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Todd Is Quentin And Eliot's Great Great Grandson

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Todd walked through The Cottage door and closed it behind him.

He got three steps in, when he was stopped by the sound of Julia’s voice.

“Todd. Is your first name Eliot too, and Eliot forced you to go by your middle name?” Julia asked.

Todd turned to his left and saw the group.

“There can’t be two Eliot’s.” Eliot commented, from the edge of the couch where he was lounging next to Quentin. Who was next to Julia. Who was next to Kady. Who was next to Penny. Josh was in a chair next to Penny. Margo was in a chair next to Eliot. And Alice was in a chair next to Josh.

Todd walked closer towards the group. “I wouldn’t say forced - “ He started.

“But everyone calls you Todd!” Penny said.

The rest of the group realized he was right. Everyone called him Todd. No one had ever called him Eliot.

”The freakin’ Dean calls you Todd!” Penny exclaimed.

And. Okay. Yeah. Even the Dean. Who definitely knows that Todd’s first name is Eliot.

“Did everyone just go along with calling him Todd instead of Eliot?” Julia asked, leaning over towards Quentin, her eyes still on Todd. But the question was directed at everyone in the room.

A chorus of “Yeah”’s were heard.

“Wow.” Julia muttered, leaning back. Quentin looked apologetically at Julia, before turning back to Todd - Eliot.

“I had to.” Eliot declared.

Quentin glanced at Eliot. “El. Come on.”

Eliot glanced back at Quentin. He internally rolled his eyes. He looked back at Todd. “Fine. Todd. I’m sorry.”

“So I can go by my first name now?” Todd asked, hopeful.

“No.” Eliot clipped.

Todd’s face fell.

“Okay, we’re done asking Todd about his name. Let’s get back to -“ Margo started before she was interrupted.

By Josh.

“Why did your parents name you Eliot?”

Todd’s face brightened up. “It’s one of my ancestor’s names. Same as my middle name. My first name was from my Great great - There might be another great in there - Grandfather. And my middle name was after his son. But my middle name was just something similar. It was like, Tom or Ted. Or something.”

They thought that was the end of the sentence.

But then Todd continued.

“And my parents told me this story about him. The guy I’m named after. Him and his husband, and his husband’s wife, had a son. And they were all from some other world. Not earth. Eliot and his husband had to solve this puzzle, for some reason, that was in this other world. They spent their lives trying to solve it. Oh, and their son - Tom or Ted - Somehow made his way here. To earth. Through a portal or a door or something.”

Quentin and Eliot’s eyes widened.


No way.

No fucking way.

They glanced at each other, before looking back at Todd.

Eliot leaned forward. “Todd. Who exactly told you this story?”

“My mom.” Todd said. He looked around the room and then his eyes found Eliot again. “Why?”

Eliot and Quentin looked at each other again.

Everyone else in the room noticed Quentin and Eliot’s looks.

“Start talking. Now.” Margo said to Eliot and Quentin. And then muttered, “I can’t believe I said that regarding Todd.”

“Whaaaaaaat’s going on?” Todd asked, clearly confused, looking at Quentin and Eliot.

“We think…” Quentin started. But paused.

“You’re actually our Great great - Something great - Grandson.” Eliot said.

Todd stared wide eyed at them. “You’re my - I mean - What?” He asked, still confused and also shocked.

“Quentin and I went to Fillory on a quest. Which involved solving a puzzle. And we had a whole life there. And we died there. And we had a son. Well, biologically speaking Quentin did - “ Eliot said.

”Which doesn’t matter. He was all of ours.” Quentin said.

”He was.” Eliot said.

”His name was Theodore… Ted.” Quentin said.

”- Quentin met a woman, Arielle, and… Things happened. And things happened between him and I - “ Eliot said.

Quentin smiled a little.

“- But because of time travel - Current us were stopped from going. But we also, actually, already went. You’re, apparently, our Great great - Whatever great - grandson.” Eliot said. “And we remembered our other lives because we ate food sent by - Us. Or Arielle. Or someone.”

“This is so much to process.” Penny commented, saying what everyone was thinking.

Everyone agreed.

“Wait, so. You two - “ Todd pointed at Eliot and Quentin. “ - Are my Great great grandfathers?” He put his arm down.

“From what you just told us - Yeah.” Quentin said.

“Wow.” Todd said, smiling. “This is a lot. This is a lot to process. But also, super cool.” He grinned.

“I need a drink.” Eliot commented, getting up off of the couch. He walked past Todd, who watched Eliot go, poured himself a drink and then went and sat back down in the same spot on the couch.

“I think we all need a drink.” Margo commented.

“So, we’re gonna have a party in honour of Todd - Eliot - Eliot Todd - I don’t know your last name - Being Quentin and Eliot’s Great great grandson?” Josh asked, looking around the room.

“I mean, sure, if you want to use that as a reason to drink copious amounts of alcohol, I’m in.” Eliot said, flatly, and took a drink.

“I'm in.” Kady said.

“A party sounds great.” Alice said.

Julia shrugged. “Why not.” She looked at Q and smiled. Q smiled back at Julia. They hugged tightly and parted after a few seconds. “How do you feel about this?” She asked him.

“It’s… A lot.” Quentin said, and then turned to Todd. “But I’m glad you’re my Great great grandson.”

“Thanks - “ Todd sounded like he was about to call Quentin some sort of grandparent nickname but stopped himself. “Can I still call you Quentin?”

“That is my name.” Quentin said.

“Right.” Todd said, awkwardly, laughing a little.

He turned to Eliot.

“I’m still Eliot. You’re still Todd.” Eliot told Todd, holding his drink out towards him, pointing, before taking another sip.

“Right.” Todd said, resigned.

“Drinks?” Josh asked around the room. But then just went and got a bunch of drinks and brought them back with him, passing the glasses around and pouring everyone a glass.

They got drunk and actually asked Todd questions and got to know him.