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Baby It’s Cold Outside

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Danny Williams adjusted the collar on his light jacket and hunched his shoulders. If someone had told him that morning that he would be standing in ankle deep snow looking at a spread out map on the trunk of a JEEP, he would call them crazy. Yet here he was.

“I think the best thing to do is enter by the basement doors. That way we can take them by surprise.”

Danny squinted over at his partner of 4 months, Lieutenant Commander Steven J McGarrett , aka Steve aka crazy man aka animal aka Neanderthal. Steve was enjoying this, Danny was sure of it, enjoying the cold and the wind and being on an active volcano for fuck’s sake!!!

“Basement? I wasn’t aware that the Observatory has a basement and if you’re indicating that space there,” Frank Trusdell, currently the head scientist and lone occupant at the facility on Mauna Loa, started to say, “it simply means there is a raised base. The laboratory is raised up.” He tapped his finger on a section of the laboratory schematic.
Steve had managed to poach the copy at the library in Hapuna.
Back where there was tropical weather.
Back where there wasn’t any snow.
Back where Danny was not freezing.

He shivered despite his well intentioned desire not to and of course, Steve saw him. Steve saw everything and seemed to be able to predict Danny’s next move, a habit that irritated Danny no end. They’d only known each other for four months but those months had brought them together like nothing or no one else ever had.

“You cold? Want my coat?” Steve asked.
Danny shot him a look that he hoped would convey something between ‘don’t be ridiculous’ and ‘just stop.’ Steve snorted and turned his attention back towards the map.
“Fine. We’ll just go under here and take him by surprise.”
“Wait wait,” Danny said grabbing Steve’s muscular forearm and feeling the heat radiating on his hand. “We don’t know anything about this guy except he shot 2 guards at the Hapuna Resort! How are you going to get him to come out of there?”

To answer Danny’s question, Steve merely waggled his eyebrows and made sure his utility belt was fastened.
“Come on, Danny!”

Flashback to 8 hours earlier

Danny strolled into H50 HQ holding on to a bag of malasadas . The fresh fried doughy sweets were damn addicting and that morning, when his toaster blew up and he had dropped Grace off at school late, he was in the mood for something yummy. Anything yummy. Anything that was full of empty calories and loaded with sugar and butter.
“Anyone want breakfast?” He announced, holding up the bag. Already grease was collecting on the bottom of the paper sack.
“Those will cause your arteries to clog up faster than you can say lipids,” Steve commented drolly, shaking his head.

“Yeah well nobody asked you for your opinion.” Danny turned, irritated now with Steve acting all high and mighty as if not one bite of junk food ever passed his lips.
“You’ll just be hungry in an hour if you wolf down all of that sugar.”

In response, Danny scurried into his office, dropping the bag into the wastebasket by the door, his appetite gone now. For emphasis, he shut his door. Hard.

Stupid Steve and his stupid health kicks. Ridiculous Steve and his cargo pants. He must have a colour for every day of the week. Danny glowered out the window and frowned. Today was Thursday so Steve was wearing a pair of black cargos and a light green v neck shirt. Ridiculous Neanderthal, Danny fumed.

20 minutes later, just as Danny was up to his elbows in writing an end of week report, Kono tapped on the door. Danny looked up, saw her jerk her head giving the signal that he was to meet in the main room so he stood, escaped the screen he was working in and headed out to see what was happening.

“Two people were wounded in an armed robbery at a resort in Hapuna ,” Steve said. “Here’s what we know.” He looked pointedly at Kono who took control of the big computer in the center of the room. She tossed her medium length dark hair back from her shoulders and concentrated on the keyboard in front of her.

“At approximately 7:30 am this morning, a lone gunmen attacked, shot, and robbed 2 Security Guards who were picking up night deposits as well as delivering money to the First National Bank kitty corner to the Resort. Officials at the bank estimate he netted over 50,000 dollars plus bonds. Once he was done with the crime, he ran to the parking area just off the resort and jumped into a 2020 Hyundai Sedan, as shown here.”

“License number?” Steve asked.
“Even better. A GPS tracker that shows the vehicle driving up to the remote area around Volcano. The city, not the actual mountain.” Kono finished.
“Seeing as how this was a crime of large magnitude, the police have called upon us to go after the guy.” Steve called out over his shoulder as he hurried into his office. “Chin? Do we have an ID on this guy?”

“Yeah, his name is Cam Mulka, a repeat felon who just got out of Halawa seven weeks ago. The rental car gave him away. And Steve? He did time for Assault and Battery, almost beating his victim to death.”
“Sounds like a real charmer,” Danny scoffed.

Danny was not ready for what happened next and the fact that it happened so fast made him even more confused.
But this was what it had been like the past four months since Steve McGarrett had hi jacked him to be his partner.

“Grab a jacket, Danny,” Steve said as he hustled out of his office where he’d been talking on the phone. “We have a date with a Sikorsky S76.”
“A what now?” Danny asked as he pulled off his coat from the hook where he’d hung it days ago. Thinking it would be cool at some point in Oahu, since you know, it was December, Danny thought he’d need it. Instead, it had gone unworn, forlornly hanging on the hook for days.
So why did he need it now?

“Steve? Mind if you tell me where we’re going?” Danny asked as Steve gave some sort of hand signal to Chin who yelled “got it!” As they pushed through the outer doors to the office.
“We are going up the volcano, Danny,” Steve said nonchalantly.

“A volcano? You realize those things are dangerous right? Oh right you DO know,” Danny continued prattling on even as they reached his Camaro. Of course, somehow, Steve had procured Danny’s keys.
It was either magic or Witchery, Danny just wasn’t sure. “You know and you will be getting intense pleasure following a crazy felon up the side of a mountain. And not just any mountain!” Danny continued, buckling his seat belt.

“Danny, the mountain has not erupted since 1984, thus making it,” Steve paused for dramatic effect, “inactive. Come on! We have a date with a helicopter!” Steve grinned.
“Which makes you incredibly happy.” Danny glanced over at his good looking partner. “I can tell by the way you look that this is not going to be something I like.”

“Why are you always like that, Danny?” Steve muttered as he kept his eyes on the busy thoroughfare. “Let’s just be happy. Why can’t you be happy?”
“I’ll tell you why I cannot be happy,” Danny began.

“Uh oh does this have something to do with those malasadas? Something happen with your ex?” Steve guessed which made Danny bristle. How did Steve even know about things like that? It was as if Steve was in his head.

“Yes ok I confess a little bit,” Danny sighed, staring out the window. He leaned his head against the cool glass and closed his eyes. “Last night, Rachel called me at the last minute to tell me that she and Stan were going to a black tie event at the Hyatt and the babysitter for Gracie fell through. So they brought her over and of course she’s all sugared up and hyper.” Danny exhaled and ran a hand through his hair, brushing it straight back like he wore it.

“Let me guess? You could not get her to sleep. Am I right?” Steve glanced towards Danny.
“Just… will you watch the road?” Danny remarked. He was hungry and starting to get a throbbing headache.
“I’m watching the road and getting older by the second if you don’t finish your story.”

“Ok.” Danny fidgeted around in his seat so he was facing Steve. “Story time did not work. A tv cartoon did not work. Cereal and milk did not work. By 2 am, I was very frustrated while she was close to tears.” Danny paused, remembering the events of the morning. “I finally got my guitar and sang to her which, shockingly, put her to sleep. And this morning, we were late because she was grumpy and my toaster burned up.”

When Steve did not respond, as he was just looking straight ahead, Danny frowned. “Hello? I just told you what happened? What, no smart assed remarks or I told you so? No Steve McGarrett tried and true remedies for child insomnia?”

“Actually, Danny, I never knew you played guitar, let alone sang while you played one,” Steve answered.
“That’s what you got out of all this?” Danny remarked impatiently. “Way to focus on the narrative!”
“Ok ok I’m just… I’m just saying…” Steve shrugged.

Danny wasn’t sure what to say or do now. Steve was still an enigma to him even after four months in, seeing him daily, saving each other’s skins, sussing out each other’s likes and dislikes and drinking beer out on the beach. Danny even had a designated chair he thought of as his, and when the rest of the team was over for picnics and barbecues, they all left it open as if Steve had a ‘Do Not Sit’ sign on it.

“So I was late and just…. So where are we going? Oh.” Danny hung on to the armrest as Steve wheeled the sporty Camaro into the yard of NAVFAC military base by Pearl Harbor. “Wait what’s this?” Danny asked.
“We have a chopper reserved. Come on! Let’s find this guy and be home for dinner. Hey, I’ll even buy! What about the Rainbow? Huh? Sound good?” Steve got out of the car, his long lean body effortlessly unfolding from the seat.

Not that Danny noticed.
Not at all.
“Ok let me guess…. You have connections here which is how,” Danny continued as he scuttled next to Steve, “you got that helicopter, the uh Starsky 76 or whatever.”
“Sikorsky S76,” Steve corrected. He saluted a serviceman who asked for their names. “Lt Commander Steve McGarrett and my partner Detective Danny Williams, 50.”

Danny had to admit that the very mention of the Hawaii 50 task force opened doors, just like it did now. Or maybe it was Steve’s links to military. Danny was not sure but he had no choice to follow along towards a waiting sleek chopper with tinted cab.

“Wow! This is the top of the line, huh Babe?” Danny said as he ducked down and climbed into the front seat. As he presumed, Steve was piloting the damn thing which was no surprise. Steve could presumably drive anything with a motor and gearshift.

Steve pantomimed for Danny to put on the headset, which he did as soon as he buckled himself in. He watched as Steve went through the preliminaries, establishing contact with ground control and doing a final check on the instrument panel at his fingertips. Danny had no idea of the myriad of bells and whistles and was content to let Steve fly the damn thing.

Liftoff was smooth and problem free and as Steve turned towards Mauna Loa, the fact that Danny hadn’t eaten hit him hard.

“What’s the matter?” Steve asked. He glanced at Danny and his expression was a mix of concern and puzzlement.
“Nothin’” Danny waved his hand dismissively.
“You don’t look so good,” Steve continued.
“Just fly this damn thing,” Danny grumbled. He hoped to make it to terra firma before he needed to hurl but he wasn’t so sure he could make it.

“Pants pocket. Second one down.” Steve said as he flipped a switch on the panel. The chopper jerked sideways and accelerated.

That was enough for Danny. He gagged and swallowed twice as he tried not to hurl, though he hadn’t even drank any water so he knew there was nothing productive.

“Come on Danny! Get the thing! The thing out of my pants!” Steve goaded impatiently.
“Ok wait a second,” Danny said. He scrunched closer to Steve and reached over towards the cargo pants, pants that had no earthly reason to look so good on a human being! Fumbling a bit, and didn’t his fingers brush against that lean muscle in Steve’s leg, Danny extracted a protein bar from the depths of the cloth pocket.

“Eat that! It will definitely make you feel better!” Steve directed.
“How long you been carrying this thing in that pocket?” Danny asked, turning the bar over and over in his hands. It was a chocolate caramel bar that promised 26 grams of protein and some other oxidants!
“Danny I’m not gonna poison you! Just eat it for fuck’s sake!!!” Steve said impatiently. “You’re sick because you have nothing in your stomach!”

Danny nodded. He wanted to argue but his stomach was definitely needing something so he took a bite and started to chew.

“It’s good huh?” Steve asked with a smile.
“It’s not bad actually,” Danny admitted. He sat back and ate the whole thing feeling decidedly better.

They didn’t converse much during the trip as Steve was concentrating on their route (and damn, this helicopter really moved!) while Danny was surprisingly sleepy. He was not in the habit of falling asleep in the air but his eyes wanted to close by themselves.

As Danny leaned back in his seat, he felt Steve also pushing him back, one hand on Danny’s chest. Danny was too tired to argue. He fell asleep immediately.

An hour later, they were interviewing the witnesses of the armored car robbery, with all clues pointing to the fact that Cam Mulka was their suspect and he had indeed fled in the Sedan that they tracked.
“Let’s go, Danny! Gonna hit the rental JEEP and drive up to the only place he could possibly go and that’s the observatory.”

Which is how they found themselves in the midst of a manhunt, making plans to crawl under the small building and do God only knows what because Steve had a plan.

He had a fucking plan.

“Ok let’s go!” Danny said, adjusting his TAC vest.

The observatory, built to monitor all seismic activity on the mountain so as to warn the villages below of any impending explosions, was a small building, more like a shed. It sat on stilts with a generous amount of room underneath the structure to prevent snow and ice buildup on the in and outgoing wires and cords. The Sedan was parked halfway up the drive, stuck in the snow, it’s nose pointing towards the drifts at the side of the road.

Danny shivered again as they made their way up to the crawl space. With the interior map provided by the lone occupant of the observatory (he was thankfully absent when Mulka broke in, having gone on an ATV to gather soil samples), Steve had a good idea where the man would be hunkering down.

Steve led As Danny followed; it was the routine now and Danny wondered briefly why Steve considered him some kind of shrinking violet. Both of them were on their hands and knees in the frozen ground under the shed.
Steve stopped and listened, the footsteps right above them now. He motioned for Danny to stay there as he swung up from the crawl space, kicked open the door and threw in a blast grenade, the smoke and sound startling even Danny.

Mulka stumbled out, his arm in front of his mouth trying to muffle his coughing, eyes already red and irritated. He held a gun in his other hand but by now, Danny was beside Steve and they both pushed Mulka down. Danny kicked the gun well out of reach and kneeled on the stocky man, knee against the man’s back.

“Book em Danno,” Steve said affably.
Danny sighed and handcuffed Mulka’s wrists and stood, brushing his hair back away from his eyes.
“Why do you do that? It looks good all messy.”

Danny had to silently repeat what Steve said and as he looked up at his partner, the realization dawned that this man, this impossibly messy, bossy, cocky, handsome man was flirting with him.
“I like it back off my face,” Danny said gruffly, trying to tell himself his heart was beating a little harder and faster because it was working in the cold.

They heard the sirens as they stood beside a grumbling Mulka who was bitching about the snow. Taking pity on the criminal, Steve and Danny helped him stand and waited as the Island Police came to take him away.

The helicopter was not available for them to fly home.
Steve chalked it up to the busy time of year. They’d received news that the Sikorsky S76 would be back for them at 01100 hours the next day which left them two choices— stay at the resort or go back on the train and plane system that would take approximately 4 hours.

“Let’s just get a room. Fuck it,” Steve muttered. He paused and sighed. “Uh Danny did you bring your uh wallet? I left mine at the office.”

“Oh that’s… just normal isn’t it? I woulda had to pay for the train tickets too Huh?” Danny whipped out his wallet and stomped over to the registration. He was aware that he was sweating and shivering at the same time and the TAC vest was heavy against his body.

Once he registered them and received a key to their room, he butted past Steve and started to walk towards the elevator bay.
“Danny? Did you have any trouble? You know we can put in a request for you to get the money back for the room.” Steve sucked up to the smaller man as they waited for the elevator doors to open.

“Good thing one of us is prepared, right? We coulda been sleeping in the JEEP if I had not had the sense and intelligence to bring my wallet.” His words were punctuated by the elevator door opening and the bell ringing once. “Come on. We’re on the sixth floor.”

Their room was beautiful, all light wood with pastel colour accents and a huge king sized bed taking up most of the space. There was a balcony with a table and two chairs and a couple of towel animals on the bed.
“Just your regular run of the mill resort room,” Steve said.
“If you’d like to go sleep in the JEEP, be my guest,” Danny scuffed.
“We should get room service! I don’t think either of us is prepared to go into the dining room and for fuck’s sake, Danny, get rid of this tie!”

Steve aggressively undid the knot on Danny’s tie and pulled it out from underneath Danny’s collar.
“Next is this thing. Off with the vest,” Steve muttered.
“Are you undressing me right now? Really?” Danny asked but he was willing to go along with wherever Steve was leading him.

They were not home.
They were alone in a nice resort.
They only had each other.

“I better call Rachel and tell her I won’t be home tonight,” Danny said as he pulled out his phone from his pocket.
“Yeah you do that. I’m studying the menu.” Steve lay on the bed and held the menu book up, open, on his stomach. “Oh hey they have loco moco for two! Includes salad and desserts.”

“You don’t get to choose for me, Steve,” Danny said. He shivered and looked at the shower. “I’m gonna take a hot shower and slip into one of those warm robes.”
“Oh hey good idea! Should I order then—?”

Danny shut the bathroom door and leaned against it. This day felt hours, no, decades long. He needed to get the mud and snow off himself so why not a hot shower?

He walked out of the bathroom, naked except for the long fluffy white robe he put on after a long hot luxurious shower. The soaps and shampoos in the expansive cavernous tiled and stone shower enclosure were wonderful; his skin felt phenomenal.

Steve had ordered room service. Why didn’t Danny think he would not do just that?

“Danny! I got chicken wonton wrappers for an app, tequila lime chicken and rice and a side of fries not to mention beers.” Steve beamed as he waved a hand in the general direction of the cart sitting beside the table near the windows.

“Do me a favour, Babe?” Danny remarked as he sat on the edge of the bed.
“Yeah of course what is it?” Steve asked.
“Get a shower. Scrub thoroughly. Do your undies and socks in the sink and rinse after using. Go.” Danny pointed towards the bathroom.
“Ok ok but do you like my selection?”

Danny, who could have eaten a horse, saddle and all, looked towards the food. He was not about to praise his partner for doing what he’d asked him not to but he was actually too tired to care.
“It’s fine.”

That seemed to energize Steve. Like a big puppy, he headed into the shower as Danny lay back on the bed. He was still cold, despite the shower. Just when had his blood turned so thin that a romp at the side of a snow capped volcano could possibly affect him?

He woke up as Steve was coming out in an agreeable fragrance cloud and a puff of steam.
“That was great!”
“Yeah yeah it was,” Danny mumbled with a wave of his hand.
“You were sleeping!” Steve smirked.
“No I was not I was just…” Danny looked up to see the way Steve was looking at him. It was warm and gentle and caring and brought a lump to Danny’s throat. “Let’s eat,” he said roughly.

The food was tasty and surprisingly plentiful. Danny nursed his Longneck as he leaned back in his chair. And shivered.
“Are you still cold?” Steve asked, sharp eyes missing nothing.
“No I’m fine.” Danny took another swig of his beer. If he drank enough, he’d feel warmer, he thought, and incredibly he was feeling the buzz.
“Higher alcohol content,” Steve explained as if reading Danny’s mind.

Get out of my head, Danny thought!
“Then I’m only having one,” Danny says regrettably. I mean, the beer tasted good!
“Lightweight,” Steve scoffed.

“What is it with you? Does everything have to be your way or nothing? It must be tiring to be that competitive and bossy,” Danny said sharply. He didn’t really mean it. He was tired and still cold and this man, this gorgeous crazy cool selfless man was directing every aspect of his life right now.
As usual.

Steve looked hurt.

“Steve, I didn’t mean it. I’m just,… I’m just tired. And cold.” Danny sighed. He drank the rest of his first bottle and opened another.

“You still cold?” Steve asked.
“Yeah maybe I dunno,” Danny shrugged. They were back on even ground, the ebb and flow swirling around their conversations.

Steve was silent and then started to sing, in a surprisingly good way. “I really can’t stay….”
“What?” Danny asked, confused.
“That song you know that song about being cold outside!” Steve urged.
“You goof it’s three weeks til Christmas. It’s not happening now!”

“Come on, Danny, indulge me. Sing the first line and I’ll do the second.”
“Steven, we are not in Show Choir.”
“Were you?” Steve asked.
“Was I what?” Danny asked. The second beer was going down just like the first.
“In Show Choir?”
“Yeah yeah I was and if you laugh I’ll bust your jaw!” Danny grumbled.

“So sing it,” Steve said.

Danny set his beer down with a thud on the table.
“Ok ok… here goes….” He took a deep breath. “ I really can’t stay.”

“Baby it’s cold outside,” Steve sang.
“I gotta go away,” Danny continued.
“Baby it’s cold outside.”
“This evening has been…” Danny giggled but sang it in tune.
“Been hoping that you’d drop in,” Steve sang.
“So very nice.”
“I’ll hold your hands they’re cold as ice.”

“My mother will start to worry,” Danny sang as he came around the table to stand in front of Steve.
“Beautiful what’s your hurry?” Steve stood now too and placed his hands around Danny’s waist.
“My father will be pacing the floor,” Danny gazed up at Steve’s face. Those dark blue eyes were laser focused on Danny.
“Listen to the fireplace roar,” Steve countered.

“So really I’d better scurry.”
“Beautiful please don’t hurry,” Steve sang.
“Well maybe just a half a drink more,” Danny reached for the second bottle and finished it.
“I’ll put some records on while I pour.” Steve pulled Danny tightly against himself.

“I really can’t stay,” Danny sang in a low voice.
“Baby don’t hold out. Baby it’s cold outside.”

There was that magic moment between them, as if all of the Hallmark endings swirled around and enveloped them. Danny closed his eyes as Steve bent and at the first touch of Steve’s lips on his, Danny moaned just a little.

It was enough to spur Steve on. He took the beer bottle out of Danny’s hand, placed it back on the table and picked Danny up in a bridal carry. Over to the bed they went, with Steve carefully placing Danny on the bed then laying directly on Danny urging Danny’s legs to open as they kissed, open mouth to open mouth.

The rush hit Danny like a freight train. He pushed up against Steve, their erect cocks meeting somewhere in the middle and the very feel of that hot swollen large pole made Danny groan deep in his throat. He’d never wanted anything more than he did now.

They kissed exchanging saliva and swallowing each others’ noises. There wasn’t anything but the two of them on a bed. Danny reached between them and just swiped a finger along Steve’s wet tip. Steve responded by forcing the kids deeper, their mouths stretched out as their tongues danced together.

Thrusting in earnest now, Danny wrapped his legs around Steve’s thighs and clung to the taller man’s back as his orgasm carried him down the steps of madness. It was all inclusive; his whole body reacted. Steve was coming as well, the big spurts of his orgasm coating Danny’s middle and groin.

Panting, Steve collapsed on top of Danny, kissing his shoulder and chest and anywhere he could reach. Danny stroked Steve’s short hair, coaxing the ends into little waves, loving the softness of the strands between his fingers.

“I’d best get off you,” Steve said as he rolled off and lay beside Danny. He was still touching and kissing, almost reverently.

Danny was suddenly overwhelmed with feelings he had not felt in quite some time. It was different with Steve than with Rachel or any of his other female partners. Steve was big, sexy, long, dangerous, unknown, and such a turn on. Danny could embrace the side of himself he’d kept hidden for some time.
“You’ve really been grand,” Danny whispered.
“I feel when I touch your hand,” Steve sang.

“But don’t you see? How can you do this thing to me?” Danny sang.
“Baby it’s cold, baby it’s cold out there.” Steve finished. “Stay with me and I’ll keep you warm.”

“I know you will, Steve. I know you will.”