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A Rose Sword

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Today was a normal day for Lilia Vanrouge, a royal guard of The Mistress, who has been known to be a guardian of the Deep Forest, where all magical creatures lived in peace, Lilia being one of them.


Lilia was relaxing by the pond, as today was a day off for him. He liked watching the water nymphs play tag within the water and dash past him as they do so. So today was becoming a good day.


After a moment of peaceful silence, he heard the rustle of the Tree Golems, as expected when a traveler enters ever so sneakily.


"Oh my," he chuckled, walking towards the noise, "who's entered the woods this time around?" He kept walking, and the more closer he got, the louder the noise became, which he figured was begging. When he arrives, he saw a man, someone he couldn't recognize, begging the Tree Golems not to squish him like a common bug that they think he is.


"Stay calm," Lilia spoke, alerting those to his arrival, "he did not mean harm, did he?"


"" The Golems spoke, "but he has trespassed. He should be taken to The Mistress..."


"Oh let me deal with her, will you?" Lilia laughed happily, "Now, you," he looks at the man, "speak your name and your business."


"A-ah," gasped the man, "My name is Daniel, Daniel Delia. I'm a king from a land not far from here. I come in peace, nothing else."


"A king? I've never seen a king near here before," Lilia smiles, "now, tell me why you've come here."


"Right," Daniel gulped, "my wife is expecting, and she wanted to invite the Ancient Faes, for when the child is born. I heard they do gifting, is that true?"


"Yes, that is true." Lilia answered, "And you must've wondered where they are, right?" He smiled.


"I-I do! But I never...uh.." Daniel stuttered, "Let me rephrase myself, I do ask where they reside so I can invite them. May you please show me or is there a routine that I may be unaware of?"


"Well yes, but I can tell them you invited them all," Lilia explained, "and don't worry, they'll know as soon the child was born. It's a sense they have."


"Ah, thank you. Also, what is your name?"


"Lilia Vanrouge," Lilia spoke with a bow, "at your service."


"Thank you, Lilia! As gratitude for my rescue, I hereby invite you as well. I would've died if it weren't for you." Daniel happily claimed.


Lilia took a moment of silence to think about the invite. It wasn't the first time he was randomly invited due to gratitude, but to hear one so suddenly after a few moments of meeting.


'I could come, it's not like he has people against Faes, maybe it'll be an experience,' he thought to himself.


"I suppose so. I couldn't deny a request for a party. Sure, I'll see you there, and maybe I'll bring my own little gift as well," Lilia offered, "as a thank you."


Daniel nods and walks back, trying to avoid the Tree Golems on his way back. After a few, he was nowhere to be seen.


Lilia watched with a smile. "Invite...has a nice ring to it." He walked away, trying to find the Ancient Faes.


Lilia walked into the castle, watching as the people sang and dance with glee after the announcement of the child's birth.


"My, humans are much more lively than I remembered. They must've needed an heir for years now if they're celebrating this much." Lilia inspected the area, and the smells of wines filled the air.


"Regardless, it's nice to be in the kingdom once again." He hummed to himself, walking inside the castle walls, seeing all lords and ladies talk amongst themselves as the party slowly began.


Once inside, the chatter became much louder and more bombastic.


Lilia walked by and saw what caused a massive commotion. Two baby carriages, one gleam of periwinkle and another of lilac, with two sleeping babies within them.


"I never thought the queen had twins," a lady whispered, "what happened, hmm?"


"Twins can be seen as a blessing, but of course, they could be seen as a curse, a bad one. But we shall keep that to ourselves," a lord laughed.


Lilia frowned at the words that spoke. It was unfortunate, as they were only legends and myths about twins. Much could be caused by magical influences, more blessings than a curse.


"Ah! Lilia Vanrouge!" Daniel called out, walking towards him, Queen Serena behind him. "Serena, my dear, this is the man who saved me a few weeks back."


Lilia bowed towards the two, "Greetings, your highness. I am Lilia Vanrouge."


Serena smiles and curtseys back. "My pleasure to meet you, Lilia. Please, celebrate among us. This is a wondrous occasion."


"Of course."


It was a few minutes, as he walked around, watching people laugh and talk amongst themselves and he even had some nice conversations as well.


Triumph noises filled the room as everyone has gone silent.


"Now, Introducing The Ancient Faes. Firstly, Lady Mitah!"


Mitah appeared in a nice peach-colored dust, shaking it off her as she stretches her wings.


"Now that was a hackle!" She yawned, "But I wish I wasn't woken up for this. At least tell us the time the next time you invite us?" Mitah stretched her wings.


Lilia chuckles, "Aw, young Mitah. Still new to this fae business."


Mitah was the youngest, her being less experience than her comrades, but you shouldn't let her know that, or else she'll use her strength and magic than words to make sure you regret your actions. Nonetheless, she has a kind heart, you just have to say the right words to make her happy.


"M-must you be so crude, we're guests!"


"Don't be such a frog, Finch!"


"Introducing Lord Finch!!"


Finch appeared in a cloud of blue dust, clearly shaken by Mitah's attitude toward the couple.


"We have told you all about this yesterday, b-but you didn't l-listen!" Stammered Finch, crossing his arms. "Y-you didn't want to wake up, and we a-all had to push y-you down!"

Mitah rolled her eyes at Finch's arguments.

Finch was the second fae, only a few years older than Mitah. He's known as a polite soul who could never hurt nor curse a fly. With his magic, he can bring the nicest things you can imagine, that's why he is adored most of the time.


"Now, Now," laughed Holly.


"Introducing Liege Holly!"


Holly appeared in red and white dust and giggles. They smile brightly as they wave at the king and queen.


"I do apologize," Holly spoke, "Mitah can be very very stubborn and Finch is simply himself."


Holly was one of the 7, known for their goal-oriented nature and hard-working magic. They are seen to be helping others in Blair Valley, hard work or not, they are doing it. Some worry about their health because of it.


"No, no, it's not a problem," Daniel laughed.


"Introducing Lord Dew!"


Dew appeared in a cloud of nice white dust, smiling and waving at others when arriving.


Ah, the lovely Dew. One of the most responsible out of the group, it's so rare to see him ever angry. Nothing much ever gets him enraged by another mistreatment of others. It's nice to see him paint outside or tend the gardens themselves.


"Hello, your highnesses," Dew softly spoke, "Thank you for the invitation. I'm glad we could make it."


"Introducing Lady Elva!"


Elva appeared in magenta dust, absolutely chipper.


When in doubt, leave it to Elva to make sure your day is brightened. She would take care of you like a mother would, so she was often nicknamed Mother Elva for her kind motherly heart.


"I'm so glad we can celebrate the arrival of children, it's always such a sweet feeling."


"We know, we know," sighed Lake, who just appeared, "You wouldn't believe how long it took for her to calm down."


"Introduce Liege Lake!"


Lake was more on the elder side. They tend to be smarter and more soft-spoken, so they don't often speak their mind. Lake was also known to be overprotective, mostly of the younger faes they teach.


"Everyone, everyone, settles down. We're here for a reason and we must not dottle!"


"Introducing The Ancient of them all! Lady Wisp!"


Wisp bowed towards the king and queen. "Nice to meet you. Thank you for the invitation, as we have gifts for the two younglings in front of us."


Wisp was the eldest, and Lilia has known her for years. She may be respectful and responsible, but behind closed doors, she was a party animal and fun to be around. You can see her laugh as she jokes about anything.


"Now, let us see the younglings, hmm?" Wisp walked by and looked into the baby carriages and smiled. "Well, hello there, young princes, as the others and I will bestow you gifts, but since there are two, we may have to do 3 for each. Holly?"


Mitah walked up and takes out their wand.


"For...what's his name?" Holly stammered a little.


"Amoré," Serena answered with a smile.


"Thank you, "They look back at the child, "Amoré, I bestow the gift of beauty. That many will stop and admire whether close or afar, your beauty will be known." They can hear the baby's giggles as they cast their blessing.


"F-for the other," started Finch, looking at the second child, who seemed to be peacefully sleeping, "I b-bestow the gift of c-craftsmanship, you will be crafty, l-like creating a beautiful basket..."


"That was a lovely gift, Finch," Wisp complimented.


"I-I got nervous," Finch laughed.


"Now, Mitah."


Mitah cleared her throat and smiled. "For Amoré, I bestow thee a gentle soul. You will never be challenged by hardships as you remain kind and honest throughout your life, and help those who are in need."


"Your highness," called Lilia from the crowd, "I apologize for speaking up so suddenly but I do have a question, if I may?"


"Oh, of course, Lilia," Daniel nods.


"What is the name of the other child? I never heard, not from you or the locals around. Did something happen during the naming process?"


" odd," Wisp muttered, "I understand he might've been a surprise, but he should've been given one at the start.."


"He was simply a surprise, so that's why we haven't named him," Serena huffed, "We are considering names from our guests as we speak...may we please continue."


Lake sighed and walks over to the unnamed child, "Poor you, my dear. However, I still have a gift for you. I bestow the gift of strong bonds, which means that you will have perfect friendships with those you've met, human, fae, or animal. People will recognize you are a trustworthy individual."


The baby yawned softly, which warmed Lake's heart.


"Oh, my turn, hm?" Dew smiles and walks over to Amoré, "Dear child, I bestow the gift of Determination. No matter the hardships, you will never give up. Though it may be hard, you will overcome it."


"Elva? Are you ready?" Wisp asked Elva, who was thinking.


"Let me's a little hard to think of one at the moment."


"Oh, of course, take your time." Wisp walked over to the sleepy baby, "Hello there. I'll bestow you the gift of song. When you sing, it'll be just melodic as a violin or a piano, many will enjoy your sweet tunes as you sing to others to lift their spirits."


The baby's eyes officially opened, his eyes looking up at Wisp. Wisp let out a gasp and waved at him, "Hello."


"I got one," Elva announced, walking forward.


Before she could even speak, a burst of wind caught everyone off guard as green lightning crackled outside as someone formed from green smoke, her eyes glared as she became fully formed.


"The Mistress?!" Gasped Lilia as he walks over to the others, "What are you doing here?"


"Lilia, I know I promised to not intervene, but when I found out where I couldn't help but feel sad for me and my grandson. You know that he adores celebrations like this," she looked over at the king and queen with a mischievous grin, "It pains me to know that I didn't get an invitation in the mail."


"You weren't invited!" Mitah blurted out.


"Oh, how unfortunate," The Mistress solemnly frowns, "Though I understand why. I am very hard to reach."


"Mistress," Lilia spoke, "I hope you aren't offended when I spoke about it."


The Mistress smiles at Lilia, "Oh, Lilia. You are my greatest guard, so of course, I will not be angry at you nor these lovely people."


"You're not?" Daniel spoke with a hint of relief. "I do apologize for any mishaps."


"Daniel!" Serena hissed, "We cannot trust her! She's the bane of all evil and she knows it."


"Oh, that pains me to hear, regarding our history, Serena. But now, let me gift the two princes." The Mistress walks closer, ignoring how the faes surround the children behind them.


"They will grow happily, as young princes should. Beauty, grace, and delightful singing. However, when the sun sets on their 18th birthday, one or both shall prick their finger on the spindling wheel...and die!" Everyone gasped as the word echoed around the room, guards from around ran towards her, weapon bared. But The Mistress disappeared, only leaving the echoes of her laughter.


"You!" Serena stomped over to Lilia, "You brought her here! You knew this would happen, didn't you!?"


"I recommend you step back," Wisp hissed, walking forward, "If you blame those just because of a person, such as The Mistress, you will sink to her level! Lilia had nothing to do and will never be!"


"She's right, my love," Daniel spoke, "Lilia saved me from impending doom. I owe him this much, and without any backlash, from you or anyone else here!"


Serena rolled her eyes and walked away, only to pick up Amoré from his cradle to soothe him.


"Elva, you must find a way to lift this," Lilia stated, "Even just a little."


Elva nodded and gulped, "Your highnesses, I may not lift it but I could soften it. Make it less lethal, so instead of death, they will both fall into a deep sleep, one so deep that no one shall awaken them by a simple touch. But one of true love could save them, lifting the curse and live a happy ending."


"Thank you," Daniel whispered.


As many talked, Lilia, walked over to the child, whose eyes only wander, and looked towards Lilia immediately.


"Hello there," Lilia whispered, "I suppose it's my turn, although I am not part of the Ancients. But now, I bestow you the gift of bravery, no matter the circumstances, you will find a way to walk forward. You will learn that fear is one fear if you make it so as you brave through many hardships, you will keep the bravery within you."


The baby giggles as Lilia pats his head.


"...If I were to give you a name," Lilia looked around,"...maybe Silver, as your hair shines a like a sword under a moonlight." The baby grabbed Lilia's finger and smiled.

"Silver it is, then." Lilia chuckles.


The party was over, but not the shock that came with it. The curse was now in full effect, and the queen ordered the Ancients and Lilia to think of a solution fast, or else bad things will happen. This led to where they are now, ideas and suggestions were spoken, but none were right due to side effects and future planning. At this point, Wisp was getting unfortunately desperate for a solution, even some drastic one to keep the infants safe.


"That won't work, Wisp." Elva spoke, "as flowers do not live in winter."


"Ugh! You're right!" Wisp groaned, sipping her tea, walking back and forth. "But like Lilia said, when The Mistress curses someone, she'll make it happen, no matter what."


"And secluding them in the castle is not great either. I fear they might get bored, being all cooped up for 18 whole years without friends to entertain you." Dew added.


"I know," Wisp gulped.


Lilia didn't pay much mind as he held Silver in his arms, of course with the permission of Daniel. He smiled as the baby slept peacefully. "Maybe we should take them to Blair Valley...or somewhere deep in the woods." Lilia spoke, "and we can raise them."


"...that...that could work!" Wisp gasped as she waves her wand, changing everyone's clothing.


"W-wisp!" Finch gasped, looking at a mirror, "these are human clothes! You think we can raise them as mere mortals?!"


"Shush!" Elva hushed, "not so loud, no. But I agree, this could be a great idea. And that it'll keep The Mistress blind as to where is the location of the infants."


"I'd say let's do it!" Mitah cheered, "What more have we got to lose? And look at Lilia, isn't that just cute?"


"Oh, it's so precious," Holly added.


Lilia smiles, "Oh hush you, now let us propose this idea to the king and queen."


"But what would happen if we are denied?" Dew asked.


"Desperate times call for desperate measures!"



Wisp huffed, "Well..that did not go as planned."


"I thought it was a great plan," Holly muttered, "by great lakes, I've never seen her so angry before." They let out a sigh.


"T-that was scary," Finch stuttered. "She was like an angry lion, and that's not a good comparison to a queen.."


"Eh, at least we...where is Lilia?"


Everyone went silent and looked around, but the multi-haired fae was nowhere to be found, nor was the baby he was holding.


"...he's very elusive."


"Just like Lilia," Wisp sighs, "he takes things into his own hands. Now they have to give us Amoré." She turns back.


"Let's wait out here," Finch whispered, "I don't want to see her scream again..."


Lilia, still holding Silver, walked into a nice but broken cottage. "Hmm, it's not much, but after some sprucing up, it'll be good as new."


He looked around, his footsteps cause small creaks.


"Now," he opened the closet, "Wake up little things, it's time to clean." With a wave of his hand, the cleaning supplies began to clean around, causing small giggles from Silver.

"Oh, I know, magic is always a fun thing."

He holds the child and begins to hum softly, and starts a small lullaby.


Come Little Children~
I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment~
Come Little Children~
The time's come to play, here in my garden of magic~

Small snores were the only thing he heard, as he watched Silver sleep.


"Figured you'd be here," whispered Wisp, walking in, "do you realize that you have the queen a massive scare? She almost sent the guards on you."


"Pardon, she said no, so I took matters into my own hands," Lilia scoffed, "and besides, little Silver is peaceful now that he isn't at a place where he wasn't appreciated."

Wisp, with her magic, created a baby carriage and Lilia set Silver in it.


"I do agree, but please be more considerate." Wisp sighed, "Now, let's clean this dump up, it's not great for a young child."


"Don't forget about us," Elva smiles, followed by Holly, "Look at the little baby, he's so cute."


"He is," Holly agreed.


"Hey," Lilia started, "where're the others?"


"Oh, well, as a request, Queen Serena had asked to keep them separate until their 18th birthday," Elva explained, "So Holly, Wisp, and I went to find you and the rest decided to take care of Amoré."


"Favoritism," Lilia mocked, "I'm telling you. It's massive."


"You're being too judgemental," Wisp chuckles, grabbing a broom, "But of course, you may be right,"


Lilia scoffed, "Maybe."


Meanwhile at a cottage much farther from the one Lilia resides, 4 figures entered.


"Ok, we're here," Lake whispered, keeping Amoré close, "With enough cleanup, it'll be perfect. Now, who gets to clean what, and who's going to look after Amoré."


"I'll look after Amoré," Dew spoke, "Mitah, you should clean the upstairs, it has about 3 rooms and a bathroom."


Mitah rolls her eyes, "Yeah, yeah," she muttered, "such bossy pants."


"I-Ill do the gardens," Finch stammered, "o-or the kitchen!"


"Perfect," Dew smiles, cradling Amoré, "Lake?"


"I'll do the outside area, and make sure we're hidden," Lake spoke, looking out the window, "Also, has the queen been... odd to you?"


"Oh, definitely," Mitah groaned, "I mean, immediately blaming Lilia for something The Mistress did was off the field. And the way she always cradled around Amoré so creepily."


"And it's only Amoré," Dew looked down at Amoré, "that poor another child, it's already hard enough that you've been cursed by a vengeful fae, but to be overshadowed."


"T-thats how it w-works," Finch stammered, "b-but Amoré is not to blame, t-the queen is."


"I do know that," Dew said, "but it's something that hasn't left my mind after the party."


Lake nodded in agreement and began to clean.


Dew walked out and looks up as the sun rises. "I pray that the princes live a life full of happiness. But it's such a shame that you two have to be separated, and your mother had some deep issues she refused to fix but that should not matter now." He summons a dove and whispers, "make sure that you find Wisp and tell her that we have successfully found a place to live and we are ok?"


The dove flew away after the message was received but a burst of magic caught Dew's attention.


He lets out a tired sigh. "A fae's work is never done."