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if you can find a reason to stay (standing in the pouring rain)

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Enid is woken by the loud pounding of rain on the roof. She rubs the sleep out of her eyes. Wednesday sleeps beside her, curled on her side. She only sleeps like this with her.


Enid loves the summers. Ever since the year they first met, Enid went to the Addams’ with Wednesday during the summers. The summers aren’t too hot and dry, in fact they’re cool and rainy. Hence the storm. Enid looks at the huge gothic style window. It’s dark outside, but the lack of clouds makes for a beautifully moonlit scene.


Enid presses a gentle kiss to her girlfriend’s temple. She stirs, sleepy eyes meeting Enid’s in a second. A soft smile makes its way on Wednesday’s lips, the rarest kind.


“Hey,” Enid smiles back at her.


“Hi,” Wednesday replies. She looks out her window. “It’s raining.”


“Yeah, that’s what woke me up.” Enid sighs. She lays back down, burying her face in the crook of Wednesday’s neck.


Wednesday brings a hand up to play with Enid’s hair, kissing the top of her head.


Enid would give anything to be able to wake up next to Wednesday every day for the rest of her life.


Enid brings her head back up and presses a kiss to Wednesday’s cheek.


“You’re very touchy.” Wednesday observes.


Enid laughs. “Says you.”


Wednesday smiles. She takes her hands to Enid’s face and pulls her in for a gentle kiss.


They both smile into the kiss, and it’s so, so, soft. It’s everything Enid could ever dream of.




“You know,” Enid whispers, still breathing Wednesday’s air, “I’ve always dreamt of a rain kiss.”


Wednesday barely takes a pause before—


“Let’s do it.”


Enid pulls back in surprise. “Wh— really?”


Wednesday’s expression is borderline unreadable. Though, her eyes are full of love.




“I was joking, I didn’t think you’d actually want to do it…” Enid can feel her face heat up.


Wednesday raises an eyebrow. “Do you not want to?”


Enid’s face only gets warmer. “No, I do! Just— do you really?”


“I would do anything for you.”


The way she says it is so monotonous, but Enid can feel the impact through her words.


Enid smiles.


“Okay. Let’s go then.”


Wednesday pulls her down for one more quick kiss before Enid jumps off of the bed. She pulls a still sleepy Wednesday up, and all but drags her out of the room.


They have their shoes on in a second once they’re at the door, and it’s Wednesday who leads Enid out this time.


Wednesday’s expression is so sweet, all gentle eyes and soft smiles. Enid smiles back, not able to help herself.


Enid shivers when the rain first hits her, but Wednesday is unfazed.


They walk down the long driveway until they’re far enough from the house.


Wednesday takes Enid’s hands in her own and pulls her close.


“Are you cold?” She asks. Her voice is enough to warm Enid at any temperature, but she doesn’t say that.


“No,” she says, already breathless. “I’ve got werewolf blood, remember?”


“Hmm,” Wednesday tucks a strand of blonde hair behind Enid’s ear. “It seems that you won’t need me for warmth at night anymore, then.”


Enid laughs. “Don’t be silly, Willa.” She spins her around a couple times, causing Wednesday’s eyes to widen. “I don’t cuddle you because I need to.” She pulls Wednesday close to her until their lips almost touch. “I cuddle you because I want to.”


Wednesday closes the gap between their lips, reaching up to run her hands through Enid’s drenched hair. Enid holds Wednesday’s face with both of her hands.


Wednesday’s already soft lips feel like silk from the rain. Enid smiles stupidly into the kiss.


After Wednesday pulls away, Enid follows. She kisses Wednesday again, but pulls back quickly.


She opens her eyes, and Wednesday is staring at her with heart eyes. Enid smiles. She loves how expressive her eyes are when you really look at them. And Enid definitely looks.


“You’re so beautiful.” Wednesday breathes out.


Enid can feel her face flush red. “Really?”


“Really.” Wednesday holds Enid’s face in her hands. “You are so beautiful.”


Wednesday pulls Enid back in for another kiss, brushing raindrops from her skin with her thumbs.


Enid savors this feeling. Wednesday’s lips on hers, the smell of the rain, the security of being held by the love of her life.


When they pull apart, they just press their foreheads together, unwilling to be any more separate.


“This was better than I imagined it could be.” Enid whispers.


Wednesday sighs softly.


“Everything is better with you.”


Enid thinks she might die if Wednesday says one more sweet thing to her.


They stay like that for another few minutes, going back inside when the downpour gets especially bad.


Wednesday gives Enid one of her large hoodies, even though she knows that she has sweaters of her own. Enid takes it.


The rest of the night, they stay in Wednesday’s room, wrapped up in each other, watching a movie.


Wednesday falls asleep first, head resting on Enid’s shoulder. Enid falls asleep not long after, fingers interlocked with Wednesday’s on her stomach.


Enid wants to stay like this forever.