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Learning Love - Soulmate AU

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Within an intense confrontation with Il Dottore, the Second of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, the unstable sandy ground beneath them caved in.

Lumine tried to stabilize her footing, to no avail.


Within the deep underground cavern were some old ancient ruins, it was lit enough for Il Dottore to see his surroundings. He rose to his feet and spotted the Traveler at the side, she was knocked out cold.

After taking note of his surroundings, with his usual gait, he stepped over to her, leaning forward to observe her closer. She was always in the way, trying to ruin their plans, yet he had no intentions of ridding her. She could stand in his way as much as she wanted, and it would make no difference. However, he considered taking her in for a little experiment. A little birdie told him that she was not a resident of Teyvat.

His eyes went over to her bosom and he noticed a mark. One that he too, had on his body. "Hooh... this makes things, rather interesting."

He picked her off the ground, holding her in his arms and starting to walk in search of an exit to the cavern. Even then she didn't rouse from her sleep. She must have hit her head pretty badly.

To think I'd find my soulmate. His thoughts were calm, yet his body felt a warm and fuzzy sensation, one that he'd heard so often that soulmates experienced.

Shall I break that bond? He of all people, did not wish to have a soulmate. It would only hinder him and his goals of blasphemy. He had witnessed many people who had their bonds broken, courtesy of him, fall into endless despair, unable to function, becoming mindless. He thought they were so pathetic, unwilling to live from just a silly little bond broken.

She stirred in his hands, an inaudible mumble leaving her mouth. Unknowing of her situation, she nuzzled further into his chest, into his warmth. Before suddenly opening her eyes in realization.

Her eyes widened as she saw his face close to hers, being held close to him as his slow tread continued in a rhythmic manner.

"What-" Lumine was about to pull herself away, when she felt a painful sensation, and it certainly wasn't the headache she felt from the fall. "AHHGhHN...!"

It hurt even more than that, it was a bond being shredded on a molecular level, her mark burned endlessly in agony, she couldn't even think of struggling, the pain choking her up.

It hurt so badly, so so badly. Her face scrunched up, she shivered and her soul felt like it was tearing apart.

"Uhgh-- Hahhh---hic" tears spilled from her eyes, she couldn't bear it, she was about to pass out from the pain. She tried to get any relief she could, trying to grip and claw at the arms holding her, but she was too weak to even do that. "sto--"

Seeing her state, he stopped his attempt. He didn't want to admit it, but he couldn't see her like that, he felt miserable seeing her in pain, and his own mark ached uncomfortably.

He had done so multiple times before, throwing other's bonds away like it were rubbish, yet why was this different?

For Lumine, it was traumatizing, even with the pain slowly gone, she felt fear. Yet some relief did settle into her body, relaxing into his steady arms. The pain left her muddled and she wanted nothing more than to rest, whether that be in the hands of the enemy, she did not mind. The pain she felt was now fleeting, but she was still hurt, she wanted to cry yet she did not allow herself to even emit quiet sobs. She didn't want to appear weak.

Too late for that, wasn't it?

The exit was finally in view, as the sunlight reached her face, her eyes opened, adrenaline rushed through her as she broke free from his arms, instead of materializing her sword in front of her, she ran off. She couldn't face him right now.

Not before settling the tangled thoughts in her mind, and recovering her strength.

He stood at the exit of the ruins, he felt it was uncharacteristic of him to let his prey get away. He looked at the arms that held her just moments ago, settling deep into thought.



Lumine did plenty of commissions for soulmates. She saw how much they cared for each other, how deeply they wished to stay together, how they couldn't bear to part. She had seen some who had their bonds broken too. The pain they described was similar to what she felt. It was concentrated in her chest, right on her mark.

She considered the implication of what happened, but she didn't want to believe it. She had two hypothesis concerning soulmates. 1) She doesn't have a soulmate in Teyvat, considering the fact that she is an outlander. 2) Aether is her soulmate, after all, the love she witnessed was the same she held for her brother, how could they not be soulmates?

It was fine. There was no more agony, and the aching in her chest would go away soon enough. She had to rendezvous with Nahida, stop thinking about Il Dottore, prevent the gnosis from being taken, stop thinking about Il Dottore, continue the journey to find Aether... stop... Stop, stop! She held her hands to her head, trying to get him out of her head.

It had only been a day, she would let go of it soon enough. She refused to accept that man as her soulmate. To even feel hurt by the fact he tried to break their fate apart the moment he found it out.

She was hurt. But she rationalized it.

If it was her, she might do the same. She glanced at her mark on her chest. A unique mark that existed only on her, and her soulmate. It was very small, a faded pale blue color, but if you paid attention, you would see the flower, with a bird motif surrounding it in a protective circular fashion.

"Paimon think's you've been acting weird since you came back to the city... Did something happen?"

She contemplated not telling her, but she didn't want to keep secrets from Paimon. "I just met with Il Dottore."

In the first place, she did not expect to run into Il Dottore, but it made sense, the desert had a lot of his markings remaining. His name was not mentioned anywhere, as though he were a stain on their history and they did not want to remember him. But she could ascertain who they were talking about.

"What!? That's huge news! I can't believe you went through so much! What did he do?"

"Mh, he..." she recalled how he held her in his arms. "He--" she recalled how close his face was. "Ah." She covered her face. "I don't want to think about it."

He hurt her so much, yet why could she only think of him in such a way? Why was she self conscious?

"It must have been absolutely horrible for you to react like that... Paimon's sorry that she wasn't there for you!" Paimon floated around her in worry.

"It's okay Paimon... we will have to face him a lot while we're in Sumeru."

"That's right, but ... I'm just worried about you! You seem a bit... feverish, do you want to rest?"

She shook her head, she needed distractions right now. A hilichurl camp would help clear her head.

The same night, Lumine fell ill. In her dream, her mark was torn apart, she shivered in pain as her soulmate left her. She lost her will to go on, she gave up on her goals, she didn't want to continue living.

Her sword went to her neck. She could feel the cold metal on her skin, and then... she awoke with a start.

The despair she felt was similar to the feeling she had before. When her soul was being ripped apart.

"Dottore..." his name left her lips, unwillingly. She wanted to see him again... but then what? She wouldn't allow herself to be with him, he wasn't the right one for her.



He went through a similar situation, he thought he wouldn't have any negative effects from an attempted soul bond breaking, yet it appears he was wrong. He was glad he stopped midway, or the repercussions might have been irreversible.

After monitoring himself and making sure his condition was stabilized, he set off to work.

He was going through old documents to see if soulmates can be safely broken, or if they can be rejoined after being broken.

Of course, a couple of pairs of soulmates were in his laboratory, experiments being conducted live. Compassionate was not a word used to describe The Doctor.

He could afford to put his eyes towards different motives, despite being in the midst of creating a ...God.



Time flew and people around them could easily tell they were distracted. It was uncharacteristic of both of them. Il Dottore would end up in a daze, looking at his palms like he was missing something, before snapping out of it and continuing work.

Lumine would see a fatui member and look into the distance, a certain yearning on her expression, shaking her head, she'd move on and try to do even more commissions than before.


It was a week later when they reunited.

Il Dottore and Lumine locked gazes. Paimon floated nearby her, shocked.

He was happy to see her, he didn't want to admit it however. He smiled his evil smile. "Why hello there, did you miss me?" he asked tauntingly.

She was not happy to see him, she didn't have him on her mind for a whole hour, it was a new record for her. And he ruined it.

They were standing in the Akademiya hall. Lumine had just finished a commission as usual, the recipient being an Akademiya student.

She didn't even think before her sword materialized in her hand.

The people around the area let out soft gasps, seeing the sword. Were a fight to erupt, they would not be left unscathed. She hesitated to move, seeing the people's wary stares.

He waddled over to her slowly, then grabbed her arm. "Dearest, no need to get so aggressive." he smiled, his posture lowering, making him on eye level with her. He brought her hand up to him, and placed a soft kiss on it in a gentlemanly manner.

"Il Dottore...!" she wanted to pull her hand away, but his grip remained strong.

Seeing as it was a lovers quarrel of sorts, the others seemed to give up on calling the guards, continuing on with their business.

"Yes, that's me. Let us get some privacy, shall we?" Il Dottore dragged her over to a private study room, one that was unoccupied. A few chairs, tables and bookshelves littered the room. Paimon tried to follow along, but only got a finger swaying left to right in her face in a warning gesture from the Doctor.

A click was heard as the door locked, her heart sank at the sound. He slammed her against the door frame, his arms encasing her on both sides.

Her sword, which was still held in her hand, lifted up towards his neck, giving her some comfort at their distance. Her other hand rested on her chest, near her mark in a protective way.

"Raring to go, are we, traveler?" His voice had a pleasantly rough lilt as he spoke, "I'm not one for physical fights, but if it's you who desires it, maybe I can play along. A small game wouldn't hurt."

Staring at him in nervous anticipation, Lumine spoke.

"What do you want..."

"My, don't tell me you didn't want to see me? Aren't you as happy as I am at this reunion, my soulmate?"

"Not at all. Get to the point, Harbinger!" She glared right at him, she didn't want to play his mind games.

"So impatient. Very well," Keeping one hand at the door, he gently moved the sword away from his neck with a finger. It moved aside just as easily.

He brought his hand to his face, taking off his mask ever so slowly. As his eyes became uncovered, the ruby color fixed itself on Lumine's face. It was the first time in how many decades since someone's seen him without it.

"I couldn't find a short term solution... so I've decided. I guess I'll just have to keep you." he spoke with a scowl, his brows furrowed up, yet his smile was as prominent as ever.

What a twistedly elated expression. It suited the evil man in front of her so perfectly.

Her heart skipped a beat. Time seemed to slow down for her. His words didn’t make sense to her, yet everything mesmerized her, especially those pretty red eyes, they dragged her in, intoxicating her. Her brown ones couldn't turn away... and then

Her breath was taken away, stolen with a kiss. His lips landed on hers, unwilling as she was. The distance between their bodies shrunk as he forcefully kissed her, tears threatened to spill from her eyes, yet she wrapped her hands around his neck, deepening the kiss. The sword discarded from her hand, disappearing into particles.

They pulled away, catching their breaths, yet in no time at all, they rejoined once more. He pulled her into his arms, picking her up as easily as a leaf, he walked to the table and set her down on it. His hands roamed her body, his lips finally parted from hers, without a moment to spare, he went lower, setting a kiss on her neck, collarbone and then shoulder. He suddenly clamped down hard, biting into her shoulder.

"Ah! It hurts!" Lumine whined, feeling her blood drawn. He only smirked as he fumbled with her clothes, taking them off and exposing her chest. With very slow and teasing motions, he kneaded and pinched her nipples, pressing them at the right pressure. Pleasure shot through her chest, eliciting a moan from her.

Once again, he pressed his sharp teeth to her chest, yet he didn't immediately bite, he wanted to draw out the suspense. Sensing his intentions, one of her hands found their way to his blue hair, clinging onto him, or trying to pull him away, she couldn't decide. "No... don't."

She didn't want her body to be littered in bite marks, how could she explain it later?

"Don't pretend you don't like it, a little pain is necessary. Or it won't be fun." He looked up at her, and her flushed face stared back down, her other hand covering her mouth, suppressing her moans.

"AH!" Drops of crimson slid down her chest. Stained red, he licked his lips as though it was the most delicious nectar.

His hands found their way to her entrance, already wet with her arousal. "Hahh... aren't you a needy one." he pressed his fingers in, feeling at how they sucked him in. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, trying to hold herself back. He slowly let her fall, her back landed on the cold table, as he hovered over her, in a better position to thrust his fingers deeper.

He didn't prepare her thoroughly at all, but he felt it was enough. He removed his glistened fingers and with a swift motion, he pressed his cock at her entrance, sliding it in in one go.

The excruciating pleasure swept her up. She threw her head back and groaned, tears pooling at her eyes. "NGH..!"

He started plunging into her before she could get used to his length, in a rhythm much too fast for her. The alternating sensations of intense pain and frightening pleasure overwhelmed her senses. "Hhnn..ah! Hng!" she moaned as she could only relentlessly accept all of him.

The Doctor thrust his throbbing cock into her ruthlessly, wet and lewd sounds continuously reverberated within the Akademiya's private study room. Within moments, the walls of her insides began to contract and tightly constrict around him, she was so close, she was about to...

Her aching hole felt empty, losing all the friction she previously felt. He pulled out, stopping his movements entirely.

She looked at him in a glare, feeling vexed at his actions. "Oh? What's wrong?" He asked, innocently.

"I... Why did you stop!" She cried out,

"Stop what?"

"What you're doing...!"

"Hmm... I can't understand. Lets see," He pretended to be deep in thought. "Why don't you ask nicely for what you want, and maybe I'll consider it."

She hesitated for a second. Her eyes darted around, looking for an escape from having to put it in words. "Mh, I want you… inside me." her face burned as she spoke, streaks of tears still visible on her face.

"That's quite a simple request, very well."

She felt excited at the prospect of continuing, yet at the same time she wondered should she even be doing this? It just felt so right to her, her mind hazed over and she decided not to think of it.

His length fully sheathed inside her, but she once again didn't feel any relief. She pulled him closer, her hands tugging at the tuff of his wavy hair, tears spilling once more. "Isn't that what you asked for, my soulmate?" Her heart skipped a beat at his wording, but she shook her head, "I personally am into this lack of stimulation. I could go on for days like this." his red eyes peered at her, waiting expectantly.

"I want.. want you to move..." she pleaded, squirming underneath him, trying to get any friction she could. "Let me cum. Fuck me." she was far too needy, she couldn't care about decency at this point.

He felt excited, in a muted manner, he stole his lips once more. tangling his tongue inside her mouth. Their kiss continued until she was out of breath. His eyes narrowed in joy, a wide and satisfied smile present.

"Well, why didn't you say so?" he slowly pulled himself out again, and then she was impaled in an instant, her hole clenched around him as he penetrated even deeper. Waves of intense pleasure filled her to the brim as his pace increased.

He didn't give her even a moment to rest, thoroughly indulging himself in her.

"A-ah..hghh! hng! Ah!" he pounded hard, causing her body to shake with each motion, her voice squeaking out constantly from the pleasure, her vision blurring over. When he thrusted into her deepest parts, her inside squeezed him harder than before. "Dottore...!" his name spilled from her lips, she could feel his renewed vigor from her call.

Lumine felt an electric shock run through her. Her body curled up and shook violently as she finally reached her peak, sticky liquid spilling from her sensitive insides, onto the table.

He was about to erupt with his own release, with one last hard thrust, white liquid filled her up, spilling his seed directly into her uterus.

She laid there, steadying her ragged breaths for a while, her hands still tangled in his hair

His nose nuzzled into the crook of her neck, breathing her scent in. He felt tempted to bite her and do it all over again. But before he could start the second session, he felt her arms withdraw, and then attempt to push him off of her.

He removed himself from her unwillingly, giving her space. He peered at her with curiosity all the while. Lumine wore her clothes properly, but they were clearly wrinkled.

As though rational finally returned to her, the realization of what happened settled in. She hated herself for what just occurred. She should have struggled more, she should have hated it, but she loved it. She found him so dear. Her eyes closed as if closing off the reality in front of her.

Il Dottore.

Her soulmate. The person she yearns for. But she can't.

"Traveler?" He asked, growing tired of her silence.

"I'm on a journey..." she started. "I'm looking for my sibling. I won't give that up. I don't want to be with you." She didn't want to be apart either. But he was a villain, and she was... many things, but an enemy of the Fatui was one of them.

"But you could join me." What was she saying, so desperately. She was conflicting her prior statement. "If you quit your mission, being a harbinger..." She thought of a future with him, grim as it may be. She was willing to try.

"Are you trying to negotiate with me?" his cold tone came out unusually harsh, there was no typical smile on his face anymore.

"I'm just stating my terms. You don't have to accept it, I will just carry on as if I've never known." about him being her other half. About him being someone she didn't want to live without.

"And you didn't consider joining me instead?" He asked, of mere curiosity.

"No. I can't condone what you do. What you're trying to do. And whatever the plans the fatui have, they can't be any good." she glared. She wouldn't make an exception, even for him. "I don't have a future with you as you are now!"

"I see." his words were flat, as though already expecting this.

"Despite mewling so sweetly for me earlier... Now you reject me at your own convenience." He sighed.

Neither of them wanted to be apart, but neither wanted to compromise

She stood up, her insides feeling uncomfortable, but she ignored it. She was going to clean up, then plot against him once more, foil his evil plans, rescue Sumeru, and continue onto the next place. Her aching heart wouldn't bother her. She headed for the door.

"Well, I've never intended on letting you go in the first place. Try escape as you might, there is no way I'll allow it." a slight irritation was prevalent in his tone.

He pulled her into a hug from behind, her eyes widened as she tried to get away. Struggling against his hold. His whisper reached her ear. "You see, I thought it would come to this, so I prepared something a little special for you."

She loved him too, but her rational side wasn't allowing her to accept him. So he just had to fix that.

A vial with a suspicious liquid was taken out, and then directly inserted into her. "No! Stop, wait--what are you..."

"It's okay, I'll just have to break you then, so you won't leave, so you'll accept me..." the darkness he harbored spilled forth. His voice slowly drowned out for her, she instantly turned docile, like the light was gradually being lost.

"Seeing you like this... I can't help but get excited again... my soulmate..." He picked her off her feet, she was so small, she fit so perfectly in his arms, he thought this last time he held her too.

He had desired to hold her like this all their time apart.

His grip on her tightened, bringing her closer. He sighed, adoration filling his features with every fiber of his being

She would be obedient now, his little bride would wait for him at home and greet him warmly as he comes back everyday. She would be his, and naturally, none would stop him.

He grabbed his mask and put it back on, exiting the Akademiya.

Bringing her to his residence, he took her in him once more as she slept, he couldn't hold himself back.

But he no longer needed to.



~ 3 months later


"I will be back soon." he stroked her hair. "Be good and wait for me, Lumine." Il Dottore smilingly said, before giving her the usual kiss on the lips. “Mh, of course.” she nodded sleepily.

She returned to sleep, she was very tired. A while later she ended up waking sooner than usual, he was still not back...

Lumine was at home, waiting needily for Il Dottore. Her aching core felt empty, she tried to satisfy herself to no avail.

She recalled the toy he made for her. She could use that to pleasure herself. Quickly taking it out, she inserted it into herself, pumping it in and out, yet the pacing didn't feel right, it didn't reach her deepest parts like he did, she just couldn't get enough just by herself, no matter how much she struggled.

She curled up, pinching her clit, desperate to reach a climax that was eluding her. "Il Dottore, Il Dottore...'' She spoke his name while crying, trying to imagine it was him.

Even after so long, she still had no luck... She heard the sound of the door opening, the man she yearned to see had finally come back.

Coming back to see her in this state was certainly a treat. "Have you been thinking of me all this time?" a subtle smile played at his lips as he approached her. "Poor thing, you couldn't get any satisfaction with just this toy, could you? Let me help you..."

"Dottore...!" her eyes were filled with love, as she desperately called his name, her hands reached out to him and he picked her off the bed, placing her onto his lap, while he removed the bothersome item lodged in her. "Hah... " He inserted in her, hitting all the right spots.

"Since you've already tortured yourself enough, perhaps I'll be a little kind to you today."

That meant...

She felt the overwhelming pleasure seep into her bones as she finally reached her first climax of the day, and certainly not the last.

Her body was littered with bite marks at every corner, her eyes filled with adoration as he continuously pounded into her in different angles, letting her reach near her climax before ruthlessly denying her over and over.

He loved edging her, or making her into his cockwarmer.

Just like every other day, she was kept awake with him all throughout the night. Once, twice.... Il Dottore flooded Lumine's womb with his seed, keeping her stuffed with him all night, thick liquid filling her abused cunt to the brim, making her stomach bulge ever so slightly as he continuously bred her.

He could only reluctantly stop after she fainted from exhaustion. He didn't realize he would ever partake in debauchery like this, yet when he saw Lumine, he could not resist. He had to hold her, touch her, make her scream his name. He loved how her cunt was stuffed full of his cock, how she looked at him, how she called his name sweetly.

After he cleaned and bathed her, he set her into the sheets, there were still a few hours until he planned to leave for his lab. He huddled her in his arms.

He had begun to develop a bit of a reliance on her. Just as she couldn't be without him, he too, didn't want this lifestyle to change.

Luckily, she wouldn't disobey him with the drug being given at proper intervals. Though he wondered if she even needed that anymore.

"Mhh..." she shifted in her sleep, and then her eyelids fluttered open, seeing him with her, she relaxed.

"You're up?" He softly spoke.

"Ah... Dottore..." she cooed, pressing her face deeply into his chest, it was her favorite thing to do.

"Mmm? What is it, are you still not satisfied enough?" he asked teasingly.

"No... not that. I wanted to ask... can you let me come with you to work sometime?" she softly questioned, preparing for a rejection.

"Why of course. I'll let you come along next time." his low melodic voice rang out as he easily agreed, he felt that it would be great to show off his cool sides to her sometimes.

She was glad. She knew he was doing what he did for the greater good, back then, she was too dumb to understand it... but now she knew that anything Dottore is doing is right.

She would accept everything.

She nuzzled in further to him, close to his heart, exactly where his mark was. He placed a chaste kiss on her head in return.

Linking their hands as they slept together peacefully, basking in each other's love. Feeling warm and fuzzy all over.

Everyday Lumine would spend her day nodding off due to drowsiness, and when she managed to gather some strength, night would come. The cycle would repeat, her days filled her with satisfaction. She was so happy.

Soon he would be finished with his mission in Sumeru, it would be time to take his little bride to Snezhnaya. They didn't need to hold a ceremony, they didn't need to exchange vows.

They would simply be together forever.

They were both immortal, destined for each other.

Their other halves.