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All Mirrors

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The other Reigen parts his hair over his right eye. His suit is pink and his tie is gray. Reigen dislikes him immensely.

“What are you still doing in this dump?” his doppelganger asks. Something in his eyes belies his glee over the insult. He’s practically leering as he looks around the office.

“Whatever psychic mishap has caused this I don’t have time for it.” Reigen says, with confidence he doesn’t actually feel. He’s getting a very bad feeling from himself, “I’m running a business here so unless you’re going to pay to have yourself exorcized please leave.”

“An exorcism? You’re still stuck on that?” the doppelganger laughs as he walks further into the office. Reigen watches him deliberately trail his fingers all over anything he can reach. Mob’s old desk, the back of the couch, he even picks a leaf off Reigen’s plant. Next he turns his attention to the bulletin board and inspects the pictures there before Reigen can stop him,

“Oh so you do have Mob.” He says, picking at a photo of the two of them with his fingernail. The sound sets Reigen’s teeth on edge.

“Dear Customer,” Reigen says, “get out.” It’s hard to put much weight behind the threat when the person he’s threatening likely knows with incredible certainty that he’s a fraud and a liar. He will call the police on himself though.

Satisfied with his inspection of the office, the other Reigen turns and throws himself uncarefully down onto the couch.

“Are you fucking yours though? I wonder.” The other Reigen says, making a mock thoughtful gesture by placing his head in his hand and crossing his legs at the ankle. Even as Reigen’s blood runs cold, he manages to register hatred for the pattern on the doppelganger’s socks.

“What are you talking about?” Reigen grits. The other Reigen gives him a lecherous smile, he sincerely hopes his own face is incapable of making that particular expression but in the same moment realizes that it must be.

“I’m asking if you’ve indulged in the comforts offered by our disciple. Are you fucking Mob?” The other Reigen asks plainly “Given that I’m you I know you’ve thought about it. He’s so small but he has no problem taking your big, adult-”

“Stop it.” Reigen’s shout echoes in the empty office. The doppelganger smiles. Reigen feels sick. He fervently wishes this kind of talk was a sign, an indication that the doppelganger is an evil mirror, opposite to Reigen in every way. He wishes he could say that those kinds of thoughts about Mob have never crossed his mind. But they have, and worse than that he’s acted on them. Reigen knows exactly what the doppelganger is talking about.

He wonders what the doppelganger does to his Mob, if he’s careless with his heart and his body. If he’s hurt Mob, in the ways Reigen is all too aware he could, if he was somehow an even worse man. But then, maybe he’s flattering himself in a way. Maybe the things the doppelganger does with his Mob are exactly the same as what Reigen does with his own.

“I don’t think we’re really different at all.” The other Reigen says, like he’s looked into Reigen’s mind. His smile turns a little wry, “You just like to pretend.”

“Why are you here and what will make you leave?” Reigen asks miserably.

The bell on the door tinkles then, and Mob walks into the office.

“Shishou.” He says, and they both turn to look at him.

“Mob,” Reigen says, slightly frantic, “Stay away from him, he’s dangerous.”

The other Reigen waves up at Mob from the couch,

“Hey kid.” He says.

“It’s you again.” Mob answers, blinking at the other Reigen.

“What?” Reigen asks, “Mob, come here.” He demands, watching warily as Mob sets down his school bag next to the door and comes to stand dutifully at Reigen’s side, “What do you know about him? Do you know why he’s here?”

Mob nods, “He came to my school.”

“He did what?” Reigen shouts, wincing at the volume of his own voice, “and you didn’t think you should let me know about this? You couldn’t have sent me a text?”

Mob looks sheepish, “Ah, I’m sorry shishou, I didn’t think a version of you could really be that dangerous. I asked Dimple to keep an eye on him but he said he was busy, and I also had that math test.”

“Oh.” Reigen says, a little deflated, feeling both wretched and warmed by Mob’s refusal to believe some version of Reigen might be harmful, “Well how did it go?”

“It went okay. The equations we practiced were helpful. Thank you.” He’s smiling when he looks up at Reigen, still slightly red from realizing he probably should have let Reigen know there were two of him wandering around. Reigen smiles back, proud.

“This is a bit too wholesome.” The other Reigen says from the couch, looking uncomfortable for the first time since he arrived, “Did you find him, Mob?”

Reigen thinks that the way he says Mob’s name is laying on a bit thick. Mob turns towards the doppelganger, and Reigen hooks a finger through the belt loop in his uniform pants, making sure he doesn’t move any closer to the other man.

“Yes.” Mob says, “I can sense him now.”

“Good boy.” The other Reigen says, leaning forward on the couch, towards Mob. Reigen’s stomach turns, “Where is he?”

“Ah, he’s avoiding me.” Mob explains.

“Mob,” Reigen says, impatient but pleased to see Mob’s attention snap to him, “I need to know what’s going on please.”

“Oh,” Mob says, nodding seriously, “there’s a copy of me as well.”

“We’re not copies.” The other Reigen corrects him, “We’re from our own, nearby universe.”

“Oh, right.” Mob says. Reigen figures it’s understandable that he’s extra airheaded today. His stress over the math test had rendered him unable to sleep all week, but it’s not convenient. “That's right, they’re different. For example,” Mob continues, “the other you is psychic.”

“Excuse me?” Reigen chokes out, tightening his grip on Mob’s belt.

“Ah, Mob, you’ve ruined the fun.” The doppelganger complains. He gives Reigen a grin and a wink that sends a shiver down his spine.

“He’s a telepath.” Mob explains, he looks at Reigen and seems to grow concerned by what he sees, stepping towards him, “Shishou, are you okay? Did he also try to talk to you about sex?”

“If you go near him again,” Reigen threatens himself, stepping towards the doppelganger and pushing Mob to stand behind him, “I’ll kill you. You better not have said the sorts of things you said to me to him.”

“Relax, relax” The other Reigen says, waving his hands at the two of them. Reigen wonders if he’s really this annoying all the time. “Honestly, it’s your own fault. What I said to you was just some crap I plucked from your head.”

Reigen starts to sweat, his heart dropping to his shoes.

“I’ve never touched my Mob, but when I went to find him,” He gestures towards Mob, the one here in the office, “I caught a glimpse of his teenage fantasies, he was daydreaming about your forearms. You should really try to pay closer attention in class Mob.” Reigen is going to lose it and strangle him if he keeps saying Mob’s name like that. He glances back and finds Mob is bright red and staring at the ceiling rather than either of the Reigens. He’s torn between being flattered and concerned for Mob’s studies, he really does get distracted easily. When he looks back at the doppelganger Reigen doesn’t like what he finds. He recognizes his own calculating expression, thinks the other Reigen is evaluating them.

“Was there a point to all that?” Reigen demands.

The other Reigen rolls his eyes before he continues, “I’m giving my side of the story. I came here next, and I start out on the attack, in case you were the evil version of me or something. When I arrived your mind was essentially screaming ‘this is my dark secret! Use it against me!’ A man has to work with the tools he’s given.” He glances at Mob as he says the last part. Reigen moves to block his view.

“Are you okay?” Reigen asks Mob, turning towards him just slightly, unwilling to turn his back on himself.

Mob nods, bringing his gaze down from the ceiling to look at Reigen. “I’m fine.” He says, “You taught me how to deal with perverts.”

“I’ll bet he did” The other Reigen mutters, “I’m kidding.” He says, before Reigen can properly react, “I actually have to give you points for that one,” he gestures at Reigen with a lazy hand, “It took me a while to get out of that tree.”

“As long as he didn’t hurt you.” Reigen says, frowning at Mob, still concerned.

“Okay, I’ve admitted I approached this all wrong.” The other Reigen says, rising out of his slouched posture to sit up straight on the couch, “Can we get over it now and work together.”

Reigen glares at him. Mob is quiet.

“Come on,” the other Reigen complains, “What else can I say to make you feel better? Here I’ll come clean, I’m actually straight.” He explains, “but I don’t pass judgment on the teenager thing, I’ve plucked the occasional spring bud myself.” He winks again and Reigen tries to kick him.

”You really have nothing to worry about.” The other Reigen insists, sounding whiny, “I promise I’ll keep my hands to myself. Honestly you’re a brave man. I’d be too afraid to let him get that close to me, especially after what he did to his brother.”

The air in the room goes cold and the windows crack.

“W-what did I do to Ritsu?” Mob asks. As he speaks his eyes turn red and he starts to float up off the ground. Reigen tugs him back down by his belt loop, moving to take his face in his hands. He has to turn his back on the other Reigen to do it, but he scarcely cares anymore. In his periphery he sees the other Reigen’s eyes go wide. The doppelganger scrambles up until he’s standing on the couch, then he dives over the back of it onto the floor.

“You didn’t do anything to Ritsu.” Reigen tells Mob, staring into his wild eyes and imploring him to listen, “He’s fine, he’s at his student council meeting. You would never hurt him.”

“I could’ve…the other me could.” Mob says, tears bead in his eyes and float up towards the ceiling instead of falling, “I have to stop him.”

“He’s Mob too.” Reigen tells him, rubbing his thumbs over Mob’s cheekbones, “I don’t think he would want to hurt Ritsu either.”

It seems for a moment that Mob will calm, he dips slightly, bangs swinging, then his eyes go huge and blood colored, the lights flicker and papers swirl up off of Reigen’s desk. The building shakes a little.

“Shishou, I know myself, and if you’re not you in his world then he’s-I-I’m dangerous.”

“No Mob,” Reigen says, trying to hold onto him, keep him from floating higher, “That’s not true, I’m nobody-”

“I’ll protect you.” Mob whispers, holding Reigen’s hands to his face and closing his eyes.

Then he’s gone, and Reigen is left clutching air. Papers and loose bits of the ceiling rain down onto the floor. Reigen stomps over to the couch and finds himself tucked into the fetal position behind it, just now starting to uncover his head from the protective shelter of his arms. He looks up at Reigen, chagrined.

“Oops.” he says, climbing up from the floor to sit cross legged. “If it helps, I think I know where he’s going.”

They take the bus over to Salt Middle. The other Reigen’s hair is slipping out of his part and he smells like fear sweat. Many people give them odd looks.

“What happened with Ritsu?” Reigen asks.

The other Reigen stares ahead of him, out the window at the passing city. Reigen wonders if it looks different in his world, inverted like the colors of their suits.

“I think they got along well as kids.” The other Reigen sighs, “But the parents always liked Ritsu a lot more, and it got worse as Mob got worse. He got older, more powerful, and turned in on himself. There was already tension between them, and then it was some highschool bullshit. Ritsu was on a powertrip with the student council. Getting kids kicked out of school. Ritsu, he could be kind of a brat sometimes, but he was funny, and he always hated me.” The doppelganger sounds fond but Reigen’s is caught up in hearing him refer to Ritsu in the past tense. It chills him to know that he was so similar to the Ritsu in this world, that he could see through Reigen’s bullshit the same way.

“They fought about it,” The other Reigen says, still staring straight ahead, “Mob lost control for a minute and stopped Ritsu’s breathing. By the time he came to his senses, Ritsu was brain dead. He’s still alive, hospitalized. But he’ll never recover.”

The other Reigen sounds almost as miserable as Reigen feels hearing him recount the story. While his heart aches for this other version of Mob, his hatred for himself intensifies.

“Why didn’t you help them? Help him?” Reigen demands, grabbing the doppelganger by the collar and shaking him.

“Me?” The other Reigen asks desperately, “What am I supposed to do? I’m just a low level telepath. I don’t have telekinesis that lets me go toe to toe with Mob like you do! If I did, maybe things would have been different!”

“I don’t have that.” Reigen says, shaking him, wishing for once that he did have psychic powers so he could strangle the other man with his stupid gray tie. If he does it manually he’ll draw the attention of everyone on the bus, “I don’t have any powers at all.”

The other Reigen’s eyes go wide.

“You’re lying.” He accuses, but he must know the truth since he can read Reigen’s mind. “How could you stand next to him like that? Like you weren’t afraid?”

“It's true.” Reigen says, letting go of the other Reigen’s collar and dropping into a fighting stance. People are definitely starting to stare now. “I’ll prove it by beating the shit out of you with my bare hands. No telekinesis necessary.”

The other Reigen looks frightened, then the bus stops short and they both go flying.

The bus driver screams at them that they’re being kicked off for fighting. Reigen has split lip because his face hit a luggage rack when the bus stopped. The other Reigen is unharmed, but he looks hollowed out, sweat stains showing at his armpits and the wilted neck of his jacket.

“Nice going.” The other Reigen says without venom as they walk towards the school.

“I guess I could say the same to you.” Reigen answers spitefully, he makes like he’s going to hit the doppelganger and watches him flinch, “Coward.” Reigen adds.

“Yes, you’ve made your point.” The other Reigen says, sighing, “Let’s try to think of the children now.”

Reigen bristles, but he knows the other man is right, so he tamps down the urge to fight himself.

“So what, you and Shigeo do exorcisms when you’re not solving math problems?”

The use of Mob’s given name startles Reigen slightly, and the doppelganger notices.

“No one calls him Mob, not anymore.” The other Reigen explains.

“Yes. But all kinds of people come to the office.” He assumes the other Reigen knows that part. “Mob takes care of the ghosts though.”

The other Reigen nods, he looks like he’s thinking.

“Do you have Serizawa? Or Tome?” Reigen asks, he’s grateful they hadn’t been at the office when the doppelganger showed up.

“Who? Wait, the umbrella guy? He tried to fight Shigeo and Shigeo snapped his neck. I don’t know a Tome. I remember that little green spirit. I told Shigeo to exorcize it.”

Reigen wishes he hadn’t asked.

“We mostly provide private security.” The other Reigen explains unprompted. “Shigeo’s heart really isn’t in it. Deep down, he’s a good kid. But Ritsu’s hospital bills won’t pay themselves. He’s miserable. It doesn’t help that I’m all he’s got. Can you imagine? Honestly I wish I couldn’t hear his thoughts. Being a telepath is such a hassle sometimes.”

Reigen doesn’t feel bad for him, if he weren’t so angry he might be able to scrounge up some pity, but he knows better than anyone: he doesn’t deserve it.

As they get close to the school, the weather changes. There’s a dark mass of swirling clouds hovering over the building, despite the fact the rest of the sky is clear and blue. The doppelganger slows down and stares up at it, looking uneasy. Reigen scoffs.

“It’s only an upset teenager.” He explains, marching up to the entrance of the school. He looks up and finds he can see Mob now, hovering in the air at the eye of the storm. He calls up to him, but doesn’t get a response, so he goes inside and starts to climb the stairs, headed for the roof. The other Reigen follows reluctantly at his heels.

“Wait,” the doppelganger says, pausing at the door to the third floor. “I’ll go keep an eye on Ritsu. I’ll send you a message if Shigeo shows up.”

Reigen glares at him, torn. It’s not as though the doppelganger is likely to be any help in calming Mob down. If fact, he set Mob off in the first place, he might actively make it worse. But Reigen hates the idea of letting himself out of his sight.

“We really don’t have time for your tiresome self loathing.” The other Reigen says, starting to push open the door, “Get over it. You really aren’t that bad.”

“Wait!” Reigen demands, not sure if he should be pleased when the doppelganger immediately stills, “You’ll need my phone number. Unless it’s the same.”

The other Reigen only looks annoyed, “I’m a telepath.” He comments, slipping through the door. I’ll send the message telepathically. He says inside Reigen’s head.

Reigen finishes climbing to the fourth floor and bursts out onto the roof. The weather is more calm up here, in the eye of Mob’s storm. He yells up at Mob and is again met with silence. He pulls out his phone, pressing 1 on the speed dial.

Mob answers on the last ring.

“Mob.” Reigen greets.

“He’s here somewhere, but he's shielding himself from me.” Mob explains, frustrated. His voice crackles through the phone, manifesting on Reigen’s side as static electricity. His hair starts to sand on end.

“Well,” Reigen answers, “maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to fight.”

Mob is quiet for a moment. Reigen waits as above him the storm slowly churns.

“If he doesn’t want to fight, why is he here?” Mob asks, “He came here for Ritsu.” when he says his brother’s name thunder crackles in the clouds.

“That doesn’t mean he wants to fight you.” Reigen points out, squinting up at the bottom of Mob’s sneakers, floating high above, “Maybe he just wants to see his brother, to talk to him.”

“But he would only need to come here to do that,” Mob says, voice thick even through the static distortion of the phone, “if he couldn’t do that anymore in his world, because he, because I…”

Thunder claps again and the sky opens up and pours rain.

“You didn’t Mob.” Reigen says, pressing the phone close to his face, hoping Mob can hear him okay over the rain, “You won’t. Everything you’re feeling, he feels that too. I think you’re the only person who can understand. So please come down here and let’s talk him into going home.”

Mob cries wretchedly into the phone and Reigen makes useless soothing noises on the other end as the storm rages around him. Eventually Mob recovers enough to speak.

“If I let go of it now, I won’t have enough power to beat him if he is bad.”

“I know.” Reigen says, “I know Mob, but I’m asking you to believe in yourself.”

It takes a moment, but the clouds still and float apart. A beam of sunlight peeks through them as Mob floats down and collapses into his arms.


Reigen is out of breath when he kicks open the door of the third floor stairwell and emerges into the corridor, Mob asleep on his back.

There’s another Mob standing at the window to the classroom across from them, his gakuran is white but his black hair and the pale nape of his neck are achingly familiar. Shigeo, Reigen realizes, and stops short.

The doppelganger scrambles up from where he’s been sitting against the wall. He throws an arm out between Reigen and Shigeo.

“He just wanted to see him,” The other Reigen explains, his eyes full of fear. He visibly relaxes when he registers that Mob is asleep, but keeps himself positioned between the two of them and Shigeo, “He’s not going to do anything. Are you Shigeo?”

Shigeo is quiet as he stands at the window. Beyond it, Reigen can see the black gakurans and red arm bands of the student council. He wonders if Shigeo has frozen the room in time, or if he’s just made sure his presence is completely unobtrusive, letting them go about their business as normal, something Mob would do.

“I thought about taking him back to our world.” Shigeo’s voice is so small and so cold Reigen scarcely recognizes it, “but I understand now, our world is much worse than this one. And I think…that would be a betrayal of my Ritsu. I’ve already done enough to him.”

“I know you didn’t mean to hurt him.” Reigen says.

Shigeo turns then, his face is wet with tears and he seems both older and younger than Mob at the same time. He looks icy in his white gakuran, face devoid of color except the dark purple shadows under his eyes. Reigen wants to hold him.

“You’re stupid, just like him.” Shigeo says, glancing towards the other Reigen. His tone is completely flat, unreadable, but the doppelganger smiles slightly, as though it’s a familiar complaint.

Shigeo seems to register Mob then, his eyes going wide as his hands turn to fists at his sides,

“Where’s his power?” He asks, looking terrified for some reason, the opposite of what Reigen expected.

“I got rid of it for now.” Mob says, raising his head groggily from Reigen’s shoulder, “I don’t want to fight.”

“No.” Shigeo cries, before he’s rushing them, he grabs at the collar of Mob’s gakuran and Reigen gets trapped awkwardly between them. He places a hand on Shigeo’s shoulder and pushes, trying to keep them apart, but not wanting to be rough with Shigeo. He doesn’t seem to be using his powers, and Reigen wonders if they’re going to try and settle this via teenage slap fight. Mob is half-asleep, but Shigeo doesn’t look like he ever joined the body improvement club. It's sixes as to who will win.

Shigeo isn’t trying to hit Mob though, he’s clinging to him, and to Reigen because he’s there as well. Rapidly, Shigeo starts to collapse, sagging against them even as he clutches Mob’s collar and Reigen’s lapel. The doppelganger stands and tries to pull him off, hugging him from behind. Shigeo is sobbing, and Reigen can feel Mob’s own hot tears splashing onto the shoulder of his jacket. Mob reaches out to Shigeo, but he’s tired and his hands are weak, his grip slips off the white fabric of Shigeo's sleeve.

“Please.” Shigeo says, “He’s the only person who can do it. He’s my only chance.”

Reigen’s foot slips, Mob’s weight on his back has him off balance, and Shigeo is clinging to him, all while the other Reigen tries to pull him away. As a result they all go down in a pile, spilling onto the linoleum in a mess of limbs.

On the floor, Shigeo curls into a ball and shakes. Mob sits up and looks lost, sniffling slightly. Reigen isn’t sure what to do either. Eventually it’s the other Reigen who hauls Shigeo up off the floor and into his arms. Shigeo goes, curling around the man and crying silently into the shoulder of his pink suit.

“I want to help him if-if I can.” Mob says, wiping his own eyes. Reigen wraps an arm around his shoulders, sitting dumbly on the floor.

The other Reigen looks at them and shakes his head.

“I can’t let you do that.” He says, “Not the way he wants.”

Reigen opens his mouth to tell the other Reigen off when a voice, his own voice, speaks inside his head.

He came here to try and get Mob to kill him. His power won’t let him do it himself.

Reigen starts, his jaw snaps closed. Mob doesn’t notice, he’s still staring at Shigeo.

“Is-is he alive?” Mob asks, his own voice cracking, “Y-your brother?”

Shigeo clutches at the other Reigen and makes a horrible noise, like a wounded animal. The other Reigen smooths his hair. Over Shigeo’s shoulder, he nods at Mob.

“Okay.” Mob says, and then he takes a deep breath and reaches for Shigeo, aiming for the hand clenched in the sleeve of the other Reigen’s blazer. Reigen wraps an arm around his waist, not stopping him, but determined to have a hold on him for whatever comes next. When Mob and Shigeo’s fingers brush Reigen feels a pulse in his ears, and he swears there’s a moment when time stops as the two of them look at each other.

A bright light starts to emanate from their point of contact. Reigen squints as it grows brighter. The other Reigen looks at it, and then at him.

“You’re kidding.” The doppelganger says, laughing as the light envelops them, “You and your good guy bullshit managed to make him even more powerful?”

When the light fades they’re all standing. There’s a floating ball of white light hovering in Shigeo’s open palms. Reigen finds his face no longer hurts, he raises a hand to his mouth and finds his lip is healed.

“I hope it’s enough.” Mob says, “I’ve only healed someone once before.” It had been Reigen, after some kind of evil samurai spirit had run him through on a job, “I guess you can always come back for more though.”

Shigeo won’t take his eyes off the light, “It’s enough.” He says, awe breaking through his flat quiet tone. There are dry tear tracks on both his and Mob’s faces, and Reigen suspects they talked somehow, in the moment where he was blinded. Shigeo blinks and a light blue portal opens behind him.

“Please try not to come back.” Reigen tells himself, “but if you need to,” He tells Shigeo, “we’ll be here.” He really hopes they stay away, he doesn’t want to explain to Mob that there’s a possibility Shigeo and the other Reigen are terrorists in their world.

The other Reigen suddenly seizes Mob’s wrist and pulls him in close, planting one on him. Mob doesn’t react much, his open eyes blinking.

“Reigen-san.” Shigeo says. It’s almost impossible to read his monotone, and his face doesn’t move, but Reigen gets the impression he’s scandalized.

“He tastes different.” Mob announces when the other Reigen pulls back.

“I can’t say I understand the appeal.” The doppelganger says, licking his lips, “but I had to give it a try.”

“Go back to your world before I kill you.” Reigen threatens. Thinking he’d do it anyway if it weren’t for Shigeo. Mob sets a hand on his arm placatingly. The doppelganger sets his arm across Shigeo’s shoulders.

Mob waves goodbye and Reigen glares as they step through the portal. It closes with a blink and then the classroom door opens and the student council members file out. Ritsu catches sight of Reigen and Mob standing in the hallway and stops to stare at them, gaze wary.

“Ritsu.” Mob greets, smiling radiantly.

Ritsu quickly thaws, smiling back at his brother. The smile fades as he turns to Reigen.

“I told the administration not to let you in here anymore.” Ritsu says.

“We came to see if you wanted to get ramen.” Reigen says, also smiling, undeterred.

“Fine.” Ritsu sighs.

The skies are clear as they exit the school. On the concrete there’s the drying pattern of raindrops. As they walk down the street together Reigen feels briefly overwhelmed. He puts an arm around Mob’s shoulders as well as one around Ritsu’s. Mob melts into him. Ritsu grunts but doesn’t throw him off, not right away at least.

Maybe he knows there are worse worlds than this one.


Dimple floats into Reigen’s apartment as the last rays of sunlight flicker over the railing on the balcony. He’s thought of getting up to smoke and watch the sunset but Mob is asleep with his head in Reigen’s lap and Reigen isn’t willing to move him.

“Dimple.” He says. He’s tempted to ask the spirit to grab his cigarettes out of his coat pocket, but thinks better of it, he doesn’t want Mob smelling like smoke, “Nice of you to skip out on today’s crisis.”

Dimple rolls his eyes, hovering low over the coffee table and looking Mob over, “I’m not a glory hound like you. I was playing my part in the background. I talked to that guy, the pink version of you, and he told me to go keep an eye on Ritsu.”

Reigen blinks, “You listened to him?”

“The other you?” Dimple asks, apparently satisfied wIth Mob’s condition. He floats until he’s higher than Reigen’s eye line, forcing Reigen to tilt his chin up to look at the spirit, “Sure, I know him.” He says casually, “Once you die you get merged together with every other version of you. Right now I’m the same Dimple in every universe.”

Reigen freezes, he feels sick to his stomach. Panicking, he almost pushes Mob out of his lap.

“Heh,” Dimple says, grinning at Reigen’s obvious distress. Reigen thinks his ectoplasm is glowing brighter than usual. “Just kidding. I have no idea what happens after we actually pass on, but so far it’s not that.”

Wrapping an arm around Mob to keep him from being jostled, Reigen reaches down with his opposite hand and retrieves his dress shoe. He throws it at Dimple and it passes through him, sailing through the open balcony door and over the railing. Dimple’s smile grows wider.

Reigen lays his head back against the couch, staring up at the ceiling for a long moment. In his lap, Mob nuzzles his face into Reigen’s thigh and sighs.

“Get me a beer would you?” Reigen asks Dimple, suddenly exhausted.

Dimple does it, floating the beverage over from the kitchenette. He doesn’t even comment on the fact that it’s happoshu.

“If you start dressing flashy like that, and styling your hair, I’ll have to ban you from seeing Shigeo.” Dimple says, floating next to Reigen’s head now, looking out at the sunset with him.

“Promise?” Reigen asks.

They shake on it.