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How Much is that Alpha in the Window?

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The rush of excitement rises in their intermingled scents as Waverly obeys, dropping gracefully to her knees, then to all fours as she begins stalking across the carpet. Freed from the inhibition of her clothing, Waverly's desire hangs in the air. That sweet perfume fills Nicole's mouth with saliva, making her teeth itch. Waverly is tanned and fit, wiry almost, and her muscles bunch and stretch under her skin. Nicole has watched a lot of nature documentaries, and Waverly is the quintessential lioness stalking her prey. Fortunately, Nicole is a bigger predator.

Waverly reaches the chair and Nicole throbs with want. This, this is what an omega in her power feels like, and the urge to take her, now, to throw her over on the carpet and drive into her dripping cunt is driving Nicole nearly out of her skin. But she promised. To go. Slow. God, why did I ever promise that?

"Go on," Nicole growls, words ending on a huff of need. She’s sitting forward in her chair, knees spread wide, inviting Waverly in. "Get it out. I know you've wanted this since you saw it yesterday."

Waverly blushes prettily as she reaches up, loosens Nicole's buttons, drags down the zip, and fishes inside. The bumps against Nicole's clothed, aching cock are so teasing that she hisses. Then a hand closes around her and she's out. Waverly is staring down at her cock, hand wrapped around the shaft.  

"You know what to do, Waverly." Nicole places a hand on her head.

Waverly looks up at her, eyes hungry and lost in lust. Nicole strokes her cheek. "I wanna see how deep I can get in your throat. You're gonna feel real good around my cock. Open your mouth, baby. Lick the head, go on.

Waverly obeys with a flick of her tongue, dragging wetly across the slit, and Nicole's cock twitches with a pulse of arousal that pulls a growl out of Nicole's chest. Waverly laps the liquid evidence of Nicole’s affection, hand squeezing and beginning to drag up her shaft so Nicole's foreskin draws up around her head. Nicole's toes curl. 

Oh, yes.

“Open your mouth.”

Nicole pulls Waverly closer, watching her struggle to let her jaw go slack. Pausing with her head inside, she relishes the soft, wet, hot drag of Waverly's tongue across the sensitive flesh. Waverly moans around her and the look in her eyes is spectacular, deep and awestruck and trembling with arousal. The tongue dips inside her foreskin, sliding along the untouched edges of the head. Nicole's toes curl and flex at the sensations, the heat of Waverly's mouth, the rightness of their scents together. Her cock pulses, another dribble of excitement that Waverly's tongue collects from the slit. When she closes her lips to swallow, Nicole groans out loud. 

“Go on, baby, you know what to do.”

Nicole releases Waverly’s head with an affectionate scritch and lets Waverly explore at her place, leaning back and looking down fondly at the top of her head as she focuses on her task. She tucks a lock of hair behind Waverly’s ear and catches her eyes fluttering from the touch. Oh yes, she likes this. 

“I expect you to strip every time you enter my house.” Nicole says. “You will only wear what I tell you to wear, when I tell you to wear it.”

Waverly's eyes flash back up at her face but the look in them is hazy, dark, needy instead of offended. She moans around Nicole's cock. Oh, that felt nice. Nicole rewards her with all four fingers caressing the soft belly of her throat. Waverly's moan is repeated and she begins to move with more purpose, her tongue lapping and stroking when it isn't flattened to the bottom of her jaw by Nicole's girth. 

“You like that, honey? You're good with your mouth, why don't you speed up a bit.”

The urge to thrust is overwhelming, but the first step in training is trust. Nicole corrals her lust into caresses and praise, using her voice and hands to gently encourage Waverly to move without moving her hips. She can be more precise this way, more careful of Waverly’s comfort. 

“God, you feel good, baby. Open up a bit more, that's it.”

Nicole presses deeper, letting Waverly back away when she needs reprieve and going back in when she's recovered. Soon they've found a good depth and Nicole keeps her alpha firmly under control. It's one thing to rut into an omega’s cunt, and quite another to rut into their throat. Receiving head requires self discipline, especially for an alpha with a large cock. She uses her hand for guidance, a firm reminder of who is in charge.

Waverly is handling it well. Her eyelids flutter with the deepest press of Nicole’s cock and her gaze has grown more unfocused. Tears gather gently at the corner of her eyes. 

“Give me a color?” Nicole asks. 

Waverly pulls off her cock, stretching her jaw. “Green,” she says, lips red and swollen and wet. She doesn't wipe the tears away. “It's just… A lot.”

Nicole's cock, wet and throbbing and cold without Waverly's mouth, gives a needy throb. Her alpha likes the tears, likes that she has such a huge impact on this omega. She wants more. 

“Good girl, get back to work then,” Nicole purrs, and she doesn't even need to pull Waverly back down onto her cock. 

She's perfect. It's like she was made for me. 

Nicole senses her orgasm building, the clenching heat around the head of her cock a mirror for the growing pleasure inside. It's no surprise that she's coming this soon, her cock has been hard since she'd seen Waverly at the side of the road. And she’ll need this orgasm to take off the edge for the marathon to come. She picks up the pace, growling breathless praise into the quiet air of the living room, her cock leaking faster into Waverly's mouth, her knot growing. Finally, she comes to rest with Waverly's lips touching the top of her knot. Waverly’s hand closes around her knot, squeezing.

"Swallow," Nicole orders, voice guttural at the precipice of orgasm, and to her delight she feels Waverly gamely try to swallow around her dick. Nicole thrusts just that tiny bit further and comes, selfishly deep, then pulls out just far enough to let the rest of her come pool on Waverly's tongue as her cock continues to twitch and pulse. Waverly waits, eyes wide, watching Nicole, mouth full of her and her spend, struggling to swallow. 

"Fuck, pet,” Nicole sighs happily, “that felt good. Eventually I'll be able to suppress the knot so I can come even deeper, but I'm just too excited to stop it today.” She pats Waverly’s cheek. “Ok, clean my dick off."

Waverly obeys and Nicole groans, her cock still half-hard and sensitive in Waverly's mouth. "Now hold it there, good. I'm sensitive, so your job is to keep my dick safe and warm in your mouth while I recover. You're being very good, Waverly." This she accentuates with another caress.

“Keep your hands up here. Just suck gently on my dick. If you wish, you can rub yourself on my legs, as long as it doesn't interfere with your dick warming duties. I'm going to take a minute to check something on my phone."

As she settles in with her phone, Nicole uses the home surveillance app to adjust her camera angles. She zooms in on Waverly's face with one camera while others catch the way she rubs her cunt up and down the very bottom of Nicole’s shin, shivers of delight and her little puffs of air making Nicole harden in her little omega's mouth. 

Nicole snaps a few photos with her phone, takes a handheld video when she thrusts gently forward and makes Waverly suffocate on her cock for a quarter of a minute before she withdraws entirely. The grind along her leg grows desperate, then eases as she lets Waverly off her dick. Interesting. 

Waverly catches her breath, then says, "Please, Sir, let me ride your cock."

Nicole pulls herself deeper into the chair. It’s a little early, she’s still sensitive, but it’ll take a little time to get Waverly ready, anyway. "Come, ride me then." 

She taps the button on her phone that refocuses the cameras automatically to cowgirl on this chair. That security system is worth every damn penny.

Waverly had impressed Nicole with her plea to be kind to her cunt, and she intends to fulfill her promise. Waverly will get herself ready for Nicole and then break her own alpha dry spell on Nicole's cock. It’s gonna be great.

Waverly climbs up and, before she can adequately straddle both of Nicole’s thighs, Nicole grasps her hips and forces her down on one thigh, grinding. Waverly gasps but ruts down helplessly against Nicole. Her breasts jiggle with the movement, her hair sweeping along the sharp line of her jaw.

"Oh no, baby, new omegas need to be warmed up for my cock." Nicole sends her fingers underneath Waverly, curling up as the omega grinds back. She’s soaked, hot and dripping, slipping and sliding as Waverly bucks with her hands braced on Nicole’s arms.

Waverly yelps, falling forward, and Nicole sends a finger up inside her at the opportunity. Her knuckles are rubbing against the wet denim, an unpleasant sensation, but the feel of Waverly hot and clutching around her finger is enough to make any unpleasantness worthwhile. She gets another finger up inside her omega, then another, until Waverly is quivering and rutting against her palm, eyes huge and needy. 

"You're stretching so good, you’ll take me fine, baby girl–"

"Uh, wait. Yellow!"

Nicole stops everything, holding still as a stone. The hair on the back of her neck stands on end. What did I do wrong?  

“Yes, Waverly, what do you–"

Waverly’s eyes are suddenly serious. Nicole's fingers are still buried in her cunt and she's so tight that a blood vessel can be felt tapping merrily against Nicole's ring finger. Nicole considers withdrawing her fingers, but then Waverly speaks.

"Don't ever call me baby girl. Baby is fine, other iterations of girl, fine. But not those two together. Please."

Oh, it's someone else's pet name for her. Nicole squashes the small flare of jealousy the idea sparks. Waverly isn't hers. Not yet. And it’s an immense relief that she didn’t cross a line that she already knew about. Their scents are still excited, still engaged, and she relaxes back into herself. She also, pointedly, ignores the lack of honorific in Waverly’s order. There’s a time for dominance games and it’s not while setting hard limits mid-scene.

"I understand, you won’t hear it from me again."

"Ok, thank you.” Waverly gives a firm grind against her fingers, moaning as Nicole slips out and then back inside with her movement. “Now please, Sir, don't stop.”

Nicole pulls out and then thrusts her fingers back inside Waverly, pulling a cry from her lips, causing her to crash forward again until she’s just inches away from Nicole, trembling at her fingertips. They stare at each other for just a moment before Nicole is kissing Waverly with fierce, proprietary joy, biting her lower lip and tugging as the omega squirms and ruts against her thrusting fingers. Waverly’s cunt flutters, trying to clamp down, and Nicole pulls out to a protesting sound from Waverly. 

"You're ready," Nicole purrs, "Come fuck yourself on my dick, baby. I'm ready to get inside you."

Nicole doesn't wait for an answer, just pulls Waverly up to straddle her, knees not even all the way to the corners of the deep chair. Waverly's naked breasts are crushed to the front of Nicole's shirt, her nudity all the more obvious for the fact that Nicole is completely clothed. 

Obediently, Waverly reaches down and tries to position Nicole's dick under her opening. She finds it, sparking a hiss from Nicole, and presses slow, her eyes closing in concentration. 

Nicole murmurs sweet nothings and rolls Waverly's clit under the pad of one finger as the insane pressure slowly yields around her head. It’s perfect, hot and wet, and she feels the give in Waverly’s cunt just as Waverly is about to retreat again. 

Nicole holds her in place, fingertips dimpling the skin of her hip even as she intensifies her efforts on Waverly’s clit. 

"Almost there. Go on," Nicole growls.

Waverly says, "Sir, it’s too big, please–"

Nicole meets her eyes, knowing that her alpha’s need is welling up into them, turning them dark and commanding and alight with desire. It’s probably a bad thing that she likes being too big, likes stretching Waverly more than anyone has in years, and god she Does. Not. Care. This is what Waverly was made for, taking her big alpha cock, and she’s not going to let her back out now.

"Sometimes these things require a push in the right direction. Like jumping into the cold water instead of walking down the pool steps. You can take my cock – you were born for it. You're squeezing and leaking around the head of it right now. Your brain is shy but your omega isn't, because your omega trusts me to crush any imaginable threat to you into tiny, unrecognizable pieces. If I tell you to sink down onto my cock you will trust that it is in your best interest to do as you are told ."

Waverly’s arms wrap around Nicole's neck just as she spreads around Nicole's fat dick and sinks, a choking sound of pleasure-cum-pain in her mouth even as her spine arches. The groan wrenching its way out of Nicole's throat is muffled in the side of Waverly's neck, her teeth grazing a spot that sends Waverly jolting down another inch with a yelp. 

The tightness is incredible, hot and pulsating around her. Nicole's presses against Waverly's clit with her fingers, circling, then traces them down to feel where she spreads Waverly wide open, cunt lips stretched tight around her cock. It's soaked, sloppy, Waverly's slick pooling in every crevice and drooling down Nicole's dick to soak the crotch of her jeans. Nicole squeezes herself once, indulgently, measuring how much there is left to get inside Waverly, then goes back to stroking Waverly's clit. 

"See, baby, isn't this better? I know what's good for you,” Nicole croons. “Don’t fight me, I'm doing this for your own good.”

They're probably halfway to hilted, Waverly's legs trembling as she tries not to sink too deep too fast. Nicole works at her clit, easing her through the stretch, humping ever so slightly whenever Waverly halts. Nicole pries Waverly off of her neck, supporting her weight with a hand on her lower back. Her hands encourage Waverly to roll her hips as Nicole mouths at Waverly's breast, teeth and tongue tweaking her nipple. Waverly rocks into the movements, hands gripping Nicole's shoulders and arms, eyes big as Nicole drags her just that little bit farther down. 

"You're a natural, I know I'm big, we'll go slow this first time." Nicole says. "I don't normally take the trouble to break a cunt in gently like this," the buck Waverly makes at those words make Nicole smile, "but I want you to be able to take my knot and can't make you too sore beforehand."

Waverly sinks a little further and Nicole seizes her chance to hump in a bit more, striking something inside Waverly that has her crying out and losing the strength to keep herself aloft. 

Nicole curses and bucks up, chasing the hot tightness of Waverly's cunt. Her cock seats itself deeper and deeper until her wild red pubes meet Waverly's close-trimmed lips through her open fly. Waverly shivers, mouth open. Nicole draws her close and kisses her, coaxing her mouth open with lips and tongue. Waverly writhes on her cock with the kiss, grinding against the thumb Nicole presses against her clit. Purring, rubbing, kissing, grinding slowly upward, Nicole relishes the spectacle to come. 

"That's better, there,” Nicole murmurs into Waverly’s open mouth. “Fuck, I'm all the way inside you. I wanted to know how you felt, I imagined you squeezing around me, but I couldn't have imagined how hot you'd be, fuck baby."

Nicole's rolling her hips with every few syllables, bumping Waverly on her cock, relishing the hot-wet-tight feel of her pussy rippling along her length. Waverly fights for control of the rhythm, overstimulated and overfull, but Nicole wraps an arm around her shoulders, shoving her back down with the next thrust, and the next. 

"Surrender to me," Nicole growls, watching the hair rise on Waverly's arms. "I'm gonna fill you up so good, just let go and breathe. Stop fighting me, you dragged yourself out of bed today to come climb on my cock, and my cock is what you’re going to get. Own your need, Waverly, and stop fighting the one thing you need the most. Surrender."

With the last words, Nicole wraps her hand around the back of Waverly's neck and squeezes. 

Waverly goes limp, her cunt slapping properly against Nicole's jeans. Nicole groans, a flare of pleasure striking her core when her cock bottoms out, humping up as she holds Waverly tightly down. There's no struggle, just fingers clutching at her clothing as the naked woman in her lap gasps and trembles around her cock. And as Nicole hits a comfortable rhythm, Waverly's hips begin to roll in time with each thrust.

"Oh baby you feel incredible, you really needed this didn't you? A big alpha cock filling your hungry little cunt."

Waverly nods shakily, fingers clumsily unbuttoning Nicole's henley’s buttons so she can mouth against her chest, head tucked and bouncing up to brush against the side of Nicole's jaw with every sharp thrust. Her hot breath and squeaks of stimulation steam across Nicole's skin, drawing her nipples tight and sending a strike of pleasure straight to her cock. 

"This is what you dreamed about, Waverly? Getting railed," Nicole gives a big thrust at the word and Waverly whines pleasingly in answer, "by a big alpha? An alpha who ordered you to come walk right into her den and you obeyed her, stripped all of your clothes off, sucked her off, and then climbed on her dick. This is what you wanted? To be fucked deep and hard and not have any say in when I knot you? Speak up, honey, I want to hear you say it."

Waverly's whine is sharp, a protest in all but words. In answer, Nicole slows her thrusts, using a hand on Waverly's chin to tilt her head back so their eyes can meet. Waverly is wrecked, her hair mussed and touseled from rubbing against Nicole's chest, eyes dark and watery with the first hint of tears. Her lips are red and chewed, and Nicole can't help but dip forward and press her lips to Waverly's, opening her up to Nicole's tongue, feeling Waverly's moan vibrate the air inside her own mouth. Being inside Waverly's mouth while filling her cunt is an unique joy, and Nicole revels in it, dick throbbing with the growth of her knot.

"Well?" Nicole asks, her spine tingling with the joy of each thrust, the sensitive hump of her rising knot breaching Waverly's opening. 

"I want you to knot me, sir.” Waverly's lips brush Nicole's as she speaks, her voice jolted by each thrust. “Fuck, I need you. Sir, please?”

To be quite honest, if Waverly had waited any longer to beg, Nicole would have had no choice but to knot her without it. Otherwise, she'd have grown too large to fit.  As it is, she needs the leverage of both arms to press Waverly down on her knot, rolling her on it, pressing up with her hips to drive it that crucial bit deeper. Waverly has slumped, boneless, to her shoulder and is mouthing at her neck. 

Nicole growls at the pressure on her glands, the skin sensitive and sparkling with each touch of Waverly's mouth. Then the widest part of her knot breaches Waverly's opening and she slots inside where she belongs. 

Waverly bucks and howls, fingernails digging deep, her cunt clamping down until Nicole's eyes water with the pleasured pressure. Abandoning her fingers as they grow clumsy with her rising orgasm, Nicole rolls her knuckles vigorously up and down Waverly's clit. 

Ever so carefully, despite the supernova building in her core, Nicole eats out the scent glands on Waverly’s neck, caressing the skin with her lips and tongue while making oh-so-light grazes of her teeth. It’s dangerous, placing her mouth there on the cusp of orgasm, knot buried so deep and chemistry so compatible that one ill-considered bite might bind them together, but Nicole has nothing but self-control. The effect on Waverly is undeniably worth the danger. 

“Fuck, knot me, sir, mate me, god fuck I can’t, please, I can’t,” Waverly wails, her silence breaking into a flood of sound and voiced need. “Bite me, please, fuck, bite me, I need you.” 

Nicole sucks a bruise into Waverly’s neck and that’s it, that’s the tipping point, and suddenly they’re both lost, her knot caught in the spasm of Waverly’s orgasm, her own climax sweeping over her until she lets out a growl and releases into her omega, Waverly. Fuck.

The pulses around her cock draw Nicole into a second climax, warmer and shallower than the first, clenching, bright pleasure and warmth coursing into her. She jerks, sensitive, but the knot dragging inside Waverly sparks another clench and sympathetically her cock spills again. 

Nicole lets her head loll back against the edge of the high-backed chair, a chuckle rising in her throat. Mind empty, knot locked, arms full of warm, limp omega. Another orgasm shivers through Waverly, and another, the long tease evidently having worked her up to a cascade of pleasure. Nicole rides through them, humping happily to another chained climax each time Waverly starts grinding, taking a break to breathe when Waverly’s cunt relaxes its hold slightly. 

After a while – it could have been hours or minutes – Waverly breathes out a word. “Fuck.”

Nicole laughs in agreement, the movement of her stomach bouncing Waverly slightly, until they both shiver with a shared aftershock. Soothingly, Nicole runs a hand up and down Waverly’s back, slow, gentle, exploratory. With her other hand, she rubs at the back of Waverly’s neck.

“Yeah. Fuck.” After a moment, she stirs. “God, you feel good, Waverly. How are you feeling?” 

Internally, Nicole winces. She always has trouble moderating her tone after orgasm – it’s hard to be the strict Dom when she’s just experienced incalculable pleasure and her discipline softens with her dick. 

But, Nicole reminds herself, Waverly is here for me, not just my Dom side. Maybe a little softness is warranted? She hasn’t taken a lover for herself in… God, has it been that long?

Waverly’s hand brushes against Nicole’s on her neck, checking where Nicole’s mouth had been, and then she murmurs, “Thank you sir, for not marking me.”

“I promised,” Nicole replies. Waverly still hasn’t told her how she’s feeling, and anxiety catches in her chest. What if she’d been too forceful? Waverly had demonstrated she knew how to use safewords, but Nicole isn’t used to fucking people who don’t already know what to expect from her exhibitions and live demonstrations. What if Waverly hadn’t wanted her to go that far?

“You also promised to make me want you to. And fuck , sir,” Waverly pushes away from Nicole’s chest, finding her eyes with her own half-lidded with wide-blown pupils, “you really did.”

Nicole’s heart begins to unclench. “Would you like to stay?”

Waverly wriggles slightly and the tug on Nicole’s knot makes her eyes roll. “I don’t have much choice, sir.”

Nicole groans. “I mean, would you like to stay and have dinner with me? I don’t have anything here but I do have Chinese food on speed dial.” She waggles her phone to demonstrate, immediately realizing that the move is goofy as hell. Post-orgasmic lala land has a lot to answer for.

Waverly smiles at her. “I’m teasing. The Chinese place at the bottom of the hill? Yes, I’ll stay. I’d…” her grin fades to something more thoughtful. “I’d like to get to know you. As long as you have peanut butter.”

“I… have peanut butter,” Nicole confirms. She’s tempted to ask why peanut butter is so important, but there’s a more vital response waiting on the tip of her tongue, spurred on by her alpha’s need to surround herself with Waverly for all time. “I would like to get to know you too, Waverly. Very much.”

“Good.” Waverly taps her on the nose, grin reappearing. “Now, please tell me you have plenty of hot water available for when this knot goes down. Sir.”

Nicole grins right back. “Oh, yes, I have two hot water heaters and three showerheads. Mind if I join you?”

“Of course. What’s the fun of three showerheads all to yourself? Though,” she winces, “I might be just a bit sore.”

The pride in Nicole’s chest at making Waverly sore wars with dismay that she might not be able to take her again tonight. “Well, it’s a nice shower even without distractions. I’ll wash your back if you wash mine?”

“Deal,” Waverly says, and then slides herself back down to nestle against Nicole’s chest. “Wake me up when the knot goes down.”

Nicole nods and then sits, quiet and content in her living room, stroking Waverly oh-so-gently while she dozes off in her lap. Even if the knot goes down sooner, she’ll let her catch 20 minutes of rest. That way, she’ll be ready for whatever – or whoever – comes next.