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Strong Dragon

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There were faint shouts coming from his mother's chambers. Jace had not intend to eavesdrop but some words caught his attention. "Lord Corlys sailed back to the Stepstones, for all we know anything can happen to him. Especially now that there are no dragons to accompany him as you insisted I stay here..." uttered Prince Daemon. Is grandfather unwell?  Jace furrowed his brows, he has heard of the Sea Snake's latest ventures from Rhaena who was informed by her sister Baela residing at Driftmark. He quickly uttered a prayer for Lord Velaryon's health, he was a good man... good to him and his brothers despite the truth. Well, since Lady Laena's funeral six years ago Jace had to bury such secrets though everyone seemed to have known. Including his stepfather. 


"You do have a point, I suppose Princess Rhaenys will be the first to hear if anything were to happen to her husband. We ought to prepare Luke..." He hard his mother say. "You mean for Lucerys to inherit Driftmark? And what of my daughters with Laena? They are trueborn-" Daemon had demanded. Even if he wasn't in the room with them, Jace could feel his mother tense at 'trueborn'. "What are you insinuating? Lucerys is Laenor's son. He is Lord Corlys' heir, as Jace is mine." 


His great-uncle scoffed at that. "We are wed now, Rhaenyra, you should be honest with your husband. Laenor... wherever he is, you and I very well know that he is not capable of begetting children, let alone bed a woman." Jace's frown deepened. What did he mean by wherever ser Laenor is? He died not long after his sister... He recalled that week perfectly well, his adoptive father was betrayed by his companion and so his mother remarried her uncle in a Valyrian ceremony. Truthfully... he much preferred Laenor Velaryon than the Rogue Prince who did not bother to act fatherly to him and his brothers. 


Princess Rhaenyra sounded perturbed as she replied next. "Father once told me that the truth does not matter if the people perceive differently... and they do. You know that as well! The Hightowers already revel in such gossips and rumor to discredit me." 


"Hmmm indeed. Now that we talk about it... I never really got how you bore such children. I understand that you needed a bedwarmer, but you could have taken moontea. We have sons of our own already, of pure Valyrian blood-" Jace did not like what Daemon was implying there. "W-what? Daemon have you lost-" Mother nearly shouted, shocked. He is worried for her, and so he takes a peek in the slim parting of the doors. Daemon was holding his mother's neck with one of his hands, tightly it seemed. 


Jacaerys' vision clouded red with fury. He could not stand this, he has to intervene. "Let go of her!" He called to the older man sharply. Princess Rhaenyra's eyes widened and mouthed his name. "If it isn't the bastard, why you certainly like to gossip do you?" His stepfather smiled easily though his eyes were cold directed at Jace. "It is more shameful to beat one's own wife. Especially as she is the Princess of Dragonstone, you have no right!" 


The Rogue Prince scoffed at his words but did unhand Rhaenyra. He quickly approached Jace with a fist to his face. He heard his mother's scream his name as he fell down. 




In his dreams, he felt that he was flying. It was quite different from the sensation Jace feels when he rides Vermax. This feeling was as if he had wings himself. He also felt bones in his mouth, as he was fed a large roasted meal. 


Jace flew from the Dragonmont across the island. He marveled at Dragonstone as he did when he was awake. Might as well enjoy this dream. He also saw Syrax and Arrax scouring sheep. Tyraxes was yet growing and was asleep nearby. He's have to tell his brothers and mother that he dreamt of their dragons as well. But where is Vermax? 


He flies further away from the island, towards the seas. The skies were clear that he made out the stars and the waning moon. Jacaerys admired them for a while until he heard other dragons with their riders approaching. This is a dream but I should still be careful. And so he flew higher, but not further away.


There were four dragons with silver-haired riders. He could easily make them out as his half-uncles and aunt. Vhagar was easily recognizable with her size, as well as Sunfyre's gleaming scales of gold. His uncle Aegon seemed drunk as he usually did. "Gods be good! Why'd you all have to follow me tonight? Mother will be worried sick if she hears of this." He yawned lazily, feigning sleep. "Wasn't it your idea? After all its been a while since Daeron has visited us." Helaena answered back as she made Dreamfyre fly in circles. 


"Please, brother! Besides Aemond is here with us..." said Prince Daeron. At the mention of his name, Aemond retorted quickly. "Go back to the Keep then, Aegon. As for mother, we'll just reason out that we're spending time with our little brother. And that Tessarion needed to stretch her wings. Shall we have a race? I bet you didn't get to do this in Oldtown, Ronny." He challenged his siblings. 


Helaena clapped her hands and laughed as she readied Dreamfyre. Aegon merely sighed then nodded. Daeron beamed at his older siblings. "Rhaenagon!" Aemond grinned as he called to them. 


Jace couldn't look away as he watched his uncles and aunt race across the skies. He recalls doing that with Luke and Joff, especially as the latter needed to train his dragon. He couldn't help but recall further when he once played with them as well... No, whatever bonds we may have as children does not apply now. Not since Driftmark... He caught sight of Aemond on Vhagar. He certainly grew in the past years, even looked menancing with his eyepatch. 


All of them were so young back then... and so scared. He loathed the way his half-uncle call him and Luke as Strongs, but he also pitied him as he lost his eye. Mother had not liked talking about that incident, as she was also hurt by the Queen. Vaguely, Jace has the idea that they were once friends in their youth but were now bitter with each other.


He turns his attention back to Dragonstone, bothered by his memories and thoughts. As he flew back, he saw Daemon on Caraxes. Where is he going? Jacaerys wondered as he recalled the day's events. His stepfather had choked his mother then knocked him down.


Jace woke up restless with a headache the next day.