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Britain Nine-Nine: How John Cracked the Case of His Repressed Feelings

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Amy Santiago sighed loudly as a familiar voice called her over. “Hey Ames, you’re gonna want to come look at this.” A voice Amy recognized as Rosa’s shouted out across the Ninety-Ninth precinct’s bullpen. She got up, rushing over towards Rosa’s desk as she tried to ignore the odd stench emanating from Hitchcock’s desk and the high pitched trills of the phone lines ringing throughout the building.

“What’s going on, Rosa?” Amy asked, pushing her hair out of her face as she stared at the open file on Rosa’s desk. It was astoundingly thick, nearly three inches of paper shoved between a folder that was marked ‘confidential’ with a large red stamp. It drew all of Amy’s attention towards it almost instantly.

“This is every missing persons’ case from the last three months in London.” Rosa stated, quickly moving to pull out a much smaller, neat looking file from a drawer in her desk. “And this… this is the suspect we detained last week for drug trafficking.” She finished, folding her arms and pressing them against her tight leather jacket.

“Alright, so, what’s the problem here? This paperwork is filled out correctly, everything should be in order.” Amy replied, shuffling through the papers and reading them carefully.

Rosa took the drug trafficker’s file out of her hands, flipping through it and finding the man’s mugshot. “This man, Zachery Goddard, confessed to more than we thought. Turns out he’s also part of one of the biggest trafficking organizations in the world. A frequent driver for all sorts of goods- including up to fourty of these missing girls from London. It turns out, their main headquarters is here in Brooklyn, while almost all of their resources are in London.” She explained, carefully replacing the man’s profile. Amy gawked at the detective, quickly questioning her methods.

“Rosa, how did you get this much out of him?!” Rosa looked at the floor and sucked in a deep breath before replying.

“I offered him a full pardon, BUT he gave us the address to one of the company’s larger exports and a list of recent buyers. That’s where the problem comes in.” Amy followed Rosa’s movements with a concentrated look, her concern spiking more than it usually did. Rosa dug around for a few seconds before producing the list and laying it on top of the desk for the Captain to read. “I’ve already called Detective Lestrade, and he’s arranged for… someone to come over.” She informed her superior, unlocking her mobile and rereading the texts Lestrade had sent.

“Who is it? His sergeant or something?” Amy asked, tilting her head ever so slightly as she tried and failed to read the message exchanges on Rosa’s phone.

“It… He’s not even an official officer, but Lestrade did say he’s helped them solve hundreds of ‘impossible cases’ over the years, so I trust it. Some guy named Sherlock Holmes? Never heard of him, though Greg did say Sherlock can be a handful… Uh, Amy? Are you okay? You’re…. Shaking.” Rosa relayed, looking up from her phone to be met with a quivering Santiago.

Rosa sighed as Amy almost immediately started freaking out over the cleanliness of the precinct, wondering how on earth she knew who he was.