him up to bed to hopefully sleep through the night. Right now, he was content to soothe Steve as he slept the worst of this off.