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There were things Morgan knew Alex didn’t share with her. She didn’t mind. There were things she didn’t share with him. Mostly about her childhood. However, as they came up on seven years of knowing each other, Morgan realized there were things about Alex she didn’t know that she wanted to. 

Halloween would be their anniversary. Not an official one, just one they agreed on. It was the first time they’d really become friends. Morgan liked doing something special on their anniversaries. Maybe she could ask Alex some of the questions she wanted answered. She already had a plan. They’d be going out stargazing. She had a truck she’d fill the bed with pillows and blankets. Alex would be taking the day off from killing heroes. It would be fun. 

Morgan made plans with her minions. They wouldn’t be bothering her. She put Gus and Karen in charge. 

Morgan worked on her plans for the anniversary. She already knew what she wanted to do, the issue was where they would go. The city lights were bright. It would have to be far. Morgan had done enough research to make an astrologist jealous, yet, she couldn’t find the perfect place. Her eyes hurt from how much she’d been staring at a screen the last few days. 

Morgan rubbed her eyes as she clicked on one last link for the night. She roamed over the words as she looked for pictures. Sure, the article talked about how nice it was but that could be a red herring. A lot of the stargazing locations were that way. As Morgan saw the pictures, she grinned. It looked perfect. No one would be there for Halloween either. 

Morgan wrote down the location. She shut off her computer and went to bed for the night. Tomorrow, she could tell Alex about their plans. 


Morgan checked her phone for the directions again. As much as she loved Alex, he couldn’t navigate to save his life. He could, however, pick good music. Morgan nodded her head along with the beat as the music played through the speakers. She made the final left as the song faded out and a new one started playing. 

The road turned bumpy. Morgan shut off her phone and pulled off to the side so as to not block the path. She grinned. Alex smiled fondly and hopped out the car to help her set up the bed of the truck. 

Morgan hopped in and Alex followed suit. When they were situated, Morgan was resting her head on Alex’s chest as he had one of his arms wrapped around her. They had several blankets over them keeping the cold out as well as several pillows beneath them to keep them comfortable. 

After a few minutes of silence, Morgan decided to speak up. 

“Alex,” she said, “What are you afraid of?”

“What?” Alex laughed. He squeezed her shoulder. “I’m practically a god. I’m not afraid of anything.”

“Mhm. I’ll tell you my secret if you tell me yours.”

“Tempting.” Morgan sighed. She snuggled closer to Alex. She wasn’t going to pry into it if Alex didn’t want to talk about it. Sure, she wanted to know. She wanted to be able to protect him, even if it was something he’d see as silly. Alex would probably mention the “all powerful god-like powers” if Morgan told him she wanted to protect him sometimes. 

Morgan shifted so she could be looking up. Alex moved with her so she would stay comfortable. 

Shooting stars blazed across the sky. Alex poked Morgan every time and whispered for her to make a wish. An hour later, Alex broke the pattern. 

“My biggest fear is losing you,” he said. “Not just in a fight, or on one of your heists, but to your family. I know you’ll never go back to them, but… I can never get the idea out of my head.” Morgan stayed silent as she processed that. She hugged Alex as she thought. She chewed her lip and decided now would be a good time to tell Alex about her own secret. 

“I’m the oldest,” Morgan said, “Chad is younger than me by a fuck-ton of years. They had him after my powers manifested. Pushed me off to the side and acted like I wasn’t part of the family. I never went to family reunions. Often, I was forgotten. It got worse when Chad’s powers started manifesting. He became the favorite. Once that happened, my parents turned to me and told me I would make the best sidekick.” 

Morgan swallowed the lump that had started to grow in her throat. She’d only ever told Barnaby the whole story. She kept a lot of her childhood close to her chest. She wiped at the tears that fell down her cheeks. 

“You’re not going to lose me,” Morgan whispered, “Least of all to my family; I can promise you that.” Alex leaned down and pressed a kiss to Morgan’s forehead. She leaned into the warmth. He held her close. 

“Can I take them off my ‘Do not Kill list’?” Alex asked. Morgan laughed. 

“No,” she said, “You have to keep that promise.” Alex sighed dramatically. Morgan laughed again and squeezed Alex tighter for a second. 

They lulled into comfortable silence and watched the shooting stars, each wishing something for the other.