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I'll always be there when you need me

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Gojo hummed as he walked, he was currently on his way to go pick the kids up from school. To be honest picking them up was something he really enjoyed doing, he loved taking thier bags as tsumiki and yuta would tell him about thier day while megumi would ignore him

He reaches the school gate and patiently waited outside for them to come out of the school, after a bit tsumiki and yuta show up with megumi walking behind them gojo noticed that megumi looked gloomier than usual

"Hi gojo" tsumiki greets as she breaks into a run towards him, yuta and megumi following behind

"Hi miki how was school" gojo asks as he takes her book bag from her"

"It was fun,we read a really interesting book in class today, right yuta" tsumiki asks

"Y...yes it was about a hunter who befriended a fox" yuta says

"That's great what about you megumi" gojo asks, megumi scowls and walks past ahead of them

Now that was strange, normally megumi would say something like 'its none of your business' then walk and occasionally make conversation with yuta and tsumiki but now he was ignoring them

"Megumi gojo asked you a question dont be rude" tsumiki scolds but megumi ignored her which was also strange, tsumiki frowns

"Its ok miki don't worry about it, gojo says before taking yuta's hand. As the four kids walk gojo notices the aura around megumi something was definitely off with him


"Gojo do you want to help with dinner" tsumiki asks tying an apron around her waist

"Sure" gojo says, he was expecting an insult about his cooking abilities from megumi but nothing

"Strange" gojo says

"Whats strange" yuta asks, he was currently on the floor of the living room doing his homework

"Yuta do you know where megumi is" gojo asks

"He's in our room" yuta replies

"Ok, tsumiki I'll be back soon, you get started on dinner i wanna talk to megumi" gojo says

"Ok, but don't be your goofy self megumi seems to be in a bad mood" tsumiki says

"Its true try not to make him mad" yuta says and gojo is offended, he wasn't that annoying


"Gumi" gojo says as he enters megumi and yuta's room, he doesn't see megumi

"He must have gone to the bathroom" gojo thinks, he sits on megumi's bed waiting for the boy to come back, he notices an envelope peeking out of megumi's book bag and he collects it to read

It was an invitation to megumi's class parent day, it says to bring a parent to class on Friday, why didn't megumi tell him?, was that why he was upset?

"What are you doing here" megumi says standing at the door, he sees the letter in gojo's hand and quickly tries to snatch it but gojo raises it up

"Megumi why didn't you tell me" gojo asks

"Its non of your business" megumi says attempting to snatch the letter but gojo keeps it out of reach

"It says to give it to your guardian that's me" gojo says

"Your not my dad, besides it's not like you'd come" megumi mumurs but gojo hears

"Offcourse I'd come" gojo says, megumi stares at him in shock

"You would" megumi asks

"Yes" gojo replies handing the letter to megumi

"Why tho it's not your business" megumi says

"Because i care about you megumi, you tsumiki and yuta are important to me I'd do anything for you" gojo says,

"Megumi do you want me to come, if you don't i wont" gojo says and megumi turns away from him looking embarrassed

"Yes I'd like it if you came" megumi mumurs pink dusting his cheeks


"Great I'll see you Friday" gojo says

"You better not embarrass me" megumi warns


"Look at fushiguro all alone"

"Were are his parents"

"Looks like there not here"

"Does he even have parents, I've never seen them"

"Thats sad"

"I kind of feel bad for him"

Megumi felt tears well up in his eyes, he hated crying but thier words hurt him it looks like gojo isn't going to show after all. At that very moment gojo enters megumi's class with a huge smile on his face

"Oh megumi chan, i came" gojo says approaching megumi, the seven year old wipes his tears, he came he actually came

"I thought you were gonna be a no show" megumi says

"I promised I'd come, i never break my promises" gojo says

"Now im gonna go introduce myself to your classmates" gojo says, before he walks off megumi grabs unto his shirt

"What is it megumi" gojo asks

"Thank you for coming" megumi says

"Anytime megumi, I'll always be here if you need me" gojo replies ruffling megumi's hair and the boy lets him for once


"How was school, anything enventful happen" gojo asks yuta and megumi as he takes thier bags from them

"No" megumi answers

"He's right, it was boring" yuta says

"Ok, where's miki" gojo asks looking around for the little girl

"She said she was talking to her friend" megumi says

"Lets go check on her" gojo says tugging the boys to follow him

"Tsu you should come to my sleep over tomorrow" a little girl says excitedly to tsumiki

"I'd love to, but i can't sorry" tsumiki answers and the girl face drops

"Oh ok, I'll see you tomorrow at school then" the girl says before running of

"Miki why did you reject the sleepover invitation" gojo asks, he yuta and megumi approaching her

"Oh it's nothing i just don't want to go" tsumiki says before walking ahead of gojo "come on you said you'd take us out to eat" tsumiki says


Later that evening gojo realized that tsumiki had been lying about the sleepover thing. The four had been watching a movie and they had been a scene where one of the main characters were at a sleepover, tsumiki had wached the scene with sparkles and longing in her eyes, it was obvious she had wanted to go so why did she say no

Tsumiki was all ready for bed when she hears a knock on the door, she goes to answer it

"Hi miki, mind if i come in" gojo asks

"Sure" tsumiki says stepping aside to allow gojo to pass

"Do you need something gojo" tsumiki asks

"Yes, miki why did you say you didn't want to go to the sleepover" gojo asks

"Because i didn't feel like it" tsumiki replies not making eye contact with gojo and that's how he knows she's lying

"Miki your a horrible liar" gojo says and tsumiki flushes with embarrassment

"Im scared to go" tsumiki responds looking away from gojo

"Why, are the girls mean" gojo asks

"No I've never slept far away from home before, i dont wanna be away from you, megumi and yuta" tsumiki says

"Aww miki i know it can be scary to be away from your family but you'll be ok" gojo says

"I don't know" tsumiki says looking unsure

"I guarantee you it'll be fine, besides i know you really want to go" gojo says

"I do" she says contemplating for a minute, "ok I'll go" she says

"Outa girl tsumiki i know you'll enjoy yourself" gojo says high fiving tsumiki


It was Friday night, tsumiki had gone to her sleepover and yuta and megumi had gone to bed, gojo was in the living room when his phone rang, it was tsumiki

"Hi miki how's your sleepover going" gojo says through the phone wondering why tsumiki was calling him so late at night

"Sorry to bother you at night gojo" tsumiki says

"Na it's ok i wasn't asleep anyway" gojo says

"Oh" she says

"So why are you calling miki" gojo asks

"I can't sleep, it's not the same here" she says sounding upset

"Aww im sorry miki, is there anything i can do to make it better for you" gojo asks

"Can you talk with me until i fall asleep" tsumiki bashfully asks, gojo chuckles

"Off course" gojo responds

And he does talk with her, telling her jokes and making her laugh to help her forget her anxiousness

"I think i can get some sleep now" tsumiki says yawning

"Im glad" gojo says

"Thank you for keeping me company gojo" tsumiki says before yawning again

"No problem miki I'm always here if you need help, now get some rest"

"Ok night gojo" tsumiki says

"Night tsumiki" gojo responds


Yuta hid under the blankets of his bed trying to ignore the darkness, there was currently a black out all around the neighborhood and everything was dark especially since it was not night. Yuta was terrified of the dark, he was alone too since megumi had gone on a two day field trip and tsumiki was at her friend's house, he's startled by a sound and shoots up from his bed but turns out it was just the rustling of the wind coming from outside

"I need to come down, it's just sounds, the dark's not scary" yuta thinks moving under the covers and trying to go to sleep, he hears another sound coming from the window, he looks towards the window and sees a shadow but after looking closer he saw it was a tree and the branch was tapping the window

"The dark is scary" yuta says, he stands up and walks towards the door and locks it from the outside after exiting

Yuta heads towards gojo's room, he hoped he was awake, he stops at gojo's room and knocks nobody answers

Yuta pushes the door open and sees no one, he frowns

"Maybe he's in the living room" yuta thinks before exiting gojo's room

He walks into the living room which was lit with a dim flashlight, gojo was standing up phone in hand on a phonecall with someone

"Yes i feed them, yes actual food what do you take me for, only yuta's home he's asleep I think, yes he's home jeez utahime i knew you were old but your really acting like a mom, wait if your the mom that means im the dad which means were married, yeah yeah respect your elders, utahime, utahime

"I can't believe she hang up rude" gojo says grinning as he put the phone down, he turns around and finally notices yuta who's been patiently waiting for him to finish his phonecal

"Yuta i thought you were asleep" gojo says suprised by the boy's presence

"Was that utahime, what did she say" yuta asks, he had grown fond of utahime since the convenience store incident

"She was just being a nag and asking about you kids" gojo answers

"That's nice of her" yuta says

"I guess, anyway why aren't you asleep nightmares" gojo asks and yuta shakes his head

"Then what" gojo asks sitting down and gesturing for yuta to take a sit too

" afraid of the dark, its scary and makes it hard to sleep" yuta replies looking embarrassed

"Aww don't be embarrassed, its ok" gojo says patting yuta on the head, he stands up and walks to the kitchen a few minutes later he comes back with
Two cups of warm milk handing one cup to yuta


Gojo notices the little boy was shifting closer to him and flinching at every little sound

"He really is scared, how do i cheer him up" gojo thinks

"I know I'll show him the dark's not scary

Gojo stands up and grabs the torch and points it towards the wall, yuta looks at him in confusion

"What are you doing gojo" yuta asks

"Just look yuta" gojo says, yuta looks at the wall and sees a dinosaur

"Cool" yuta says, gojo was an expert at hand puppets he knew the skill would come in handy one day

He uses his other hand to make a person, he turns the hand making a dinosaur into a horse and puts the person on it

"Wow easy girl, let's go riding" gojo says using a cartoonish voice, yuta giggles as he watches the puppet show with excitement

"Your silly gojo" yuta says luaghing, his laughter was music to gojo ears since yuta didn't luagh much he's happy he made it happy

"He makes two humans with his hand and brings them together

"I love you dear, i love you too honey, lets get married" and they lived happily ever after the end

"Aww, it's over" yuta says, gojo ruffles his hair before standing up he heads to the drawer and rummages through it, yuta looks at him in curiousity

Gojo comes back with a bunch of stickers

"Yuta do you know what these are" gojo asks

"Stickers" yuta answers

"Glow in the dark stickers" gojo says before turning the torch off

"What are you doing gojo" yuta asks panic in the voice

Gojo levitates up to the ceiling placing all the stickers on the roof before coming down

"Yuta look up" gojo asks, yuta looks up and is in awe, he sees the stickers aligned on the roof all glowing different colors

"Wow, there so beautiful" yuta says

"See, yuta the dark's not so bad, if it was bright we wouldn't have been able to do this or the shadow show" gojo says attempting to show yuta there were perks to the dark too

"Your right, i guess it's not so scary" yuta says

And after that the fox went back home, Happy to live another day" gojo says, he was under the covers with yuta reading a story to help him fall asleep

"Im sleepy" yuta says rubbing his eyes, gojo stands up and tucks him in

"Good night yuta" gojo says

"Good night gojo, thank you for cheering me up" yuta says before yawning

"Anytime yuta I'll always be there if you need me" gojo says before leaving the room


Today was a bad day, and gojo was not happy, it was the anniversary of the day he lost his best friend, the anniversary of the day getou had left jujutsu tech and became an enemy of jujutsu society, getou was his one and only best friend he was like a brother to him so this day will always haunt him and especially have him feeling like he could have done something to prevent it

He lies in his bed staring at his ceiling, he didn't feel like standing up but he needed to get the kids ready for school (despite knowing they were capable of doing it by themselves) he gets up and leaves the room and goes downstairs, the kids were eating cereal tsumiki had pured for them

"Gojo your awake i was getting worried" tsumiki says the minute she spots him

"Hi miki" gojo says missing his usual enthusiasm

"What's wrong gojo" yuta asks looking worried

"Yeah, your not behaving like your usual irritating self" megumi says even though his face betrayed hints of worry

"Im okay guys, Don't worry about me just eat so we can get you to school" gojo answers brushing them off, he didn't want to bother them with something they probably would understand considering how young they were

"Ok" tsumiki responds with a frown on her face

"Hey kids can you guys take the bus home today, I'll be too busy to pick you up" gojo says

"Is it a mission" megumi asks

"Kinda"gojo responds

"Are you sure your ok gojo" yuta asks

"Im okay kids, i just need sometime to clear my head" gojo says


After school, the school bus drops the three back at the house, tsumiki uses the spare keys to open the door

"Remember to take off your shoes before you come in" tsumiki says

"Okay" yuta says

"We know there's no need to remind us all the time" megumi grumbles as he takes off his shoes

"I wonder if gojo is home" yuta says, tsumiki sees a note on the table saying 'i went out theres food in the fridge I'll be back later tonight'

"Its lacking it's usual smiley face" tsumiki says

"Something is off with gojo i know it" megumi says

"Yeah he seemed upset this morning" yuta says frowning

"If gojo is upset we should cheer him up" tsumiki says

"We don't even know why he's upset how do we cheer him up if we don't Know the problem" megumi says

"Even we don't know, we still need to make him feel better" tsumiki says

"Yeah gojo is always there for us we should do the same for him" yuta says

"I guess your right" megumi says, as annoying as gojo was he was always there when they needed him, sometimes even before they asked


Gojo walked to the house feeling empty, he had gone around killing as much curses as he could but it didn't help him feel better infact the curses reminded him of getou's cursed spirit manipulation

"I'll just take a bath and go to bed" he thinks as he opens the door and is immediately greeted with the smell of delicious food

"Gojo your back" yuta greets him as he and megumi walk up to him

"Hi guys what's cooking" gojo asks

"Tsumiki is making dinner for you, come sit" yuta says, he and megumi pulling gojo to sit on the chair

Tsumiki appears holding a plate of noodles and miso soup, she places it in front gojo, the three kids standing and staring at him

"What's the occasion" gojo asks looking comfused at the treatment he was getting megumi wasn't even scowling

"Eat gojo, we worked hard on it" tsumiki says

"Have you guys eaten" gojo asks, wondering why they wanted him to eat so badly

"Yes dont worry about us you eat" tsumiki says

"Okay" gojo replies before eating the food, it tasted really good for an eight year old tsumiki sure was a good cook, after he's done eating yuta and megumi clear the table confusing him more

The three kids come back after taking care of the dishes and stand in front of him, tsumiki nudges yuta

"R.. right" he says gesturing for megumi to turn off the lights, the seven year old turns off the lights and gestures to yuta to start, tsumiki points a torch at the wall

"Were they trying to put on a puppet show" gojo thinks

Yuta tries to make a horse like gojo did that day but unlike gojo he wasn't a master at hand puppets and it doesn't end up looking anything like a horse

"Yuta what are you supposed to be making" megumi asks

"A horse i saw gojo do it before" yuta says

"That doesn't look like a horse" tsumiki says

"Its harder than it looks" yuta says

"Ok new plan" tsumiki says gesturing for megumi to turn the lights back on

"Gojo hears a joke from you, the guy who named the umbrella was gonna call it brella but he hesitated" tsumiki says and gojo is sure it went so quiet he can hear crickets

"That was a pretty bad joke tsumiki" megumi says
"I thought it was funny" tsumiki says

"I'll tell one then, gojo why can't you trust an atom" megumi asks

"I dunno" gojo answers
"Because they make up everything" he says and the cricket sounds got louder at that

"That was funny right" megumi says turning to yuta who nods his head disagreeing

"It was funnier than tsumiki's" megumi argues

"Not true mine was way funnier" tsumiki says while yuta tries to calm them down

Gojo stares at the three kids arguing and gets a realization they were trying to cheer him up, the food the jokes the attempted puppet show they must have noticed his gloomy mood and had been trying to lift it even though they didn't know why he was upset, it was actually really sweet

Gojo begins chuckling which catches the kids attention and they turn to him

"Gojo?" Yuta says

"You guys were trying to cheer me up, weren't you" gojo asks

"Well you looked upset and we wanted to make you feel better" tsumiki says

"But we probably didn't nothing we did made you happy" megumi says
"yes you did, your jokes might have been bad but the thought was sweet and that's what matters thank guys it means a lot that you care enough to do that for me" gojo says and they sigh in relief

"Why we're you upset anyway" yuta asks

"Its complicated let's just say i lost someone really important to me and it hurts" gojo explains

"Aww were sorry gojo" yuta says

"We all lost people important to us too gojo your not alone and were here for you you don't have to be sad alone" megumi says

"Aww megumi your making me blush" gojo says teasingly

"Stop being weird" megumi says, secretly happy gojo was acting like himself again

Gojo pulls the three kids into a hug, embracing them tightly

"Thanks you guys im happy to have you with me, I'm not happy now but i will be soon promise" he says, the kids happily return the embrace (even megumi)

"Were happy to hear that" yuta says

"Yeah, your always there for us when we need you, we promise to always be there for you too right guys" tsumiki says

"Yes we'll be there for you" yuta says

"Yeah" megumi simply says

"Thanks you guys, and i know you will

Maybe today isn't such a bad day after all