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She's Got Claws and I Love them a Little Bit

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Wednesday Addams considered herself a very observant person, whose senses could perceive the necessary clues in order to help her succeed where others might fail. After all, she'd solved Nevermore's murderous mystery last semester. However intelligent she was regarding morbid topics, social conduct and norms continued to elude her.

She knew her attitude was considered dour by many, and sociopathic by many more. It seemed even outcasts could not stomach her strong personality and unwillingly ability to yield to them. Yet, Wednesday had decided to give a modicum more effort in learning about these social rules and adjusting to them. It was because of Thing, and because of Enid, that she was trying even if her efforts were rarely successful.

She had come very far already, allowing Enid to wrap them up into a tight hug right after her fight with Tyler. Granted, Enid was covered in blood, and who wouldn't want a nice faceful of that? Blood was very rejuvenating for Wednesday's pale complexion, and it smelled nostalgic to her.

And now with Enid and Wednesday back for the following semester at Nevermore, Enid had taken it upon herself to get Wednesday to open up more. Even if it was only a crack.

And Wednesday found she didn't mind it so much when Enid was doing it. Her roommate respected her boundaries and knew when to stop pushing. Even when it came to hugs, something that looked like it was hell to hold back from doing on Enid's part.

“Okay, I get it. No hugging unless it's right after life or death situations,” Enid said and took a step back, hands to herself when Wednesday glared at her for daring to approach her. Enid's eyes looked sadly at Wednesday even if she had a smile plastered to her face. “I hope our semester together this time will be less dangerous.”

“I doubt it,” Wednesday said. “This semester I must embark on the most perilous and difficult quest of my lifetime yet.”

Enid's eyebrows went up as her smile went down. “Wednesday- please tell me this doesn't mean more Ted Bundy pinterest boards in the room.”

“No. My quest involves studying the human customs known as friend making,” Wednesday said deadpan, as lighting flashed outside the window on what was otherwise a normal sunny day. Enid jumped at the loud crack of thunder that followed before turning wide eyes to Wednesday. Freak weather incident, or Wednesday weather incident?

“Friends? You want to make friends?” Enid did a little bounce and almost reached out to touch Wednesday but remembered last minute and refrained from doing so.

“Yes. I was hoping you could help with that?”

Enid nodded her head happily. “I would love to! I think people would be excited to know that you're not as scary as you seem to be!”

“No, I want them to know I am as scary as I seem,” Wednesday said, with a small scoff. “I'm not soft.”

“Right,” Enid said with a weird twist of mouth like she was trying to push down an affectionate smile to remain serious for Wednesday's sake. “You're a big bad scary monster.” She crinkled her nose as she made claws with her hands and did a small rawr with them.

“Hm.” Wednesday hummed, pleased, before she turned on her heel to head to her typewriter. It was settled then, Wednesday would be untangling her next conundrum: interacting with people.

Despite Wednesday's penchant for solving mysteries, she would not notice the most obvious one in front of her until much later.



With Enid's help, interacting with others became more bearable. That was of course, because Enid would stand by Wednesday's side and serve as a buffer for the worst of the socializing with Enid's friend group who were all cautiously eager to speak with Wednesday and get to know her better. It turned out, saving Nevermore had done wonders for improving Wednesday's reputation, which she was saddened by. Yet, in order to solve this mystery for her own sake, she had to take this blow in stride and make the most of it.

Enid's presence helped mitigate social faux pas. When Wednesday said something weird Enid would laugh loudly and play it off as a joke. When Wednesday would say something hurtful, Enid would diffuse the tense situation on her behalf. And if something confused Wednesday, Enid would explain it.

A lot of this friend making was very confusing but Wednesday took meticulous notes on every experience until she had a compendium of general behaviors and things to say that were considered acceptable. It was a shame brutal honesty was not one of them.

That was her favorite thing to do.

“What are you working on?” Enid asked as she bounced over to Wednesday's side of the room. Wednesday raised her eyes from the typewriter. Enid made sure to stand over her shoulder at a reasonable distance. Wednesday may have endured one hug from her, and taken down the black tape, but that did not mean they could stand close to each other. Not yet at least, Enid told herself patiently.

“A reference guide for me, on how to be friends with others,” she said and Enid bit back a smile. Wednesday was going soft even if she didn't want to admit it. “And also on how to take them down if they ever decide to hurt me.”

Enid's smile evened out naturally this time. “Right.” Said dryly, because what else could she say to this.

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,” Wednesday added.

Enid furrowed her brows at this. Wait. Was the entire reason behind Wednesday's friendlier behavior so to keep an eye on her enemies? Did she consider herself and Enid enemies?

Enid did a little uncertain dip with her legs, hands clasped behind her back. No, she had to stop thinking like that. Wednesday just said stuff like this; Enid shouldn't read into it too much.

She decided to try and diffuse the uncomfortable feelings inside her with a joke. “How many pages on me do you have there?”

Wednesday's fingers stilled on the typewriter. “None,” she said too hastily and then resumed typing, even more furiously than before.

That made Enid horrendously curious. What exactly had Wednesday written about her in the book? She had to find out, but she didn't want to snoop and lose all the progress she'd made with her roommate.

She thinned her lips and forced an exhale.

She would not snoop. She would not.

“I'll leave you to your book,” she said, knowing she had to be out of the room right now or her temptations would never leave. “I'm going to the mess hall to grab some food. Do you want anything?”


Enid stepped out of the room. Only when she did, did Wednesday pause her writing and look over at her top most drawer. She pulled out the sheaf's of paper on which her profile of Enid was situated on.

In bold font, claws was written down and circled in red pen.

Underneath it, in bullet points, were all the incidents Wednesday had noticed. Along with their dates and references to conversations and observations.

Wednesday had noted that Enid's claws had made a total number of 25 appearances. All of them, related to emotions. Enid's claws seemed to come out when she was excited about something- like the time Wednesday had agreed to have lunch with Enid, just the two of them. Enid had shoved her hands into the pockets of her cotton candy cardigan and kept them there the entire time they were supposed to be eating. She had lied and said she wasn't hungry, though her stomach growled loudly, and Wednesday had humored her, figuring Enid was embarrassed for some reason about her claws.

Or the claws came out when Enid got mad- like the time she found Wednesday in the library with Xavier, studying. Enid had plopped down next to them after inviting herself to the group, and shredded her entire textbook unconsciously during the session. She didn't seem to notice it until the end and looked disappointed in herself.

The claws also came out when it came to territory. Wednesday remembered one vivid example. She and Xavier were walking back from class through the crowded hallways when he had stopped her before they separated ways.

“Best friends?” Xavier asked, smirking a crooked grin at her. Wednesday stared at him. Weeks of being social around Enid had clued her in that the correct answer would be yes, so as not to hurt his feelings even if it didn't feel right to her.

But would it really be better to lie now or should she tell him the truth to spare his feelings later so he would not be under a false impression.

She opened her mouth, still vacillating on what to say when Enid bounced up to her side, hands behind her back. She smiled widely at Xavier. “Sorry,” she said, sounding extremely chipper. “The title of best friend belongs to me, Wednesday's roommate,” Enid stressed, leaning in towards him. Her hands were clasped tightly behind her back, allowing Wednesday's eyes to cut in and notice that her claws had popped out again. Enid's hands were shaking, but held in a vice like grip as if she might use them if she wasn't holding herself back.

“Wednesday can have more than one best friend,” Xavier said with an awkward chuckle looking over at Wednesday as if confirming this with her.

“Nope,” Enid said. “Not how it works.”

Wednesday was barely paying attention to the conversation, more interested in something else. Deep in thought, it took Xavier calling her name twice to snap her back to attention. “Wednesday?” he asked, brows raised hopefully.

“Enid is my best friend. I can only stomach one,” she said, cutting her eyes right back to Enid's hands. They had stopped shaking and the nails had gone back down.

Xavier laughed, and it sounded a bit hurt but understanding. “I should have figured. It's alright, I'll settle for being your second best friend.”

The nails popped back out. Very interesting.

Was Enid being territorial?

“She said she can only stomach one,” Enid reminded tightly, smiling forcefully.

Xavier furrowed his brows, looking again at Wednesday as if expecting her to help him. “Enid and I must be on our way,” Wednesday said and swiftly turned on her heel. Enid followed after her, keeping her hands behind her back as she skipped up the stairs.

“You really think us best friends?” Enid asked, so much pure joy in her voice it made Wednesday nauseous.

“Yes,” Wednesday muttered, hoping to brush aside the topic. It was an area of weakness to have to admit that and she didn't want to relieve that moment.

Enid gave a little squeal. “You're my best friend too! I'm so happy we can be best friends together.”

Wednesday couldn't help the retching noise that came out of her mouth. She sent a stunned Enid a glare. “Do you want me to throw up?”

“” Enid asked in confusion.

“Then we should stop talking about this friend stuff.” Wednesday turned back around and even though Enid was a bit confused a giant smile over took her face. An irrepressible smile that she could not hold back. She would have clapped her hands but when she looked at them her nails were still out. This time it was easier to focus on them and bring them back in.

Wednesday tore herself from her deep contemplation and set the paper aside, purposefully avoiding the page that she'd written on herself and her own behaviors and mannerisms especially noted around Enid.

Since when had Wednesday started walking closer to Enid? Since when had Wednesday sought out the girl in between classes? And since when had Wednesday felt a spark in her chest grow when Enid laughed at something she had said?

Another mystery to crack; one that Wednesday felt she had a partial answer for.

If it was indeed what she suspected it could be, it made her stomach feel like that time she had been locked in the Iron Maiden as a reward for her good grades: full of holes.



Being best friends with Enid turned out to bring a lot more emotions with it. Wednesday didn't understand how such a tiny body could feel so much. Or be this loud.

Wednesday sighed irritably as Enid's attempts at silent crying so Wednesday wouldn't hear her wouldn't be overheard. But the pillow did not muffle her cries. Wednesday would know- pillows could only muffle so much noise. It was why it was best to gag the person beforehand.

Wednesday stood up from her typewriter and approached Enid's side of the room.

“Are you alright?” she asked, monotone to hide her uncertainty. She felt odd asking such a thing. Enid sprang up as if she had been waiting for Wednesday to come to her.

“No,” she wailed, wiping at her eyes with the back of her hands. “My mother's been a right twat to me.”

“Do you want me to speak with her?” Wednesday asked and Enid shook her head.

“No!” she said horrified. “Put away the knife!”

Wednesday slipped it behind her shirt. “I wasn't going to hurt with it. It's made of silver- that would merely frighten her and get her to listen to me.”

“That's....sweet of you?” Enid offered, partially touched by the gesture. “It's fine. It's nothing new.”

“Alright,” Wednesday said and spun on her heel to leave. She'd done her appointed duty of best friend by helping Enid feel better.


Wednesday paused, then slowly turned around. Enid was looking shyly at her.

“Can I get a hug?” Enid asked, voice choked with tears she was trying hard not to shed.

Wednesday had never initiated the hug, only taken it. But Enid really looked like she needed one. Would Wednesday even know how to effectively hug?

Tentatively, and feeling out of her element, Wednesday stepped forward, with her arms wide. Enid immediately launched herself at Wednesday with enough force to make Wednesday take a step back. She clung into Wednesday, nuzzling her face into Wednesday shoulder. Wednesday let her arms slowly wrap around Enid's lower back. Due to Enid's constricting hold on Wednesday's arms, she could not lift her own higher up.

They stood like that for a while, Enid's sniffles slowing down.

“Enid, are you done?” Wednesday asked, making a conscious effort to not sound rude as she knew this would most undoubtedly be taken the wrong way. “I'm itching to stop this hug.”

“Right, sorry,” Enid said, reluctantly pulling away and wiping the corner of her eye with the back of her hand. “That hug was probably too long and it was wet and I was being mushy and I know I said we'd only hug if it was life or death-”

“It's not that,” Wednesday cut in and Enid took a step back to properly look at her. Wednesday had a rash spreading up her neck and one covering the front and back of her hands. “I am literally itching. I was in contact with your colorful sweater for too long.”

Enid gasped in panic. “I forgot- your allergies to color.” Without thinking she grabbed Wednesday's hands to examine them. “We have to get you help. What's going to happen-?” Enid fretted. She had unwillingly hurt her roommate.

Wednesday looked down at their conjoined hands. An odd sensation, but not one on her forefront now. She hadn't had an allergic reaction since she was five. Last she could recall they involved- “a rash, itching, swelling of the joints and in some instances, passing out.”

As soon as she said that, she could feel her blood pressure dropping. It had been too much color for too long after so many years of no contact.

She could hear Enid's worried cry but she could not answer her, as her head hit the floor.



Wednesday woke up to find it dark outside. The inside of the room was dark as well but through the sparse moonlight coming in through the window Wednesday could figure out where she was. She could hear soft sniffling coming from her bedside and saw Enid sitting in a chair by the infirmary bed Wednesday was in.

“Why are you crying?” Wednesday asked, her voice a bit gravelly. She ached all over and her skin vaguely still itched. “I thought the hug was meant to get rid of all that.”

“Wednesday!” Enid exclaimed and jumped out of her seat. She made to touch out to her but held herself back. “I'm so sorry about what happened. I never meant to hurt you.”

“Your attempt at my life was a passable one, albeit not one that was going to succeed. I wasn't going to die to colors. That would be something I could never live down.”

Enid did an uncertain bounce and cleared her throat though her voice still sounded thick with tears. “I'm so glad you're better. How do you feel?”

Wednesday sat up, briskly attempting to go back to business. “I'm fine.” She moved to leave the bed but Enid held out her hands in a stop motion.

“You should stay the night. For your sake.”

“This bed is too comfortable,” Wednesday said. “I cannot spend anymore time sleeping on it.”

“Right...” Enid said and moved aside as Wednesday stood up. Wednesday's eyes narrowed. Was Enid avoiding her? Afraid to get close to her again?

Wednesday rushed out of the infirmary, wanting to return back to her room. She had homework to finish before the deadline tomorrow and this little event had set her back a few hours.

Enid trailed after her as Wednesday speed walked up the stairs to their room.

“Are you sure you don't want to stay with a nurse for a bit longer? Are you sure you feel fine? What if you faint again?”

“That was a moment of weakness. It simply caught me off guard- it won't happen again,” Wednesday assured, opening the door to her room.

“Wednes-” Enid continued and Wednesday had had enough. She whirled around on Enid, a rejoinder on her tongue that she ended up not going through when she saw the black and white striped sweater and black legging combo Enid was wearing.

“Are you wearing black and white?” Wednesday asked in shock, raking her eyes up and down Enid's form. Then she turned them to the room, which was devoid of any hint of color on Enid's side. “What happened?”

Sheepishly, Enid spoke. “I hurt you. I don't want to hurt you again.”

Wednesday turned incredulous eyes to Enid. “It's alright Enid. I give you permission to torment me.” Once Wednesday had said those words, she could not take them back. Enid had grown on her. They were best friends. Maybe even more....?

Enid arched a brow, not sure how to take this information. She knew that those words meant something to Wednesday. She wasn't sure what exactly. Wednesday said many morbid or odd things. “Wednesday-”

“I can see you already torment yourself with me,” Wednesday added. This paused Enid in her tracks. Wednesday stared at her, before taking a step forward. Enid instinctively took a step back.

“What do you mean?” she asked, trying to offer up a normal looking smile.

“Your claws,” Wednesday stated, her look unrelenting. “The way you snapped at Xavier, displaying wolf like tendencies when you have not yet wolfed out.” She took another step closer, and closer until Enid was forced put her back to the window.

Enid began to feel a blush crawl it's way up her neck.

“What are you talking about?” she chuckled uncomfortably.

Wednesday grabbed one of Enid's warm hands, holding in within the grasp of her own cold one. “I admit, the signs eluded me. I am not one for understanding the subtleties of emotional nuance. But I began tracking the appearance of your claws when I first saw them, wanting to aide you in your wolfing out because I knew it meant so much to you.”

The blush crept up to Enid's ears now. “Oh.” Wednesday had cared about that? She had been trying to help?

“I thought establishing a pattern might work in deciphering how the changes to your claws occurred so that we could encourage those changes to blossom into something else, but then I noticed something most irregular. Your claws seemed to pop up in perpetuity whenever around me. I asked others, of course, for their observations but they only correlated with my own observations. Enid Sinclair, I ask you, what is is about me that makes your claws emerge? Do I vex you so?” Wednesday asked, leaning in way too close for Enid's heart health. The red organ was beating viciously in her chest and she tried hard to ignore how close Wednesday's nose was to her own, tried to ignore how smooth her hand was, tried to ignore the scent of paper and bergamot around her.

“I do admit, the idea of me vexing you to such a point that it calls out your base animal nature despite your human facade at social niceties is quite...appealing,” Wednesday admitted. If she could blush she would.

Damn it. Enid's feelings had infected her and now Wednesday was confessing so much. So much she wasn't even certain of. Enid's mouth dropped open at this.

What Wednesday had said couldn't be any clearer. Before Enid could stop herself, stomach swooping with hope, she closed the distance between them and pressed a chaste kiss to Wednesday's lips. It was only a second later that the horror of the situation hit Enid.

She had kissed Wednesday. Without asking her if it was okay-

Enid's mind blanked as to her surprise, Wednesday's mouth moved, pressing back against hers. Soft enough to be mistaken for not moving at all, before Wednesday moved her head back.

Enid clamped a hand to her mouth.

She had kissed Wednesday and Wednesday had kissed her back.

Something bubbled up inside of Enid. Something visceral and animal like. Something she thought she'd never be able to do. It was bursting forth like she was a broken dam.

“Excuse me a moment,” Enid squeaked out as the canines in her mouth extended, her change occurring, She raced out the window to stand on the balcony.

A second later an ear splitting howl tore through the air. Wednesday couldn't help but let the corner of her lip quirk up in an almost smile.