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Albus Severus?!

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Sirius and Remus were standing in the middle of the room and putting spells on the ceiling to make it look like a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds that moved and changed like they were real. It was perfect for the nursery, interesting enough to capture kids attention but also calm and non-distracting. Oh, and gender neutral, it was very important too, they had mixed twins and Hermione didn’t feel like painting the room in the classic blue and pink. She was standing in the doorway and admiring their work. The walls had trees painted on them, thanks to Sirius’ idea and Dora’s hidden talent. Those trees were spelled too and looked like they were moving under a delicate wind. Hermione couldn’t wait for the twins to arrive and see it for themselves, despite the fact that they were still waiting for the furniture. 

“It looks breathtaking,” Tonks whispered in awe, standing beside Hermione. “We need to do the same for Lisa’s room,” she decided, rubbing her swollen belly. She was further along than Hermione, but with only one child so the both of them looked very similar. 

Dora and Remus waited for a long time after Teddy to have another kid. With him being a werewolf it was hard to find a stable job. So it was mostly Tonks income that was building their budget. But year ago Sirius managed to convince Wizengamot to pass a new law against discrimination of werewolves, it was small miracle possible thanks to Draco Malfoy, who to everybody surprise voted for the change as a new Lord Malfoy. Now the Ministry tried to show how progressive they were and even hired Remus in The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, because he knew the problems from the inside. Thanks to that the Lupins were able to comfortably afford another baby, and even maybe one more in the future, a chance that Tonks gladly took. It ended up with both Dora and Hermione pregnant only a month and half apart, but the latter was carrying twins so she would probably get birth not long after her friend. 

"How are you and my pups feeling?" Sirius asked his beloved wife, while admiring his finished work. 

"Good, they are very calm today, nothing like you," Hermione teased. Part of her couldn't wait to meet her son and daughter.

"Guys! Are you home?" Ginny's voice carried from the hall. Hermione and Tonks weren't the only pregnant witches in their friends group. Harry and Ginny were expecting their second child, she was the most advanced one, merely weeks from her due date. 

"Up here," Hermione called back, curious about what brought their friend. 

Soon they heard heavy steps on the stairs, walking wasn't easy on her these days. 

"Albus Severus," she panted when she reached them. Her friends looked at her not understanding why she started conversation with the names of two former Hogwarts headmasters. Seeing that she added. "It's how Harry wants to name our child if it is a boy."

"Merlin… I hope it's a girl," Sirius whispered, horrified, after a long moment of silence.

"Not such luck," Ginny lamented openly, "I'm just coming back from a mediwitch. I needed to know if there is a reason to worry and it's a boy."

"Oh poor girl," Tonks hugged her with one arm.

"I always thought that with the addition of Lily's blood Harry is way more reasonable than James ever was…" Remus shook his head in mild disbelief.

"And yet James was torn between Harry and… Sebastian, if I recall correctly, and not a monstrosity like this." Sirius was absolutely appalled that his godson wanted to name his child after Dumbledore. He lost his respect for the man when he learned that the headmaster was aware that Harry was a horcrux and did nothing to help him. 

"What even possessed him to do something like that?" Hermione asked, also having a hard time trying to understand her best friend's motives.

Ginny sighed heavily, deeply regretting that she agreed to let her husband name their kids. With their firstborn it was fine, she liked his proposition of James Sirius and Lily Luna, so she didn't think that this time he could think something so bizarre. Especially considering his reasoning, "He wants to name him after two of the bravest men he ever met." 

Her statement was met with dead silence, when they tried to wrap their heads over this information.

"Sooo," Sirius started mockingly, "in ten or so years he is going to tell your son that 'I named you after a man who everybody believed to be good but in reality he manipulated us all like a paws on chessboard and raised me like a pig to slaughter, because he suspected that I'm going to survive it. Oh and your second name is even better, because I named you after guy, who's only motivation in life was fact that for over twenty years he wanted to fuck your grandmother. But she didn't spread her legs for him, instead choosing your grandfather, and that changed him into a bitter shell of a human, who thought that he can abuse the children he taught; me the most. Oh, and he was totally okay with me dying as a toddler, he didn't even care how my mother, your grandma and the supposed love of his life, were going to feel after that. Probably even hoped that she was going to fall for him, blinded by grief. Oh, and here we have the man you get your first name from. He was able to manipulate him to use his obsession with your grandma for something good’." 

The entire room fell silent, knowing that despite humorous tone and exaggeration, Sirius was painfully on point with his monologue. 

"When you put it like that, it's even worse." Ginny finally broke the silence, dread filling her eyes. "What names did you choose?" She referred to both couples.

"Lisa, I want my daughter to have a name as normal as possible," Tonks replied, everybody was aware how much she hated her full name.

"We're not hundred percent sure yet, but we're fairly certain that it's going to be Hyperion Sirius and Callisto Andromeda. We decided that our kids should have their own unique names, without a legend to live up to," Hermione replied feeling sorry for Ginny. 

"Hyperion and Callisto…" Remus trailed off thinking where he heard those names.

"Hyperion is Saturn' moon, and Callisto Jupiter's. We also thought about Kale for a boy, it's also Jupiter's moon, but it's probably too close to the plant," Hermione smiled when Sirius hugged her from behind and put his large hands on her belly. "We decided to keep the tradition of astronomical names, but we changed stars and constellations for moons. A new beginning for the House of Black." 

"Oh, and a limited amount of possible names saved us from fighting too much over this and helped to actually choose something," Sirius confessed with a chuckle and kissed his wife's neck. 

Ginny looked wistfully at them, she was a little bit jealous of how affectionate Sirius always was with Hermione. It wasn't that she doubted Harry's love, she just wished that he would be more open with showing it.

"So my son is going to be the only one with fucked up name," she asked thinking back to the problem at hand.

"Darling, we would need to call our son Tom, to make it worse than Albus Severus ." Sirius shrugged blandly stating the truth. "Who the hell names their child after Snape?" 

"I'm pretty sure that even Lily is turning in her grave hearing that," Remus only partially joked. 

"She would eviscerate him for the way he treated her baby boy," Sirius didn't even hide the glee in his voice.

"Wasn't she his friend?" Ginny asked, confused, she remembered that Harry told her that his mother and Snape were inseparable as kids.

"At first yes," Sirius answered, "but it's hard to maintain positive feelings about somebody, who despite telling you repeatedly how much he cares about you, still joined a group that literally preached about killing all the people like you." 

"At the end she was crushed that he chose them, but also very angry at him," Remus added with sadness in his voice.

"Yeah, that makes sense, but I doubt that this could help me deal with Harry." Ginny lamented, looking at her friends pleadingly. "What can I do?"

"After the birth, we can take him to celebrate and get him wasted enough that he isn't going to notice a different name on the birth certificate…" Remus offered, showing that he was a Marauder for a reason. 

"Or you can offer him a deal similar to the one that his parents had. You're gonna name the boy, and he the girl," Sirius proposed eagerly while still cuddling to his wife.

"But I already know that it's a boy." 

"He doesn't need to know that," he retorted, "for the sake of this innocent child."  

"Or you can just veto his proposition," Harmione just rolled her eyes at the men's acting. 

"Exactly, Hermione's right. It's your child too. He can't just choose a name that you hate, " Dora agreed while her hair changed colour from bubblegum pink into something more blonde and much longer. According to her those involuntary changes were indications that their second child also was going to be metamorphmagus. 

"I probably should show some counter offer… '' Ginny decided that girl's plan was the best. "Any propositions?" She asked hopefully. 

"If Harry wants a meaningful name… Maybe after Hagrid? He was the first person to take care of him in the wizard's world," Sirius offered, while they all moved towards the living room. They all took various sofas, both couples cuddling to each other, and leaving the armchair to Ginny. 

"As much as I like Hagrid, I'm not fond of Rubeus." 

"If it was a girl I would suggest Minerva," Sirius joked, always in awe of his former teacher and current headmaster of Hogwart. 

"If it was a girl, I wouldn't have a problem…"

Tonks sat more comfortably, put her legs on Remus lap, prompting him to massage her achy calves and proposed thoughtfully. "Maybe Alastor, if Harry wanted someone brave."

"Not bad, but it just doesn't feel like it," Ginny rubbed at her stomach to distract herself. 

"Maybe just something you like, without a special meaning to it." Hermione personally thought that it was weird that there were two James Potters and if they had a daughter, there would also be two Lily Potters, kind of like the kids didn't have their own identity. It was one of the reasons she didn't want to name her son Regulus, it was fine as a second name. Thankfully Sirius shared her opinion on this matter. 

Ginny fell silent for a moment thinking about the names she actually liked just because they were pretty and sounded good. 

"What was that other name James considered?" She asked without preamble. 

"Yyyy… Sebastian?" 

She patted her lips with a finger, repeating the name in her head and thinking how it sounded, especially mixed with different second names she could think of. After a few rather long moments of silence she finally made her decision.

"Hmmm… I like it," she announced with a beaming smile. "Sebastian Arthur Potter… or Sebastian Remus Potter, depends on what Harry prefers more." 

That last option made the actual Remus blush heavily at the fact that Ginny even considered him worthy to be namesake for her son. 

"Now I just need to break this to my husband," Ginny chuckled nervously, she knew that he would be disappointed that she didn't like his proposition. "Wish me luck." 



Three weeks later, healthy and screaming like an angry Banshee, was born Sebastian Remus Potter. 

They both decided to leave Arthur for Ginny's brothers. 

Oh, and because little Lisa Lupin wasn't eager to come out to the world, she and the twins (Hyperion and Callisto, like planned) had birthdays only sixteen days apart. All three of them were born in July, just like their uncle Harry. 

Despite that Hyperion looked very much like his father, with characteristics Black's grey eyes and soft black hair, he was more like his mother, ambitious, calm and terrifyingly smart. His sister on the other hand, looked nearly exactly like Hermione, minus the soft curls she thankfully inherited from Sirius, Callisto was all mischief with her mother's intelligence. And Lisa was one of the most talented metamorphmagus, better at it even than her older brother. Together, girls decided to make the first generation of the Marauders and the self proclaimed twin uncles proud. Teddy was thankful to be out of Hogwart at the time. Sebastian, more known as Bast and his best friend Scorpious didn't have such luck, and in the end they just started joining their pranks, it was better to be part of it than a collateral damage.

Poor Minerva feared the day when the rest of the Blacks, Lupins and Potters would too join Hogwart.