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Risk Life, Not Love

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Knock knock. “My sweet demon? Are you in there?”


Wednesday glanced over at the door before back at the experiment she was working on. Or the one that she was supposed to be working on. She hadn’t managed to even begin it though and she had trouble explaining why. “Yes, father.”


Gomez slipped into the room before smiling at his hellspawn. Ever since she’d gone to the academy, he’d missed her, no matter how cold and harsh the night was. No amount of despair from the elements could make him feel a pain more agonizing and unfulfilling than having his daughter be apart from him. The fact that she’d been home for three days now though was concerning. “What are you up to?”


Wednesday checked her notes before picking up the shock needles that she had prepared. They could provide a bit of stimulation to the bits of brain that were on the table. “I am experimenting with wolf brains and seeing what parts of them garner which reactions.”


Gomex clapped a little bit before rushing over to his daughter’s side and leaning over her shoulder. “Oh how delightful? What sorts of emotions are you trying to get? Pain? Despair? Actually, I think your mother might have some notes on such things. Would you like me to go get them for you?”


Wednesday glanced at her notes where, circled multiple times and with more question marks than she felt reasonable but she refused to scratch out, the single word, Love? , was written. She then closed her notebook before saying, “No.”


Gomez pursed his lips a little bit before putting his hands on his little hellspawn’s shoulders and asking, “Is something the matter? I know the school’s policy against maiming other students has left you bored but you can’t be spending all of your time at home.”


Maiming other students? She had forgotten that rule actually. In fact, if there was one she wanted to maim, to see put on a pike like the grand man Vlad, it was her roommate. Her infuriatingly cheerful, pretty, sweet, warm, bubbly- “No.”


There was a brief pause between the two of them before Gomez gently put a hand on the side of Wednesday’s face before saying, “Look at me, hellspawn. I want to see your eyes.”


Why was she afraid of that? She should be fine with looking at her father. Wednesday normally was. And why was this fear not something to relish in? It was like whenever she had to look into that abominable failure of a werewolf’s eyes. Those beautiful, cold eyes that promised to do anything but maul her. Really, what good was a werewolf if they wouldn’t even let you snuggle into their fu- REND YOU APART!


Wednesday’s whole body moved uncharacteristically fast as she straightened up and fumed for a moment as she corrected her thoughts. She then turned around to look at her father to dismiss any concerns he may have for her odd behavior. She was absolutely fine after all. The only thing bothering her now was the wide smile on her father’s face.


Gomez leaned in as he inspected Wednesday’s eyes before whispering, “I was wondering when the day would come that the eternal virus of love would infect you. Oh,” he said as he cupped her cheeks and cooed, “and it looks like a terminal case too!”


That got Wednesday to get up and briskly begin walking towards the door before yanking it open. She then clearly didn’t shout, she just knew how to project her voice on the rare occasion it was necessary, “Uncle Fester, father has obviously lost his mind and refuses to admit it. Would you please help him find it?”


Gomez was right behind her though as he shouted, “Morticia, my sweet, I have wonderful ne-”




Wednesday shut the door so hard it shook the entire house before she spun on her heels to briskly turn to her father. Her eyes promised nothing but death, though such a thing would never deter an Addams. Her father showed no sign of slowing down as he beamed at her but Wednesday just gave him a glare back for it as she said, “What do I have to do to make you drop this?”


Gomez squealed with glee before lifting her up. “Just let me be included, my hellspawn! Who is it? Why are you so worried? Have you told him-”




“Even better!” Gomez clapped his hands before asking, “Did you know your great-great-great Aunt Gertrude was a lesbian too? Of course, she was burned at the stake for it but when your wife is the lead witch hunter, you happen to be divinely blessed and get away with such things.”


Wednesday sighed as she returned to her experiment. “Yes, father. I do not know if the witch who tortures me even likes me so I’d much rather blissful fire than to think about this. Okay? Can we be done?”


Gomez frowned at that before sitting down and more seriously putting his hands around one of his daughter’s. “At least tell me who it is? Who tortures my hellspawn so in a way even she hates?”


Wednesday didn’t want to. She didn’t even want to think her name. Not when everytime that bright smile entered her mind, it almost made her heart stop. Or, worse yet, beat all the faster. Commonly both and not enough for either to kill her and have this be over finally. This was her father though… “Enid.”


“The werewolf girl? With cotton candy at the ends of her hair?”


Wednesday internally shuddered at any part of Enid being that sweet. She couldn’t stomach that. Wait, was that why she kept throwing up whenever the two curled up to watch something together? Was she En-tolerant? She would appreciate that. Then she could ask to be switched to a different room for health reasons. And yet, somehow that thought brought such a despair to her that she could hardly breathe and none of such feelings brought the joy they normally did for her.


So, instead, she merely squeezed her needles as she said, “It’s just hair dye.”


Gomez squeezed his daughter’s hand all the tighter before whispering, “Please. Let me indulge in your fear. Just this time?”


Wednesday glanced over at him before shutting her eyes. Finally, she whispered, “She makes me wish to live but the idea she may not like me back makes me wish to die. Not speaking to her hurts me but everytime she seems to not understand my jokes, it’s like a thousand lashes. And I think of the name Enid Addams and immediately know she would hate it. Just like she must hate me for it.”


“Nonsense!” Gomez stomped on the ground before standing tall. “If she cannot love an Addams, she cannot love at all! And damn anyone who tells you otherwise!” He fumed for a moment as he stomped around. The very idea of his daughter being an Addams being an issue made him furious! He had never believed such things after all. Even when he was young, no one could make him question the pride one should take in their family. No one!


Well… Gomez clicked his tongue once before whispering, “Do you know what I did when I thought you mother might reject me for my more exciting side? For my Addams side?”


Wednesday looked at him with shock clear on her face. “You ever doubted mother’s love?”


“I know! I was such a fool when I was young man!” He clutched his chest at the wound the memories gave him before taking in a deep breath. “But love can make one do such insane things like say you don’t like the color black just to impress them.”


That got Wednesday on her feet. “You didn’t!”

“I did! And I was so fortunate that your mother took it as a joke!” He beamed at his daughter once more though as he said, “Just as she enjoyed a nice walk along the lagoon one night as a form of ‘hanging out’ as the kids would say it. I hadn’t fed the crocs that day though and pushed her in the water to show that life with an Addams-”


“-is one on the edge…”


“Exactly! So,” Gomez as he squealed with ever growing excitement, “if you wish to show this girl what life with you would be like before you risk plunging a knife in your heart, all you must do is show her what that type of life is.”


Wednesday slowly nodded at that. She could… She could do that. “Thank you, father. That… That actually helps.”


Gomez smiled as he knew he had done good work here. Work that would safely usher these two to a happy-




Enid backpedaled from the hole in the ground that the fallen game trophy had made in the staircase. She then looked up to see Wednesday, who had been missing from school for the past couple days, standing with a hacksaw in hand. She then shouted, “What are you doing!?”


Wednesday swallowed hard before calmly replying with, “Showing a case of falling, for you.”


Enid blinked a few times before glancing at the hole, taking a deep breath as she wished so badly that any amount of heightened senses would help her understand what sort of tone Wednesday had just said that with, before exhaling and smiling at her roommate. “Thank you for the lesson!”


Then Wednesday did perhaps the most terrifying thing she could have done in that moment: Smiled. And then she left as Enid questioned everything she possibly knew.


And, as she had dozens of times before now, wondered why that girl was the one she had fallen for? And now she was trying to kill her? Maybe? But what about what she’d said? Was there a comma? Or had she just confessed in some sick and twisted way? It all made Enid groan as she wished she could get any sort of sign that Wednesday might like her back but it felt like they’d just taken five steps back now.


Oh well. She wasn’t going to give up. She was going to keep trying, even if it killed her. What was the worst Wednesday could do to her? Actually, she didn’t really like thinking about that…

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Enid took a deep breath in as she relished in the scent of the black roses she’d just bought. They weren’t as sweet as she’d have preferred due to the dyes used to turn the petals the harsh, rich color but that didn’t matter. Knowing Wednesday, she’d prefer… Well, okay, Enid still didn’t feel like she knew the goth girl the best to know if she’d prefer awful scents to sweet ones but she did understand one thing: She liked black. So black roses it was.


Not that they helped Enid feel much more confident about asking her roommate out. In fact, she’d have preferred to maybe never do it. After all, if Wednesday didn’t swing that way or just didn’t like Enid that way, or at all which was a very real concern for her, the rest of the semester was going to be hell . Not unless they could find someone to swap rooms with since personality conflicts weren’t an excuse for changing roommates. In fact, Enid thought as she sucked in her lips, she was pretty sure the academy tried to orchestrate them if her and Wednesday were any indication.


So how had she messed that up so badly as to fall for the gothic girl?


Enid whimpered as she scratched behind her ear to try and calm herself. All of this had become so bad in her mind that she’d even resorted to talking to her parents about what she should do. What she could do to make things better between them. To know before she asked Wednesday out if she had a shot. They had been… less than useful.


“A real werewolf would just claim their territory! To take what they want! By force if you must! Not, uh, in an unreasonable way of course- and you’re just scowling at me like always.”


Maybe her dad wasn’t entirely wrong though? If she wanted to have a peaceful den then she couldn’t let these feelings just sit here. She had to act like a proper wolf and show Wednesday that she wanted to figure out who was the Omega and who was the Alpha. Though, actually, since she knew that study was wrong, a fact her father despised being brought up, what would be the equivalent? The big spoon and little spoon? The thought made Enid giggle because she could only think of Wednesday as the big spoon despite being so much shorter. Then they could cuddle and Wednesday could give her scritches behind the ear and call her-


‘You’re a good girl, aren’t you?”


Enid’s face turned the color the roses were naturally as she stopped short of her room. The exact details of what had just popped into her mind probably made it clear exactly where she would be in their relationship. At least during any… ‘heavy petting’. Though actually, just the idea of Wednesday running her hands through her hair and rubbing her back was enough to make her hips shake back and forth in a mimicking of if she had a tail. That was the sort of thing she dreamt of more often of after all than anything her dumb hormones told her.


It was also the wag that reminded her why she had to do this, no matter if her instincts trended a little more towards avoiding any such confrontations. The idea of creeping out more of those small, hidden smiles that Wednesday gave her spiders but having them be directed at her right before the two of them kissed? That was worth anything. Anything .


Yes. She’d walk right in there and present her crush with these flowers, consequences be damned! She stomped hard into the floor as she bore her fangs at the very concept of hiding her feelings. There was no way they could be this strong while being wrong, right? No! And so she’d get what she wanted, even if took a billion-


“Oh, roses.”


Enid let out a squeal so high pitched only she could hear it while one of her arms flailed in panic at the sudden voice of her crush. Worse yet, it was the arm with the roses and she managed to smack Wednesday in the face with them. That only made Enid turn pale as a sheet before she said, “Sorry! You just surprised me.”


Wednesday took a long second to take in Enid and Enid assumed it must be so she could plan her demise. That seemed like the sort of thing Wednesday might do to someone who did something against her. The fallen animal head incident didn’t really help with that idea either. Instead of some mortal threat that would have given Enid a clue though, she merely said, “I do that.”


Enid whimpered again. Why did Wednesday have to be this cool? Couldn’t she break character just once to be straight with her? Then again, it wasn’t like Enid was being honest with her right now. She was even now trying to hide the roses behind her. What good was that going to do her though? She had always tried to take life by the reins after all! To live it to its fullest like Wednesday tried to kill it most completely! And she wouldn’t have it any other way as she forced herself to push the roses in front of her again and asked, “What do you think?”


Wednesday took in a sharp, labored breath and Enid felt her heart stop. Here it came. Oh, and Wednesday would probably even want to know exactly how a heart broke if she realized it. She hadn’t even asked her out yet though! She was trying to be obvious though so maybe this had been enough? No no no no no. Maybe if she said something fast enough she could claim they were for someone else or someth-




Enid blinked a few times at how labored the word left the short girl before she moved the roses out of the way so she could see Wednesday’s face. She then immediately dropped the flowers and shrieked as she saw hives beginning to form on her crush’s face. “What happened!?”


Wednesday swayed a little on her feet before for a second she went to pick the roses up. Her mind was still a little torn on whether to destroy the flowers like she knew she should or to keep them. She wanted to believe they were for her after all, even if that seemed so impossible. Enid probably just liked how roses smelled and black ones were the only ones on sale. It was the only logical conclusion. She was very quickly feeling quite faint though and so stopped moving as she said, “Father… And I… Are allergic…”


Enid’s eyes widened and her pupils twisted slightly before she grabbed Wednesday and lifted her into her arms as she shouted, “Out of the way! I need to get to the nurse!” She then sprinted through the halls like a blur, moving as fast she could despite holding the girl who felt weirdly light in her arms. At least, in a literal sense. In a metaphorical sense, she was so heavy as to almost break Enid’s arms with how scared she was of hurting the gothic girl.


She didn’t dare let her fears slow her and her mind seemed to go almost feral with the single thought it had of saving Wednesday. This was her fault after all and for what? Asking her crush out?

On the plus side, how many times could you almost kill your crush asking her out? Well, theoretically, it only took one almost going too far to give you an answer but Enid decided not to think about that or even the next time she asked Wednesday out. What mattered right now was simply keeping Wednesday alive long enough for there to be a next time.

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Wednesday yawned slightly as the soft vibrations of her phone brought her out of her slumber. Not that she had been sleeping well in the first place. Normally she’d be all too ecstatic for anything she woke up at midnight for, especially if she’d tied up Pugsly ahead of time. Those were nice, simple nights. Ones where she could simply enjoy her experiments and the deaths she may cause.


Tonight was not one of those nights though as she made sure to come down from the top bunk of the twin beds her and Enid shared. Enid had recently joked about the two just sharing the same bed if the top bunk ever got annoying for Wednesday and the mere thought of doing so had made the gothic girl’s heart almost explode. Worse yet was when Enid had looked a little sad at her refusal. Was this the sort of thing that drove her father to be such a whimpering mess for her mother? Because in that moment, she’d almost jumped into bed with Enid just to make her happy.


The werewolf had only offered it as friends though. She was always doing that after all. Being friendly. Disgusting. She hadn’t even heard of once when Enid had insulted or maimed someone and so behavior like this was nothing new for her. How many roommates had she shared the same bed with before?


Wednesday paused for a second at the question before grabbing a journal and jotting down, Find Enid’s past roommates and add them to The List.  


She had other things to focus on though as she moved to the small, glass cage that was next to the window. The spider inside began to scurry out of its web at the presence of its mother and Wednesday smiled at her Ovelia. A beautiful, slightly small, black widow that she had raised from an egg. She had refused to not bring her with her to school, regardless of what anyone thought. Enid had even started off on the wrong foot with Wednesday due to how she freaked out about Ovelia. A truly sad fact that fortunately had passed as Enid had the next day apologized and even offered to help feed the spider.


Wednesday had refused her though. Ovelia was her baby after all. Not even her parents had ever been allowed to feed the arachnid in her stead. Admittedly, for those same reasons she felt especially nervous about this plan of hers. It put Ovelia in danger and if something happened to her…


Wednesday took in a slow breath as she opened the cage and then extended her fingers to the widow. Like so many times before, Ovelia reached out with her long, spindly legs and slowly climbed onto Wednesday before the cold girl warmly stroked the spider’s thorax. It made Ovelia almost instantly relax on her finger and Wednesday smiled softly at her beloved friend as she felt her relax.


And then the thought of being able to scratch Enid behind the ears like this made sure she went through with her plan. Not without some care first though. So, before she moved away from the cage, Wednesday moved the spider to her neck. She found the far worse danger to be soothing. To have the poisonous spider directly on the pulse of her life and able to snuff it out in a matter of minutes was a comfort few could provide Wednesday.


She stroked Ovelia’s thorax again before cooing out, “There’s a good spider.” She then breathed in slowly as she focused herself for what had to come next. Not that she stopped petting Ovelia while she belayed her plan to her friend.


“Tonight you get to use those fangs of yours.” That got the spider to tap dance on her neck which almost managed a giggle out of Wednesday. Almost. She then patted her arachnid to calm her down. They both needed to focus after all. “However, if you feel the muscles under you tense up, I need you to take your lessons from Thing to heart and jump away as fast as you can before you possibly get hurt. Bite first though. Understand?”


The spider gave its approval by nuzzling its fangs against Wednesday’s neck. It was all the assurance she needed to believe that this would indeed go just fine. Worst case scenario she could imagine was that if Enid’s skin proved too tough for the spider due to her biology, it would give her an idea of how she could handle the spider being on her. Whether or not she understood the joys of being one step away from death. That and the joys that were eight little needles nestled into you.


Finally, sure of her plan and its potential outcomes, Wednesday raised her hand to her neck to let Ovelia onto her fingers again as she moved over back towards the bed. Before Ovelia could move to the outstretched digits though, her mother suddenly shook as if she were pushed all of a sudden. Or, more accurately, pulled.


Pulled by Enid right on top of the werewolf. It caught Wednesday off guard but she hardly worried about it. She knew a half dozen ways to break out of such a grab as the one that she was now in. The… Grab. It was definitely a grab. Not a hug. A hug might mean something after all and Wednesday needed to still be prepared to kill Enid in case this was some sort of sleepwalking thing.


How Enid smiled at her though made it clear she was indeed awake. How her eyes looked through strands of gold stole Wednesday’s breath away, only made worse by how they were still half closed. She looked so happy and calm. Normally, the worst sorts of emotions for a subject to have before Wednesday experimented on them but right now made Wednesday’s heart flutter and start to beat faster.


It was the teasing that was the worst part though. “You know,” Enid said as her cheeks quickly began to fill with color and her confidence waned slightly, “if you’re, um, having a bad night, you can always curl up with me, like roommates do, nothing more, I mean, um-” She then paused before a gleam of curiosity filled her eyes as she asked, “What would be a nightmare to you actually?”


This. This was a nightmare to Wednesday and her whole body tensed up from it. She needed out but she also didn’t want to leave. Not when this was-


A sharp pain cut off Wednesday’s thoughts before the gothic girl brought a hand up to touch the base of her throat. She didn’t dare smack herself, not while Ovelia might still be there, but she did want to check the bit of blood that was now spilling over her fingertips. Enid obviously noticed something before she asked, “What was that that just leapt off of you?”


Wednesday moved her hand up to the bite on her neck before saying, “That would be Ovelia making sure she didn’t get hit after biting me.”


“Wait,” Enid said as her whole body became tense, “isn’t… Isn’t Ovelia a black widow?”




Fortunately for Wednesday, the scream of sheer, raw terror that left Enid was enough to wake up even the dead and soon they were right back to getting Wednesday to the nurse. All while Wednesday kept hearing people praise how loud Enid had gotten while she couldn’t have enjoyed it. Not when something about it upset her.


She would need to take that as a note for the future: None of her plans could threaten her life. Enid seemed to get upset about that. Just like the stupid ball of sunshine she was.

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Knock knock.


Enid pulled her hand back nervously as she looked up at the impressive, gothic mansion once again. It was the first time she’d been to Wednesday’s actual home and it was… Well, very Wednesday. It looked ready to collapse at any moment and kill its occupants, was mostly black and held itself with an aura of danger that was unmistakably there. And yet, Enid couldn’t help but find herself drawn to it. It held a charm unlike anything else she’d seen before and had a strange warmth to it she couldn’t quite place. Well, at least so long as she ignored her roommate, a thought that made her cheeks turn a few shades darker.


She didn’t get to dwell on it for too long though as the door soon opened. Enid quickly righted herself with a large, gleaming smile for whoever it might be that let her in but… There was no one there. She was pretty sure she heard some sort of skittering but that didn’t mean a person. Maybe a giant spider? Had Wednesday learned how to breed spiders larger than the one she kept in their room? The thought chilled Enid’s blood. As much as she tried to accept her crush’s pet, she still found the spider a little creepy. And it was little so a lot more spider would mean a lot more creepy and Enid was not sure if she was ready for that.


“And who might you be, child?”


Enid turned towards the voice to see black fabric. She then looked up and up and up as she realized just how tall the woman was. The dress she wore, which was a simple, tight black dress, only added to the feeling like she stretched and on. It was as if she wore the void on her until it reached deeply contrasting, pale skin. There was also a lack of the house’s odd warmth in the woman’s sharp figures and her cold gaze, all of which made Enid pale. She had been raised better than to be rude though and so quickly stood tall, gave the woman a large smile and extended a hand to her. “Enid Sinclair, at your service! I’m here to give Wednesday some homework since she missed another day so close to the last time she got sick.”


The smile that came to the woman’s lips felt less like it slipped onto her face and more like a spider crawled there. There was something inherently predatory to how her demeanor shifted at the news before she finally said, “If my husband is to be believed, she hasn’t gotten better, nor ever will. How wonderful for her, wouldn’t you agree?”


Enid blinked a few times before reaching to the strap of her bookbag and playing with it. “I mean, um, no? Should I be worried? We’re roommates after all. How bad is it?”


The woman’s eyes gleamed for a moment in the same way Wednesday’s would before the gothic girl would ignore one of her questions. Indeed, just like her, the woman didn’t address any of Enid’s fears as patted the young girl on the head. “A pleasure to meet you. I’m Morticia and I would have loved to have met you when my little demon first moved in but alas, your school took exception to my planned gift of scorpions. I kept trying to tell them how rare they were but they seemed so much more focused on how venomous they could be.”


And, much to Morticia’s delight, Enid laughed at the statement. Truly a good sign for any suitor of an Addams. Or really anyone, in Morticia’s opinion. Enid bounced a bit on the balls of her feet before she looked around and said, “You have a lovely home by the way. Honestly, it’s about what I would have expected for how Wednesday acts and talks about it.”


Morticia frowned slightly at the idea of her little demon gossiping about their home. She knew Wednesday was close to those rebellious years where she would start decapitating figureheads, burning buildings of parliament and cursing out her parents. It was a natural part of any child’s development, even if Morticia wished not to see her little one turn against her. “I do hope Gomez and I are better than she describes us.”


That got another laugh out of Enid before she shrugged. “I would find that pretty hard. Not with how glowing she talks about you. At least,” Enid said as she scratched behind one of her ears, “you know, for Wednesday. She doesn’t sound upset talking about you two after all.”


Morticia’s heart almost stopped at the wonderful news as she smiled ever more sinisterly at Enid. Her heart blackened on the girl further, almost to the point of how she thought of some of her best friends, as Enid began panicking about making sure Wednesday didn’t find out she’d said any of this. Honest and sweet to a fault. The perfect vinegar to catch her dear Wednesday, if you asked Morticia.


She gave the werewolf another pat on the head before saying, “I believe Wednesday is trapped in her room. Why don’t you go free her while I get together a suitable gift for you?”


Enid nodded at the offer before she curtsied to Morticia. “You don’t need to do anything like that. Just having me is gift enough.”


Something between a growl and purr came out of Morticia before she walked past Enid and said, “Oh, it’ll be my pleasure, and there’s too. Though next time you’re over, you and I must chat more.” She then stopped briefly to narrow her eyes on the young teen. “I need to know more about anyone so close to my dear Wednesday.”


“Of course, MIss Add… ams…” Enid paled as she considered what a ‘chat’ with Wednesday’s parents would be like. Chains? Whips? A stretching rack? All that terrified her. At least until she imagined Wednesday experiencing a growth spurt and being able to take her mother’s place. Then all those things caused such a heat to rise to her cheeks that she quickly began sprinting to run from the thoughts.


Fortunately for her, she had seen Wednesday’s large window and balcony from outside and so she had at least some idea as to where it should be. The sign outside telling Pugsly to stay out was also helpful in making sure she didn’t just start randomly throwing doors open in the house, something Enid really didn’t want to do. She had no idea which of these would somehow send her to their Summer home in Hell, something Enid was growing more convinced they could have.


Enid did pause as she reached out to Wednesday’s door though. It felt silly to do so of course. She shared a room with her after all. She’d seen Wednesday’s underwear and what not. There wasn’t anything too shocking that could be in there. But, well… You could only decorate a dorm room so much. The sorts of posters and the like that Wednesday had hanging on her walls could tell her a lot about her roommate. What sorts of actors she liked, favorite movies, symbols and the like she kept cl-






Enid paled as she realized she was asking the wrong questions. It’d be much more accurate to wonder what sorts of torture devices Wednesday kept closest to hand after all. How much of her ‘experimentation’ happened in her room. It painted a very different picture of a teen’s room than Enid’s Summer themed room with Owl House and Amphibia posters on the wall.


None of it mattered though. After all, if Wednesday was asleep because she was sick, she could be in and out in under a minute. Morticia could let her know she’d stopped by and Enid could see her again when she next came to school. It wasn’t like Wednesday had invited her anyways. Why hadn’t she just left the homework with her mother then? That would have been the better thing to do.


It was too late though. She was here already and her curiosity had been piqued. So, slowly, silently, she opened the door. Right into nothingness. Not literally, as Enid assumed there had to be a room in the darkness and the smell of burnt hair reinforced that idea, but the blackout curtains were doing their job quite well. Even with her excellent night vision, she couldn’t see squat. Fortunately, light switches were usually right next to the door. She would feel bad for waking up Wednesday with the lights but it’d be better than breaking something.


Click .


The whole room lit up as sparks shot up from cables on the floor. A high pitched whirring began to fill Enid’s ears as the smell of ozone assaulted her nostrils but she still didn’t see why properly as the lights flickered and sputtered. They then came on extra bright as the sparks seemed to come to their destination: A single chair in the middle of the room. A chair with Wednesday strapped into it. A weird, wooden chair with a large metal bowl at the t-


And that’s about as far as Enid’s thoughts got before the electric chair turned on properly and Wednesday’s body began convulsing violently. The smell of burnt hair got all the stronger as it was renewed and Wednesday’s strained against her restraints. She was powerless against them though as the chair continued its violent job.


But then, just as quickly as it had begun, it was over and Wednesday’s smoking body slumped over. Enid stood there in shock at first, her heart frozen from what she had seen. It was just… IT WAS JUST A LIGHTSWITCH! Why did it do that!?

When she finally managed to move again, she rushed over to Wednesday as she screamed, “Are you okay?” Her claws dug into the arm restraint closest to her, slicing it apart as Enid acted without thinking. Not while tears streamed down her face. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t think it would do that! I just wanted some light…”


She grew quiet as Wednesday lifted an arm up and touched Enid’s face. She then met the werewolf’s slightly feral eyes before smiling. “Don’t worry, my angel of death. Pugsly still needs to work on his wiring.”


Enid blinked a few times as she swore her brain had a hard shut down and reboot from the words. She then whispered, “I’m your angel.”


Wednesday blinked a few times as she realized exactly what she’d said before asking, “Can you flip the switch one more time? Maybe third time’s the charm.”


That got Enid to panic again as she yelled, “A third time!? How was there a first time?”


Wednesday shut her eyes with a groan before mumbling, “Pugsly caught me off guard while I was thinking-”




Wednesday stared at the sketch she was making in her notebook. What had started as a possible imagining of what Enid’s werewolf form might look like. Such information would be useful to her if she ever wished to do any of her plans while Enid was transformed. Of course, that’s if Enid ever transformed.

However, it had quickly gotten out of control and was now something far too… indulgent for any academic purpose. She should just destroy it. But with fire or aci-


“Cute drawing, sis.”


“Thank you, Pu-” 






“-horrible, terrible, awful things.”


Enid giggled slightly as she couldn’t help but tease her crush with, “So you mean your favorite things?”


Wednesday looked dead on at Enid as her brain was fried enough to almost make her say ‘Yes, you.’ Fortunately for her, that was the moment when Gomez burst into the room, saber in hand as he shouted, “Miss Sinclair, are you okay?”


Enid whipped around to Mr. Addams, who she had met when Wednesday had first moved in, before giving him a curtsy. Bringing her nose closer to her crush reminded her of what had just happened though as she shouted, “I’m fine but I almost killed Wednesday!”


Gomez frowned for a moment before looking at the ground. He then tsked a few times. “I always tell Pugsly he’ll regret not working on the fundamentals. It doesn’t matter if you can build the chair if you can’t get enough power to it.” He then smiled at Enid as he said, “And don’t worry about my hellspawn. I know my angel of death can make her a cup of tea that will shock her much worse than that chair.”


Enid’s eyes widened before she blurted out, “Who do you mean by angel of death?”


Gomez smiled with so much love and warmth that it made Wednesday really wish that the chair had done its job. It only got worse as he said, “Who else but my soulmate? The one who completes me? My better half? My Morticia.”


Enid glanced back at Wednesday, who glared at her with such a ferocity as to shut her up, before both girls merely stared at Gomez. The man didn’t wait long to leave to get said tea though. Unfortunately, the question in the air would quickly prove too much as Enid ran out of the house at full speed without even freeing Wednesday.


It did leave Wednesday plenty of time to stare at the wiring on the floor if she wanted to fix it though… But alas, she knew the blissful shocks of the chair were nothing compared to the ones that Enid’s smile gave her. She only wished she could read her crush’s mind so she could know exactly why she ran. There were far too many possibilities.


With the top of them being the macabre house simply being one Enid was repulsed by. A thought she had all too much time to consider as she worked at her restraints.

Chapter Text

“Would you like me to do your nails today?”


Enid’s eyes almost popped out of her head before she snapped her head to the side. There she just stared at Wednesday as she slowly, silently took a breath in. Then, at a pitch that hurt her ears way more than Wednesday’s, she squealed before getting up from her computer. “Really!? Oh,” but she said while still bouncing on the balls of her feet, “if you need to make them black, that’s okay. I can try the look for a day if it means bonding!”


For a moment, Wednesday considered taking Enid up on the offer. She was still curious what the peppy girl would look like in all black after all. However, she didn’t do this altruistically. Not that Enid needed to know. “Don’t worry. So long as I don’t touch your polish, I can do them. I even,” she said as she reached into her desk and pulled out a small makeup kit, “brought my own.”


Enid’s mouth fell agape as she continued to stare at her crush before she decided that it was better to move it before she lost it. She didn’t know how long this new form of madness might hold onto Wednesday and she was not going to miss it. So, with a few skips, she quickly dashed over to Wednesday’s bed. “You even have pink!”


“Of course. I know what your claws are supposed to look like.” Wednesday then paused as she glanced at them. Rainbow colors were so… wrong on such daring, dangerous digits. Blood red would do much better but getting Enid to try that without fainting or throwing up was unlikely to happen. At least, if it were real blood and let’s face it: Facsimiles just didn’t do the same job.


The first color that Wednesday grabbed was yellow. The bottle was oddly indistinct in its make. It lacked branding, engravings or anything else to make sure one knew it was special. That made it all the more eyebrow raising for Enid who felt her cheeks heating up as she offered her hand to Wednesday. “I hope those didn’t cost you much. Just your company is enough for me after all!”


Wednesday fidgeted slightly at the chipperness in Enid’s voice. Did she know how wealthy her family was? She’d heard suitors for Fester say such things after all before their intentions became clear. Could it be…


Wednesday stared into Enid’s eyes and was certain about one thing. There were absolutely zero thoughts behind them. Just how she liked it. Though normally she could only enjoy such simplicity after debraining her brother… No. It didn’t matter. What mattered was working on Enid’s nails. “I mixed them myself with my mother’s help actually. It’s how I get all my makeup.”


Enid rattled her free hand excitedly against her leg before leaning in a little closer, closer than Wednesday would prefer, before asking, “What sorts of ingredients do you use? I know your mom has that wonderful garden! I can’t imagine all the types of plants she might have back there.”


“Enid.” Wednesday lifted a hand up to turn her roommate’s face so that they could meet each other’s gaze. They both immediately regretted it but that just turned Wednesday’s grip into ice before she revealed any sort of weakness here. She then said in a low whisper, “Do you really want an answer to that? What if the idea of decapitated squirrels was the last one you had because you did?”


Enid turned pale before whispering back, “Did… Did…” She then thought twice about all that her crush had said before saying, “You know, actually, I think I’ll just assume you somehow bottled an actual rainbow.”


Wednesday smiled slightly at that before ‘accidentally’ getting just a little bit of polish on Enid’s skin. There. Now things could end just fine. “Please. Rainbows make for the best meat pie filling, or that’s what grandma always said.”




Enid leaned in ever closer as she relaxed more and felt herself letting her worries go. They were just doing normal girl things after all. There was no reason she needed to read into this or the like. Not when she could just enjoy the sort of thing she thought unlikely even when they were married. Not that she ever-




Wednesday’s eyes widened as her vision blurred for a moment. What she saw anew was beyond tacky. Blue and pink chairs, white curtains, daffodil petals everywhere since they couldn’t use rose petals and her standing at the altar in a suit. She was even smiling almost from ear to ear like her father, an expression she never understood him enjoying so much. All while church bells rang.




When she came back she might have been more perturbed if that wasn’t the third time this week she’d had such a vision from knocking into Enid. This one was easily the worst though with the cotton candy colored chairs. She could barely ador- stomach it on Enid’s hair, let alone at a sickeningly sweet chapel. Not that it was ever to come true. She just had to wait for two more-




“Did you have another vision?” Enid whimpered slightly before asking, “Can I pwease know this one? Pwetty pwease with arsenic on top.”


Wednesday rolled her eyes at the question before saying, “No, no matter how delicious baby with a side of arsenic is.”


That got Enid to raise her eyes as her stomach churned and she doubled over. In fact, it was just on time as Wednesday heard-




And that was it. Enid would be dead from the poison in the nail polish and-


“You know, I haven’t even extended them.” Enid got up with surprising speed for a dead girl before she covered her mouth for a moment. She then said, “How about I put on some tunes and maybe open the window so we can have more air while we gossip?”


Wednesday opened her mouth briefly, closed it and then decided to suggest, “Classical?”


“You mean the one genre we both like?” She then winked at Wednesday before skipping across the room again in that way that always got Wednesday’s heart to skip too. “Of course, bestie!”


Wednesday sighed internally as she wondered why she wasn’t getting to marvel at the most beautiful corpse in the world. It should have-




Wednesday looked over to the knocking to see Thing at the window. The disembodied hand had a bottle of something with him. Something… yellow. Wednesday’s pupils shrank as she felt her fury boil inside of her, just in time for Thing to open the window and ‘accidentally’ knock the vile of poison off the ledge.


Wednesday didn’t get to lock up the traitor though. Not before Enid was already saying, “Oh, thank you, Thing! Maybe Wednesday will do your nails next?” She then flopped onto Wednesday’s bed again before offering Wednesday her hand again. “If you don’t mind.”


Wednesday considered kissing the back of Enid’s hand for a second in hopes that she’d feel the blessed marking of her claws. Unfortunately, Enid might actually take it the right way or giggle and pretend to be a princess or something. Such thoughts were so much worse than the idea being maimed by her blessed angel of death.


She would simply have to wait until that vision of hers came true to hope to be able to ask for scratches down her back though. For now, she merely said, “Thing will have what’s coming to him when the time is at hand. Until then,” she said as she lifted the makeup kit back up, “shall we get back to this?”

Fortunately for her friend, Enid’s squeals of excitement were enough to calm her down. Just. Enough.

Chapter Text

Wednesday paused as she went to toss the last page of her novel she had to scrap. Her series was about mystery and murder after all and yet somehow all these dumb scenes between her investigator and this bubble gum, lollipop sweet girl kept creeping into them. “I don’t even know why. It’s not like Victoria would be interested in romance. Right, Thing?”


The hand on her desk didn’t give any more of a response than simply flopping onto its side and pointing a finger gun at Wednesday. She began to say, “I don’t understa-” before stopping and, alongside the discarded page of her manuscript, threw Thing into the waste bin before snapping back to looking at her typewriter. Thing was just being stupid after all. She didn’t just write what was happening to her all the time after all.


“Oh, don’t do that to Thing!” Enid stood up before crouching and beckoning towards the trashed hand. “He was probably just trying to help. You shouldn’t blame him for trying to give you a hand.”


Wednesday rolled her eyes at the voice of her roommate coming closer before she said, “You know it’s my writing hour. What I do on my side during it is my business.”


Enid pouted for a second before saying, “Yes, but what you do to Thing is-”


“And you’re not supposed to talk to me.” Wednesday slid her typewriter back to the left harder than she meant to, not that she expected Enid to notice. She needed more blatant shows of emotion after all. It was one of the more insufferably wonderful things about her. Maybe that was why this bubblegum girl in her story kept showing up? To shout exposition a-


Wednesday’s thoughts were cut off by a finger pressing into her cheek. Her eyes slowly turned to Enid before turning to a murderous glare. This was her novel writing hour after all and Enid usually was better about respecting it. She didn’t grab the gags she had yet though to get the peace she needed. A light bit of torture from her roommate could help improve her mood after all. “What?”


Enid beamed at Wednesday before placing a hand on her crush’s typewriter. “Well, I was thinking that maybe you could use a break. Or do you plan to waste more paper like your last five pages?”


“Please,” Wednesday said as she turned towards Enid, “the entire waste produced by the nation’s smallfolk would not even begin to rival that which is caused by any of the five largest corporations. Besides, I prefer smog to oxygen.” She then turned back to her desk as she added, “Besides, it’s simply part of the creative process.”


“And so are breaks to refill your juices!” Enid bounced back on her feet before waving her hands wildly in the air. “One of my favorites is Ninja! Helps that it usually gets people gossiping admittedly. You’d be surprised what people talk about when they’re trying to distract you.”


No she wouldn’t. After all, Wednesday did enjoy the agonizing job of reading whatever Enid blogged about. It wasn’t for leisure of course but more to see if she might mention her. Unfortunately, when talking about matters of the heart, Enid had a bad habit of bringing up Ajax. She hadn’t done that in a while though which was a nice reprieve. Wednesday liked to consider that to have been a passing fixation after all. That or Enid was still mad at him for standing her up. She’d take either option really.


What was more interesting to her was the simple question of, “Ninja? That’s a profession, not a game.”


Enid poked Wednesday’s hand before saying, “And that would have been my point if we were playing because why can’t it be both?”


Wednesday paused before lifting her hand up. “You’re trying to use my competitive nature against me to make me play. How devious of you?”


“Is it working?”


Wednesday looked at how excited Enid was as the werewolf slipped her hands behind her and continued to have those glistening fangs pointed at her. It was the exact sort of cutesy pose that made Wednesday plan out the demises of various pop stars she had heard about. And yet when Enid struck it, she felt nauseous in all the best ways. It was a feeling she was tempted to coin the Enid Paradox honestly. “Fine. Let me get what we need then.”


Enid shook her head before she clapped happily. She then brought out her hands like twin viper heads as she said, “None are needed! Instead, we pretend our hands are blades as we try to disarm each other. You know, but cutting off the opponent’s hand!”


The more gruesome interpretation for victory obviously turned Enid’s stomach from saying it but it got Wednesday to smile, just as intended. The gothic girl saw no reason to keep it so basic. After all, she had some throwing stars in her desk. At least, she thought that would be useful until Enid asked, “Did you really think I was asking to try and dismember you or something?”


Slam! Click. “No.” Wednesday then pressed against the drawer harder to make sure it was properly shut before standing up. “That would be preposterous.” 


“So…” Enid clicked her fingers together like castanets before winking at Wednesday. “Are you ready?”


That stupid wink. Wednesday swore it had to be enchanted in some way with how powerless she was to it. She cleared it from her mind as she knew it didn’t matter. This would be over in a second and she could get back to her novel then. So, with one hand extended towards Enid as if she were asking for a dance, she challenged, “Come at me.”


Enid swung for the hand but it was obvious bait. That’s why she made sure to follow through and bring her hand closer to her head while her other hand went low. That way Wednesday would have to come in close, not that Enid was entirely ready for Wednesday to act as immediately as she did as she tried to stomp on Enid’s hand while her digits shot past Enid’s hand after missing the werewolf’s hand. Wednesday even blinked a few times before hearing Enid’s voice, far too close to her for comfort now actually, say, “Werewolf, remember? You’re going to have to try harder than that.”


“Indeed.” Wednesday then looked at Enid’s face as she settled in for maybe a little bit of a challenge. Enid wasn’t the worst person to give her one after all and she could use her friend’s love for gossip against her. “You know, your orientation at the beginning really sucked at explaining what to expect out of all of you. No strengths, weaknesses and I swear I’ve had at least three times as many magicians come after me as vampires.”


Enid shrugged a bit before using the motion to slip into trying to strike the hand still at Wednesday’s hand which almost made the two bump into each other. Already they were a little close for comfort for both girls but Enid tried not to focus on that. Not when she could just enjoy a bit of chatter. “Yeah, I keep hearing people talk about the book binders being around more but Xavier is the only real social one. All the rest are too busy in the library.”


“It wouldn’t kill you to-” Wednesday almost punched Enid as she crossed her arm across her chest to try and get at Enid’s hand unexpectedly but the werewolf had played the game far too many times for such a basic trick to get her. Instead, Enid ducked down and beamed at Wednesday from below like a happy little pup which made Wednesday’s breath catch mid insult. As such, she merely coughed before saying, “Fine. I just feel like I expected a better understanding of what to expect of this place after your tour.”


Enid jumped up and put her hands at her side as she clapped her thighs excitedly. “So you actually liked the tour!? I thought you hated every second of i-” She then had to stop as Wednesday reminded her of the game they were playing as she swung her arms back to avoid Wednesday’s as the gothic girl went for both of her hands at the same time. Her own mind halted for a second as she had to fight every instinct in her that told her to hug Wednesday right. Now. Her crush was almost doing it herself. Wednesday would end the game if she did though so she resisted. At least for now. “Well, I mean, I was trying to keep it brief. You weren’t exactly in the mood for a comprehensive guide, right?”


Wednesday mulled it over before shrugging a little. “I suppose. Besides, you were distracted by your friend.”


“Which o-” Enid paused as she thought about Ajax coming over with gossip for her. She was still trying not to think about Ajax, not right now at least. Ever since the Poe Cup and him standing her up, her head had been a complete mess when it came to the boy she… liked? Loved? But then Wednesday was right here and oh boy. Here comes the headache she kept getting when she thought about this. Instead, she just swiped half heartedly at Wednesday’s hand as she asked, “Speaking of friends and boys, have you met anyone at Jericho? You not being anything more than creepy might help you!”


Wednesday shrugged a bit as she stepped in but simply bluffed about striking as she moved her hands into a better position for both offense and defense. She wouldn’t lie that the game would be better with real Wakizashis but she’d accept this form as nice enough. Especially when it brought her so close to Enid. Was this why her parents seemed to waltz around the house as often as they walked?


She dismissed the question as she said, “There was one boy who worked at The Weathervane who seemed to be annoyingly interested in me. Fortunately, he was hit by a car before the sign to the store cut off his head. Honestly, it was quite tragic.” She then smiled slightly as she whispered, “I was so happy I stood there for a full five-”


Enid cut off her story as much as a chance to win as she just didn’t want anymore details. Wednesday’s more grisly side was still one she was getting used to after all. She liked hearing about the dark and mysterious after all. The gorey though? She could leave that behind. “Well, uh, maybe I should look into a job there then. Wouldn’t I look cute as a barista?”


Wednesday took in a very slow breath as the image of her in a green apron, bright smile and quad espresso waiting for her each morning and promising an agonizingly bright start to her day…


It was enough to make Wednesday genuinely forget what she was doing as she reached up and almost cupped Enid’s face. She then leaned in as if for a kiss. Just as she would dream of for some coffee shop romance for Victoria. As she would never desire herself. Never. Too sweet and wonderful after all. She was supposed to meet the one of her dreams in a cemetery or tomb after all. Not on some every day out-


That was Enid got her. That was putting it mildly of course as Enid’s whole brain shut off from Wednesday getting romantic for a moment and for as much as she wanted that kiss, she’d panicked instead. It had to simply be a part of the game after all! So Enid’s brain had to smack Wednesday. Not her hand though. Instead-




Wednesday blinked a few times as the side of her face stung and Enid ran through the newly made hole in their window. The werewolf girl got down next to her as she obviously continued to panic and began checking Wednesday for cuts. “Oh my gosh, how are you not a pincushion!?”


That was a good question actually. Wednesday had considered bringing the window down on Enid for one way to kill her after all but the window wasn’t heavy enough to do it on its own. The glass would have to finish the job. The…


Wednesday picked up one of the shards of glass before scowling slightly. “Really? Safety glass? How boring.” She then looked at Enid, who had her hands clasped in front of her. She looked so worried. Wednesday didn’t like that. So, instead of saying more, she merely raised her hand and backhanded Enid’s own clutched appendages. Only then did she say, “I win.”


Enid blinked a few times before both began laughing. For many below, it was the first time they’d heard Wednesday laugh and they were filled with dread by whatever could have made it happen. For Enid though, it was no big deal. Just another time for her heart to flutter with the excitement Wednesday’s joy always gave her.

And for Wednesday, it was so natural and instinctive with the ball of sunshine she didn’t even think about it. Not as she simply found the warmth in her roommate’s voice infecting her each and every time.


Truly a most terminal disease, this was.

Chapter Text

“She’d never fall for it.”


Knock, knock, tap.


“Thing, she’s a werewolf. She would know how lethal it would be better than anyone.”


Knock, rattle.


Wednesday looked away from her novel before raising an eyebrow at her partner in crime. “A bet? Haven’t you learned what comes of that with me or are you growing to like bright pink nail polish?”


Thing just pointed right back at Wednesday which made the gothic girl pause for a second. It was when she properly got it that her cheeks burned ever so slightly as she slammed her typewriter back to the left. “Nonsense. I still despise color. I’m fairly certain I’m about to throw up each time her nails get too close to my face after all.”


Thing’s rattling of his knuckles earned him a death glare before Wednesday decided to focus on things besides Thing’s ridiculous accusations. “So what are the terms? Enid agrees to eat any of them?”


Thing began to sign casually as he said, “She refuses them, you may dress me however you want for a week. If she does eat any of them, you owe me a favor.”


Wednesday tapped a few more words into her novel before coldly stating, “No. Such a thing would too quickly get out of hand after all.”


“How about just a favor dealing with Enid?”


“Like you trying to make her say something utterly absurd like I love her or something?”


“I don’t want to get locked up asking for it.”


That got Wednesday to pause before she sighed. She had spent over a week without trying to kill her crush after all and it had been bothering her. She didn’t want any spark of excitement Enid had begun to understand to dull. Not that her attempts so far had been particularly successful but surely that would change. She was an Addams, not a failure. “Fine. Deal. I am going to win the-”


“-bet I would like some chocolate!”


Wednesday’s eye twitched slightly before she sighed and pushed the plate of tarantulas towards Enid. They weren’t actual spiders of course but the Addams family version of turtles. “Well, I prefer things to be less sweet so I guess it could be said I made them for you.”


Enid’s face turned bright red before silently patted her cheeks to calm herself down. Only then did she sit down next to Wednesday and coo, “It could be said that was very sweet of you.” She then paused as she picked one up before turning towards the window. “You didn’t tell her to make them, did you, Thing?”


Thing played dumb while Wednesday took in a sharp breath. He didn’t. “Did you and him talk about chocolate recently?”


Enid inspected the arachnid in her hand before giggling slightly. “Oh, was he the one to put hearts in them? Seems like what he’d do.”


Wednesday paled at the mention before glancing at the plate of cooled, dark chocolate. Indeed, each one had a heart carved into their thoraxes in order to make the caramel pool better. Wednesday had sworn she’d done circles but she’d also been alone while making them… “Of course he did. I would never do something so disgustingly cute.”


Thing began knocking but the glare he earned stopped him, especially as Wednesday asked, “You dodged the question though. You and him talked about this?”


Enid bit off a leg of the tarantula before humming ecstatically to herself. She made sure not to go for the caramel yet though as that was just worse than peanut butter for her. Last time she’d had some soft caramel, she couldn’t speak for an hour with how much she kept smacking the roof of her mouth to get rid of the last of it. “Yep! Thing was curious and I- Oh wow, this is good!” She plucked off another plump leg before popping it into her mouth. “And I’m going to miss this so much after I wolf out!”


Wednesday immediately turned in her seat as she dug her nails slightly into her legs. The cheating bastard. She’d be more proud of his deception if she didn’t now owe him. “So chocolate doesn’t hurt you at all? Like most dogs?”


Enid blinked a few times before tilting her head and giggling a little bit. “You say that almost like you were trying to poison me!” She then seemed to shudder a little bit before her speech got faster and she said, “Oh, but you probably do that to all of your friends. You wouldn’t bother to make them poison though, right? Not like this, not when you could probably do it easier, right?” She then nibbled on another leg as her fingers tapped at the tarantula.


For anyone else, Wednesday would happily tell them they were on her hitlist. Enid even sounded maybe excited about it but for some reason that just shut her up harder. She would say something better. Something harmless. “Don’t… Don’t be silly. I just wanted to make you chocolate.”




“Aaaaw.” Enid stood up and opened her arms up before immediately recoiling them in. “No! No hugs, right? Not when I can help it. Not that it’s easy. It’s not just me who feels energized, right? How much sugar is in this actually? Not that I usually get sugar rushes very easily. No, not when I can binge cotton candy. Do you remember how much I ate back at the harvest festival? I just couldn’t get enough!”


Wednesday blinked a few times as she watched Enid begin pacing around the room. The bouncy girl even jumped onto her bed just before she began skipping but above all else, she seemed not able to sit still. Or shut up really as before Wednesday could say anything she said, “Chocolate usually makes me feel a little queasy if I eat too much. I hope that’s not mean. I mean it’s really sweet and it makes me really happy that you’d make me someth- I mean like really happy. Like heart burst out of my chest happy. Actually, I can feel my heart going really quickly. Not that that’s any different around you b-”


Wednesday blinked a few times as Enid’s ramblings became a high pitched squeal. There were many, many questions forming in Wednesday’s mind but above them all was, “What does wolf’s bane do to you?”


“Oh, that’s easy! If I had wolfed out, it’d make me sick, you should have seen Roger last time he got into the stuff. Vomit. Everywhere! It was so gross. So bad. Almost made me sick myself. Fortunately, all it does to me is make me really hyper. I think I ran like a ten mile marathon last time just to burn out the energy while my dad listened to me ramble about Cardcaptor Sakura. Do you know that show? Can I show you that show? Oh my gosh, the relationship between Sakura and her assistant is so cute! I’d like to think you and I might even resemble them!”


Enid bounced straight at Wednesday with the last statement and didn’t seem like she was going to catch herself about the hug she was clearly going for this time. Wednesday, hearing things that made her own heart feel like it was going to explode, stopped her by shouting out, “There was Wolf’s Bane in the chocolates! They were meant to poison you!”


That got the werewolf to stop but only for a second. Her mouth still couldn’t stop rolling after all as she said, “But likely friendly poisoning? Enemy poisoning? Love tap poisoning? Is that a thing? That seems like it could be an Addams thing. But who cares? What’s the worst thing I could say? I mean, I’ve been wanting to tell you that I ha-”


Enid’s brain was moving just fast enough for her to realize what she was about to say before she did so. Her hands thus saved her as they smashed the remainder of the tarantula into her face. Immediately, she began lapping at the inside of her mouth with the ferocity of an entire wolf pack which was a bit of a problem. Her mind was now dominated with thoughts of confessing to Wednesday but she was pretty sure her heart actually explode if Wednesday rejected her right now. So, instead of risking that, she ran as fast as she could at the door.




Enid took a few steps back as she blinked herself back to clarity. Right. Doors. Doors were a thing. A thing in her way. She needed to open it. Yep. That’s what she needed to do. And then close it soft-




Wednesday blinked a few times before shutting her eyes tight. She wasn’t about to cry over this after all. No, instead she got up from her desk and mumbled, “I’m going to bed where I can have some real nightmares. I’m not enjoying this one. Not when she has to try so hard not to tell me she hates me.”


Thing’s fingernails scraped into the wood of the desk in fury but he knew better than to think he could just tell her what Enid likely was going to say. All the times he told Enid that Wednesday liked her more than she let on didn’t work on her either after all. He would simply have to work on how next to get the two to stop being idiots.


For now though, he had chocolate to enjoy.

Chapter Text

Enid bounced excitedly out of Yoko’s car almost before it had properly stopped before turning around and clapping her hands excitedly. The next to come out was Bianca from the front passenger seat who yawned and stretched. They’d had to go three towns over for this which meant a two hour drive and the girl was stiff. A note that made her say the same thing she had when she first heard about where the concert was being held. “I wish this could have been in Jericho. They’d never have anything this fun though.”


Yoko was third as she slipped out of the driver’s seat and put her glasses on the dashboard. It was a nice reprieve from having to protect them from the sun and she always enjoyed how it freaked normies out that she had blood red eyes. Of course, if they liked that, they should see what they looked like when she was grabbing a drink. Unfortunately, Bianca’s storm grey eyes were still better. At least in her opinion. “There was that time the Weathervane had something nice.”


Bianca gave her girlfriend a small glare before saying, “Only you thought that was nice because it was some hipster, dub-folk-step crap. If not for you, I think I would have jammed a spoon in my ear just to make it stop.”


“I’d pay to see that. I’d even help you by cutting off your ear first.”


Enid snickered while Bianca scowled. Of course, none of the three of them had ever expected to see here. Wednesday didn’t seem like the sort for some dumb K-Pop concert. They actually had two bets going on, though only one included Enid. First: How long would she last, which Bianca was pretty sure no longer than five bars, Yoko expected the whole thing just to spite them and Enid was actually the inbetween of ten minutes because she didn’t want Wednesday to torture herself too much. On the line? Having to help redo Thing’s stitches at the end of the week. They still didn’t actually know if Wednesday was bluffing with that but she apparently needed someone and Thing was shy about it so it had to be in the dorm room. Otherwise, she’d have asked Eugene.


Eugene was also the only one who knew she was fucking with them.


The second? Why. Yoko was pretty sure it was just to torture them. It’d be too ironic to have made this into an accidental double date and no one was more ironic than Yoko. Bianca believed that it had to be because Enid was so excited for this. The bubble gum music, the idolatry, the lack of actually being a cult, all of it would turn Wednesday away and yet she supposedly had been excited to come when Enid told them the news. Bianca was also willing to be pragmatic about it though. Wednesday was paying for the snacks after all so she wasn’t going to complain.


She wasn’t going to back down either though. “Oh, yes, you can do mine right after I do yours! I’m sure once they start singing love you’ll thank me.”


Wednesday pulled the hood to her hoodie over her face more to help hide how her eyes betrayed her by glancing at Enid. She’d need to dry them out later as vengeance. Maybe even with a heat lamp as they’d been subtly staring at her roommate ever since she’d put on the pink and yellow dress that she now pouted in. Maybe if the Nevermore uniform did her more justice, she wouldn’t find herself so entranced when Enid got to be more herself. Meanwhile, she’d gone with being comfortable over fashionable so while she had spiderweb stockings, she was wearing a fairly plain black hoodie.


Her ‘murder’ hoodie as she liked to call it because no matter what she was experimenting on, you’d never see the stains. Speaking of murder, “Bianca, you spend five minutes with my parents and you’d grow tired of love too.”


Yoko smirked a little before reaching over and squeezing Bianca’s hand. “Like this? I know it’s far too le-”


“They routinely have to be reminded there are kids around if either gets so much as a papercut because it’s like blood in the water for sharks to them. Don’t talk about ‘too lewd’ to me.”


The three monsters just kind of stared at her before Enid broke the uncomfortable silence by bouncing over and grabbing Wednesday’s hand with both of hers. She then beamed at Wednesday as she said, “Besides, this was, hand holding can still be for friends! Especially besties like us.”


Wednesday wanted to simultaneously faint, murder someone and throw up over the contrast of Enid holding her hand like this and what she was saying. It didn’t help that the actual couple between them were still holding hands and that for all the bravado Wednesday had about her parents, they still often seemed to act like just this small touch meant the world. Why it mattered more than kisses and hugs she hardly could fathom but her heart seemed to be holding some secret from her as it tried to burst out of her chest. She forced herself not to blush either as she instead took a sharp breath and said, “I see you’re trying to prepare me for the torture within.”


That made Enid deflate some, an action that made Wednesday visibly wince in pain. The peppy girl didn’t stay down for long though as she bounced towards the trunk of the car and said, “Actually, just in case it wasn’t the sort of torture you like, I did pack your typewriter, some paper and a book! So, you know, if you have to leave you won’t be bored.”


That earned Enid a glare from Yoko. They’d agreed to try and not influence the bet. Bianca was more focused on something else though. “Oh, I thought she was here for the music. Finally sullying herself with something popular.”


Wednesday gave Bianca a bit of side eye before coldly saying, “I am. I am also here for the crowd. After all, Enid assured me that I would despise every second of it and if I didn’t, I could dye her hair black.”

Enid immediately shrieked, “Temporarily! For like a day!”


“If you can get sharpie out that fast.”


Enid turned a ghastly white while Yoko giggled and Bianca forced out a laugh. She was a little more focused on the fact that she had lost the bet though and that meant letting Yoko decide what they did tonight when they got back to her room. She only hoped Yoko wasn’t going to try acupuncture with their activities this time.


It was also the last of their banter before they began moving for the stadium. BTS wasn’t going to wait for three squealing girls and their black hole for fun. Bianca did take note though that Enid got black licorice while Wednesday got cotton candy. Yoko wasn’t about to take it as proof of any sort. Taste buds didn’t technically have to match their taste after all. Watching Wednesday tease Enid about the licorice before giving no comment on why she chose something so sweet did make Bianca want to use her siren song though just so she could be done with the questions.


Her focus stayed more on Yoko and the concert though. They so rarely managed to get out this far after all and they were going to enjoy the night. So long as Wednesday didn’t somehow ruin it, they should be fi-


Five minutes and twenty three seconds later.


Wednesday’s whole body shuddered as the same idiot knocked into her for the dozenth time. She had warned him three times already as she tried to merely focus on how much Enid was enjoying the tired, awful music. It was the only real reason she was here after all since she could have the auditory agony at home by just letting Enid put on whatever she wanted. The fact that the guy’s popcorn spilled onto her too was the last straw as she whipped around and hissed out, “Do that one more time and I assure you that you'll be going home in a body bag.”


The large man scowled before leaning in a bit closer and saying, “Dude, just chill! Enjoy the music and let it move y-”


“I do not let such awful, basic, tedious music move me. If it wanted to do that, it would need to be trying to do literally anything special. Instead, they’re just like everyone else: Bragging about how great they are when they’re just talentless clones of one another or trying to abuse their fans feelings by implying their special and could ever get with them while they find each and every one of you disgu-”


The ripple that had gone through the crowd finally came back as Wednesday was cut off by the closest ring of people around her turning on her and becoming very quiet. One had even acted by putting knives to the side of her face. Multi-colored, short knives…


Wednesday turned around to look at Enid who was blinking a few times before she pulled her arms and claws back. “Sorry! Knee jerk response!”


Something about that was incredibly hot to Wednesday and made her speak without thinking as she tried to focus on anything else. “At least you have something to make you unique. You don’t get claws like that in a factor-”


And that was the last thing Wednesday properly remembered before the fans around her descended upon her. At least, until security was escorting her and Enid out because Wednesday had downed two dozen guys before they could stop her from continuing to show that she was indeed the alpha predator here. All while Enid had tried to get her to stop which got her taken away.


And in all honesty, it made Wednesday feel bad as she told herself to try and behave at least a little better next time they did something like this. After all, while Enid curled up against her, sleeping while they waited for Yoko and Bianca, felt nice, knowing she was sleeping because she was cold and bored made her feel like a knife was driving itself into her chest. All while she at least had her novel to work on.


It wasn’t fair, and Wednesday knew it, so once she was fairly certain that Enid was asleep, she took off her hoodie and laid it on the disappointed girl. That way she’d at least have less of a chance of getting a cold or the like. She didn’t deserve one for putting up with her.


And yet, unbeknownst to Wednesday, the gesture just added to the warmth that Enid felt from having an excuse to cuddle with her crush. She was just tired from all the excitement and found Wednesday’s typing soothing at this point. If she were honest and willing to tell Wednesday, she’d admit that she’d trade a dozen concerts for just one more night like this between them.


She was too tired to muster such strength though and simply shifted to curl up against Wednesday ever tighter as she drifted to a soft slumber.

Chapter Text



The very air in the room shifted with the simple sneeze and Wednesday groaned a little in part because of it. It was mostly due to the fact that she felt like death itself. It wasn’t something she was unfamiliar with even as all Addams got a touch of the Black Plague when they were children so they could know what death and decay felt like. Now if only the blissful feeling could come without the desire to stay limp in bed. Wednesday wasn’t exactly one who liked inaction after all.


That wasn’t the real problem though. No, the real problem was the pair of eyes that she could feel glued onto her. If she acted too stiff or sore like she felt, Enid would get all sappy and caring and sweet and make her want to vomit and kiss her at the same time and it all made Wednesday shudder. No, she’d be fine, even if what she really wanted was to just lay in bed. She just-




Wednesday blinked a few times as she looked at the black hoodie that laid on top of her. She then froze as the back of Enid’s hand pressed itself against her forehead. Just as she had expected, the werewolf looked more than a little upset. But also… Annoyed? What was that about? It made Wednesday fidget, not helped by Enid saying, “You do have a heck of a fever. No wonder you’re shivering.”


What was she- Oh. At least Wednesday could be honest for once as she covered her face a bit with her covers. “It was me shuddering in disgust from you getting too concerned about me. I’m fine after all.”


“Oh really?” Enid then took two fingers and placed them against Wednesday’s chest. She then coldly stated, “Sit up then.”


Why did she sound so annoyed? It was a side of Enid that somehow made Wednesday feel like even more trash than being sick with some sort of infernal fever. Maybe if she knew why? Like Enid would tell her that. The girl always blamed what she had to do for her clubs instead of the assholes who wouldn’t do their share because they knew Enid would do it for them. No, she’d just have to try to read between the lines or something.


After she sat up.



She thought to herself, after she sat up.




Oh for the love of-




“I’m still waiting for you to try-”


“I have!”


Enid blinked a few times before sucking in her lips. She then began tucking Wednesday in as she said, “Okay, so we can both agree then that you’re sick? And that,” she said as she pulled the familiar, black hoodie closer to Wednesday’s face, “that it’s my fault?”


That… That was why she was upset? Because Wednesday was sick from trying to take care of her? That was weirdly sweet, even if it made Wednesday feel like her heart was smashed by it. It was all enough to make her relax and breathe out a tired sigh. “Fine. I agree I might be a little sick. I don’t want you doing too much about it though. You’ll probably just get sick too. Besides, give me like an extra fifteen minutes of sleep and I’ll be fine.”


Wednesday shrugged a little before mumbling, “Just because you’re technically correct doesn’t mean I have to listen to you.”


Enid glared at her crush for a moment before pausing for a second as her eyes darted away. She then finally smiled like she normally did as she said, “Fine, but I’m going to make you as comfy as I can so you don’t want to be better. How about that?”


Wednesday could live with that. She didn’t mind being tucked in by Enid, especially since only Enid and Thing might ever hear about it. Enid wasn’t too bad at some hospice care either as she made sure to tuck her in nice and tight. She even added her own blankets on top of Wednesday to theoretically help warm her up, though how close Enid was staying during all of this was keeping the gothic girl quite warm. Not for any particular reason of course…


It was while she was lost in these thoughts that her whole bed shook as she heard-




Wednesday’s head immediately snapped over to Enid who stood up with Wednesday’s nail gun in her hands. On any other day, the sick girl would have been out of there in a heartbeat. Instead, she laid in bed confused long enough for the one to have brought Enid the weapon of Wednesday’s demise to scramble on top of her. Then Thing pressed his nefarious digits against her chest, pinning her just like Enid had.




Wednesday tried her best to lift herself up but she was well and truly stuck. All she could do was glare at Enid as she said, “I will get you back for this.”




“And you’ll be able to do that even better when you’re all better!”




Wednesday couldn’t really argue with that, even as she fumed. She was curious if Enid had a real plan after trapping her to the bed that was answered almost just as quickly as the rest. After all, while Enid was willing to threaten trapping someone, she actually stopped short of making it so Wednesday literally couldn’t get up if she really tried. Just enough for there to be a constant pressure like from a weighted blanket but not so much that she couldn’t wiggle out to use the bathroom eventually.


The threat was enough to get Wednesday to relax though. Something about Enid considering going that far just to make sure she got better was charming. The fact that she didn’t was both disappointing and made Wednesday’s heart beat fast enough for her to hear it. It did make her wonder if Enid was truly as spineless as she’d thought. Maybe only if she really cared about what she was working on…


No. That was just the sick brain talking. Enid cared about her clubs after all. Not that she wasn’t showing a lack of care about her right now. Ugh. It was too much for her to try and focus on as she shut her eyes. Just a minute or two and-


“-Lurch. And it was nice meeting you!”


Wednesday blinked a few times as she processed the words before watching her butler retreat out of the room. Enid bounced back a little as some sort of package sat in her arms. Why was Lurch there? What was in the box? Why did Enid look so excited? How long had she been sleeping? Was Enid missing classes for her? Wait, she knew the answer to that one. It was Sunday after all. Unless she’d slept an entire day away.


One question reigned supreme though: “Who is that from?”


Enid looked over at Wednesday before beaming at her. “There you are, sleepy head! And don’t worry, I got this from your mom! I called her with Thing’s help and she said she had the perfect thing to help both of us feel better.”


“No. No.” Wednesday slowly pushed herself up before Thing brought her right back down. She hissed at Thing for a moment before stating firmly, “Anything from her that she thinks will help both of us is something you’ll likely hate. I would just throw it out right now.” The warning was on one hand trying to stop her from pulling out anything too embarrassing. The other hand was that it might an aromatherapy bomb and neither needed their room smelling of skunkweed for the next week.


Not that any of this stopped Enid as she used a claw to slice open the top. She then gasped as she looked within before squealing as she said, “Your mom was so right. I just need to put some touches on this and it’ll be perfect. ” She then dashed behind a small changing screen she had with it with no other warning or heads up as to what it might be.


And Wednesday almost needed to know. Her parents were the worst romantics she knew after all. They always went way too far and since her dad knew about her feelings, her mom must as well because they kept no secrets from each other and that would influence this stupid gift and it was all bad. There was nothing this could be that she would end up liking. The best case scenario was that it managed to actually kill her from embarrassment.


“There, that should do for now!”


Wednesday frowned a little bit from the fact that Enid sounded muffled for some reason. What could… could…


Any thoughts Wednesday was going to have just turned to mush as Enid stepped out from behind the screen. Her outfit was, just like she’d said, perfect. A black cloak gripped her shoulders by a bright, pink clasp. Black leather beneath was adorned with bits of sharpie to give rainbow accents to it here and there but never enough to over do it. Just enough to add a bit of positive flair to the morbid outfit. Really, the biggest mark she’d made was likely temporary and that was a pair of cat ears she’d put on the hood of the outfit.


Honestly, she’d have thought her mother had bought Enid traveling clothes if not for one piece. One piece that was normally cold and gray but now was dominated by a blue and pink beak. The beak of a plague doctor. 


It melted Wednesday’s brain, not that she showed any of it outside of her bugged eyes and bright red cheeks, both of which she could blame the fever on. It only got worse as Enid spoke again though as for how dark and foreboding the clothes were, it was distinctly Enid. “There! Now I won’t get sick. Are you ready to be a good patient and let me run off to make you some soup?”


Wednesday nodded slowly before watching her doctor walk out. It was both a relief and a shame to her at the same time. Fortunately, Thing managed to distract her as he began to sign out, “Look who can be a good g-” before getting smacked off the bed by Wednesday.


Indeed though, the outfit did just as it was supposed to. It made Wednesday more than happy to listen to anything Enid had to make her do so she could feel better. All so she didn’t disappoint her incredible plague doctor who played the role so incredibly well.


Besides, Enid got some rest last night. She could do with some extra sleep that day, and tucked in like a child at peace, she even managed to look cute. Not that that was anything new to Enid as she worked on sewing on some proper ears to the doctor’s hood.

Chapter Text

Enid pouted a bit as she broke through the treeline and saw that, indeed, no one was at the lake. No surprise party waiting for her, or people going psych, or even anyone having the same idea as her! She might have even taken the cops being around if it meant not showing up to her grand opening lake party alone. 


Or, well, that was kind of a misnomer. A small inlet that everyone enjoyed had been transformed into a lake two nights ago because of some mining accident causing a landslide. It had entirely cut off the lake from the ocean, or at least in any meaningful way. The dirt, rock and rubble that now faced her from across the lake was a testament to that as it rose well above the water level. It was also a bit of an eyesore and Enid couldn’t help but wonder if anyone would get upset at her if she tried to paint it a little prettier.

That was something she always loved to do. Add her own flair to things. The woods in which she had to stroll through to get here were a testament to that as they were covered in her little doodles and scribbles. Even her hair was a bit mismatched as she’d started dying it blue, considered going pink and now had a mostly mismatched ring of color at the ends of her hair while her natural, blonde hair shone in the sun. She liked how much it made her stand out though. That and how it made it so when she chewed on an end nervously, she could pretend she was chewing on cotton candy.


Today hadn’t about art though. Instead, it had been about friends, fun and… Other things that Bianca made more jokes about than Enid would ever dare. The more innocent girl had even squealed when Bianca responded by saying she had fencing training but also with a reminder of the set of strings that she’d convinced Enid to buy at the beginning of Summer. What was even worse was that Enid had actually brought it with her, along with a one piece and a bikini in case she wanted either of those, in case the boy she liked showed up. Ajax was so blind after all that maybe something more risque would catch his attention?


But the idea of actually being seen in it made her almost faint. Not that she thought she’d look bad in it. She was pretty confident in her looks after all! Sure, she didn’t have as clear of skin as other girls, or as big of chests, or wide as hips, or height and muscle, or…


Actually, what did she have going for her?


Enid shook her head furiously to clear it before stomping a foot onto the ground. It didn’t matter! She had a better personality than any of those other girls and a drive none of them could match. At least, so long as anything she faced wasn’t too scary. But that was just common sense and who could blame her for having that? No one, that’s who!


And common sense said that even alone, she could have fun! Or at least go for a swim. Though, before she did that, if she wasn’t going to hold up anyone else’s fun, she could sketch the rock wall first. Yeah, that could be fun! And would give her a base to plan out her grand redecoration from.


So, with a skip in her step and a whistle on her lips, Enid bounced to the end of the pier, reached for her sketchbook and-




Enid blinked a few times as she recovered from the shock of a shot of cold water smacking her in the face. Was there… Was there someone actually there with a water gun or the like? It was the only thing that made immediate sense with how calm the water was now. It made her drop to her knees a little harder than she should have. She could ignore the pain as she looked beneath the small pier and tried to see-


Her thoughts were cut off as something hit the pier and shook the entire structure. If she hadn’t dropped to her stomach at the start of the shaking, she might have actually fallen over and into the water. Not that that’d be a big problem. Unless it destroyed her phone. Then she might be in trouble. Actually, her mom hated how much she texted so much that she had threatened not to get her a new one if she broke this one. The idea was absolutely mortifying to Enid and almost enough to make her miss the shape that glided out from under the pier.


Almost. Enid’s head snapped to the person before blinking a few times more and scrambling towards the edge of the pier as she followed the black and pale peach blur. It made her think of a person but why were they wearing pants and a bikini top? That was just bad fashion if you asked Enid. Though she supposed it depended on what sorts of pants you were wearing. Maybe something sleek to look like a tail? Oh, that would be so cute! But probably also you shouldn’t go with black? It was always such a dreary color, just like shadows were always so moody. Just like the one above her.




Enid looked up and her eyes almost popped out of her head as she saw a tidal wave at least twice as tall as her coming at her. She immediately was back against the deck and gripped the pier as tightly as she could before the water hit. And oh boy, how it hit. The shock of the cold and pressure together set Enid’s teeth on edge. Her whole body tensed up in panic and tried to grind itself into the pier for traction. Not that the pier seemed all that safe as the poorly maintained wood groaned and creaked underneath her.


Fortunately, it was over just as fast as it had begun. When she opened her eyes though, Enid didn’t merely look at the water. Instead, she saw a pair of brilliant, brown eyes basking in the sun. They looked less than happy unfortunately as the rest of the girl’s expression betrayed nothing. Her long, black hair floated around her as well, masking part of her clammy, pale skin but not well enough to hide what really caught Enid’s eye.


A tail. A sleek, black fish’s tail. Enid slowly took in a breath as she realized what exactly it was she was looking at before she shrieked and reached towards the water to squeeze the mermaid’s cheeks or… Something! She was too excited not to try to hug her at least. What was the worst that could happen?


That answer came fairly quickly as the mermaid’s hands gripped Enid’s arm tight. Not too tight but it was enough to give the impression that it wasn’t just a poorly executed handshake. The slight scowl that slipped onto the mermaid’s face as she tried to pull on Enid’s arm and drag her under only reinforced the pressure. Fortunately for Enid, the artistic girl was still stronger than this mermaid, especially when she had as much leverage as she had, so even the surprise wasn’t enough to pull her under.


It was enough to make Enid wonder why the mermaid would try to do that. If it was going to try and murder people, she should probably tell the authorities. But what if the mermaid was just scared? Or trapped? And what would they do to her if they found her? Sure, she might be dangerous and probably magical but that might get her dissected!


What else could she do though? It wasn’t like she knew anyone who knew a lot about weird and cooky things like mermaids. This was a normal little town after a- Wait! The Addams! The ones up on the hill who lived in a manor she swore could literally eat you! She could…


She could…


Enid whimpered as she realized that she didn’t have another option. It was the super spooky family or trying things on her own to try and make nice with the mermaid. And, well, she didn’t exactly feel equipped for the latter.


Meanwhile, said mermaid was looking up at the pier from far below before wrapping her arms around her stomach as it gurgled. She scowled for a moment before spotting a fish swimming past and trying to go after it. With how still the water was though, she couldn’t use the right spells to merely stop it which meant relying on her physical speed and strength.


And that simply wasn’t something she could manage, just as she’d been finding out for almost two days now as she scraped by on what small things she could trap. And now she’d failed to actually drown the foolish human who had come…


Such misery was something Wednesday had always dreamt of experiencing but she was beginning to find it far less blissful now that she was trapped in such a deadly circumstance. Maybe… Maybe with some more sleep she could be prepared to try and break down the wall again, even if her at her maximum strength had failed.


If she didn’t get free though, what could she expect to save her?

Chapter Text

“Don’t you like how the wind feels up here? Not too strong that you feel attacked but also not so weak as to not be here. Peaceful but wild, you know?”


Wednesday blinked a few times as she processed the fact that Enid just assumed it was her who’d walked onto the roof. She could pretend to be someone else. Teach Enid a lesson about assumptions. On the other hand, looking at how relaxed Enid appeared as she spoke casually enough to actually be a little hard to hear, was… nice. That wasn’t even a lie or trick to herself. She just felt at peace up here with Enid, though she was missing whatever wild element the bubbly girl was talking about.


Of course, the two had very different definitions of wild. “Agreed. Strong enough to be blamed for someone falling to their death but not so strong as to risk your own life as you shove them.”


Enid giggled a little before hopping up onto the ledge that overlooked the quad and turning around to beam at Wednesday. Now the view that sat before the gothic girl, especially with gray clouds behind her to make sure Enid was the brightest thing in view, was more than ‘nice’. Thing even tried to offer his fingers for her to whistle with which promptly got him smacked off of Wednesday’s shoulder. She wasn’t about to indulge in his tomfoolery.


Tomfoolery that now got him scritches on the back of the hand that Wednesday glared at him for. Enid seemed to not care about any of it though as she looked back at her roomie. She was at peace after all as she joked, “Should I be worried about why you invited me up here then? Or should I just wrap you up in a hug to make sure we both stay safe and warm.”


Wednesday fidgeted a little at the idea of the two sitting curled up like that, especially somewhere everywhere could see them, before pushing it out of her mind. Or, at least, trying to. “Knowing you, you’d be so giddy that I was letting you hug me that you’d end up squirming so much that we both fell off.”


Enid raised her hands as she shrugged a bit and said, “Guilty as charged.” She then pushed her hands against the stones next to her and hopped to her feet as she said, “I wouldn’t be too worried about me though! I have very good balance after all. Kind of because I had to.” She then sighed before putting her hands on her hips. “Can you imagine how a pack of ‘mad dogs’ treat their kitty of a sister? Not good.”


‘Noted. Make Enid’s brothers lightly laced wolfsbane cupcakes. Not enough to kill them but make them run for the bathroom like they made Enid run for the hills.’


“Did you ever get chased into a tree?”


Enid whimpered a little as she rubbed her temples. “Yes, but unfortunately they can still climb trees unlike dogs.” She then threw her hands up a little before saying, “What are you going to do though? A bunch of alphas are going to do what alphas do.”


Enid felt her blood chill for a second from the withering look Wednesday gave her before the gothic girl said coldly, “Even the original scientist who did the study said his findings were absolute garbage. It gives them no right to treat you as they did. Maybe if they saw what a real apex predator could do…”


“Aaaaw,” Enid said as she leaned forward a bit and brought her face as close to Wednesday’s as she could, “would you protect me? Be my knight in shining armor?”


Wednesday felt a bit of heat come to her cheeks at the accusation as fear grabbed her heart tightly. She wanted to say yes after all. Or say that Enid was strong enough to be any Hellsing’s equal. Or any of a half a dozen compliments that would be far too sweet for her to speak. Or that reminded her way too much of her dad.


It made her almost put the plan she’d had for the roof lunch da- BREAK. LUNCH BREAK. Plan she’d had for the lunch break into action as she turned her head and sternly said, “ Sit and chill, Sinclair. I’m not like that.”


Enid didn’t even respond before her body obeyed and let Wednesday know that her experiment was indeed a success. The second Enid heard the command, her whole body shot backwards as she tried to squat in place to act like she was sitting. To be a good girl who listened! Only problem was that that meant she actually had a pretty good amount of momentum pulling her backwards as she hung her rump over the edge of the roof. 


She only got a slight squeal out before her arms waved frantically to try and stop her. Wednesday even almost grabbed her to try and help her as she saw the panic in Enid’s eyes. She was too late though as she stepped forward and screamed, “Enid!”


Her hand caught only air though as Enid fell. Past one window, people saw the purple clad girl before any real noise escaped her lips. Past the second, they heard the very start of a scream. She moved too quickly for anything more than that to get out before-




Wednesday blinked a few times as she looked over the edge before she smacked herself with a groan. There was no bloody explosion after all. No snapping of bones or shattering of Enid’s skull. After all, they were only two stories up! Worst that could have happened was she break a leg or something unless her head hit the ground right. Even better, she had landed on someone so she was probably just fine.


No, even… Even…


No. Even better was right as Wednesday let out a sigh of relief. She only hoped that whoever it was Enid fell on wasn’t too upset at her.


“So, ugh, is this your way of telling me you’ve still fallen for me?”


Wednesday’s blood ran cold at the voice and her nails dug into the stone as her pupils dilated. The stupid beanie the gorgon wore had made it easy to ignore him but now that she knew who it was, Wednesday wished Enid had snapped his neck or something. It was okay though. Enid still wasn’t really speaking to him after all. Not after he stood her up.


Indeed, Enid winced not just from the bruises she could feel, as well as the embarrassment of having listened to the command at all, but also from the fact that Ajax’s joke did hurt. It was enough to make her even forget her manner as she rolled off of him and said, “What do you care about who I fell for? I’m just lucky that you standing up helped me this time.”


It was Ajax’s turn to shut his eyes in agony before glancing around at all the people who were staring at them. He then sucked in his lips before deciding to finally make this right. He’d been avoiding it for weeks now but if Enid was mad enough not to even say sorry… No. He wasn’t okay with that. Not to a friend or a girlfriend.


So, instead, he scrambled to his feet and ran, as best as he could into the middle of the quad while yelling, “Hey, everyone!” He then swallowed hard as every eye turned to him. He was used to being the jokester on the side after all, not the class clown. He would just have to suck it up though. Not if he wanted Enid to stop looking so sad.


“Right there,” he said as he pointed at Enid and caused the werewolf to turn red, “is one of the prettiest girls in school! I was enough of a dumbass to stand her up. Not only that but I even ghosted her afterwards just so I didn’t have to look like a fool. Today I’m taking a page from my Poe Cup uniform though and admitting…” Ajax groaned a bit as he looked back at Enid and mumbled, “that I stoned myself coming out of the shower like I was five.”


Enid blinked a few times before being unable to help but crack a smile. She had wondered what she’d done wrong so to know it wasn’t her fault… She glanced up towards the roof as something in her chest made the elation she should feel turn sour. Maybe… Maybe she could milk it a little more like Wednesday would. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you over how cold it was that night.”


That got a laugh out of everyone in the quad except for the two whose attention were solely on Enid. Ajax simply stood there for a few moments as his eyes begged Enid to let him go before he sighed. It looked like he would simply have to face the facts. So, louder than anything else he’d said so far, “I stoned myself as I came out of the shower! Blocked the shower for a good day and woke up with a bunch of drawings on my face.”


The quad exploded with laughter as Ajax’s arms fell to his side and he limped back over towards Enid. He managed a small, soft smile as he shrugged a bit and whispered, “So… Maybe you can give me another chance? Please?”


Enid smiled more purely as she felt at peace under his gaze. There was a reason she liked him after all. The fact that he could be laughed at like this and still be so chill. So calm. It was unlike any of her brothers but Ajax was still way more vocal than her dad was. He was the sort of peace she liked. A gentle wind that wrapped around her, just like the one she’d been sharing with Wednesday…


The werewolf looked back up before shutting her eyes. She had just been trying to be cute with Wednesday but… But…


No. She didn’t want to think. Not right now. So, instead of committing to anything, Enid whispered, “Friends for now, at least, but I need to go. Now.” Before running from it all.


And leaving two people with cracked hearts as they wondered what they could have done better for the girl that seemed so effortlessly good at being sweeter than candy.

Chapter Text

Enid hummed happily to herself as she skipped out to the school stables. The Equestrian Club had asked if she might help with brushing the horses and she was all too happy to do that. Normally werewolves and animals just didn’t really mix but until she transformed, there wasn’t any real issue there. Well, as long as she didn’t get upset. Then she might spook them but her mere presence wouldn’t upset them.


Better yet, it gave her a distraction from everything that had been on her mind recently. The last couple days, Wednesday had been weirdly quiet around her. Like, quieter than usual. Enid would usually just think Wednesday was ignoring her or something but she also kept finding heating patches and tea on her desk when she came back to the room and Thing made sure to let her know they were always from Wednesday. They were really helping with the bruises she had but, well, it was different. It was especially different because it wasn’t like it was Wednesday’s fault that she’d acted like some dumb pup. Not that she minded the attention. It actually made her really happy but, well…


That brought up the other problem. Ajax. Now that she was on speaking terms with him again, she was spending lunches and the like with him and that was nice too. He was a good friend to her after all. She even made sure to share some of the heating patches with him since it was explicitly her fault he got hurt. It was also easier than saying thank you to Wednesday when she wouldn’t even look up from her writing to acknowledge it. Everything was easier with Ajax and she liked easy. She did. She wanted to be loved after all so why would she want to work so-


Enid slammed her hands on the doors of the stable as she opened her mouth to tell herself to stop it. Instead, she was cut off by the piece of paper loosely taped to the door falling on her face. Enid blinked a few times before reaching up and pulling it off and looking at it. It was probably just a heads up that if you didn’t have permission to be here you shouldn’t be here but…



Some whinnying came from the stables as briefly Enid’s claws came out. Apparently ‘something came up’ and so the member that was supposed to help her wasn’t around. Worse yet, the horses didn’t need to be brushed. No, instead the stables needed to be cleaned. It even had detailed instructions on how to deal with the crap. Enid could already hear Wednesday telling her the real way to deal with this shit though.


“No, no, Enid.” She took a deep breath as she placed a hand over her chest. “You said you would help them so you will even with…” She couldn’t even finish the words as she whined at the thought of all the literal horseshit that they’d put on her. It wasn’t even the first time some club she wasn’t a part of did this to her. Was she just that obvious of a mark for this sort of thing?


It wouldn’t even give her the distraction she wanted anymore. At least the smell wasn’t awful as she walked in, though she still pulled a mask out of her jacket pocket that she’d brought just in case. After all, she was a bit sensitive to anything too strong, let alone something like this. The lilac scent in the mask did a good job to block out anything else and helped to stop her from thinking about the shit but that was also the problem. She didn’t want to think about what she was doing, which was the exact opposite of what she wanted. What she needed. She spent too much time thinking about a few people already.


So, instead of getting straight to work, she reached over and began to stroke one of the horse’s necks as her other hand calmed it down. Even if it wasn’t what she was supposed to be doing, she’d get a bit of the simple joy that she had come for. The horse was uneasy of course as Enid was still trying to relax herself but that just reminded her of any time she tried to touch Wednesday. The gothic girl always seemed so nervous and tense about being too close to her which made the rare chances she got to hold her all the more special. All the more exhilarating.


It pulled her in closer as Enid placed her head against the side of the horse’s muzzle. It was surprisingly warm and Enid hummed as she continued to pet the great beast. Why couldn’t she have this more often? This sense of peace, even with something so dangerous? Something so mysterious to her since she didn’t even know how to ride the great beasts? Something she wasn’t supposed to have? Something she shouldn’t even consider getting close to, especially because she could hear her mom saying, ‘I want grandpups mi-’


Reality came crashing back as the horse whinnied and smacked the side of Enid’s head with its muzzle. It was with enough force too to make Enid’s ears ring as she took a step back. Of course it would do that though. That’s all it took for it to go wrong after all. An errant thought, an incorrect emotion, a touch that was just the slightest bit off. A push that Wednesday didn’t like, a color she despised…


Enid grabbed the side of her head as the noise in the stables grew louder. All of the horses were starting to get spooked now and she wanted them to just shut up. Shut up. SHUT- “UP!”


The entire stables strained from how the horses began to fight against their stalls. The one that Enid had been petting even backed away as Enid took a step towards it. Then, as she screamed, the horse watched as large, gleaming claws sliced through the wooden beams of its stall like butter. They didn’t even stop as they met the metal hinges to the door. Instead, it was bent, cracked, and then just as easily discarded as the rest of the wood.


The eyes of a beast then met the horse’s and that was the last straw. The horse reared up on its hind legs, hopelessly kicking at the monster before it to get it to step back before landing hard and looking for anywhere it could go. Fortunately for it, the door that Enid had closed now began to open again as a voice came in.


“Enid, are you in he-”


Wednesday stopped as the horse smashed through its stable door and headed straight for her. It was obviously spooked and nothing was going to stop it, let alone the small teenager that came up to its chest. The loud sound and shock of it was even enough to cause her to freeze, not that she really could have done much. It was breaking immediately into a gallop and at least when its hooves went through her skull, it’d be quick. They were just in front of her face after all. All she had to do was wait another half a second.


Or… not? Wednesday blinked a few times as she watched the horse uselessly kick at the air as if something was keeping it from landing. It only became clearer that something must be doing that as the horse was yanked back and then thrown to the ground. Not in a way that would harm the large beast but it was enough to get the horse to finally calm.


Which gave Wednesday a chance to look at her savior. Enid’s eyes looked almost feral until the werewolf blinked and they were suddenly normal. Her larger claws sank back in almost immediately and her whole body seemed to relax as the two stared at each other. Neither said anything immediately, not until the silence finally made even Wednesday uncomfortable. She didn’t even know why she was put off by it. There was just something in Enid’s eyes that made her feel like she should be mad at herself. Like she’d done something wrong.


She wasn’t about to admit to that though. Not when she’d avoided doing just that for almost a week now. So, instead, she said, “I went for a walk to get through some writer’s block and heard the kid who ditched you bragging about it in the quad. After having… words,” since she suspected Enid would get mad at her if she said she broke the asshole’s nose, “with them, I came over to check on you.”


Enid swallowed hard before shutting her eyes. There were so many thoughts in her head and she couldn’t even entirely remember what had happened. She just knew things were getting out of control and something had been going wrong. Wednesday had been all she’d been able to think and that storm and anger and confusion had been becoming all she could think about until suddenly Wednesday was in the stables and she had a horse pinned somehow to the ground.


All she wanted was to be alone so she didn’t have to think or talk. Not that Wednesday actually wanted to be there. Not when in reality, “No, you’re here to tell me that I shouldn’t be here, right?”


“I mean,” Wednesday said as she looked at the state of the stalls, “obviously. They lied to you after all.” She then looked back at Enid and sighed as she stepped in. “But knowing you, you’re going to say you gave your word and be stubborn about that so why don’t we just get this over with?”


Enid blinked a few times before looking up at Wednesday. She then sniffled a bit before mumbling, “You’re going to help me?”


Wednesday fidgeted at the question. She didn’t know why she was after all. This wasn’t their mess after all. The idea of just leaving Enid to do this though when she was obviously feeling bad though? Well… “I needed to brainstorm for the next chapter of my novel anyways so I’m not busy. There’s not much of a difference between doing this and a walk, is there? They’re both mindless, physical tasks meant to give me time to think.”


Enid smiled at that as she finally got up and started using her strength to carefully help the horse up. She was so thankful that it wasn’t injured in some way. She would have felt like the worst if she had managed that. It was her who had done that, right? But how? And why?


No. She wouldn’t think about it. It didn’t matter that much after all, right? Just like Wednesday being there didn’t change things too much. Not when, “I’ll leave you to your thoughts then but I’m putting on music, ‘kay?” She could just ignore Wednesday and not think about anything as she focused on her task.


Not that she could properly. Not when anytime her thoughts started to wander, so did her eyes back to the beautiful goth who couldn’t resist the great beasts of the stable’s charm and stopped to give them pet from time to time. Pets that the werewolf couldn’t help but want. Pets that the idea of asking for terrified and exhilarated her. And yet, that same terror was oddly comforting?


It made her wonder if maybe there was something to what Wednesday said about terror being better, even if Enid still had no idea how that could possibly be true. She wouldn’t question it today though. Not when she had other shit to deal with.

Chapter Text



Thing flipped onto his back before looking at his nails as Wednesday began to rummage through her makeup case. He was already proud of his work today. He’d been there when Wednesday had been working on the poison lipstick she now reached for and had swapped it out for a safe shade of black while the gothic girl slept. This way, he could just enjoy the results and not have to worry about whatever madness Gomez had put in her. It would be a true Christmas gift for him.


Then Wednesday slid over a small hatch in the side of the case and casually caught a silver cylinder that fell out of it. She then took off the top and spun the green lipstick between her fingers as she said, “You know, I really wish I didn’t have to use the school’s laboratory now for my poisons, Thing. It’s much harder to make it stable this way.”


Thing sprang to his fingertips before getting out a quick, “You’re bluffing!”


Wednesday lifted the poisoned makeup to her nose and took a whiff as she confirmed that it was indeed still viable. If she’d made it at home, she’d have had the right sealing agents to make it keep together for weeks instead of days. Not that she wholly unwelcomed the challenge. If killing was easy, it wouldn’t be as fun as it was. As engaging a puzzle.


She couldn’t risk failing this puzzle though. Not when the application of it was so… lethal to a part of her psyche that needed to get so excited about it. The use of twee tradition to get her work done made her sick after all, let alone how much physical contact it required as well. Such was the price for success though.


And yet her hand trembled as she began to put on the shade of green. She’d chosen the color to be ironic and to also be able to claim it was more seasonal than her normal black, though the green was still quite sickly and dark too. Something to help excite Enid because the silly girl was always trying to get her to try and shake up her style. It would be a nice, final treat for her.


Wednesday almost closed her mouth as an odd tightness clamped down on her chest. She couldn’t though. She needed the lipstick to stay moist so that it would better transfer over to Enid. She would need to give Enid a full dose of her love if she wanted to kill-


Wednesday stopped dead as her mind properly caught up with her thoughts. The intrusive ideas about Enid that came from her heart had been growing worse recently. Was it because tomorrow they were going to have to say goodbye for Winter Break? Because she wanted Enid to come back to her home instead of San Francisco? That’s where her thoughts kept going but such things were preposterous. They were the twee thoughts of a love drunk teenager after all. Not of… her.


She looked down at the cylinder in her hands before looking over at the mistletoe she’d hung over the door. She then shut her eyes before sighing softly and getting up. She couldn’t do it. Not today. Not like this. Maybe she still had time to make Enid a gift of some sort? Something simple probably but Enid would probably thank her for anything she made. She could go to the hive and make a candle for her. Enid would almost certainly like that, especially if it were handmade, and she could probably convince Eugene to make one too to-


“Hi Wednesday!”


“Hi, Enid.” -hide her intent. That way she could do it safely. Yes, that was actually sounding like a rather nice plan. Plan? Why was something pinging the back of her brain from tha- “Ow!” Wednesday finally got out of her thoughts as she stopped moving the chair she’d been bringing to the door to glare at Thing briefly.


It was too late though as Enid tilted her head a bit and asked, “What are you doing with that chair?” She then looked back at the door as she began to say, “Were you going to decorate the door? I wanted to so badly but no one would-” She was then cut off as she saw what Wednesday had placed there.


At the sprig of mistletoe that hung there.


Wednesday somehow turned even more ghostly white as Enid turned around and she was all too aware of how much Enid’s lips-




“-glistening? How much lip gloss did you put on this morning?”


Enid groaned a bit as she covered her lips. “Is it really that bad? My mom sent me some chapstick because she knows how dry my lips get around this time of year. She even sent me some special Lycan chapstick, even though I don’t need it yet, and I didn’t know if it might be more like gloss or not.”


Yoko lowered her sunglasses a bit so that Enid could properly see her raising an eyebrow. “Werewolves have special chapstick?”


Enid shrugged a little at the question. “I mean, sure. With the right nutrients, you can have it help your wolf side too. That’s what the ads say. It’s no different from your sunblock.”


That got a small nod out of the vampire before Yoko pushed back up her glasses. “True. I should have thought about that. I’ve been… distracted.”


Enid narrowed her eyes a bit before leaning in closer to her friend. “Oh? Did something happen with your Christmas plans?”


A small hiss escaped Yoko before she whispered, “Depends. Is this going on your blog?”


“Come on,” Enid said with the brightest, most innocent smile she could manage, “do you really think every bit of gossip I get goes there?”


Yoko studied Enid’s face for almost a full minute before sighing. This was Enid she was talking about after all. Her blog was filled with mostly harmless tidbits and gossip. She wouldn’t know real news if it smacked her in the face. “Fine. If I find this there though, you can promise that I’m going to get you back for it.”


Enid smiled ever brighter at the statement, even as she began to draft how to start the post in her mind.


“So you know how I wanted to get my parents to meet both Bianca and Divina? Well, they said I could only have one family come over for the holidays so I need to choose one of them. I tried explaining it to them but, uh… I feel like they both might have used their siren song to make me choose them because I swear I was certain about Divina and then…” Yoko groaned a bit as she rubbed her temples. “Just right back to square one, not helped by how much Bianca keeps insisting she’d come alone rather than bringing her parents but she won’t. Tell me. Why.”


Enid’s smile faded as real anger slipped into Yoko’s voice. She reached over and squeezed her friend’s hand before patting her shoulder too. “Hey, it’ll be okay. You three care a lot about each other after all so even if there’s some roughness now, you’ll figure it out!”


Yoko grimaced a little at the unbridled optimism before she spat back, “Oh, and how is that working for you and Wednesday?”


That brought a flame to Enid’s face that she immediately spun around to hide. Not that her panicked voice or the like did a good job at making it any less clear what she was. “Oh? That? I mean, it’s apples and oranges! You three are dating. We’re friends. Just friends. Just,” Enid said as her claws gouged part of the table they were sitting at, “friends.”


Yoko stared at the claw marks for a second before coldly saying, “Yeah. Sure.”


That earned her a glare from the sunny girl before Enid got up with a stomp. “I don’t need this. If I wanted to be teased about nothing, I could just go back to my room and talk to Wednesday!”

“Yeah, I bet you want to be teased by her.”


“Agh!” Enid thrust her arms down at her side before striding away as quickly as she could. It was far more from how much she wished she could invite Wednesday to spend the holidays with her family than anything else though. It had been a thought on her mind ever since her dad had left a note in the care package reminding her that more were always welcome to their pack. Of course, he meant it in a friendly way, not with the sound of wedding bells that Enid had dreamt up last night, but it still meant the offer was there. For the Addams and Sinclairs to spend the holidays together. She couldn’t get herself to even bring up the topic with Wednesday though.


Instead, all she could do was apply more chapstick as she headed back to their room and tried to act like everything was fine. Like she didn’t keep hoping there was-




“Mistletoe? Why is there mistletoe in our room?”


Wednesday fidgeted a little before she found her mouth working on autopilot as it followed the plan she’d had in place up until five minutes ago. “Thing likely put it there. A simple prank meant to mess with us. Or to make his fanfiction come true, proving he’s the biggest creep of them all.”


That got a whole new set of furious taps out of Thing but neither girl paid enough attention to him to properly interpret it. Both kept glancing between the green sprig and their crush as they continued to stand under it. They both knew what it meant after all. What tradition stated that they do now.


Enid then looked back at the sprig one more time before shutting her eyes as she knew what was better for Wednesday. What was just more respectful in general, no matter how much she wanted to follow tradition. That’s just what she got for letting her heart get pulled at by a non-traditional girl. So, with her head hung low, she said, “Don’t worry, we don’t need to. I mean, you don’t like hugs. Forcing a kiss on you would be… mean.”


Wednesday felt her heart practically stop as her brain tried to shift into multiple gears at the same time. On the one hand, a part of her was relieved because Enid was safe. Another was in agony at the idea of missing the chance to kiss her. Another was angry that she had put the two in this sort of mess in the first place. Another was ready to strangle herself too for how sad Enid looked about missing out on this.


Above all of that though was the simplicity of the gesture. That Enid would actually think about her that much. She normally didn’t even think her parents considered her eccentricities this much. For her to stop from kissing her just because she didn’t like being touched…


Wednesday moved without thinking as her heart took over. Any thoughts of her plan or the like were gone as she grabbed the sides of Enid’s face and pulled her down towards her. Then forcefully, awkwardly, almost painfully with how much force she put behind it, she mashed her lips against Enid’s. It wasn’t elegant or practiced or anything like that. She had no idea how to even give a hug after all, let alone something this intimate. She didn’t care though. Not immediately at least.


Nor did Enid as her brain exploded in an instant. In fact, they both kind of short circuited as they processed the kiss. As their bodies felt like they were simultaneously on fire and being hit by lightning. As fear, joy, love and terror all mixed into one before melting away as the warmth of the other girl overrode any thought or worry they could manage, especially once Enid simply shut her eyes and leaned in.


They didn’t try for anything more advanced or special, instead they simply kept their lips locked tightly together, but it was more than enough for them. More than they could have ever hoped or expected from the other.


And more than had been expected of either the chapstick or poison as the two began to mix in turn. Mix and evolve. Shift. Change into something new. Something unknown to man.


And, most specifically as both girl’s stomachs suddenly began to turn, into something that no Addams had played with before. A poison that Wednesday was in fact not immune to, unlike what she had originally planned. It was enough to finally ruin the kiss, even after minutes of silence as they’d simply held each other there, not that either realized. For both, it had felt like an eternity and an instant at the same time.


But now that they were both done, they both had the same thought as they ran for the nearest bathroom before they were sick.




“Weems! It’s so good to hear from you.”


“Hello, Morticia. I wish it was so good to call you but, well… I have bad news. Wednesday and her roommate became incredibly sick earlier today. Normally I’d just rule it out as the flu but with how resistant to normal illnesses werewolves can be, I think Wednesday must have caught something from Enid. If it truly is a lycanthropic disease then the school cannot send her home for the holidays lest she spread something your physiology isn’t ready to handle. I’m sorry.”


“Oh no! And you’re sure it isn’t some sort of poison or the like? Or food poisoning?”

“Werewolves eat raw meat in their hunts so it’s rather hard for them to get food poisoning. Besides, no one is showing similar symptoms. As for poisons,” Weems said as she looked at the paperwork in front of her, “your medical records for Wednesday are quite clear how unlikely she would be to be affected by such things. Fortunately, it isn’t so bad as to make me think it might be lethal but precautions must be made.”


“I understand but my little girl will be all alone for the holidays then! Surely you could stay there with her or the like? Someone, anyone maybe?”


“I do have a family of my own to go see, Morticia. Still, I suppose if Enid’s family weren’t opposed to keeping her, Wednesday could go home with her roommate. Her family is already going to be exposed simply by their daughter so it won’t be made much worse by Wednesday showing up too. Besides, Enid is showing slightly better signs of recovery already so it isn’t much worse than a mean flu for her.”

“So you’ll ask the girl if she’ll have my little Wednesday? Please?”


“...Fine. I’ll even offer to pay for her ticket to San Francisco and back myself. It’s the least I can do since I’m the one stealing her holiday from her.”