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Girl troubles

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Megumi is sitting on the couch in the living room flipping through channels with the remote mindlessly

"There's nothing interesting to watch" megumi says before turning to yuta

"Yuta let's go train or something I'm tired of tv" megumi says

"Ok I'm coming" yuta says standing up

"Wait don't go guys" tsumiki says

"What" megumi asks looking at his sister

"I wanted us to spend time together" tsumiki says

"But we're going to train" megumi says and tsumiki frowns

"Please let's watch TV together" tsumiki asks moving to grab her brother's hand

"But tv is boring" megumi says

"Please" tsumiki says giving megumi puppy dog eyes and the boy caves

"Ugh fine" megumi says

"What about you yuta" tsumiki asks

"Sure" yuta replies before sitting back on the chair along with megumi and tsumiki

"Yay, I'll get snacks" tsumiki says before heading towards the kitchen

The three kids sit on the chair watching a movie together and munching on popcorn

"This movie is dumb" megumi says

"Stop being so grumpy megumi it's cool it has magic you and yuta should be able to relate to it" tsumiki says but megumi rolls his eyes

"No me and yuta do jujutsu that's different from magic" megumi says crossing his arms

"I don't see the difference he uses a wand to make things appear and you use jujutsu to make your demon dogs that only you, gojo and yuta can see" tsumiki says

"It's different we don't need wands to use jujutsu" megumi says

"So" tsumiki says

"It's different, this movie is stupid" the ten year old says again acting more like a child then he ever has before

"It's ok megumi jujutsu can appear like magic to those who aren't familiar with it so it's ok if tsumiki had them mixed up" yuta says trying to stop the siblings from arguing

"Whatever" megumi says before turning back to the movie

"I'm glad that worked" yuta thinks to himself

I have to go to the bathroom" tsumiki says getting up

"Well pause the movie" yuta says reaching for the remote

"It's ok keep watching" tsumiki says

"No we'll wait" megumi says taking the remote from yuta and pausing the movie

"Oh ok then I'll be back in a wink" the eleven year old says before heading to the bathroom

The two boys sit on the couch waiting for tsumiki to come back but seconds turn to minutes that turn to thirty minutes and the girl still wasn't back and the two boys had began to worry

"Tsumiki has been gone for a long time" megumi says looking worried

"That's true I wonder what's taking her so long" yuta asks

"I don't know but I'm going to go check" megumi says standing up to go look for his sister

"I'm coming too" yuta says standing up and the two boys head over to the bathroom and megumi raises his hand to knock

"Tsumiki are you ok in there" megumi asks after knocking the door and a few seconds later tsumiki sticks her head out looking embarrassed and nervous

"I'm okay I just got my period and I have no idea what to do" tsumiki says panic in her voice

"What, right now" megumi says looking panicked, he turns to yuta

"What do we do" megumi asks the older boy

"I don't know" yuta says before turning to tsumiki

"Tsumiki are you in pain" yuta asks .

"No I'm just bleeding" tsumiki answers

"If your bleeding then it has to hurt" megumi says looking worried for his sister

"My abdomen hurts a bit, what should I do, I don't know what to do in this situation" tsumiki says

"Let's call gojo, he's an adult he'll know what to do" yuta suggests and megumi rolls his eyes

"I don't think that idiot will know what to do" megumi says and tsumiki gives him a disapproving look

"Megumi don't say mean things about gojo" tsumiki says

"But it's true" megumi says

"Megumi fushiguro" tsumiki says and megumi sighs

"Fine" megumi says not looking very happy

"So should I call gojo" yuta asks

"No" megumi says

"Yes" tsumiki says

"Ok I'll call him" yuta says before heading to the living room and dialing gojo's number on the house phone, the phone rings twice then gojo picks up

"You have reached the line of the strongest and handsomest sorcerer in the world what can I help you with" Is the first thing gojo says when he answers the phone

"Gojo it's yuta are you busy" yuta asks hurriedly and suddenly gojo is on high alert

"Whats up yuta, are you guys ok" gojo asks sounding worried

"We're fine but tsumiki just got her period and we don't know what to do" yuta says and gojo sighs in relief, for a minute he thought Rika had come out or something but then he processes what yuta had just said and begins to panic

Because tsumiki had gotten her period in a house with no sanitary products that she'd need and house with two little boys with no knowledge of this and no other female

"Shit, shit shit" gojo says into the phone not caring he was swearing on a phonecall with yuta

"Umm gojo are you ok" yuta asks sounding worried

"No im not but I have to put on a strong face for the kids, I can't imagine what poor Miki was going through come on gojo act like an adult" gojo thinks to himself

"Gojo, gojo are you there" yuta asks worried because of gojo's silence

"I'll tell yuta to call shoko, yes" he thinks before responding to yuta finally

"Listen yuta call shoko ok and when you call her give Miki the phone" gojo says

"Ok" yuta replies

"Good, I'll be back soon ok" gojo says before hanging up

"Well time to stop playing around and finish this mission" gojo says taking of his shades and getting serious


"I'm back" yuta says as he walks back to the bathroom area

"What did he say" megumi asks

"He said that we should call shoko" yuta responds as he dials shoko's number

"We could have figured that out on our own, told you he'd be no help" megumi says

"Megumi don't be rude" tsumiki says

"Shhh" yuta says as shoko answers the phone, yuta quickly hands the phone to tsumiki

"Hello" shoko says

"Hi shoko it's me tsumiki" tsumiki says as megumi pulls yuta away

"Megumi" yuta says

"Let's give her some privacy" megumi says

After a while of megumi and yuta sitting in the living room anxiously waiting they hear a knock on the door

"I'll get it" yuta says heading to the door to, he opens it and sees utahime standing there holding two big bags

"Utahime good afternoon" yuta greets as he allows her in

"Utahime?" Megumi says in confusion as why the woman was here

"Sorry to drop in unannounced but I came to give tsumiki some things" utahime gesturing to the two bags she was carrying

"Did shoko send you" megumi asks

"Yes she's busy and couldn't come so I did, anyway where's Miki" utahime asks

"She's in the bathroom" yuta responds

"Ok" utahime says before heading towards the direction of the bathroom

After a while utahime helps tsumiki get cleaned up and shows her how to use the pad

"Thank you so much utahime I was so scared" tsumiki says as the two exit the bathroom

"It's ok I was scared when I got my first one too" utahime says a fond smile on her face

"Really" tsumiki says

"Yes" utahime says

"Oh well I'm glad it's over now" tsumiki says as the two enter the living room

"Tsumiki are you ok" megumi asks as he and yuta run towards her and utahime

"Im ok utahime helped me out" tsumiki responds

"Were glad your ok" yuta says

"Me too" tsumiki says, the door flies open and gojo appears holding a bunch of shopping bags and looking worried

"Gojo your home" yuta says

"Took you long enough" megumi says and tsumiki nudges him

"Miki are you ok" gojo asks

"Yes I'm ok" tsumiki responds

"I bought you lots of stuff like pads, and chocolate I hear it helps with the pain" gojo says setting the bags down

"It's ok gojo I already bought the things tsumiki needs" utahime says

"Utahime, I didn't even see you there" gojo says and utahime rolls her eyes

"I'm ok really gojo but thank you" tsumiki says

"Oh I'm glad anyway I hope utahime didn't bore you while I was gone" gojo asks teasingly before pulling utahime ribbon of her head cuasing the woman's blood to boil in anger

"Respect your elders gojo" utahime screams as gojo luaghs annoyingly