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Tactical Distraction

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Danny Williams has never really considered himself a thigh guy. Ass guy, absolutely, and he’s always had a healthy appreciation for a beautiful pair of boobs or nicely toned pecs on a partner. Plus, what self-respecting, woman-loving kinkster didn’t go a little nuts for a chick in stockings and a garter belt? But sitting here in the back of an ambulance, nursing a bullet graze with a furiously worried Steve McGarrett beside him, and Danny is strongly reconsidering his position on the relative attractiveness of the leg.

“What the hell happened, Danny?!” Steve shifts beside him, leaning closer as his gaze flickers from the dressing on Danny’s right bicep to Danny’s face and back again, the other man visibly itching to inspect the damage.

“I told you, I got distracted. Don’t pick.” He knocks Steve’s hand gently away from the bandages, catches it in a reassuring squeeze on the way down at the genuine fear in Steve’s eyes. “Steve. Hey. Seriously, I’m fine. Okay? S’just a scratch.”

“You just stood there, like you were checked out right in the middle of the operation! You never get distracted like that. What’s going on?”


Danny clears his throat and glances around, quickly gives up any notion of a truthful reply when he counts at least ten HPD officers, five SWAT guys, three paramedics, and Chin and Kono hovering around, the cousins shooting worried glances his way. Danny is hardly shy about his and Steve’s relationship, but this is a different matter altogether. Steve shifts beside him again, squeezing his hand with a worried frown, and Danny sighs, smiling ruefully despite himself as the source of his distraction makes itself known again.

Recently, due to an unusually hot Hawaiian summer, Steve had taken to wearing white cargo pants to work on warm days. That in itself wasn’t a problem; sure, Steve’s ass looked great in cargo pants, but it was a sight that Danny was well-used to, nothing to get worked up about. The problem was the black leather thigh holsters that Steve was currently wearing on top. Usually camouflaged by his boyfriend’s dark pants, Danny had never really noticed them before — until today, when Steve had swung himself out of Danny’s car geared up and ready to go, and Danny had felt all the blood leave his brain and shoot straight to his dick, because oh.

The holsters really drew attention to Steve’s thighs, accentuating his curves where they hugged the muscle and highlighting the strength and length of his legs whenever he moved, which was hot enough all by itself. But there was also the fact that the double loops around the tops of the thighs, the straps running up the outside of Steve’s hips, and the holster belt encircling his waist reminded Danny starkly of a woman’s garter belt, which only added to the brain-melting effect. He had found himself transfixed, barely paying attention as his boyfriend briefed them on the particulars of the op because holy crap, that beautiful leather moved every time Steve did, highlighting every flex of his thighs and swing of his hips, giving just the tantalising suggestion of restraint, and Danny was damn near drooling by the time the briefing finished. Then, of course, Steve had to turn around, and Danny had been treated to the equally gorgeous view of his ass framed by black leather straps, the weight of the holster belt pulling the fabric taut over the seat of his pants making everything look even better, those leather loops hugging the back of Steve’s thighs the way Danny’s hands were longing to, and he’d had to take a minute to try and collect himself under the excuse of a sudden headache before they moved out.

He’d tried to get ahold of himself, he really had, but he hadn’t gotten laid in almost two weeks thanks to his bum knee acting up again, and the sheer, intoxicating thrill of a new kink, and of Steve marching around looking hotter than hell and Danny not being able to do a damn thing with it except stare, was impossible to ignore. It hadn’t really been his fault, between trying to cover his characteristically reckless partner and ignore the things Steve’s legwear was doing to his cock, that he’d gotten sloppy.

They’d been flanking the house the suspect was in, Steve waving silent orders to other members of the team from one side of the door and Danny fighting to keep his eyes on Steve’s face on the other, when his brain had decided to gift him a split-second, deeply-enjoyable fantasy. Steve dropping him a bratty grin, wearing one of his white dress shirts, heavy leather combat boots, those goddamn thigh holsters and nothing else; Danny fucking him like that over the hood of the Camaro.

He’d been so distracted that he hadn’t noticed the suspect skulking up to the door, had been too slow off the mark to dive out the way when the guy had come out shooting, and so here they were, swinging their legs out the back of a bus until a paramedic gives Danny the all-clear to go.

“Seriously. What’s wrong?” Steve brings him back to the present with a squeeze of his hand, blue eyes wide and filled with concern, but the movement inadvertently brings Danny’s fingers into contact with the nearest holster, and suddenly all he can focus on is a) the leather really is as smooth and supple as it looks, and b) they’re just as tight around Steve’s thighs as he thought, will definitely leave marks if the other man leaves them on long enough while sitting down, and Danny seriously needs to think about something else before he pops a boner in front of half of HPD. He takes a deep breath and pictures the decaying grandma from The Shining, his go-to mood-killing image, before exhaling, forcing himself to focus on his boyfriend's question.

“I can’t talk about it here. It’s nothin’ bad, just…awkward. Needs privacy.”

“Okay.” Steve nods, frowning in understanding, and pulls him into an easy half-hug, pressing a kiss to Danny’s temple. Protective, in a way that Danny would rag him for if he wasn’t dying of embarrassment at himself, because seriously? What was he, 37 going on 15? “I’ll check if you’re clear to go, then we can head home. Okay?”

“Sure.” Danny swallows tightly as his lover pads away in search of a medic, shaking his head at himself and already dreading the conversation they’re going to have to have about this later.



Steve has them back at the house in record time, having all but bundled Danny into the Camaro once he’d been cleared to go and barely remembering to drop his government-issue, very-much-not-to-be-taken-home heavy weapons in Kono’s trunk before driving off, breaking at least ten traffic laws en route by Danny’s estimations. He hasn’t even taken off his tac vest or combat boots — or that pesky third item which had caused all this trouble in the first place, and which Danny is studiously trying to avoid thinking about, nevermind looking at, because seriously? Now that they have the privacy of the car, his dick is really not getting the memo that ‘Steve is worried’ and ‘they’re just holsters’ and ‘you’re 37, keeping it in your pants long enough to get inside the house and talk is a matter of personal dignity here’. Danny huffs a breath in the passenger seat and shifts slightly to readjust, convinced for one awful moment that he somehow really is back to being 15, and totally ungovernable boners are just a fact of life, again.


He blinks, guilt piercing through him at the expression on Steve’s face. His boyfriend is looking at him expectantly, jaw set in that way that tells Danny he isn’t letting this go until he’s gotten an explanation that satisfies, but the rest is pure worry, confusion and self-blame and a hint of fear flickering through occasionally in those sea-blue eyes. “You haven’t said a word since we left. What is wrong?” 

Of course, the reason for Danny’s silence is that it takes concentration to try and mentally talk down a boner, but it’s true that he’s almost never quiet for long, much less sloppy on the job or prone to injury as a result of inattentiveness, and the slight crack in Steve’s voice on the last three words fills him with fresh guilt, because however calm he looks, it’s clear that his boyfriend is genuinely freaking out right now.

“Steve —”

“Are you sick? You said you had a headache —”

“Steve, I’m not sick.”

“Is it Grace?”

No. You’d have known about it as soon as I did if it was. Grace is absolutely fine.”

“Is it Rachel?”

“Rachel?” Danny raises his eyebrows, surprised despite himself at the reach of the other man’s concern. “Uh, no, Rachel is also fine; I talked to her on Tuesday, so did you. Her and Stan are fine.”

“Your family?”

“Matty’s bein’ a dick, but that’s just Matty being Matty. My family is fine, if you’ll let me —”

“Is it me?” Steve swallows audibly, blue eyes sliding away from his own to focus on the steering wheel, and Danny bites back a growl of frustration, barely able to resist smacking himself in the forehead with annoyance at this whole goddamn stupid situation. “Is it us? D’you want to —”

“Steven.” The use of his full name gets Steve’s attention immediately, and Danny clasps his wrist, squeezing gently but firmly to cement the words as he holds his lover’s gaze. “It’s not you, and it’s not us. I’m stupidly happy bein’ with you, and if I get my way I’ll be here until I’m dead. Okay? So get any thoughts about me gettin’ sick of you, or you not being good enough for me, or me running back to Rachel and leavin’ you, out of your head, because they are not true and they will never be true. Okay?”

“Okay.” Steve smiles lop-sidedly, trying to play it down, but the relief is obvious in his face, and Danny’s heart aches at how uncertain the other man is of his own worth, even now.

“C’mere.” He pulls Steve into a deep, very declarative kiss, leaving a hand on his neck for a moment to stroke his thumb down and not missing the way the other’s eyelids flutter and how he all but melts into the possessive touch. “I love you, and I’m not going anywhere. Okay? This thing, my er, gettin’ distracted today?” He takes a breath, girding his loins against the awkwardness of explaining. “Like I said, it’s nothing bad. Just, er, kinda awkward.”

“Okay?” Steve nods, expression open and expectant and totally trusting, and Danny’s stomach clenches with nerves despite himself as embarrassment and a hint of shame prickle through him.

“So, uh…it’s uh…” He clears his throat and rubs at his nose, looking hard out the windshield for a moment to collect himself, before glancing back at his lover, gaze dropping in what he tells himself is lascivious interest, not embarrassment, as he gestures to the holsters. “It’s those.”

There’s a long pause, Steve blinking blankly at him when Danny can marshal himself enough to meet the other’s gaze.

“...My pants?”

Danny really does slap a hand across his face this time, chuckling quietly despite himself.

“Try again. Think more layers.”

“Wha — oh.” Steve blinks again, confusion morphing quickly into surprised understanding where he looks down at himself, hands settling over the holsters as he looks up at Danny again. “Seriously?”

Danny shrugs, bristling as embarrassment combusts slightly mercifully into defensiveness. He isn’t quite sure how he feels about this new kink himself, wouldn’t have brought it up if Steve hadn’t been so worried.

“They’re really hot, alright? Make your legs and ass look even better than usual. You wanted an explanation for why I was distracted today, there’s your answer.”

“Huh.” Steve sits for a few moments, clearly processing, then grins wide, turning to him with the kind of mischievous look that usually means he’s about to drag Danny into something dangerous where he runs his hands down his legs. “Y’know, uh, these are my own holsters. Not HPD property, not Five-0 property; they’re navy surplus, I bought ‘em for myself when I graduated BUD/S training. So, if you wanted to, uh, practise some tactical maneuvers, then…”

“Yeah?” Danny feels himself grin wide, surprise and relief mingling inside him, and Steve inclines his head for him to follow as the other man gets out the car, slipping out of his tac vest and dropping it in the back seat as he goes.


He follows Steve up to the house with a mixture of excitement and burning curiosity, copping a great view of his lover’s ass and legs all the way up to the sunroom door, before Steve is ushering him inside, ahead of him, the other man laying his handgun on the table by the door as he closes it behind them. Danny frowns as his boyfriend takes him by the shoulders, turning him around to face him and backing them up a few steps.

“What’re you —” He finds himself pushed semi-gently back onto the sofa with a grunt, grins wide as Steve straddles his lap without ceremony, kissing him deep and indulgent with an appreciative hum. “Mmn, okay.” 

He returns the kiss hard, feeling his lover melt into it with a moan as Danny takes control of the kiss, one hand cupping Steve’s jaw and the other running up his thigh, squeezing the muscle appreciatively as smooth leather straps caress his palms and fingers, sending fresh bolts of arousal straight to his cock, and the only thing that could make this better would be having the leather plus Steve’s bare skin under his hands. He gives a growling moan at the thought and trails passionate kisses down Steve’s neck, sparing half a second to pull his lover’s shirt over his head, before sliding his other hand up Steve’s opposite leg to knead the muscle, the other man groaning appreciatively and grinding down against him at the touch. “Fuck you’re so hot like this.”

“Yeah?” Steve pulls away just enough to grin at him, blue eyes sparkling, and Danny releases vaguely that his tie is now undone, the ends in Steve’s hands where the other man looks him appreciatively up and down, wetting his lips as his gaze moves from Danny’s open collar down his still-closed shirt front and back again. “S’not just me.”

“Mm.” He catches the other’s lips in another deep kiss before he can stop himself, Steve groaning raggedly as he squeezes the other’s ass, and Danny has to grit his teeth as the urge to tear the other man’s pants off and fuck him, no options given and no consideration involved, presses up hard against his personal restraint, taxing his self-control to such an extent that it actually alarms him a little, and he pulls away with a huff, breathing deep and forcing his hands to his sides as he works to regain full control of himself.

“What’s wrong?”

He shakes his head with a weak smile at Steve’s worried look, cupping his boyfriend’s cheek for a moment to recentre himself as much as to reassure Steve.

“Nothin’, babe. Just, uh, you’re really driving me crazy here, and it’s been a while, y’know? Just gimme a sec.”

Steve frowns understandingly and nods, resting his hands on Danny’s shoulders and sitting back slightly.

“You need me to get up?”

“Nah, just don’t move for a sec.” Danny runs a hand up his lover’s back to his shoulder, studying Steve’s face as his boyfriend gazes at him in that damn sappy way he has, and wills the arousal to settle, blind need eventually giving way to love and a deep tenderness, making him nuzzle his face into the other man’s neck with a quiet sigh. This is Steve, not a sack of warm meat to sate his dick with. Shame washes through him at the thought, hot and caustic, a flicker of fear accompanying it, because shit; Danny knows what he’s capable of when he’s really, really angry. It isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine that same thoughtless, animal impulse extending to other extremes of feeling, and he wraps his arms around Steve at the thought, holding him close protectively as though the other man is made of glass.


He only shakes his head, hugging the other tighter as his boyfriend returns the embrace, rubbing soothingly at his back. Another of the million reasons why they work so well together: Steve understands an unspoken request for silence better than anyone else Danny has ever met. They sit quietly for several long moments, birds calling outside the only sound over the soft hum of the air con.

Danny waits until he feels fully settled in himself again, fully in control, before lifting his head, kissing Steve tenderly on the lips in apology.

“What?” Steve frowns, worry coming back into his eyes as Danny cups his cheek again, pressing a hand over Danny’s own.

“Just…” Danny sighs heavily, shaking his head, forces himself to look at his boyfriend so that Steve doesn’t think it’s something he’s done. “I really wasn’t kidding about you drivin’ me crazy like this. Kinda freaked myself out with how much I want you, and, uh…I guess I’m…” He sighs again, rubbing a hand down his face and reminding himself of the importance of clear communication. “I’m worried I’ll hurt you. Like, nonconsensually.”

Steve only smiles lop-sidedly and shakes his head, frowning in pained understanding where those beautiful eyes meet Danny’s own.

“You won’t, Danny. You stopped yourself just now, right?”

“Yeah, and it took a whole lot more effort than I’m comfortable with, lemme tell ya.”

Steve only frowns again and shifts in Danny’s lap, squeezing his shoulder.

“You’ve never hurt me in any way I haven’t explicitly asked for, let alone haven’t liked. Even then, you go so slow and check in so much, most of the time my problem is getting you to let loose more when I know I can handle it.” They both chuckle softly, Steve nudging his forehead affectionately against Danny’s own. “It’s because you’re so careful I feel safe enough to do this kinda stuff. I trust you, Danny, and that doesn’t come easy to me with stuff like this. And if I trust you, you can trust yourself. Right?”

Danny smiles lop-sidely and nods, Steve pressing a soft kiss to his temple.

“Yeah, okay.”

“Besides.” Steve shifts again with a smile, hands rubbing soothingly at Danny’s shoulders in the way he himself often uses to settle his boyfriend. “I’ll use the safeword if I need to; I have before, right, so you know you can trust me on that. It’s not just you responsible for keeping us safe here. And if you try something I don’t want and won’t take no for an answer?” Steve raises an eyebrow, a playful version of that affected arrogance Danny remembers from first meeting the other man coming into his face. “I’m still an ex-SEAL. We’ll end up tussling, and if that doesn’t kill your boner a chokehold sure will.”

“Good to know.” Danny chuckles himself and presses a quick kiss to the other’s lips, pulling him close again for a moment for a hug as a thought strikes him. “Y’know, uh, Rachel mentioned somethin’ about that, back when you and me first got together. Said she wasn’t surprised it took someone who’d survived elite military training to be able to put up with me.”

Steve only makes a disgruntled sound and tightens his own embrace, nuzzling his face into Danny’s neck.

“Nngh, no; you’re not allowed to beat down on yourself. I forbid you from thinking you’re difficult to live with, because you’re a freakin’ delight and I love you. Okay?”

“Oh that’s how it is, huh? You forbid me.” Danny grins, running a hand through Steve’s hair as fondness and gratitude and warmth wash through him. “Wow. And, uh, how’re you gonna enforce that, exactly?”

“By leaving these in my locker at work.” Steve pulls away to tap his right holster with a grin, both of them chuckling as Danny pulls him into another deep kiss. Steve moans appreciatively and returns it, the two of them kissing languidly for a while, then more deeply as they work to regain their rhythm, Steve groaning raggedly as Danny squeezes his thighs appreciatively again, thumbs rubbing over the holster loops. He breaks the kiss gently with a frown as a thought occurs to him, meeting his lover’s gaze.

“You know you don’t have to be into this just ‘cause I am, right?”

“What, you think I’m faking?” Steve chuckles heartily and shakes his head, dropping him a fond look. “I’m really, really not, Danny. Seriously.” Steve shifts slightly on his lap, flashing him a grin as he drops his shoulders and cants his hips forward like he’s giving a goddamn lapdance, and Danny has to fight to focus on the other’s words. “Have a feel, see for yourself.”

“Seriously?” Danny grins, searching his boyfriend’s face for a moment to make sure they’re on the same page, before moving his hand to Steve’s crotch, the other man’s hard-on straining his pants where he bucks into the contact with a groan, and Danny has the sudden, blistering realisation that he didn’t see his boyfriend put on underwear this morning. “Fuck, Steve.”

He swallows and squeezes gently, licking his lips despite himself, Steve giving a low whine and grinding into the touch as he buries his face in Danny’s neck. “‘Cause of these?” He lays his free hand on the other man’s thigh, thumb dragging firmly across the leather, and Steve nods, moaning raggedly through his teeth as Danny squeezes his cock again, pressing a deep kiss to his lover’s neck.

“S’like being tied up.” Steve chuckles throatily against Danny’s collarbone, lifting his head after a moment to grin lop-sidedly at him, hands running lazily down Danny’s chest. “Feels really, really good. Plus it’s really hot seeing you want me that much.”

“Mmn.” He hums in understanding, pressing slow, deep kisses down Steve’s neck and just breathing him in, pacing himself both to keep himself in check and ensure that both of them enjoy this as thoroughly as possible. “Drive me crazy, I swear. Your thighs and ass look incredible, and when I think about you all tied up in black silk rope or a studded leather harness, with these,” He rubs a near-reverant thumb over one of the leather loops, pulling away enough to drop his lover a grin, “moving every time you do? Goddamn hypnotising, like garters on a woman. Except better, because it’s you.”

Steve only chuckles, a flicker of embarrassment coming into his eyes where he meets Danny’s gaze, before glancing away.

“Yeah? Shame they, uh, don’t make those for guys, huh?”

“What, garters?” Danny blinks, surprised appreciation washing through him in a wave. “Uh, they do, babe. They definitely do. Would you —” He feels himself grin at the thought as Steve meets his gaze with an embarrassed smile, Danny nudging his forehead affectionately against the other man’s in reassurance. “You’d be into that? Because I would definitely be into that.”

“I think I would, yeah. Never really thought about it before, but…” Steve trails off into a grin, flushing slightly, before Danny is catching his lips in another deep kiss, moaning appreciatively as his lover tugs at the ends of the tie still loose around Danny’s neck.

Christ, you’d look incredible like that. Y’know the only thing hotter than a lover in stockings is takin’ ‘em off with your teeth?”

Steve shudders hard and deepens the kiss with a groan, breaks away with palpable reluctance after a moment, panting, blue eyes shining with desire.

Shit. You got any other ideas, what you wanna do with…” He trails off, gesturing to the holsters, and Danny grins, rubbing his thumbs appreciatively over the leather and wondering in a flash how it would feel beneath his tongue.

“You bet I do. Part of what got me so distracted earlier. Thinkin’ about you, all dressed up in these, white dress shirt and combat boots and nothin’ else, and me fucking you over the hood of the Camaro.”

Fuck Danny —” He grunts as Steve catches his lips in a messy, desperate kiss, running his hands up the other’s thighs to squeeze his ass and feeling Steve grind down against him with a ragged groan. 

Shit, I really wanna fuck you like this.”

“Yes. Please.” Steve’s voice is hoarse against his neck, the other man bucking his hips forward with a ragged groan as Danny locks an arm around his back to pull him close, and the pleading in his lover’s voice has gasoline igniting in his own veins, making him squeeze the other’s ass appreciatively again as he kisses his boyfriend passionately.

“Hang on.”

He’s got Steve’s fly open and is on the point of tugging the other man’s pants down over his hips beneath the holster belt, when Steve pulls away with a slightly pained, disgruntled sound, one hand settling over Danny’s own on his hip where his boyfriend nuzzles his temple apologetically. “What, what’s wrong? You hurt?” Concern plunges in his gut at the thought, mingling quickly with frustration at the other man for hiding an injury, but Steve is smiling lop-sidedly and shaking his head, pressing a soft kiss to Danny’s lips.

“No; I’m fine Danny, I promise. Just, uh, we’re just in from work, need to clean up…kinda feels like too much work to break the mood for, y’know?”

Danny hums in understanding and presses a soft kiss to his lover’s jaw, smiling lop-sidedly as he meets Steve’s gaze. He himself isn’t bothered by mess of any kind, but Steve prefers to be clean, and the prospect of leaving the sofa and showering, nevermind Steve leaving his lap, does feel way too much like hard work right now.

“Okay, how’s about this.” He lets his voice drop into an authoritative, husky murmur, pressing firm, possessive kisses down Steve’s neck between phrases and feeling the other man shudder appreciatively, a longing moan escaping Steve’s throat as his fingers grip Danny’s shoulders. “We’re gonna come back here tomorrow…in these exact clothes…in this exact position…and I will fuck you senseless, then on Saturday?” He pauses for effect, grinning, catches Steve’s chin between thumb and forefinger to get the other to look at him and watching him melt at the touch. “We’re gonna do the same thing, in different clothes, over the hood of the Camaro. Okay?”

Steve’s only answer is a desperate, searing kiss, the other man moaning raggedly against his lips as Danny returns it just as hard, locking one arm around his lover’s shoulders to hold him close and slipping his free hand inside Steve’s pants to get a hand around him. The other man shudders hard at the touch, bucking up beautifully into his fist with a ragged groan, eyes squeezing shut and mouth dropping open as Danny starts to move. He bites his lip and rubs his thumb lightly over the head, breathing deep and steady to control his own clamouring arousal, before sliding his other hand around across Steve’s back to squeeze his shoulder. “Hold onto me, babe.”

Steve does as told with a shaky nod, leaning forward so that his arms are around Danny’s neck and forehead resting on his shoulder, eliminating the concern of the other man pitching backwards suddenly while leaving enough space between their bodies to continue. Danny gives a bitten-off groan as he takes himself out, Steve giving a whining moan of his own and bucking his hips as Danny adjusts his hand to accommodate them both, Steve pressing sloppy kisses down his neck as he slips his free hand into his lover’s hair to help steady them. “Fuck you’re so beautiful.”

Steve moans raggedly at the praise, pressing a last, deep kiss to Danny’s neck, before pulling away enough to look at him, panting, slack-jawed and fuzzy-eyed and looking totally wrecked, and then Danny is kissing him hard again, the fingers he has in Steve’s hair moving down to cup the back of his neck as he increases the speed of his other hand.

“Danny — fuck —"

He groans appreciatively himself as Steve thrusts unsteadily into his hand, the other’s eyes squeezing shut with a groan as his fingers tighten around Danny’s shoulders. He’s close himself, but is determined to get his lover there first, twists his wrist gently over the head of Steve’s cock and grits his teeth hard as his lover gives a desperate, whining moan.

“You wanna come for me, babe?”

His boyfriend only nods shakily, shivering beneath his hands with need. Danny presses a firm kiss to his neck, nuzzling Steve’s jaw in reassurance as he increases the speed of his hand. “C’mon, come for me, Steve.”

The other man does so with a ragged, guttural groan, Danny following suit with a deep groan of his own at the sight. “That’s it. Fuck, Steve.” He holds his lover close as Steve slumps against him, both of them breathing hard. “So good for me.”

They sit quietly for a time just enjoying the afterglow, Danny carding his fingers through Steve’s hair where the other man nuzzles his face into his neck. Steve squeezes his shoulders tightly for a moment, making a contented sound as Danny returns the hug, before lifting his head with a crooked smile.

“Mmn. I’m, uh, I’m pretty sure the Camaro needs a wash.”

“The hell’re you sayin’ it needs a wash? Way to kill the mood.” He grins teasingly, Steve returning it as the other man retrieves his discarded tee-shirt to clean up.

“We drove through at least five mud puddles today. I’m telling you, it needs a wash.” Steve drops the shirt and leans back enough to look at him, blue eyes sparkling where he lays his hands over the holsters. “I could, uh, always put some shorts on under these, n’wash it for you.”

“You do that, you’re gonna be interrupted in about three seconds.” They both chuckle, Steve moaning quietly as Danny catches his lips in a deep, indulgent kiss.

“M’counting on it.”


“Mm-hm. Mmn.” His lover breaks the kiss for a moment with palpable reluctance, dropping Danny a grin as he glances down at his thighs. “We’re gonna need the whole weekend, huh?”

Danny grins himself, giving him another deep kiss for good measure.

“Try a week, babe. Woah, hey — where you goin’?”

He tightens his hold instinctively around his lover as Steve makes to shift off his lap, the other man chuckling and pressing a lingering kiss to his lips, before getting up.

“Get the laptop. Hang tight a sec, okay?”

Danny blinks, mystified, as his boyfriend disappears through into the study, uses the time to get up and stretch before his legs go totally to sleep. He’s just settled back down on the sofa when Steve returns, the other man sitting down and burrowing into his side like an affectionate cat where he sets the computer on Danny’s lap.

“What we lookin’ at?” Danny presses a firm kiss to his boyfriend’s temple, tucking Steve closer to him as the other man shivers happily and makes a contented sound.

“Gonna see how fast I can order a pair of men’s garters. Y’know, for variety.”

“Mmn.” Danny hums in understanding, smiling, pressing another kiss to Steve’s hair as his free hand settles on the other’s thigh, thumb rubbing thoughtfully over the leather. “Sounds good. So long as we’re not replacing these.” Steve only grins, blue eyes sparkling where he leans in for another kiss.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”