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Quentin is looking at the twins. They are sleeping, he is glad that Julia and Penny are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and not them. He looks at Eliot, he looks impeccable as always. “It’s unfair how good you always look.” Eliot pecks his lips, “You aren’t so bad yourself.” He leans in and whispers, “I’ll show you just how much I love your body later.” Q blushes and looks at Jane, who is holding Filory’s leech, she looks at him, “Daddy, did uncle Josh make dessert?” He chuckles, “Yes he did.” “Awesome.” Penny appears in their living room, “I’ll take Jane and Filory first, then the rest of you.” A minute later they are standing in Julia and Penny’s living room, Julia is sitting on the couch, holding her son. He sits down next to her, “How’s Spencer?” She smiles at him, “He’s good. Finally sleeping through the night. Wanna hold him?” He nods and takes his nephew.

Eliot is keeping an eye on his kids when Penny appears with Margo and Josh. Jane runs to Josh, “Which cake did you make? Or did you make pie?” He picks her up, “That is a surprise. You’ll just have to wait. Be sure to eat all your vegetables later or you won’t get any.” She sighs, “Fine.” Eliot chuckles at his daughter, she loves Josh’s baking. He hears Ted whimper. He looks down and sees that he is awake. He picks him up, “Hey Teddy, had a good nap?” He can feel that he needs to change his diaper, “Q, I’ll go change him.”

He just finished changing him when Margo is coming into the room with Emma, “Here, she needs a new diaper too.” He picks up his son, “You do it. Will be good practice for you.” She crunches her nose, “Fine, but only because I am not dealing with shit.” Eliot chuckles, “Don’t worry Bambi, I won’t subject you to that. So how are you and Josh?” She is focused on changing her niece, “Good. We decided to move in together.” “That’s great.” She picks up Emma, “I am not ready to get married. Let alone, breed like rabbits like you two.” He knows that when she is ready, she will ask Josh to marry him.

When they are back downstairs, Kady and Alice greet them. Alice is still in therapy dealing with the aftermath of the Quinn incident. Ted holds his hands out and Alice takes him, he has taken a shine to her. Kady looks at them fondly, she looks around, everyone is here. She clears her throat, “Alice and I are getting married.” Everyone congratulates them. Margo pulls Kady down to sit on the couch, “When is the wedding? What is the theme?” Kady laughs, “We haven’t set a date yet but we want Eliot to plan it.” Eliot looks at her, “No problem.” Alice turns to him, “My parents won’t interfere in your planning. They don’t really care that Kady and I are soulmates.”
Margo snorts, “Well your mum is a stuck up bitch with a stick so far up her ass, she breathes eucalyptus. And your dad is not much better.”


They are sitting in the living room, watching the game. Dinner earlier was eventful. A food fight broke out, Julia started it by throwing some peas at Quentin. He threw some back and soon everyone joined it. Filory had a field day licking up all the food that was on the floor. Jane is sitting on the floor, explaining the rules to her siblings. Quentin smiles, he is glad Jane never got jealous because the attention was not on her. She loves her siblings and they love her. He looks at Eliot and laughs, “You still have some mashed potatoes in your hair.” El sighs, “I will take a shower later and scrub my hair thoroughly.” He looks at Q and kisses him, “Happy Thanksgiving love.” Q kisses him back, “Love you.”

Jane is tugging on Josh’s trousers, “Can we have dessert now?” He gets up, “Want to help me?” She nods and they go into the kitchen, “You made pumpkin pie!!” He laughs, “I made ice cream to go with it. And I made some chocolate muffins.” She hugs him, “You are the best.” They cut the pie and put it on plates and bring it to the others. They are all munching on their dessert when Ted climbs into Eliot’s lap. Eliot feeds him some ice cream, Ted scrunches his nose at the coldness, he opens his mouth. Eliot asks, “More?” Ted looks at him, “Papa.” Quentin looks at him, “What did you just say?” Ted smiles, “Papa, Papa, Papa.” Eliot kisses the top of his head, he has tears in his eyes. “His first word is Papa.”

Jane looks thoughtful, “What was my first word?” Quentin pulls her close, “It was chocolate muffin.” She looks at him, “Really?” He chuckles, “No, it was Dada.” Emma crawls into Jane’s lap, she looks at her brother, then at her sister. She pats Jane’s cheek, “Jane.” Jane’s eyes go wide, “She said my name.” She hugs Emma who giggles. Everyone has misty eyes. Margo groans, “I need a drink. I can’t handle this cuteness.” She gets up and pours herself a glass of wine, “Seriously, I thought you two were bad with your sweetness but this is worse.” Eliot sticks his tongue out.


Eliot and Quentin are back at home, “Penny was surprised we didn’t dress the kids in costumes.” Eliot laughs, “I was thinking about it but we can do that next year, when they are older.” They are walking into Jane’s bedroom. She is already under the covers, “I can’t believe Emma said my name.” Quentin sits on the edge, “You can teach them more words. Just no bad ones.” Jane nods and snuggles her plushy. They bid her goodnight and check on the twins before calling it a night themselves.