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The Doctors Will See You Now

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Joel vaguely wondered if he was getting sick again.

He had the stomach flu just two weeks prior and two days of vomiting his guts out had been more than enough. He had had to miss work for the first time in the year since he had started at the radio station and he didn't intend to repeat it anytime soon, especially since he was on the overnight shift.
But he felt so warm, his skin hot to the touch... He must be catching another bug.

As he got to the station he quickly moved upstairs to his set-up, knowing his favorite producer could cheer him up.
"Hey Aleksi" he greeted.
Aleksi looked up at him with wide eyes, "Hey Joel.."
He frowned, realizing he had gotten a couple of similar looks on his way to the studio, not that there was many people there that late. "What's up? He asked, "do I have something on my face?"
Aleksi swallowed, "it's um, it's not that, you just kinda... Smell? Like I'm not saying it's really bad or anything just kinda... Potent? Like I can even tell..."
Joel felt himself flush, if a beta like Aleksi was able to pick up on his scent...
But that made no sense, he had showered twice right before coming to work because he had still felt greasy after the first one, he shouldn't have much of any scent currently.
Maybe it was whatever sickness was starting to take hold of him? He did feel rather faint and very overheated, he was basically sweating through his clothes.
"I..." He started, "Ale I'm not sure what's happening to me, I think I'm sick again."
There was a knock on the studio door and Niko walked in, nose immediately wrinkling.
"Joel what the fuck?" He demanded.
"Hey boss," Joel tried to stand but the room swam around him.

He was able to take one step before he fell, two panicked voices sounding very far away as the ground rushed up to meet him.


When Joel awoke he found himself in a hospital.

It was a private room and the bed was surprisingly soft and wider than he would expect out of a hospital bed.

He had only been in the hospital once before, when he had been a kid and he had gotten his tonsils removed, for some reason they had kept him overnight.
That had been a lot different, he remembers the beds being narrower and having to share a room, but maybe that had been because he was a kid?
Before he could analyze the room any further he heard the door softly open, a familiar curly haired blonde walking in.
"Oh thank goodness!" Joonas exclaimed, running to his side and throwing himself on him. "When Niko called and said he and Aleksi were bringing you in I almost cried! I was so scared!"
Joel laughed weakly and caught his friend as best he could.
"I'm ok Joonas, I just feel really, really hot." Joel swallowed, his throat dry, "maybe I didn't drink enough water..."
"Joel." Joonas sat back so he was on the edge of the bed, fidgeting with his stethoscope, "I got to tell you something-"
"Is it how the hell you got those scrubs past the head nurse?" He asked.
"They're Halloween themed." Joonas sniffed, which could explain why they were bright orange, but seemed like a flimsy excuse for the cartoon man licking a long twisted rainbow lollipop rather... Suggestively.
"And they bought that excuse?" Joel laughed despite the strange feeling in his stomach, definitely another bug-
"Joel shut up and listen to me," Joonas told him, full nurse mode coming through "you're... Joel you're in heat."
Joel froze, the joke he had been about to make dying on his lips.
"What?" He croaked, "that's impossible, I'm on suppressants!"
"I know, but certain things can cause them to fail and you are absolutely in heat." Joonas took his hand and Joel wondered for a moment how many other omegas he had had to soothe while giving them a such news.

The door opened again and two doctors entered, Joel trying to blink back his tears at the familiar sight of two more friends.
Friends that suddenly smelled exceptionally good, in a way that betas like Aleksi and Niko had not, and definitely not the soothing scent of his fellow omega like Joonas.
No, this made something that made his mouth water.
Still, the news that he was in heat came back to the forefront of his mind and he could feel tears welling in his eyes again.
"I'm guessing you told him?" Olli asked softly, coming closer.
"That I'm dying?" Joel gave a semi hysterical laugh, "yes I'm very aware."
He looked between Joonas, Olli, and Tommi, who had came to the other side of him and sat on the bed; "you three are the medical professionals," he sniffled, "why the hell would my suppressants have failed?"
"Have you been on any antibiotics lately?" Olli asked, "there was nothing in your chart but..."
Joel shook his head, "no, even I know that can make them fail, the most I took has been over the counter pain meds. Oh, and I guess some anti-nausea stuff a couple weeks ago when I had the flu..."

All three of them groaned at that.

"Did you ever actually throw up?" Tommi asked gently.
"Yeah for a couple days, especially in the morning before the meds had time to kick in."
"Do you take your meds in the morning?"
Cold realization was dawning on him as he whispered "yes."
"Your body probably didn't have enough time to absorb it before you threw up." Olli agreed quietly.
"So I'm going to... I'm going to die." He couldn't help but start crying in earnest, as much as he had griped about getting older he had always assumed he would in fact see another birthday.
"That's not your only option," Joonas said quickly, "you can always go the other route."
"You mean a clinic?" Joel hiccup, "get fucked over and over by some random Alpha and end up having their kit?"
"You don't have to keep it," Joonas mumbled.
"I guess." Joel said miserably, "I don't want some stranger to just... I know it's natural and all that, it's just-"
"What if it's not a stranger?" Olli asked.
The room went quiet.
"Are... Are you offering?" Joel asked, a bit shaken.
Tommi took one of his hands, "I am too. We're friends after all."

Joel looked between the two of them in stunned silence.

"I don't know what to say." He mumbled.
"Look, if you can't ask your bros to breed you, are you even bros?" Joonas said solemnly, laughing when Joel flung a sweaty pillow at his face.
"Joonas, can you give us a few minutes?" Joel asked.
Joonas patted his hand before leaving, telling him he'd be close by.
"So... You guys are really offering to... Help?"
"Of course." Olli said, taking Joonas's spot on the bed.
"If you're ok with that." Tommi added.

It had never been something he would have thought to ask for, but the idea of one of them helping him, rather then a stranger, did make him feel better. He had know them for years and trusted both of them.
And besides, they both smelled so good and a tight coil of arousal was growing in him; he felt so warm, even the thin hospital gown on him felt like too much and a warm moisture was spreading between his legs.
He saw Olli's eyes flicker shut as he took a deep breath, Tommi going wide eyed as Joel's scent filled the room.
"Yes" Joel said softly. "Yeah, I trust you two so... Yeah."
"Who do you want?" Olli asked.
"I-" Joel swallowed, "both of you?"
He wondered if the heat was already affecting his brain, but he couldn't choose one of them, and why should he? If he had two willing alphas right there why would he ever say no to one of them?
Both of their scents seemed to increase, but they stood and went to a corner of the room, talking quietly among themselves.
After a few minutes Tommi ran off, send Joel a quick reassuring look.
Joel whined, not wanting the alpha to leave, but Olli quickly came to his side, laying next to him.
"He'll be right back." He explained, "you're in the omega ward of the hospital right now, we only had an exemption to be up here since we're friends, Tommi's talking with our boss so we can be excused for a while."
Joel nodded, it made sense but he couldn't focus on that, could only focus on how close Olli was, his strong musky scent filling Joel's nostrils, and all he wanted was to feel Olli's lips against his.

He gave a small whine and Olli seemed to understand what he needed, scooting closer and cupping his cheek, pulling him into a deep kiss.
It was warm, his lips soft as they moved against his and Joel quickly wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him closer.
Olli deepened the kiss, licking into his mouth and sinking his hands into his hair.
All thoughts were flying out of his head, his world narrowing to the alpha pressing him back into the bed, hands going to the back of his gown to untie it.
They broke apart just for a moment, Olli's eyes dark as he ripped the gown away, the thin fabric flung to the floor before he almost pounced back onto him, sucking and biting at Joel's neck and trailing to his chest.
Joel let his eyes close, soft moans slipping from his lips as Olli licked over a heat swollen nipple.
So caught up in what Olli was doing Joel didn't hear the door open or close, a lock quietly clicking into place.
But another overwhelming alpha scent broke through his foggy head and he pried his eyes open to see a rapidly stripping Tommi.
"Hey there," Tommi stretched out on the other side of him, reaching up to pet his hair, "how are you doing?"
"Feel like I'm boiling from the inside out." Joel moaned, "I need you, please."
Olli chuckled, "what? I'm not enough?"
"He's greedy," Tommi agreed.
"Alphas," Joel whined. "Please."
"We've got you," Tommi said quietly, "don't worry." He turned to Olli, "you're over dressed, Dr Matela."
Olli laughed and pulled back to quickly remove his clothes, Tommi directing Joel's face to his, capturing his lips in a kiss that quickly turned filthy, Joel letting Tommi completely control it.
Soon enough Olli was back and the two seemed determined to take him apart, there was a mouth on his neck, one on his chest, hands roaming everywhere except where he NEEDED them to touch him.
Joel had a hand in Olli's hair, another clawing at Tommi's back, and small pleas fell from his lips fast, begging one of them to just touch him.
Olli's hand moved down his stomach, hovering over his pelvis.
"You're 100% sure this is what you want?" Olli asked.
"Yes!" Joel groaned, "please alpha!"
Olli gave him a hard kiss before wrapping his hand around Joel's painfully hard cock, stroking him in a quick rhythm.
Joel gasped, already seeing his end in sight, when a large finger dipped to where he was dripping slick, pressing in slowly.
"Fuck," Joel gasped out, the intrusion seeming to make his already burning body grow even hotter.
"You're already so soft and open," Tommi groaned, "you don't even need me to prep you."
Regardless he slipped another finger in, curling them and looking for the spot that would make him see stars.
He came with a long moan, spilling hot over Olli's fist and on his own stomach.
But the haze in his mind wasn't clearing at all, the burning need to be bred driving him crazy.
"Please," he whimpered, "please I need more alphas, please."
"Don't worry." Tommi cooed.
"We'll breed you." Olli whispered in his ear, "we won't leave until you are."
Normally the thought would have made him run in terror, but Joel's omega side had taken over and the idea of the two of them breeding him, filling him with a kit, made him want to cry, it sounded so good.

He was barely able to open his eyes and watch as Tommi leaned over and grabbed Olli, hooking an arm around his neck and pulling him closer, whispering in his ear before giving him a deep kiss.
Joel hadn't seen two alphas making out before, but as their kiss got deeper it vaguely dawned on him that this wasn't for his benefit, it was clearly something they had done often before.
He felt another gush of slick at the sight and they pulled apart from each other, turning to look at him.
"Greedy little omega," Olli sighed with a grin.
"He really is," Tommi chuckled.
Tommi moved to kiss Joel as Olli moved between his legs, getting him to roll onto his hands and knees before lining himself up with one hand, petting Joel's hip as he started to press in.
Joel whined at finally, FINALLY having a some relief to the burning emptiness, feeling full when Olli was buried in him, pressed flush against his ass.
Olli set a quick rhythm, not seeming interested in dragging out Joel's teasing any longer as his thrusts quickly pushed him to his edge
Tommi kept up a string of dirty talk in his ear, telling him how well he was taking him, how hot he looked getting fucked, how he was doing so well for his alphas. Joel couldn't do anything but gasp and moan as Olli thrust even harder, a hand reaching down to encircle his aching cock, giving enough friction that he came again not a minute later, darkening the sheets and making his whole body shake and constrict.
Olli let out a deep moan, Joel's clenching pulling him over the edge too, pressing deep as he spilled inside him, their bodies locking together as Olli laid heavily on his back.
Tommi helped them shift into a more comfortable position while they were tied, Olli pressing close and muttering sweet nothings in his ear.

For a few minutes Joel felt like he was floating, a deep sense of relief spreading through him after their coupling, the scent of the two alphas soothing him slightly.

But it didn't last long, the second Olli was able to carefully pull out Joel pushed himself closer to Tommi, he wasn't satisfied yet and wanted the large alpha to fix that.
Tommi caught him easily, pressing kisses all over his face.
"Need you." Joel whined.
"I know, do you think you could ride me?" He asked between kisses.
Joel just nodded, eager for whatever Tommi wanted from him, for whatever would get him filled.
There was a shuffling and Tommi sat with his back to the wall, a couple pillows behind him before he patted his lap, obviously worked up from the show he and Olli had put on, his hands resting on Joel's hips as he straddled him.
Joel shivered, realizing Tommi's large hands covered his hips almost completely as he helped line him up with his thick cock, the doctor letting out a small growl when Joel lowered himself on to him, slick and cum letting him slide down his length with almost no resistance.
Joel moaned as he was stretched again, bracing himself on Tommi's shoulders for a moment, adjusting to the feeling before he tried rolling his hips, encouraged by the groan he got in return.
He lifted his hips and slammed himself back down, bouncing in his lap as he fucked himself on Tommi, eyes screwed shut as he focused on the pleasure coursing through him.
He felt Tommi's grip tightening and he started fucking up into him, meeting Joel's movements and making him gasp; his eyes flew open when he felt a warm mouth at his back and a hand reaching around to his hard cock.
He had almost forgot Olli was there, as focused as he was, but he couldn't now, not when the other man was stroking him with just the right pressure.
He could feel his orgasm approaching and he moved faster, chasing his own end, only vaguely aware of the whines he was letting out when he felt Tommi starting to swell.
Olli increased his pressure, swiping his thumb over the leaking head just right and-
Joel gave a full body shudder as he came, bonelessly leaning in to Tommi while his mind was nothing but a white hot burst.
A few more thrusts and the larger man slammed Joel down onto him with a shudder, spilling deep within him and tying them together.

Joel just laid his head against Tommi's shoulder, his heat finally seeing to die down a little after the matings, and now he was just exhausted.
But he was comfortable, laying against Tommi, Olli running his fingers through his hair and telling him how good he did.
When they could finally part Tommi gently lifted him off his lap, letting Joel curl into him instead, head laying on his broad chest.
Joel's eyes flickered open briefly to see Olli doing the same, their faces close and Olli giving him a tired smile.
"We should get cleaned up." Tommi murmured, an arm around both of them.
"Probably," Olli agreed, pressing a kiss to Tommi's peck.
"Eventually," Joel agreed, after all they would be doing this for at least a few more days, but it was impossible to worry about the future with them holding him so close.

With that thought he closed his eyes again and letting the steady beating of Tommi's heart and Olli's gentle voice lull him to sleep.