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Freak on a Leash

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As Joels birthday came around again, your gift for him this year had been a bit more out there than usual. Where usually you’d ask for what he wanted months in advance and hoped by the time his birthday arrived he hadn’t already gotten it or grown tired of the idea of having it, this year you had decided to get something more fun without asking him. He had been confused, but welcomed the change with positive curiosity.

So the morning of, you had given him a little box, wrapped neatly in the most obnoxious birthday gift wrapping you could find and waited for his reaction, specifically giving it to him before he was gonna meet up with the boys and enjoy the day with his best friends and birthday buddy together.

A little “Oh?” escaped his mouth when he opened the gift, lifting the lid of the small box to find a collar and leash combo inside. He looked at you questioning, wondering aloud if you were presenting him with a puppy later that day. As cute as you found that idea, knowing he would never have the time for it, you quickly shook your head, instead mentioning his recent interest in wearing chains as a reference. A sheepish smile escaped you as the words left your mouth.

Joel did not reply, instead focusing again on the collar and leash, taking both out and unrolling the leash, noticing its rather short length. “For you or for me?” was the only thing he asked as he took the collar into his hand, letting his thumb roll over the material and you merely replied that you had no preference and he could choose.

He got up in an instant, the box and wrapping paper falling to the side of the living room coffee table and took your hand to guide you into the bedroom. Once there he looked at you with a warm, yet clearly curious look and after answering with a warm smile in kind, he slowly and gently put the collar on you. Whispering how gorgeous you looked with it on as he clinked the leash to the collar, he gently tugged at it to get you closer to him and kissed you more desperately than you had expected.

Wrapping one arm around his neck and placing another on his cheek to pull him even closer to you, you deepened the kiss and slowly guided him to the bed. Once you arrived at the edge, you broke the kiss to push him down and licked your lips as Joel took the leash in his hands again. Tucking his hair behind his ear, you told him that you were leaving all control to him.

“Get on your knees and suck me off, babygirl.” he said almost immediately and as you got down, you noticed him wrapping the leash around his hand, tugging ever so slightly as he watched you carefully. Carefully unbuttoning and freeing him of his pants, the bulge in his awaiting you looking almost painful, you took his cock into your hands, slowly moving up and down, wetting your lips and leaving small kisses along his length before taking him in and rapidly moving up and down, letting your tongue trail along his veins. You felt motivated by his sharpening breath, looking up to him and not breaking eye contact, your hands started to wander on his thighs, before wandering down to play with yourself and found yourself wet already.

You took him out of your mouth, leaving a kiss at the tip and about to trail down his dick with your tongue, when he tugged gently with the leash once more. “Come, sit”, he said, laying down and motioning for you to sit on his face. You quickly removed your pants and underwear and slowly moved up on him, making sure to trail along his body while you were on your way, while Joel loosened his grip on the leash. Once directly above his face, you slowly lowered yourself onto him, as he desperately began trailing along your clit with his tongue and his hand without the leash wrapped around it grabbed your thigh, slowly trailing down to your pussy and inside you. He tugged the leash a bit harder again, forcing you to keep looking at him as his eyes focused on you and the pleasure on your face.

Stabilizing yourself on him, one hand in his hair and one on his chest, you slowly devolved into a mess, with his tongue and fingers loosening you up, while your orgasm was starting to build fast and nothing but loud moans escaped you. Just as the knot in your stomach was about to unfold, Joels grip on the leash loosened and he lifted you up from his face. An annoyed grunt left you and you saw him smirk a little, yet all he replied to it was a command for you to get on all fours.

Positioning yourself on the bed, ass as far up towards him as you could, you adjusted the collar with one hand, letting the leash lay along your spine, afterwards letting that hand trail down your body to spread yourself apart for Joel.. You could feel the bed creak as he positioned himself behind you, slowly rubbing his cock along your wet pussy and the sudden contact made you inhale sharply. Teasing you for some longer and spanking your ass hard, drawing out more moans, he stopped abruptly to let you catch your breath before slowly inserting himself into you and filling you up completely. The teasing had you on edge, but as he entered you, a long loud moan left you and Joel groped your ass in satisfaction.

The leash laid on your spine gently from the way you had rearranged it but you noticed it moving as Joel took it into his hand again, he tugged it once more, more gently than before as he pressed himself fully into you. A content grunt from him, he slowly started moving and tightened his grip around the leash. With the way he tugged so gently at the leash you could feel his hesitation and care for not wanting to hurt you with the collar, but as his orgasm built, you could feel his fear disappear little by little. He increased his speed, laying one arm around your chest while tugging hard on the leash, causing your head to be dragged back and despite the pain you felt yourself enjoying it and the warmth of his chest you were now pressed against.

Steadying you with his arm, he held you against him and started ramming into you, while leaving trails of kisses and bites around your shoulders. The pain and pleasure left you a wet, moaning mess. One of your hands grabbing at the collar to try and leave some space to breathe, while the other wandered down to pleasure yourself as Joel increased his speed more and more.

The closer Joel got to his own orgasm, the harder his grip on the leash became and the collar started to choke you, leaving you in a different, more pleasurable pain than before, speeding your own orgasm alongside his and his grunts turned into moans as you lost yourself in the pleasure. More kisses, bites and moans left at your shoulder as you both drowned in the pleasure of trying something out that you had never tried before. The knot in your stomach started to unravel with it, enjoying it as your finger picked up speed, trying to match Joel inside you.

Rather abruptly he pushed you down into the bed, increasing his speed of thrusting into you and losing the grip on the leash, one of his hands instead finding space around your neck as his other lost itself in your ass. Your own hands found sanction in the nearby pillow, your moans being stifled by it and your orgasm unfolding slowly. As he came inside you, he buckled over, his hand around your ass pushing your entire lower area closer to him, his head landing next to yours on the bed and his moans alongside his thrusting unraveling the knot in your stomach finally.

After he had recovered and cleaned both of you up, he sighed happily while laying down to cuddle with you, gently brushing his fingers along your throat and the collar again. "Next time… Can I wear this next time?", he asked silently with a sheepish smile and a hint of puppy eyes. You muttered "sure, let's." before giving him a kiss to the forehead and squeezing in to cuddle him.