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How Much is that Alpha in the Window?

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Waverly really likes her new neighborhood. There's a little shopping center with a grocery store, restaurant, and a gas station just down the hill, the neighbors seem nice, and there's a subway line a 10 minute walk away that goes straight to campus. One Saturday morning, she loads up her little collapsible shopping cart with reusable bags and starts her journey to the grocery store. 

It's cloudy out, and Waverly wonders if she should have grabbed an umbrella. She is only two blocks from home and almost turns around. But she can just get a coffee if it starts raining while she shops, and the summer rain never lasts long. Just as she decides to continue, movement catches her eye. 

In the front bay window belonging to what seemed like a perfectly ordinary house, Waverly first sees a naked woman kneeling on the floor. She's in partial profile, dark hair spilling down her back. But that's not what freezes Waverly in her tracks. No, what stops her breath is the fact that the woman is fellating a tall, redheaded woman who is completely dressed in a royal blue three-piece suit and tie. Their entire presentation is perfectly unrumpled, except for the presence of inches of thick cock peeking out between the unfastened fly and the woman's lipstick-smeared mouth. A brush of ginger hair stands out against the blue wool of the trouser fly and one of the naked woman's breasts can be seen, nipple hard in semi-profile, jiggling gently with every movement. 

Waverly stares, frozen, mind blank with shock and something more. The alpha has the woman's dark brunette hair in a single fist and is using it to hold her in place for slow, deep thrusts that drive several inches of spit-soaked cock between her lips. The redhead speaks and the naked woman trembles, her hands moving from a tight grip on her thighs to bring one up to brace against the redheads hip, dimpling the fabric, while the other encircles the root of the dick. 

There's no air to breathe. Waverly wants to leave, watching this private moment with disbelief. She takes a step back and the redhead's head snaps up, dark eyes finding her, her lips curling at the corners. The gaze is blinding, jarring, warm and haughty, satisfied and hungry. So hungry. It strikes through Waverly like a spear of molten gold, splattering heat that she can barely even comprehend through her belly, dripping down to pool, liquid and throbbing, in her core. 

The alpha picks up a faster rhythm, encouraging the girl on her cock to participate with one hand while the other braces on the back of a chair that Waverly only now notices. Her fingers are clawed on the chair but somewhat gentler on the woman's head, and Waverly sees the purpose and care in that, the hunger allowed to feed but not rule. But the redhead's eyes, her being, her attention, her hunger is focused not on the woman's labor but on Waverly, taking in her entire being in a long, evaluating stare. 

Then the redhead smirks and says something to the woman choking on her dick. The look in her eyes as she thrusts deep, until the woman fights a little, then pulls out to let her breathe, it draws Waverly under her spell without a ripple to mark her passage. 

There's a curl to the alpha’s lip, a twitch, a clenching of teeth that show Waverly what's coming as she watches in a daze. Her rhythm stutters, her spine curls, the arms of her fine woolen blazer bulge with muscle, and she says, "Good girl." Waverly can see the words on their lips so clearly she almost hears them, and the spike of arousal makes her clit twitch. 

The alpha's face twists in bliss and Waverly watches as words spill out of her mouth, too fast to read, as she thrusts deep to empty herself down the woman's throat. The woman's hands are both limp, pressed against the woman's crisp suit, not even digging into the fine weave, just accepting her role, her place. 

Waverly watches the alpha pull out, sees the girthy dick twitch and release another bump of fluid. The woman darts forward as if to lick it off and the alpha stops her with a word. Then a few more words leave her lips. The woman takes the cock in one hand and smears the dribble of come across her cheek before slipping it inside her mouth again. A gentle hand cradles her face. The humming between Waverly's noodley legs redoubles when she finally looks up from the sight of the woman cleaning the cock with her mouth to see the alpha still staring at her. 

She winks at Waverly, a kind of joyful amusement breaking through her intensity in the fresh post-orgasmic moment. Waverly feels the rush of the blush crawling up her face and turns to hurry away. She's not the kind of omega that craves every alpha she sees, no matter that this is the hottest alpha she's ever seen. It's just…been a while. That's all. 

When Waverly finally makes it back up the hill after a very distracted hour of forgetting what she was looking for and triple checking her list, she considers avoiding the house for a moment before she firms her resolve. She tells herself she's not going to let some alpha's exhibitionism intimidate her in her own neighborhood, and she ignores how the kernel of warmth nestled in her core squeezes and grows at the memory. 

Fortunately (or, Alas), the curtains are drawn. Waverly doesn't allow herself to stop, determinedly does not address the fact that she is somehow disappointed, she just pushes onward until she's safely in her upstairs section of the house, putting her groceries away. Then it hits her, the insanity of what she saw, and she can feel the blush crawling up her neck. 

"Why did she wink at me?" She whispers to herself. 



Nicole stretches out in her huge, soft bed. Tonight is a personal night, and she's going to treat herself right. In all likelihood she'll just fall asleep in her bed, but that's ok too. She's already got on her pajamas. Just one night where she doesn't have a schedule to follow. 

And she needs to think about what she saw this morning when she was teaching the new girl to deep throat. That woman on the street had been gorgeous and shocked, her look of absolute desire had felt like it was burning Nicole, inspiring her to respond in kind. Her face had also held fear, curiosity, disgust, alarm, lust, all sorts of emotions. 

Now Nicole idly wonders if there's a way to draw her in. Nicole doesn't lack for clients, but she could use her own little outlet that doesn't have the same rules as a client arrangement. Maybe tomorrow at about the same time she'll be training a different mouth? Make it clear that there's a whole group of people she's trained to kneel at her feet and suck her dick just right. (They pay her really well to train them. Word's gotten around that she's a local alpha Dom who's good at her job without being a creep, and once a well-connected client or three had sampled her services Nicole had had to hire a few people to screen and schedule the new applicants. A number of them are betas who want to date alphas and want to give the best omega-like experience. Nicole has counseled them that if an alpha wants an omega, there's nothing for it but for them to date omegas, but the betas pay well and if they want to make this mistake that's their lookout.)

And if when she gets her hands on the girl she's not adventurous enough to say yes, well, that'd be a pity. Nicole's pheromones and her excellent oral skills (verbal and yes, also) generally will work to convince people to do what she wants but there are people immune to her charms. It's just that Nicole doesn't think that this woman will be one of the aloof few. 

Nicole settles down with her phone in one hand and her dick in the other, comfortably jerking the soft foreskin over her weeping head. The media selections are pretty good - she taps into a livestream of a pretty woman getting fucked by two alphas and immediately gets harder. There's something about seeing a heat fuck, even induced and streamed on the internet, that gets her hard. Oh, she gets the occasional omega in heat who wants a great experience but that's far different from having someone else become Nicole's great experience.

Nicole pictures how that woman outside would feel on her cock. Was her mouth even big enough? She was tiny, Nicole would have to stretch her open to fit her dick inside, never mind her knot. Her dick twitches, dribbling clear fluid onto her hand. 

Her rut is close enough to whet her teeth, fill her with the drive to mark and fuck and claim. She'll likely go into rut in the next week, there's already a silent bidding war heating up between her clients even though she'd told them she hadn't decided if she was going to spend it with a client or not. 

Nicole doesn't even know that the woman is an omega, but she thinks so - there aren't many alphas or betas who'd choose a female alpha to ogle, and the way she'd licked her lips when Nicole's new pet had been cleaning her dick was pretty indicative of her general opinion of the situation. Nicole adds a little lube to her palm, getting comfortable. 

Nicole switches videos, now watching an omega in heat whining and begging to get an alpha cock in her cunt. She's tied up, the dark red rope pressing into her skin so it dimples in. The person behind the camera reaches out to run their fingers over the wetness smeared between soft thighs, then pushes three into to the Omega's cunt, spreading her lips and finding her clit with the thumb. The woman writhes and her hips buck into the touch on her clit. But that's all she can do with the ropes securing her heels to her thighs, more ropes tied to that harness tethering her knees to the bed and keeping her spread wide. 

The camera darts down and Nicole sees the filmer's dick jutting out, inches away from the pussy below them. They pull their fingers out with a squelch of fluid, grasp it, coating it before pressing between the Omega's legs, granting her escalating pleas for more to slam inside so hard that the Omega screams, her stomach clenching. They're not entirely inside and Nicole catches a glimpse of soaked, stretched pussy as the camera person pulls back and then slams in again to the root. 

Nicole's hips jump as she thrusts into her hand, the slick of lube and her own precome making the passage of her hand easy on her shaft. In a moment's flash, she imagines fucking the stranger like this, fast and selfish while all the Omega can do is take it deep and hard, tied up and spread-eagled as she is. She imagines the stranger's face slack in ecstacy at being used like this, treated like a toy to be played with and filled with cock. 

The woman on the screen makes a sound and Nicole catches the look on her face, the spark of joy before her body arches, the alpha cursing as they almost get squeezed out of the cunt they're destroying. The knot is visible, swelling, catching against the Omega's spasming entrance, the alpha grunting as they press it deep with a visible click as it locks inside. 

The alpha rolls their hips, humping their knot inside even as their fingers land on the Omega's clit, rubbing and pinching. The Omega tries to wriggle and it's hard to tell if she's trying to escape or rub against the alpha, head thrashing from side to side. The camera shakes and the thrusting shudders, red pubic hair pressing between the Omega's spread labia, a groan echoing through the phone speakers.

Nicole comes with her past self on the video, dropping the phone to clutch her knot with one hand while the other strokes wildly, driving her pleasure into the stratosphere. 

When Nicole has put herself back together, she washes herself off quickly in the shower then pours herself a bath. She drizzles in sweet oil and sinks into the hot water. Her cock tingles, still sensitive from the orgasm and the gentle washing it had gotten in the shower. Muscles exerted by recent activities twinge and ease in the wet heat. 

Sighing, she leans her head back. Regardless, she'll have to arrange a meeting between them. 


Waverly stomps at the lug wrench in aggravated frustration, cursing as the lug nut holds fast against her assault. She'd driven past some construction on the way back from her trip to IKEA and must have picked up a nail. But the lug nuts had been put on by the factory and she'd only gotten off 2 in the time it should have taken to change the tire. Waverly's dad had been a terrible dad but at least he taught her and her sisters how to change a tire, though the truck she'd practiced on hadn't had a tire put on by the shop in probably 20 years. 

She hears a car approaching and ignores it, focusing on her task until the crunching sound of wheels slowing on gravel-sprinkled asphalt tells her that she has company. The sun is low in the sky, a lot lower than she likes, and it obscures her view for a crucial few seconds as she peers at the new arrival. 

"It looks like you could use a hand. I'm Nicole, we're neighbors." The voice is confident, smooth, feminine. The hair is short, artfully touseled, and red. Waverly stiffens, recognition locking her tongue for precious seconds. 

The alpha from yesterday ("Getting a blowjob in front of her wide open street-facing windows in broad daylight!" gibbers Waverly's mind) towers over Waverly, her shoulders clad in a soft-looking Henley that clings to her arms, shoulders, and breasts and tapers to outline a firm, strong stomach. She has a lug wrench in one hand, swinging it casually next to her long legs, and Waverly notes that it's about three times longer than the one still stuck on her wheel. 

"Mind if I give it a try?"

Waverly nods, in the midst of a mental breakdown, and the alpha passes close behind her, brushing Waverly's arm with a hand. It's a strain for Waverly not to touch her, to feel if her shirt is as soft as it looks. 

Waverly smells her then and almost moans. The alpha is strong, musky and hot in her scent, rain and evergreen bright in the background. It's potent and evocative, whispering to Waverly of the ways that scent could be wrapped around her, inside her, incorporated and inextricable from her own...

Nicole, the neighbor, the exhibitionist, the alpha had pulled off the short lug wrench and is just now triumphantly stomping the longer wrench into action with the sole of one boot. The first nut comes loose, then the second, and soon enough they are all loose. 

"Let me just check - yeah, you got the jack in exactly the right place. Good job! Why don't you start jacking it while I get your spare?"

The praise and the phrasing come with a saucy smirk. Before Waverly can respond, she's gone, and Waverly can breathe for a moment. It's a necessary reprieve - her omega side is overwhelmed, needy, showing her just why she should get on all fours for a practical stranger. With shaking fingers she inserts the lug wrench and starts cranking the car up, trying to ignore just how good Nicole's brief praise made her feel. She just has to get through this, say goodbye, then figure out how to deal with this attraction as soon as possible. She can't afford to get distracted. 

Nicole doesn't give her a chance. The big alpha's strong hand touches the wheel, and she gestures for Waverly to stop as she twists the loose nuts off with slender, long fingers before she lifts the wheel off the mount wholesale. 

Waverly, who had been steadily losing her mind, whines at the sight of all Nicole's muscle swelling along her arms. Maybe it's her heat, hovering ominously about ten days away. Maybe it's the two year long dry spell since she'd left her deadbeat ex. Maybe its the insanely attractive, sweating alpha changing her tire unasked and swamping her with her delectable, heady, heavy scent. 

Whatever it is, Waverly is slick with desire and broadcasting that sentiment in her own scent. She sees the moment Nicole shifts uncomfortably, staring back at her over one shoulder as she finger-tightens the lug nuts on the spare enough to begin using the wrench. 

"You going to be good to drive after this?" Nicole asks, eyes glowing like liquid, grade B maple syrup in the light of the descending sun. She looks sinful, confident, hands covered in grease from the car, a trickle of sweat working its way slowly down her clavicle to the open neck of the henley. Waverly manages to nod despite the urge to catch that drop with her tongue. Nicole nods back, satisfied as she turns back, tightens down the nuts methodically. Then she cranks the car down, humming in satisfaction as the wheel touches down. She checks the nuts again and, satisfied, picks up her lug wrench. 

When she repositions to stand up before Waverly, she has something in her hand. A deep red card, now smudged with black, with a number on it. 

"I saw you yesterday. I think we'd get along, given your interest. If you ever want to see where that kind of thing might take you, give me a call." 

Waverly takes it, not knowing what to say. She feels cold, hot, attracted, exhilarated, afraid. 

Nicole hums, catching Waverly's chin in her fingers, gently tilting her up until their eyes meet. Her pupils are wide, dark, and her scent is so eager it almost burns Waverly's nose even as it warms her belly. 

"It's a good thing you're ok to drive. You smell so good I want to take you right now, across the hood of your car, and the only reason I'm not doing it is that I don't know your opinion yet. I don't know what being in an enclosed space with you might do to me.” She swallows, then reluctantly steps back. “You know how to reach me now. Call or text anytime.” After those words, Nicole shudders visibly then walks to her car, the door closing, the engine rumbling to life. 

Waverly watches as the alpha leaves and then snaps into action, cleaning up the jack and wrench and throwing them into the back where Nicole had thoughtfully already placed the full size wheel. 

It isn't until she's gotten home, thoroughly washed her hands, and spent several minutes screaming into a pillow about everything that she realizes she never told Nicole her name. She had been so flustered that she hadn't uttered a single word. God, I'm a mess. 

Waverly has two urgent tasks ahead and tries to complete them both at once. She thrusts one hand into her sodden underwear, mouthing "oh my god" as her fingers dredge through thick slickness to find her hard, throbbing clit. The scenario that had popped into her head on the drive home - Nicole pushing her down on the warm, ticking hood of her own car, dick so far inside Waverly's that the swell of the forming knot is stretching her opening with each thrust - has made her wet and open, ready to be touched.  With the other hand, she texts the number she had already saved to her phone. 

Nicole 😈

My name is Waverly. Thank you for your help, I'm sorry I didn't say so before, I was just so surprised.

The reply comes a few minutes later. 

Nicole 😈

My name is Waverly. Thank you for your help, I'm sorry I didn't say so before, I was just so surprised.

Hello Waverly. I was happy to help.

Are you touching yourself yet? 

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Nicole 😈

My name is Waverly. Thank you for your help, I'm sorry I didn't say so before, I was just so surprised.

Hello Waverly. I was happy to help.

Are you touching yourself yet?

The impudence of the question is overwhelmed by the spark of desire it strikes in Waverly belly, with her fingers drenched and dancing over her clit. She wants to answer, wants to reward Nicole for giving her this hungry joy, despite her lingering confusion for how this is happening to her. 


Nicole 😈

My name is Waverly. Thank you for your help, I'm sorry I didn't say so before, I was just so surprised.

Hello Waverly. I was happy to help.

Are you touching yourself yet?


Good girl, thank you for telling me. I'm touching myself too, you're intoxicating.


Waverly whines at the compliment zinging into her brain, her clit twitching against her fingers. 


Good girl, thank you for telling me. I'm touching myself too, you're intoxicating.

I wish it was me inside you right now. I want to feel you come for me on my cock.


The authority, the arrogance, the audacity , it should be turning Waverly way off. She doesn't want some mega-alpha who thinks she can just dirty talk her way into the bed of anyone who sees her getting sucked off in broad daylight and who smells her once. It should make her block this number, but instead she's rocking on her fingers, whining as the typing ellipsis shows on Nicole's side of the conversation. 


Good girl, thank you for telling me. I'm touching myself too, you're intoxicating.

I wish it was me inside you right now. I want to feel you come for me on my cock.

I left you a present in the car. Did you find it yet?

Waverly is up after a shocked, silent moment, wiping her fingers and dressing hurriedly to shuffle down the stairs and outside to the car. She opens the door and yes, it smells like the alpha in here. She sniffs around, hoping her neighbors aren't here to see her descent into madness, and finds the handkerchief folded nearly and tucked between the trunk and the back seat. 

Waverly must have been too beleaguered with the closeness of Nicole, the smell of her sweat clinging to the inside of her nose when she drove home, to sense it. She snatches it up and, against her own best judgment, sniffs it. Then she has to race back inside, shed her clothes, and dive back into bed to indulge the flash of heat that scent unleashed. 


I left you a present in the car. Did you find it yet?

I just found it.

Her phone buzzes again. 

I just found it.

I want you to come with my scent in your nose. Think about how I'll feel inside you, my cock stretching you open. Imagine begging for my knot while my teeth scrape the back of your neck.

Awfully sure of yourself.

Waverly manages to type, gasping as she bucks against her fingers. 


Awfully sure of yourself.

Tell me you aren't fucking yourself with your face buried in my scent and I'll consider growing some humility.

Since Waverly is doing exactly that, she can't exactly fault Nicole. 


Tell me you aren't fucking yourself with your face buried in my handkerchief and I'll consider growing some humility.

I... Can't.

Good, I like it when you do what I want you to do.

Waverly growls at that, but her hand continues petting away. The word "Good" sparks extra pleasure. 


Good, I like it when you do what I want you to do.

Don't fight it, you adore being bossed around.

I don't know you

You can if you want. Come get to know me. You know where I live. The door is unlocked. I want to get to know you, too.

The invitation is there, blunt and honest. Waverly wavers, her cunt hungry and unsatisfied with just fingers. And tomorrow is a research day, so she'll be working from home. Nicole could have pressed the issue with Waverly (secretly, Waverly knows it wouldn't have required much for her to have given in to Nicole's kind of pressure. That image, of Waverly helpless, pressed against the still-ticking hood of her car, spread open for anyone to see, and stuffed full of alpha cock at the side of the road was too hot for Waverly to have put up any resistance). But Nicole hadn't pushed. She offered, but she didn't push.

With a flash of shocked arousal, Waverly pictures what Nicole might have done with her if she'd said she wasn't ok to drive home. Would that long in an enclosed space together have driven Nicole to take her home, take her inside, take her? Would Waverly have even given Nicole token resistance if she'd tried, or would she have begged for more, faster, harder? Does she want to go there now and find out what Nicole might do with her right fucking now??

Waverly doesn't have an answer to the first question but the answer to the second is a resounding and embarrassingly desperate yes. 

She doesn't walk. She could, but she's an aroused pre-heat mess and every minute outside is a minute she doesn't want to spend. Besides, she doesn't need Nicole trying to triangulate her address from the time she sent that text to Waverly's arrival. And lastly, Waverly might get cold feet. 

(Waverly knows this is dangerous and stupid. Well aware that she could end up disappeared, all she's able to say in her defense is "I am really turned on and not thinking straight" which, while accurate, is not a safe way to do anything. She does text her sister that she's getting laid and texts Jeremy the address with a "give this to Wynonna if y'all think I've been kidnapped" instruction, then silences her phone)

So Waverly forces herself to take a long way to Nicole's house and parks on the street. She gets out, seeing nothing nefarious in the simple brick driveway, the little gate, the door handle that turns easily under her touch. The scent of alpha - pine and petrichor - hits her like a wall, throwing her head back with the need to suck it in through her mouth deep into her lungs. She locks the door after her. 




Nicole hears the car door slam and takes that last second to finish getting the grease out from under her fingernails before drying her hands on a towel. Despite her tone over text and during the tire change, Nicole is a mess. She had to change boxer briefs after getting home, she'd leaked so much precome, and her cock is still at full attention in her jeans. 

The texts with Waverly escalated so quickly that Nicole has been caught a little flat-footed - normally, it takes omegas some time to come around, but Waverly is so eager. The silence after Nicole's challenge for Waverly to come and get her had either meant that Waverly had finally decided Nicole was too forward or, Nicole fervently hoped, it meant that Waverly was even now on her way here. To Nicole's house. To get fucked. So Nicole had hurriedly washed herself, then got ready to receive her guest. 

Waverly's scent rolls into the house as she opens the front door and Nicole inhales deep, lingering huffs over her tongue. Floral, something she can't name yet, a deep woods flower of some kind, overlaying fresh hay. Arousal, hot and potent, so rich she can almost taste it. Nicole’s cock jumps. 

"In the kitchen," Nicole calls, voice almost raspy with lust. 

She gets down two mugs, hits the switch on the hot water heater. Maybe they can get through a conversation over tea, put off the collision long enough to negotiate. If Nicole can resist. (Oh, she can walk away. If necessary. I'll hurt but she can control herself. But staying in the same space as Waverly, talking to her, smelling her, seeing her? And not touching her? That's where her power over herself will begin to fray. And once she starts to touch… she'll be almost lost)

Waverly steps in behind a wall of her scent, strong and hungry. Her eyes, green and brown and oh so dilated, fixate on Nicole like she is both predator and prey. Nicole forgets her entire plan, grasping the counter to avoid going to Waverly immediately, the gravity of their connection dragging at her anchoring grip. 

The little omega is heaving deep, lingering breaths over her tongue, hands winging together over her belly. Her soft, layered shirts barely achieve opacity over her cleavage, and her shorts are miniscule. The crotch of the shorts draws her eyes and Nicole growls at the wet patch visible. 

Oh, she hasn't come yet , Nicole realizes, and Waverly’s omega, that animalistic, sexual side of her, is begging for someone to complete her. If there's any task for which Nicole is especially and expertly suited, it is to grant Waverly's darkest desires. And fuck, her need is dark, rich, and potent in the air.

Nicole fights past her response to speak. "Hello, Waverly, welcome to my home."

Waverly wets her lips and approaches the other side of the counter island, eyeing Nicole with something approaching mistrustful lust. Nicole has to rein her alpha in at the eye contact, prevent it from demanding obeisance. It doesn't like that Waverly doesn't trust her. Soon. Behave. 

"What are you doing to me?" The pulse in Waverly's scent is enticing, pleading, begging Nicole’s alpha to do what she wants (shove her down and ravish her). 

Good thing Nicole has plenty of experience giving omegas what they need, despite what they think they want. And for a time, she can deny herself as well. 

"I'm not doing anything. Your omega has recognized me as a potential mate. My alpha has done the same. I didn't expect the woman who watched me use Melissa's mouth yesterday to be a potential mate, but it's good to know you're interested in being used."

Waverly splutters in protest. "I'm not interested in being used!"

Nicole leans forward, resting a hand on the marble countertop, letting her lust flow through her in response to Waverly's challenge. 

"I saw you lick your lips yesterday while watching someone else swallowing my come. You want me to use your mouth. I can smell your arousal, your omega wants me to bend you over the nearest hard surface. And that's the least of it. You want to be tied to the headboard and used as a fuck toy."

With someone else, this might have been too much. But Waverly? Waverly has an expression of intense concentration on her face. Her scent spikes, filling Nicole’s kitchen like a miasma of desire. Nicole begins to circle the counter island, never taking her eyes off of Waverly's face. 

"You want to be fucked and knotted by an alpha you just met, to be tied to me as I fill you with my come." Waverly shivers, eyes dark. 

Encouraged, Nicole approaches until she's standing behind the motionless omega, hands on the counter to either side of her hips, not touching but only an inch away from pressing her entire height along Waverly's back. She sees Waverly twitch once, as if to try to turn around and see, but the motion stops before it truly begins. This close, Nicole can feel the heat wafting off of her skin. 

"I can do so much to you, Waverly, you just have to say yes and agree to just one thing..."

Due diligence must be paid. Sometimes kittens throw themselves at lions. Generally, the lions don't discourage them, and that’s all the encouragement they need. So Nicole, as a responsible lion, always tries to make sure any wandering kittens have an escape route.

"If you stay you’re agreeing to do this my way. You can always stop, at any time, I'll help you gather your things and go no matter what we were doing before you decided to leave, but then you won't get what  you came here for. It's your choice."

"Do you know what I came here for?"

"You stopped masturbating, put on clothes, left your home, and came to mine. You opened my door and entered. You came here for me, for whatever you sense that I can give you. You can have it, can have me, but you must agree to do this my way."

Waverly nods. 

"Say it."

"I agree to do things your way." Her voice is firm. "As long as I'm not in danger."

Nicole laughs. "Good girl, I like you reserving the right to protect yourself. Now."

She presses herself to Waverly's trembling back, molding herself to her warmth, groaning when her cock jumps at the pressure. She sweeps Waverly's chin-length hair to the side to caress an ear with her lips. Waverly's hands cling to her forearms, digging into the muscles when Nicole's tongue darts out to lick. Waverly's back is so delicious pressed against her cock, pinned between her and the kitchen island, trapped in Nicole's territory, in her arms. Nicole purrs and sharp fingernails press into her arm. 

"Tonight," Nicole hums next to Waverly's ear, "I'm gonna fuck you, knot myself into your cunt again and again until we can't come anymore. What do you think about that?”

Waverly’s breathing is harsh. “I'm, uh, yeah. Yeah, I want that.”

“Are you ok with me filming us tonight?”

Waverly's back goes rigid and her head presses against Nicole's clavicle. “What, why?”

“A memento, a study guide, something to masturbate to when I'm alone. I can learn everything about you, get inside your head while I watch myself filling your cunt.”


Nicole almost laughs at the expression. “I'll give you a copy of course. You can watch yourself getting exactly what you want and deserve tonight.”

“What I deserve?”

“You deserve to be sexually fulfilled.” Nicole rubs her cheek against Waverly's once. “I can smell how frustrated you are, how much you want to be fucked by someone who cares about your pleasure and happiness.”

“How can I say no to that?” The rhetorical question is followed by, “You can film us but I get a copy of everything. And if I tell you to stop filming, you do it.”

“Deal. Now, have you ever used the stoplight system in bed?"


Nicole wraps one arm around Waverly's stomach, pinning both of Waverly's elbows to her sides. 

"That's 'No, Sir,' Waverly."

Nicole feels the shiver. 

"No, Sir."

"Good girl." That shiver is stronger, she likes it. Nicole keeps going, rubbing her cheek against Waverly's hair. This close, she can convince her inner alpha that she has this omega well in hand, and so it lets her take her time. Waverly's omega is similarly calmed, no longer scrambling to get into her arms. They can set ground rules in place before the animals inside them decide that talking is extraneous. 

"If I ask you for a color, use green to mean 'all is well' or 'keep going,' yellow for 'too much' or 'stop and talk to me about what's wrong' and red to mean, 'stop everything right now.' Similarly you can ask me for a color and I'll respond. Understand?"

“Yes, sir.”

“Repeat the colors back to me.”

"Green for go, yellow for pause, red for stop. What's your color right now, Sir."

Nicole smiles at the title. "Green. What's your color, Waverly?"

"Before I answer," said the voice, trembling but determined. "Sir, are you in a relationship? I saw you with someone…”

"No." Before Waverly could relax Nicole says, "I'm a professional Dom. You saw me training a client to deepthroat that morning."

"Oh. And I'm not a client?"

She didn't use the title but Nicole doesn't chastise her. "No, you're not. I want you."

There's a short silence. "Green, then, is my answer."

Nicole sags with relief.  "Any special requests?"

"I haven't been knotted in years, please be..." Waverly trails off and Nicole recognizes her struggle. Her omega doesn't want gentle and is fighting the rational part of her mind that recognizes that she's not flexible enough to accept a full rut from the beginning. 

Nicole is monster enough to have a surge of possessive lust rise at the thought of breaking Waverly’s cunt open after years of inadequate filling. Her cock twitches, trapped between them, and Waverly writhes briefly against her. 

"Fuck, yes, I'll keep your safety and health in mind," Nicole rumbles, tracing a finger down Waverly's neck to the collar of her shirt. “Are you on birth control?”


“So am I. I'm clean, are you?”


“Do you want me to wear condoms?”

“No. But, um. No butt stuff, Sir," Waverly squeaks. 

"No butt stuff," Nicole agrees, dipping her fingers inside the shirt, tracing idly over the skin. “Anything else?” 

“I don't… Know what I'm doing. Sir. I don't know if there's more.”

The vulnerability in her voice triggers Nicole's protective instincts, and she indulges in a soft purr as she brushes her lips across Waverly's neck.

“You have to relax and trust me, then. I won't do anything too crazy this first time, though I am going to have you suck my cock, will eat your pussy, and I'm going to knot you and fill you with my come. I'm going to tell you what to do, and I'll reward you if you obey or punish you if you misbehave. My alpha wants you so much but it wants to protect you, too.  I might be rough with you, but I promise to watch you and make sure I don't go too far.”

Waverly nods, but she doesn't relax. Her body is humming with tension, shivering with the lust and uncertainty flowing into her scent. 

“Relax, Waverly. Or do I need to make you relax?”

“I'm trying, I just can't…”

“Shh, it's ok, I know a way.”

Wrapping her hand around Waverly's neck and squeezing, Nicole hears a squeak form in Waverly's throat as both hands arch up against the arm holding them fast. "Relax, shh, I'm going to squeeze until you surrender to me, Waverly."

"I'm sorry, Sir! Please," Waverly chokes, her scent swirling wildly as she struggles. 

"Go limp, then I'll stop. Go on, surrender." Waverly continues to writhe in her grasp. "Your omega is fighting to make you trust me, Waverly. She knows what's good for you and she's already mine, she was mine the second you got wet for me, so listen to her and surrender to me. Be good for your new alpha. That's a girl, see? That wasn't so hard after all."

Waverly relaxes bit by bit in Nicole's arms, until she's hanging from Nicole's grasp on her torso and neck. Nicole loosens her hold on Waverly's neck, murmuring "Good girl, next time obey me faster," into the skin under her ear as she uses her tongue and teeth to make an imprint. 

Waverly is gasping for breath, the air vibrating the windpipe under Nicole's palm even as she arches against Nicole's bite. It's much too high for a mating bite, just a potent tease for what could come from Waverly letting an alpha near the scent glands in her neck and shoulder. Based on the intensity of Waverly’s responses to Nicole, one bite might do it. 

"Please Sir, another request," Waverly gets out, voice pleasingly rough. "Please don't mate me tonight. Even if I... If I ask you to, later. It's a bad habit but when I masturbate I beg out loud, sometimes. I don't want to wake up mated by surprise. Not again."

"Oh, baby, I can promise you I won't," Nicole croons, mouthing over the crook of Waverly's shoulder, feeling scent glands contract under her lips. "But I also promise to tease you until you almost wish I would."

"God that's hot," Waverly squeaks.

Something strikes Nicole about Waverly's last statement. "Again?" There are no toothmarks in her neck, Nicole had looked carefully.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"I won't push, but I need to know if there is anything I absolutely should not do to you tonight?" Nicole is dead serious now, that brief glimpse of trauma bears caution. 

"No, the abuse was all emotional. I'm in therapy. Sex has never given me problems, it's the other stuff. Just don't gaslight me and I'll be fine." Waverly sighs, then relaxes again into Nicole's grasp. "Um, I want to change the subject, please. Back to making me wish you would bite me?" Waverly purposefully unwinds in her arms. “I promise I'll be good.”

“Of course,” Nicole steps away from the counter, pulling Waverly with her and letting her free hand wander freely across Waverly's chest. “Do you want your reward?”

Waverly grinds back against Nicole's cock, arching her sternum into Nicole's hand. “Please, sir, I'm so wet.”

Nicole spins Waverly around, grasping her chin in firm fingers and lifting. The trepidation in her face is gone, supplanted by searing lust. Nicole abruptly changes her plan - she had intended to boost Waverly up onto the counter and finger her to orgasm, but suddenly all she can do is try to hold on to her sanity as she crushes their lips together. Her alpha prowls forward, domineering and hungry, to devour her prey. 

The taste is indescribable, Nicole strokes Waverly's mouth open with her tongue and swallows her whimper, thumb resting on the hollow of Waverly's clavicle. They stumble together until Waverly is pressed against the wall, gasping and purring with omega rapture as Nicole holds her pinned with lips, hips, knees, and wandering hands. Nicole's not in much better shape, her dick weeping and aching in her jeans as she plunders the hot little mouth she wants to plunge into. The sounds Waverly makes when Nicole scrapes up under her shirt and her thumbs find bare, pebbled nipples go straight to Nicole's head(s). Her hips rock against Nicole and she gasps as Nicole drags one of her legs up to wrap around her hip. Nicole imagines she can feel the hot, damp spread of Waverly's desire against the shaft of her cock and groans into the kiss. 

The alpha roils in her blood, urging her to rip Waverly's clothes off with her teeth or somesuch other alpha dramatics. Nicole shakes off the impulse to just follow her alpha - she has plans before she'll allow herself to enter a rut, and she promised she'd go slow to start. So instead she presses away from Waverly, composing her expression. 

"Time for me to see what I've got. Come over here and strip, Waverly."

Nicole leads Waverly into the next room and seats herself in her throne - a massive leather armchair with a high back and a pleasantly wide, long seat. She has to reposition herself in her jeans. Waverly follows, heavy-eyed and watching her hungrily. Time to see if she likes being watched. "I'm waiting, Waverly."

Despite her air of stoicism, in moments Nicole finds herself clinging to her chair, using every ounce of her willpower not to pounce upon and ravish the teasing omega who has decided to remove her clothing in the sexiest way possible. This is something she's practiced, that she's good at, and that she's feeling good enough to perform for Nicole. Well. And it'll all be on the recording. 

Their pheromones are pouring against each other, each huffed breath smelling of a flower-stippled glade caught within the depths of a pine forest. 

When the striptease ends to Waverly, in the nude, glowing with mischievous accomplishment, Nicole strangles down her feral urge to pounce and, instead, hums, "Crawl to me."

Chapter Text

The rush of excitement rises in their intermingled scents as Waverly obeys, dropping gracefully to her knees, then to all fours as she begins stalking across the carpet. Freed from the inhibition of her clothing, Waverly's desire hangs in the air. That sweet perfume fills Nicole's mouth with saliva, making her teeth itch. Waverly is tanned and fit, wiry almost, and her muscles bunch and stretch under her skin. Nicole has watched a lot of nature documentaries, and Waverly is the quintessential lioness stalking her prey. Fortunately, Nicole is a bigger predator.

Waverly reaches the chair and Nicole throbs with want. This, this is what an omega in her power feels like, and the urge to take her, now, to throw her over on the carpet and drive into her dripping cunt is driving Nicole nearly out of her skin. But she promised. To go. Slow. God, why did I ever promise that?

"Go on," Nicole growls, words ending on a huff of need. She’s sitting forward in her chair, knees spread wide, inviting Waverly in. "Get it out. I know you've wanted this since you saw it yesterday."

Waverly blushes prettily as she reaches up, loosens Nicole's buttons, drags down the zip, and fishes inside. The bumps against Nicole's clothed, aching cock are so teasing that she hisses. Then a hand closes around her and she's out. Waverly is staring down at her cock, hand wrapped around the shaft.  

"You know what to do, Waverly." Nicole places a hand on her head.

Waverly looks up at her, eyes hungry and lost in lust. Nicole strokes her cheek. "I wanna see how deep I can get in your throat. You're gonna feel real good around my cock. Open your mouth, baby. Lick the head, go on.

Waverly obeys with a flick of her tongue, dragging wetly across the slit, and Nicole's cock twitches with a pulse of arousal that pulls a growl out of Nicole's chest. Waverly laps the liquid evidence of Nicole’s affection, hand squeezing and beginning to drag up her shaft so Nicole's foreskin draws up around her head. Nicole's toes curl. 

Oh, yes.

“Open your mouth.”

Nicole pulls Waverly closer, watching her struggle to let her jaw go slack. Pausing with her head inside, she relishes the soft, wet, hot drag of Waverly's tongue across the sensitive flesh. Waverly moans around her and the look in her eyes is spectacular, deep and awestruck and trembling with arousal. The tongue dips inside her foreskin, sliding along the untouched edges of the head. Nicole's toes curl and flex at the sensations, the heat of Waverly's mouth, the rightness of their scents together. Her cock pulses, another dribble of excitement that Waverly's tongue collects from the slit. When she closes her lips to swallow, Nicole groans out loud. 

“Go on, baby, you know what to do.”

Nicole releases Waverly’s head with an affectionate scritch and lets Waverly explore at her place, leaning back and looking down fondly at the top of her head as she focuses on her task. She tucks a lock of hair behind Waverly’s ear and catches her eyes fluttering from the touch. Oh yes, she likes this. 

“I expect you to strip every time you enter my house.” Nicole says. “You will only wear what I tell you to wear, when I tell you to wear it.”

Waverly's eyes flash back up at her face but the look in them is hazy, dark, needy instead of offended. She moans around Nicole's cock. Oh, that felt nice. Nicole rewards her with all four fingers caressing the soft belly of her throat. Waverly's moan is repeated and she begins to move with more purpose, her tongue lapping and stroking when it isn't flattened to the bottom of her jaw by Nicole's girth. 

“You like that, honey? You're good with your mouth, why don't you speed up a bit.”

The urge to thrust is overwhelming, but the first step in training is trust. Nicole corrals her lust into caresses and praise, using her voice and hands to gently encourage Waverly to move without moving her hips. She can be more precise this way, more careful of Waverly’s comfort. 

“God, you feel good, baby. Open up a bit more, that's it.”

Nicole presses deeper, letting Waverly back away when she needs reprieve and going back in when she's recovered. Soon they've found a good depth and Nicole keeps her alpha firmly under control. It's one thing to rut into an omega’s cunt, and quite another to rut into their throat. Receiving head requires self discipline, especially for an alpha with a large cock. She uses her hand for guidance, a firm reminder of who is in charge.

Waverly is handling it well. Her eyelids flutter with the deepest press of Nicole’s cock and her gaze has grown more unfocused. Tears gather gently at the corner of her eyes. 

“Give me a color?” Nicole asks. 

Waverly pulls off her cock, stretching her jaw. “Green,” she says, lips red and swollen and wet. She doesn't wipe the tears away. “It's just… A lot.”

Nicole's cock, wet and throbbing and cold without Waverly's mouth, gives a needy throb. Her alpha likes the tears, likes that she has such a huge impact on this omega. She wants more. 

“Good girl, get back to work then,” Nicole purrs, and she doesn't even need to pull Waverly back down onto her cock. 

She's perfect. It's like she was made for me. 

Nicole senses her orgasm building, the clenching heat around the head of her cock a mirror for the growing pleasure inside. It's no surprise that she's coming this soon, her cock has been hard since she'd seen Waverly at the side of the road. And she’ll need this orgasm to take off the edge for the marathon to come. She picks up the pace, growling breathless praise into the quiet air of the living room, her cock leaking faster into Waverly's mouth, her knot growing. Finally, she comes to rest with Waverly's lips touching the top of her knot. Waverly’s hand closes around her knot, squeezing.

"Swallow," Nicole orders, voice guttural at the precipice of orgasm, and to her delight she feels Waverly gamely try to swallow around her dick. Nicole thrusts just that tiny bit further and comes, selfishly deep, then pulls out just far enough to let the rest of her come pool on Waverly's tongue as her cock continues to twitch and pulse. Waverly waits, eyes wide, watching Nicole, mouth full of her and her spend, struggling to swallow. 

"Fuck, pet,” Nicole sighs happily, “that felt good. Eventually I'll be able to suppress the knot so I can come even deeper, but I'm just too excited to stop it today.” She pats Waverly’s cheek. “Ok, clean my dick off."

Waverly obeys and Nicole groans, her cock still half-hard and sensitive in Waverly's mouth. "Now hold it there, good. I'm sensitive, so your job is to keep my dick safe and warm in your mouth while I recover. You're being very good, Waverly." This she accentuates with another caress.

“Keep your hands up here. Just suck gently on my dick. If you wish, you can rub yourself on my legs, as long as it doesn't interfere with your dick warming duties. I'm going to take a minute to check something on my phone."

As she settles in with her phone, Nicole uses the home surveillance app to adjust her camera angles. She zooms in on Waverly's face with one camera while others catch the way she rubs her cunt up and down the very bottom of Nicole’s shin, shivers of delight and her little puffs of air making Nicole harden in her little omega's mouth. 

Nicole snaps a few photos with her phone, takes a handheld video when she thrusts gently forward and makes Waverly suffocate on her cock for a quarter of a minute before she withdraws entirely. The grind along her leg grows desperate, then eases as she lets Waverly off her dick. Interesting. 

Waverly catches her breath, then says, "Please, Sir, let me ride your cock."

Nicole pulls herself deeper into the chair. It’s a little early, she’s still sensitive, but it’ll take a little time to get Waverly ready, anyway. "Come, ride me then." 

She taps the button on her phone that refocuses the cameras automatically to cowgirl on this chair. That security system is worth every damn penny.

Waverly had impressed Nicole with her plea to be kind to her cunt, and she intends to fulfill her promise. Waverly will get herself ready for Nicole and then break her own alpha dry spell on Nicole's cock. It’s gonna be great.

Waverly climbs up and, before she can adequately straddle both of Nicole’s thighs, Nicole grasps her hips and forces her down on one thigh, grinding. Waverly gasps but ruts down helplessly against Nicole. Her breasts jiggle with the movement, her hair sweeping along the sharp line of her jaw.

"Oh no, baby, new omegas need to be warmed up for my cock." Nicole sends her fingers underneath Waverly, curling up as the omega grinds back. She’s soaked, hot and dripping, slipping and sliding as Waverly bucks with her hands braced on Nicole’s arms.

Waverly yelps, falling forward, and Nicole sends a finger up inside her at the opportunity. Her knuckles are rubbing against the wet denim, an unpleasant sensation, but the feel of Waverly hot and clutching around her finger is enough to make any unpleasantness worthwhile. She gets another finger up inside her omega, then another, until Waverly is quivering and rutting against her palm, eyes huge and needy. 

"You're stretching so good, you’ll take me fine, baby girl–"

"Uh, wait. Yellow!"

Nicole stops everything, holding still as a stone. The hair on the back of her neck stands on end. What did I do wrong?  

“Yes, Waverly, what do you–"

Waverly’s eyes are suddenly serious. Nicole's fingers are still buried in her cunt and she's so tight that a blood vessel can be felt tapping merrily against Nicole's ring finger. Nicole considers withdrawing her fingers, but then Waverly speaks.

"Don't ever call me baby girl. Baby is fine, other iterations of girl, fine. But not those two together. Please."

Oh, it's someone else's pet name for her. Nicole squashes the small flare of jealousy the idea sparks. Waverly isn't hers. Not yet. And it’s an immense relief that she didn’t cross a line that she already knew about. Their scents are still excited, still engaged, and she relaxes back into herself. She also, pointedly, ignores the lack of honorific in Waverly’s order. There’s a time for dominance games and it’s not while setting hard limits mid-scene.

"I understand, you won’t hear it from me again."

"Ok, thank you.” Waverly gives a firm grind against her fingers, moaning as Nicole slips out and then back inside with her movement. “Now please, Sir, don't stop.”

Nicole pulls out and then thrusts her fingers back inside Waverly, pulling a cry from her lips, causing her to crash forward again until she’s just inches away from Nicole, trembling at her fingertips. They stare at each other for just a moment before Nicole is kissing Waverly with fierce, proprietary joy, biting her lower lip and tugging as the omega squirms and ruts against her thrusting fingers. Waverly’s cunt flutters, trying to clamp down, and Nicole pulls out to a protesting sound from Waverly. 

"You're ready," Nicole purrs, "Come fuck yourself on my dick, baby. I'm ready to get inside you."

Nicole doesn't wait for an answer, just pulls Waverly up to straddle her, knees not even all the way to the corners of the deep chair. Waverly's naked breasts are crushed to the front of Nicole's shirt, her nudity all the more obvious for the fact that Nicole is completely clothed. 

Obediently, Waverly reaches down and tries to position Nicole's dick under her opening. She finds it, sparking a hiss from Nicole, and presses slow, her eyes closing in concentration. 

Nicole murmurs sweet nothings and rolls Waverly's clit under the pad of one finger as the insane pressure slowly yields around her head. It’s perfect, hot and wet, and she feels the give in Waverly’s cunt just as Waverly is about to retreat again. 

Nicole holds her in place, fingertips dimpling the skin of her hip even as she intensifies her efforts on Waverly’s clit. 

"Almost there. Go on," Nicole growls.

Waverly says, "Sir, it’s too big, please–"

Nicole meets her eyes, knowing that her alpha’s need is welling up into them, turning them dark and commanding and alight with desire. It’s probably a bad thing that she likes being too big, likes stretching Waverly more than anyone has in years, and god she Does. Not. Care. This is what Waverly was made for, taking her big alpha cock, and she’s not going to let her back out now.

"Sometimes these things require a push in the right direction. Like jumping into the cold water instead of walking down the pool steps. You can take my cock – you were born for it. You're squeezing and leaking around the head of it right now. Your brain is shy but your omega isn't, because your omega trusts me to crush any imaginable threat to you into tiny, unrecognizable pieces. If I tell you to sink down onto my cock you will trust that it is in your best interest to do as you are told ."

Waverly’s arms wrap around Nicole's neck just as she spreads around Nicole's fat dick and sinks, a choking sound of pleasure-cum-pain in her mouth even as her spine arches. The groan wrenching its way out of Nicole's throat is muffled in the side of Waverly's neck, her teeth grazing a spot that sends Waverly jolting down another inch with a yelp. 

The tightness is incredible, hot and pulsating around her. Nicole's presses against Waverly's clit with her fingers, circling, then traces them down to feel where she spreads Waverly wide open, cunt lips stretched tight around her cock. It's soaked, sloppy, Waverly's slick pooling in every crevice and drooling down Nicole's dick to soak the crotch of her jeans. Nicole squeezes herself once, indulgently, measuring how much there is left to get inside Waverly, then goes back to stroking Waverly's clit. 

"See, baby, isn't this better? I know what's good for you,” Nicole croons. “Don’t fight me, I'm doing this for your own good.”

They're probably halfway to hilted, Waverly's legs trembling as she tries not to sink too deep too fast. Nicole works at her clit, easing her through the stretch, humping ever so slightly whenever Waverly halts. Nicole pries Waverly off of her neck, supporting her weight with a hand on her lower back. Her hands encourage Waverly to roll her hips as Nicole mouths at Waverly's breast, teeth and tongue tweaking her nipple. Waverly rocks into the movements, hands gripping Nicole's shoulders and arms, eyes big as Nicole drags her just that little bit farther down. 

"You're a natural, I know I'm big, we'll go slow this first time." Nicole says. "I don't normally take the trouble to break a cunt in gently like this," the buck Waverly makes at those words make Nicole smile, "but I want you to be able to take my knot and can't make you too sore beforehand."

Waverly sinks a little further and Nicole seizes her chance to hump in a bit more, striking something inside Waverly that has her crying out and losing the strength to keep herself aloft. 

Nicole curses and bucks up, chasing the hot tightness of Waverly's cunt. Her cock seats itself deeper and deeper until her wild red pubes meet Waverly's close-trimmed lips through her open fly. Waverly shivers, mouth open. Nicole draws her close and kisses her, coaxing her mouth open with lips and tongue. Waverly writhes on her cock with the kiss, grinding against the thumb Nicole presses against her clit. Purring, rubbing, kissing, grinding slowly upward, Nicole relishes the spectacle to come. 

"That's better, there,” Nicole murmurs into Waverly’s open mouth. “Fuck, I'm all the way inside you. I wanted to know how you felt, I imagined you squeezing around me, but I couldn't have imagined how hot you'd be, fuck baby."

Nicole's rolling her hips with every few syllables, bumping Waverly on her cock, relishing the hot-wet-tight feel of her pussy rippling along her length. Waverly fights for control of the rhythm, overstimulated and overfull, but Nicole wraps an arm around her shoulders, shoving her back down with the next thrust, and the next. 

"Surrender to me," Nicole growls, watching the hair rise on Waverly's arms. "I'm gonna fill you up so good, just let go and breathe. Stop fighting me, you dragged yourself out of bed today to come climb on my cock, and my cock is what you’re going to get. Own your need, Waverly, and stop fighting the one thing you need the most. Surrender."

With the last words, Nicole wraps her hand around the back of Waverly's neck and squeezes. 

Waverly goes limp, her cunt slapping properly against Nicole's jeans. Nicole groans, a flare of pleasure striking her core when her cock bottoms out, humping up as she holds Waverly tightly down. There's no struggle, just fingers clutching at her clothing as the naked woman in her lap gasps and trembles around her cock. And as Nicole hits a comfortable rhythm, Waverly's hips begin to roll in time with each thrust.

"Oh baby you feel incredible, you really needed this didn't you? A big alpha cock filling your hungry little cunt."

Waverly nods shakily, fingers clumsily unbuttoning Nicole's henley’s buttons so she can mouth against her chest, head tucked and bouncing up to brush against the side of Nicole's jaw with every sharp thrust. Her hot breath and squeaks of stimulation steam across Nicole's skin, drawing her nipples tight and sending a strike of pleasure straight to her cock. 

"This is what you dreamed about, Waverly? Getting railed," Nicole gives a big thrust at the word and Waverly whines pleasingly in answer, "by a big alpha? An alpha who ordered you to come walk right into her den and you obeyed her, stripped all of your clothes off, sucked her off, and then climbed on her dick. This is what you wanted? To be fucked deep and hard and not have any say in when I knot you? Speak up, honey, I want to hear you say it."

Waverly's whine is sharp, a protest in all but words. In answer, Nicole slows her thrusts, using a hand on Waverly's chin to tilt her head back so their eyes can meet. Waverly is wrecked, her hair mussed and touseled from rubbing against Nicole's chest, eyes dark and watery with the first hint of tears. Her lips are red and chewed, and Nicole can't help but dip forward and press her lips to Waverly's, opening her up to Nicole's tongue, feeling Waverly's moan vibrate the air inside her own mouth. Being inside Waverly's mouth while filling her cunt is an unique joy, and Nicole revels in it, dick throbbing with the growth of her knot.

"Well?" Nicole asks, her spine tingling with the joy of each thrust, the sensitive hump of her rising knot breaching Waverly's opening. 

"I want you to knot me, sir.” Waverly's lips brush Nicole's as she speaks, her voice jolted by each thrust. “Fuck, I need you. Sir, please?”

To be quite honest, if Waverly had waited any longer to beg, Nicole would have had no choice but to knot her without it. Otherwise, she'd have grown too large to fit.  As it is, she needs the leverage of both arms to press Waverly down on her knot, rolling her on it, pressing up with her hips to drive it that crucial bit deeper. Waverly has slumped, boneless, to her shoulder and is mouthing at her neck. 

Nicole growls at the pressure on her glands, the skin sensitive and sparkling with each touch of Waverly's mouth. Then the widest part of her knot breaches Waverly's opening and she slots inside where she belongs. 

Waverly bucks and howls, fingernails digging deep, her cunt clamping down until Nicole's eyes water with the pleasured pressure. Abandoning her fingers as they grow clumsy with her rising orgasm, Nicole rolls her knuckles vigorously up and down Waverly's clit. 

Ever so carefully, despite the supernova building in her core, Nicole eats out the scent glands on Waverly’s neck, caressing the skin with her lips and tongue while making oh-so-light grazes of her teeth. It’s dangerous, placing her mouth there on the cusp of orgasm, knot buried so deep and chemistry so compatible that one ill-considered bite might bind them together, but Nicole has nothing but self-control. The effect on Waverly is undeniably worth the danger. 

“Fuck, knot me, sir, mate me, god fuck I can’t, please, I can’t,” Waverly wails, her silence breaking into a flood of sound and voiced need. “Bite me, please, fuck, bite me, I need you.” 

Nicole sucks a bruise into Waverly’s neck and that’s it, that’s the tipping point, and suddenly they’re both lost, her knot caught in the spasm of Waverly’s orgasm, her own climax sweeping over her until she lets out a growl and releases into her omega, Waverly. Fuck.

The pulses around her cock draw Nicole into a second climax, warmer and shallower than the first, clenching, bright pleasure and warmth coursing into her. She jerks, sensitive, but the knot dragging inside Waverly sparks another clench and sympathetically her cock spills again. 

Nicole lets her head loll back against the edge of the high-backed chair, a chuckle rising in her throat. Mind empty, knot locked, arms full of warm, limp omega. Another orgasm shivers through Waverly, and another, the long tease evidently having worked her up to a cascade of pleasure. Nicole rides through them, humping happily to another chained climax each time Waverly starts grinding, taking a break to breathe when Waverly’s cunt relaxes its hold slightly. 

After a while – it could have been hours or minutes – Waverly breathes out a word. “Fuck.”

Nicole laughs in agreement, the movement of her stomach bouncing Waverly slightly, until they both shiver with a shared aftershock. Soothingly, Nicole runs a hand up and down Waverly’s back, slow, gentle, exploratory. With her other hand, she rubs at the back of Waverly’s neck.

“Yeah. Fuck.” After a moment, she stirs. “God, you feel good, Waverly. How are you feeling?” 

Internally, Nicole winces. She always has trouble moderating her tone after orgasm – it’s hard to be the strict Dom when she’s just experienced incalculable pleasure and her discipline softens with her dick. 

But, Nicole reminds herself, Waverly is here for me, not just my Dom side. Maybe a little softness is warranted? She hasn’t taken a lover for herself in… God, has it been that long?

Waverly’s hand brushes against Nicole’s on her neck, checking where Nicole’s mouth had been, and then she murmurs, “Thank you sir, for not marking me.”

“I promised,” Nicole replies. Waverly still hasn’t told her how she’s feeling, and anxiety catches in her chest. What if she’d been too forceful? Waverly had demonstrated she knew how to use safewords, but Nicole isn’t used to fucking people who don’t already know what to expect from her exhibitions and live demonstrations. What if Waverly hadn’t wanted her to go that far?

“You also promised to make me want you to. And fuck , sir,” Waverly pushes away from Nicole’s chest, finding her eyes with her own half-lidded with wide-blown pupils, “you really did.”

Nicole’s heart begins to unclench. “Would you like to stay?”

Waverly wriggles slightly and the tug on Nicole’s knot makes her eyes roll. “I don’t have much choice, sir.”

Nicole groans. “I mean, would you like to stay and have dinner with me? I don’t have anything here but I do have Chinese food on speed dial.” She waggles her phone to demonstrate, immediately realizing that the move is goofy as hell. Post-orgasmic lala land has a lot to answer for.

Waverly smiles at her. “I’m teasing. The Chinese place at the bottom of the hill? Yes, I’ll stay. I’d…” her grin fades to something more thoughtful. “I’d like to get to know you. As long as you have peanut butter.”

“I… have peanut butter,” Nicole confirms. She’s tempted to ask why peanut butter is so important, but there’s a more vital response waiting on the tip of her tongue, spurred on by her alpha’s need to surround herself with Waverly for all time. “I would like to get to know you too, Waverly. Very much.”

“Good.” Waverly taps her on the nose, grin reappearing. “Now, please tell me you have plenty of hot water available for when this knot goes down. Sir.”

Nicole grins right back. “Oh, yes, I have two hot water heaters and three showerheads. Mind if I join you?”

“Of course. What’s the fun of three showerheads all to yourself? Though,” she winces, “I might be just a bit sore.”

The pride in Nicole’s chest at making Waverly sore wars with dismay that she might not be able to take her again tonight. “Well, it’s a nice shower even without distractions. I’ll wash your back if you wash mine?”

“Deal,” Waverly says, and then slides herself back down to nestle against Nicole’s chest. “Wake me up when the knot goes down.”

Nicole nods and then sits, quiet and content in her living room, stroking Waverly oh-so-gently while she dozes off in her lap. Even if the knot goes down sooner, she’ll let her catch 20 minutes of rest. That way, she’ll be ready for whatever – or whoever – comes next.

Chapter Text

After her impromptu nap and the un-knotting, Nicole had delivered Waverly to the bathroom, turned on the shower, and then promised to come right back after ordering food. Waverly steals a moment to herself under the stream (it’s percussive and perfectly hot, three showerheads in a huge glass-walled stall, with a deep, huge bath nearby that she wants to try out later) to scream silently about, well, everything. Perched on a convenient bench partially under one stream, she rubs at her face. She’s sexually satisfied in a way that she hasn’t been in… well fuck. Ever? 

Waverly’s last alpha experience had been about two years ago, a hookup for her heat with an alpha who was initially charming but who turned out to be an abusive asshole. The terrible sex, painful, too-early knotting, non-consensual mating bite, and early departure when he’d gotten what he wanted had made it the worst heat – or really, overall sexual – experience of her life. 

Then he’d proceeded to gaslight and (once she’d put her foot down and told him to fuck off) stalk her until she’d been able to get a restraining order. The chemical blockers took months to heal the teethmarks on her neck and erase the possibility of a bond. It had been a fucking nightmare. She’d steered clear of alphas for years since, until just today when she’d walked into Nicole’s lair and let her, well, talk her clothes off.

Nicole is nothing like that other alpha. Oh, she likes power, it’s evident in everything she does. Waverly saw it through the window that first day. But for all of the opportunities she’d had to abuse Waverly today, she hadn’t. Nicole asked for Waverly to hand over her power, and Waverly had done it almost without question. Her manner was firm, forceful (and god, Waverly’s omega loves that), but Waverly had felt her freeze when she safeworded. Waverly had seen the concern in her eyes, read in them how Nicole was ready to do whatever Waverly needed, immediately. That, more than anything else, had told Waverly exactly how safe she is with Nicole. And, god, that’s so hot. 

Waverly catches on a memory, Nicole staring into her eyes and telling her that she should do as she is told. Another, Nicole growling that she was made for her cock. The clench in her pussy is needy, empty, and Waverly encounters the shocking idea that she wants to go again. Right now. And she realizes that Nicole might just be ready to go again too.

There’s a knock on the bathroom door and Waverly quickly stands, ducking her head under the spray, pretending like she hasn’t been mooning about the alpha this whole time. The ache in her pussy belies that notion, but she tries to pretend to be cool.

She calls out an invitation. “The water’s great, are you coming?”

The door opens. Waverly watches through the steamy glass as Nicole enters and begins to strip. The shirt comes off first and Waverly reaches out without conscious thought to wipe the condensation out of her way. She gapes at the revealed V of Nicole’s hips, the abs and shoulders that ripple and bunch as she tosses the henley in the laundry basket. Her bra goes next, revealing soft breasts and dusky-pink nipples that stand out against pale skin. She turns partially to shuck her jeans and boxers and her thickly-muscled back and ass are revealed, atop thighs that look strong enough to crush Waverly’s head. 

Holy fuck. Waverly knew beforehand that Nicole is well-muscled, but she didn’t expect quite this level of ripped. This is really the alpha who wants her, who was buried inside her just minutes ago?

Nicole looks up, smirking, and her eyes light up as she sees Waverly staring through the wiped glass. She steps into the shower and Waverly turns helplessly to watch. Her cock has shrunk down into the compact package of her clit, larger than Waverly’s but partially obscured by her wild red curls. They’re still damp with their commingled juices, and Waverly’s clit twitches with the memory of being transfixed on Nicole’s cock. Holy fuck.

“Your mouth is open,” Nicole purrs, coming still closer. Water runs down her torso and she groans, clearly enjoying the hot water.

“You’re gorgeous,” Waverly manages, even as Nicole tilts her chin up with a hand. 

The kiss is soft, open, questing. Nicole tastes like everything Waverly needs right now. Waverly moans, pressing forward, hands running up Nicole’s stomach toward her breasts, sliding over the water-slick skin. When she finds a nipple with thumb and forefinger, rolling, Nicole groans and breaks the kiss, laughing.

“I thought you were sore.”

“Yeah, but for this I can be less sore.” 

“Mm, they’ve given us 45 minutes for our food order but generally bring it in 40. It’s just down the hill, after all. But let’s see how clean we can get.”

Waverly pouts, but she stops running her hands all over Nicole’s irresistible muscles and asks, “Can I borrow from your supplies?”

“If you won’t be upset at me for being smug about you smelling like me.” 

Nicole hasn’t stopped touching Waverly, big hands resting on her hips, but at this she reaches out and snags a bottle of something from a caddy on the wall. 

Waverly shakes her head, but she’s smiling too. “That doesn’t make any sense! I already smell like you.” 

Now it’s Nicole’s turn to pout. When she does so, her big brown eyes somehow get much bigger and much rounder. “But you’re washing it all away.”

Waverly laughs. She laughs! With an alpha who just fucked her silly, who has the power to do whatever she wants to her, but chooses to do only what Waverly allows. Who has the sweetest puppy dog eyes Waverly has ever seen. Whose come is leaking down her thighs and mingling with the fresh slickness gathering from just the sight-sound-smell of Nicole. And then the alpha is there: wet, hot, slippery, and pressed against Waverly, hands squeezing her ass. 

“Turn around,” Nicole growls in her ear. “I’ll start washing you.” 

Waverly turns in her arms without hesitation, bracing her hands on the glass wall as soapy hands begin to run along her ribs from behind. As they skate over her skin she arches helplessly into the touches. At first, she tries to suppress the sounds she makes, but Nicole’s mouth presses, open and hot, against the gentle angle where her back meets her neck. Teeth d r a g across the skin. Waverly gasps, her pussy throbbing, clenching on nothing.

This is getting me clean?

“I want to hear you,” Nicole breathes over the sound of the water. “Your voice belongs to me.” A slick hand wanders up Waverly’s chest and she almost sobs at the feel of one hot, soapy hand cradling her breast, pinching her nipple, while the other glides down over the curve of her ass, dipping past it to graze between her legs from behind. But then she stops and hovers, touching Waverly’s trimmed bush but not enough to be properly felt. Waverly whines, pressing fruitlessly against Nicole’s hand, as the soap washes away in the stream.

“Sing for me, Waverly, and I’ll give you everything.”

Nicole twists her nipple gently, then plucks it and Waverly moans.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Touch me, please, sir, touch me.”

“Better. Here you go.”

Waverly’s legs wobble as Nicole, true to her word, runs her fingers over her clit and then down, sluicing through the mess between her pussy lips, tucking inside her. The stretch is so pleasurable Waverly only hears static for a few moments, then three fingers are pressing deep inside her, pulling out, a thumb landing on her clit as they repeat the smooth, stretching thrust.

It’s like Nicole has no filter when her hands are on Waverly, filth spilling from her lips between open-mouthed kisses that suck bruises into bloom. It’s too much but absolutely perfect , transfixing Waverly between two points of erogenous glory and the hair-raising submission inspired under Nicole’s mouth. 

“There’s so much of me still inside you, fuck, I really filled you up. It’s dripping down your thighs and look at you, you want more. I could knock you up so easily.”

God that is so hot. God. What the fuck? Waverly knows her birth control is good, she knows it, and she trusts that Nicole was being honest about being on birth control herself. But, for just a few seconds she imagines if it just stopped working, if a big, strong alpha with a voice and body that drives her wild knocks her up and keeps her. Holy mother of fuck, help me.  

“Please, sir,” Waverly shivers as the title earns a rumbling purr that flutters breath against her neck.

“Yes, little one?”

Waverly whines and arches, leaning into the firm legs behind her, pushing into the hand stroking inside her. 

“Please knock me up.”

Nicole groans, thrusts into her harder, and with a thrill Waverly realizes that she feels Nicole’s cock against her ass cheek, pressing against her with each thrust of Nicole’s thigh as it hits her hand.

“I should have known better than to start anything with you in the shower,” Nicole growls. “You’re so sloppy, so eager. But we don’t have time for me to breed you. Let me do something else instead”

Waverly squirms, shame warring with omega pride that she’s pleased her… no, not her, an alpha. 

“Yes, please sir– oh!” Waverly jumps at the smack of a hand against her ass, her yelp and the sting followed by a rush of pleasure.

She presses harder against the glass, streams of water cascading over her skin. Then Nicole pulls her back from the glass and seats her on the bench. Waverly goes willingly, skin humming, pussy pulsing with desire. Her lust is pulled as tight as a bowstring. It pulls tighter when Nicole gracefully folds to her knees on the shower floor, a god of wetness and dominance and muscle , pushing Waverly’s knees apart with firm, gentle palms. 

“Spread your legs, that’s a good omega. Look at how sloppy you are with my come.” 

Long fingers dive inside Waverly, plunging deep, curling so cleverly to press against the front wall of her pussy. Waverly’s eyes cross at the sensation, slick and so deep. When Nicole pulls out again, Waverly can see the white fluid coating her hand, diluted with her own juices. It makes her shudder, the thought of Nicole inside her. Then those clever fingers are in Nicole’s mouth, parting to let her tongue swipe between them. She hums a happy sound and returns them to dive deep inside Waverly’s pussy once more.

“Remember to let me hear you,” Nicole admonishes, then her mouth is on Waverly’s clit, Waverly’s cunt speared open on her fingers. Waverly can see Nicole’s other arm working and can imagine what’s happening – Nicole is jacking herself off while she eats Waverly’s pussy. 

Waverly throws back her head to bump against the shower wall as she rolls her hips against Nicole’s face, the intensity of the situation almost too much to bear. Nicole devours her, face buried up past her nose. She’ll break free for great heaving breaths only to dive back in with complex motions of her mouth, swiping and pressing and circling Waverly’s clit until all Waverly can do is cling to her hair and shoulder. 

At the same time, Nicole’s fingers are merciless, driving into her again and again. Waverly realizes, almost too late, that she’s about to come. Crying out, she arches into it, grinding her clit into Nicole’s mouth even as the sparking clenches in her core threaten to trap and drive away Nicole’s fingers in equal measure.

Nicole chuckles, pleased-sounding rumbles reverberating in her chest, gentling her touch though Waverly’s afterglow. But at the first sign of Waverly’s renewed interest, she speeds up again, eating Waverly like a starving woman who sees food for the first time in weeks. Waverly has never felt anything like this, has never felt so possessed as she is now, slumped against the bathroom wall as she jerks through her second orgasm in what feels like five minutes. 

A deep, growing pain draws her back to the present and she gasps, hand going out to push Nicole’s mouth away from where her teeth are buried in the fat and muscle of her inner thigh. Stopping at the sight of the look in Nicole’s eyes, Waverly curls her fingers. Nicole sucks the skin of Waverly’s inner thigh hard, ravenous, and Waverly gasps in pain but doesn’t touch Nicole, doesn’t pull away. This is a “trust me” look if she’s ever seen one. And it’s not so bad, now that she has a chance to think about it.

Then she feels it, a warmth in her muscles, a lassitude not unlike afterglow, but arousing too. Nicole’s fingers start up again, a thumb on her clit, and Waverly gasps at the spike in pleasure. Helpless, she watches as Nicole’s jaw muscles bunch and her neck tenses, dragging her flesh slowly side to side as she clamps down, chewing. Each flex of her jaws brings pleasure/pain and hot slickness to her cunt. 

“Oh, god, what are you doing?” Waverly asks, bracing her hands on the bench behind her. It’s so good, burning in her thigh, slow and growing, it hurts but she’s about to come again too and it’s related somehow. She can’t think. “That’s, it’s…”

Nicole growls, chewing deeper one more time, one arm working feverishly at her own pleasure, the other thrusting deep into Waverly’s cunt. Waverly cries out and comes explosively on her hand, a sharp silvery feeling spiking through her, almost like she has to pee. Then she sees it,  spraying out with each pulse around Nicole’s fingers. The jaws in her thigh loosen, and Waverly cries out in sheer reactive pain-pleasure as her aftershock hits hard. 

She slumps, limp, to the bench and Nicole grunts. Nicole’s broad shoulders under Waverly’s thighs and her chest resting against Waverly’s hips are the only barrier keeping Waverly from sliding down and off onto the floor. Waverly shudders and twitches, aftershocks hitting seemingly every muscle, heels occasionally slapping Nicole’s back.

“Fuck,” Nicole mutters, laid forward with her cheek on Waverly’s belly, shoulders broad beneath Waverly’s knees. 

Waverly’s thigh aches but it’s good somehow, her omega purring under her skin at being marked again. She looks down at the blossoming red bruises and feels immense pride, satisfaction, arousal. All fed with omega instinct, but valid nonetheless. 

Nicole is heavy across her lap, satiated alpha pheromones leaking off of her and stroking Waverly’s omega into prideful preening. Nicole must have come. Waverly did this, somehow, just by allowing Nicole her way. It isn’t what she is used to, but the results speak a thousand words. Waverly combs her fingers through Nicole’s short, soaked, red hair and cherishes the alpha purr it evokes.

Waverly recovers first. With Nicole’s head on her belly, it’s hard to move at first, but she chivvies the alpha up and through some basic washing. By the time they stumble into towels (on a warmed towel rack, no less) Waverly is starving and sleepy in equal measure. Nicole seems to have continued to regain her vigor, and isn’t even yawning anymore. 

Nicole dons the new clothes she’d tossed on the toilet seat prior to her memorable undressing. Waverly thinks of asking what she can wear, but before she can ask Nicole proffers a supersized, fluffy, white, terry bathrobe, fresh from the warming rack.

“You don’t have to wear whatever I tell you to wear, Waverly. If you want to, that can be part of our dynamic. I like the idea, which is why I suggested it. But for now, here’s one of my favorite robes, and you can let me know how you feel.”

Waverly studies Nicole’s new attitude. It’s like she’s defaulted back to how she was while helping Waverly change the tire, yet more comfortable. Waverly likes it.

Waverly slides into the heavy, warm fabric and wraps it snug around herself with the belt. It feels like a spa day and a hug all rolled into one. There are fluffy socks too. “Ok, this is nice, I like it.”

“Good.” Nicole takes a moment to finger-comb product through her short hair, then offers the field of toiletries to Waverly with a gesture. “I’m going to go get ready to grab the food, you can use anything you find. Ok?”

“Yeah,” Waverly says, then steps forward. 

Nicole freezes, one hand on the doorknob. “Yes?”

“I’m having a really nice time, Nicole.”

Nicole’s eyes soften again and she steps forward, kissing Waverly. Waverly is transfixed in the moment prior to their touch, heart clamoring, and she can almost hear her neurons fizzing into dust at the intensity of this kiss, the fire limning it with hair-raising glory. 

“I’m having a really nice time myself,” Nicole rumbles, and then her phone buzzes. “Ah that’s probably the driver–”

“Go, go, I’ll just be here, swooning.”

Nicole’s grin is bright. “Swooning, eh?”

“I’ll swoon even more if you get me my soup.”

“As you wish!”

Then she’s gone, the door closing, the bathroom silent. Waverly almost follows her out.

Shit, get a hold of yourself, Earp. Yes, she’s overwhelmingly hot. Yes, she’s overwhelming in bed. Yes, you haven’t even gotten to a bed and you’ve let her knot you and get you off three times in the shower. Yes, you love this. Yes, she’s so dominant that you want to lick her feet just to see her smile. But that doesn’t mean you should keep getting the best sex of your life just because you can. … … wait, no, it absolutely means you should keep getting the best sex of your life. Fuck, girl, grab it and run!

Waverly finds something to try on her hair and goes for it. Worst thing that can happen is that it just gets sex-crazed again, right? She scans around for a hair-dryer, starts plugging it in, and hears the doorbell ring. Ah well, food before beauty.

Waverly has just come out of the bathroom when she hears raised voices. 

“Hey! Where is Waverly?! She’s not answering my texts. Don’t deny it, her car is in your driveway! Where have you hidden her?”

Waverly knows that voice. 


Waverly runs from the bathroom toward the front door, not quite in time to prevent Wynonna from shoving Nicole full in the chest with two hands. The big alpha, to her credit, doesn’t rise to the provocation, just takes two steps back, only to have Wynonna step right back up to her. Wynonna's hair is wild, her biker leathers well-worn and spiked with silver, the fringe on her jacket swaying with her movements. Still, next to the muscular width of Nicole's shoulders, Wynonna looks small.

Waverly skids on her socks to a stop in the hall. “Wynonna, what are you doing here?”

Both alphas swivel to look at her. Nicole’s jaw tight and eyes guarded in a way they haven’t been before. 

Wynonna speaks first, relief in her bright blue eyes, “Baby girl, thank fuck, I was so worried. But whoa, what’s that on your neck? You let this alpha bite you?”

Nicole flinches and her eyes go hard at these words. Damn, this isn’t how I would have chosen to introduce her to Wynonna… hopefully she’ll forgive me.

Waverly covers the hickey (she’s really quite fond of it). “It’s a hickey, Wynonna, her name is Nicole, and it’s none of your business.”

“You made it my business when you stopped answering text messages over three hours ago! I had to threaten to pull out Jeremy’s fingernails to get the address out of him.”

“You did not threaten Jeremy!”

“I had to! Who knows what this alpha–”

“Nicole.” Nicole interrupts, voice cold. 

When Wynonna tries to speak again Nicole snarls, alpha rage spilling from her in a wave that makes Waverly want to soothe her. It hits Wynonna in a visible wave and her jaw clicks shut. The next words are gritted out through Nicole’s teeth, like every word costs her something priceless.

“My name is Nicole. And I think you should leave . I wasn’t made aware that Waverly is in a relationship, and I apologize profusely for the misunderstanding. She’ll be leaving as soon as she gathers her belongings. If you are inclined to violence against me or my property, I have to inform you that you are on my security cameras as we speak and have already provoked me in my home.”

Oh fuck . That’s why she’s so upset. She thinks I led her on. She’s hurt, upset at me. The thought makes Waverly’s heart flutter, panicked, in her chest. 

Wynonna stares at Nicole, then throws her head back in a disbelieving cackle. Typical Wynonna, she’s not going to de-escalate the situation.  

Waverly sees the muscles bunch in Nicole’s neck and shoulders, the way she’s holding herself as if to step toward Wynonna and do something permanent to her face, and steps into the bare two feet of space between them, facing Nicole. 

The barrage of alpha dominance slams into her. Holy fuck, she’d only gotten the periphery of it, still protected by Nicole directing it at Wynonna alone, but it hits Waverly like a slap, burning her nostrils with charred evergreen. She winces and it eases, ever so slightly, Nicole flinching away from hurting her despite her rage and pain. 

I have to fix this.

“Wave–” Wynonna starts.

“Shut up, Wynonna, and back up . Nicole, Wynonna is my sister. My over-protective, over-bearing, nosy-ass, prying, asshole of a sister. I let her know I was coming over to an alpha’s house, and trusted my friend Jeremy with your address in case I hadn’t checked back in. This is my fault, I should have texted them both hours ago. Nothing I told you was a lie. I am so sorry she barged in here like this, she shouldn’t have done this, but she did it because I made a mistake and didn’t text.”

After the second sentence, Nicole’s eyes lock onto Waverly’s (she’d been determinedly not looking at her before, instead glaring over her shoulder at Wynonna) and her muscles start unbunching, group by group, as if she is manually working them loose with every word spoken. The raw hurt in her eyes, revealed when she had finally erupted at Wynonna, begins to fade too, and god Waverly never wants to make her look at her like that again.


“Shut up , Wynonna. For two minutes. I really like her. If you won’t leave, at least let me try to fix this.”

“She’s your safe call.” Nicole drags her hand down her face, visibly trying to shed her tension, to reset. “I refuse to be mad at you for having a safe call. Shit, I’m sorry, I overreacted.”

“No, you really didn’t. A loud, annoying alpha–”

“Hey!” Wynonna protests, but Waverly continues unabated.

 “–barged into your home, made physical contact with you, called me by a pet name, and you came to a logical conclusion.” Waverly spreads her hands. “I am so very sorry. Can we be ok after this?”

“Yeah,” it comes out on a huffed breath, then Nicole swallows and looks at her, brown eyes warming to that puppy-dog brown that Waverly is starting to cherish. “We’re already ok.”

“Uh, hello?” 

Waverly whirls at the sound of a tentative male voice. Behind Wynonna, who has also turned to look, there’s a wide-eyed guy about Waverly’s age toting a big brown bag with a receipt stapled to it. Waverly briefly sees them through his eyes. Two stinky alphas, one clad in leather biker gear, the other in slacks and a nice t-shirt, and one omega between them, hair wet and clad in a fluffy bathrobe with slipper-socks. Yikes. 

The delivery driver, kudos to him, barely stares at anybody. “Delivery for Nicole Haught?”

Nicole steps around Waverly and her sister, stroking a hand down Waverly’s back through the thick bathrobe as she passes, and goes to accept the food with the exchange of a few bills. Waverly shivers with the contact and the immense relief she feels. God, she’d been this close to fucking this up. 

While Nicole is busy with the delivery guy, Waverly turns to her sister. “Wynonna, I’m sorry I didn’t text. I got caught up in things and lost track of time. I’m really sorry that I worried you.”

“Things, eh?” Wynonna eyes Nicole as the other alpha placidly passes by with the bag of heavenly-scented chinese food. 

Nicole goes into the kitchen with the food. Wynonna lowers her voice. “You’re safe, with her? She was about to throw down with me. And she looks like she could do a lot of damage if she wanted.”

“Yeah, Wynonna. If you remember, you provoked her. I have had a great afternoon and it’s setting up to be a great night. She stops when I ask her to and bought me sweet and sour soup. I’m going to put peanut butter in it in front of her, I really want to see how she reacts.” Waverly sighs. “I am really sorry I didn’t remember to text.”

Wynonna’s face softens and she grabs her into a hug. “I just worry about you with these big alphas, you know what we’re like.”

“Protective, aggressive, and combative?” Waverly squeezes for a long count of four, then steps out of Wynonna’s hold. “I’ll text you if anything, but I don’t think there will be anything, ok?”

“Ok. Phew, you even smell like her.” Wynonna cranes her neck to look into the kitchen. “Should I apologize?”

“No, I’ll handle it, if you promise to be polite the next time you meet her. And tell Jeremy I’m sorry too.”

“I’ll do that. Call me if anything , ok?”

“You got it.”

Waverly closes the door behind her sister and locks it, pressing her forehead against the wood. Then she straightens up, settles her shoulders, and makes her way to the kitchen. She still feels horrible about this, but she’s going to own up to her mistakes and move forward. Hopefully, Nicole will be moving forward with her.