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Conversation: Sundaes and Credos

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Sundaes and Credos
Max: Gramps, what's your favourite kind of sundae?
Starsky: All of 'em!
Max: Even Strawberry?
Starsky: Well, might not be my first choice, but I'd eat it if offered it and I'd enjoy it.
Max: What about you, Grandpa Hutch?
Hutch: I do like a strawberry sundae...but first choice is definitely butterscotch.
Starsky: You're weird, you know that, right?
Hutch: So you've been telling me for over fifty years!
Max: Please can we have sundaes when we've finished our pizzas?
Starsky: Of course! All that talk about sundaes means we have to have some now. Be rude not to!
Ollie: I looked up the National Days for today 'cause I knew we were seeing you, Gramps. There was a strange sounding one. What's Chicken Soup for the Soul mean?
Starsky: Over to you, pal.
Hutch: Well, it was originally a book that came out long before you were born, Ollie. In the nineties. It was all about self-esteem, how to live your life, great advice to live by. That kind of thing. Understand?
Ollie: I think so...Grandpa, what's the best piece of advice you ever had?
Hutch: Well, I'm not sure. I guess I've been given a few bits of good advice over the years. Let me think...Well, I guess someone once told me not to try to take on the whole world by myself, that I can only do what I can do. That was good advice.
Starsky: Hey, that was me! 😃
Hutch: You did come up with a pearl or two.
Starsky: 😁
Hutch: Don't let it swell your head!
Max: What about you, Gramps? Any good advice you remember?
Starsky: Well, I guess I tried to live by 'feel the fear but do it anyway'. We both did.
Max: I like that. I'll try to remember that.
Ollie: So is that like your credo. Someone at school was talking about having a credo for life.
Starsky: Nah. Our credo was something else.
Max: What?
Starsky and Hutch: Me and Thee.
Hutch: That's what made the difference in our lives.
Starsky: Total loyalty, respect, trust.
Hutch: Friendship, brotherhood, love.
Starsky: We could always count on each other.
Hutch: Still can. You're still there for me, Starsk.
Ollie: Like when Grandma was ill.
Hutch: Do you remember that time, Ollie?
Ollie: Yeah, I know I was little, but I remember. Every time we visited Grandma at the hospital, you were there, Gramps, keeping Grandpa company.
Starsky: (shrugging) Well, where else would I be? Hutch has been there plenty of times for me - when we were partners and plenty of times since.
Max: I hope Ollie and me will always be best friends. I hope we'll be there for each other.
Hutch: Well, I think most kids change their friends a lot as they get older. Having and keeping a best friend from when you're young doesn't seem that common anymore but it's not unheard of...and if anyone's likely to stick together, I think it's you two.
Starsky: Yeah, I think so too. You already seem to take good care of each other. That's a good thing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Max: We won't...Can we borrow your credo?
Starsky: What do you think, pal?
Hutch: I guess it's time to pass it on or share it or something...Yeah, why not?
Ollie: Cool beans.
Max: Thanks Gramps. Thanks Grandpa.
Hutch: That's all right. Take good care of each other always.
Starsky: Yeah. Whatever comes, good times, bad times - me and thee. You got it?
Max and Ollie: We got it.
Starsky and Hutch: 😃