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Cater was once a young boy, whose views never changed.

His father was a well-off salesman, one who travels the seas to deliver any item he was given like a spectrum of gifts. Every time he came back, he gave Cater the most wonderful gifts but Cater often gave them to others who needed them more than him.

His mother, though he barely remembers her, was a royal seamstress for the royal family. He always came with her when duty calls and played with some other children there.

She was quite friendly with the queen, even best friends.

He even talks to the queen's grandson, who was shy but welcoming toward Cater. They always talked in the gardens and played together.

Cater loves his time here and simply being with his mother.

But tragedy struck as his mother died of a mysterious illness that some couldn't explain, even Cater's father couldn't explain it.

"Cater," He remembered her say, "I know that this will bring you down and how it pains me to know that," her hand rested against his cheek, "I want you to smile, be happy, no matter what life does to bring you down, you'd best show that you won't let that bring you down and smile. Cause no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true."

Cater nods as he cried, trying to smile. His mother smiles along with him as well, though sad, you can see the happiness in her eyes.

Cater missed his mother but knows she wouldn't like him unhappy because of her.

After a year, his father found himself in love with a woman, and with Cater's encouragement, had gone out with her.

The woman was Rosalind Dior, a jeweler of the town. Cater's father was devoted to her and Cater had no problem with her.

She even had two daughters his age, Astrid, and Mika. Both were always close as sisters should.

They relentlessly teased him badly, always calling him names that he often ignored.

There was one time when his father was going on his travels.

"Now, Cater, girls, I'll be back within a week. Do you desire anything from your travels?"

"Jewels, such as necklaces and bracelets," begged Astrid, "Please?"

"I would like jewelry as well, but I would like a flute," added Mika.


Cater was silent for a moment, he didn't know what he wanted but he gave a small smile and said, "I would like nothing, but I wouldn't mind if you gave me a gift!"

Cater's father laughs. "That's my boy!"

As he left to speak to Rosalind, the girls glared at Cater with disgust he didn't comprehend.

"Of course, little rich boy doesn't know what he wanted. You must be gotten everything." Mika ridiculed.

"Rich kid!" Astrid snickered.

Cater didn't know how to respond that day but he shrugged it off. He wasn't offended by it as they were rich kids as well. But the tension between them and Cater was horrible but Cater saved face for his father, as at that time he planned to marry Roselind.

Cater was beyond happy as his father was happy with a woman he seemed to love and happy with.

He can handle anything for his father.

A few months, his father died during his voyages, and only his colleagues came to tell the family the devastating news, staying with Cater until his sadness caused him to sleep.

They gifted Cater a locket, one that was similar to that his mother wore. He kept it safe and worn every day as his life slowly spiraled more.

Roselind moved his room to the attic, all of his clothing was either taken or torn. After a sudden change, he was tasked to do every chore that she listed.

"Why," he would ask sorrowfully, "why must it be me? I have done them yesterday."

No matter what he said, if he refused, Roselind will shout and accuse him of laziness before forcing him to do chores. A few times where she threatened to hurt him if he didn't do it.

"You disrespectful brat! You had it easy, didn't you? You complain and complain! You better do your chores before things get worse for you."

There were nights when he sobbed and sobbed hard until he passed out. This led to where he was now, scrubbing the furnace and the only source of light was a single candle and a small window.

His scrubbing pace begins to slow as tears form. He couldn't continue as he begins to cry, cry to himself and cry to the world.

"I can't," he sobs, "why did this happen to me? It's hard to live in a place where you can't escape, even when people watch you suffer and do nothing about it but smile. No one can help you, no one to support you.."

Cater looks up at the window, seeing a big star.

"Would it be worth it to wish upon a star? To wish for an outcome that'll never happen?" He looks up at the window and sighs. "I suppose it could not hurt." He grips his locket and sighs. "I wish...I wish for an escape, or not just that..a way to maybe make this easier, to find a reason to make me happy again. I wish for that."

As soon as he stopped, a small gleam appeared behind him.

He turned around as the light slowly began to form, creating a silhouette of a person, actually two people.

"Hello there!" One of them greeted," My name is..." He stops suddenly as he sneezed into the fireplace.

Cater gasped and helped him out. "Are you ok?! Oh my God..."He quickly brushes the cinders off his suit.

"I'm ok! Not the first time," he laughs.

"My stars, Kalim, you always have a fun introduction." Laughed another voice behind Cater.

Kalim pouts, "It's dusty in here," he dusted himself off. "This will definitely go on my rep sheet..."

Cater looks at both. "What is going on? Who are you two, and what are you doing here at my house?"

"Oh, don't fret," the other walks over, "My name is Lilia, and this here is Kalim. We are your fairy godfathers,"

Kalim smiles. "Yep! You made a wish and now we're here. Though I didn't expect to appear in a basement,"

"Oh, I know. But our little boy is in a dilemma," Lilia declared, "being a maid to his own family. That's why we're here,"

Kalim frowns. "Oh, that's right. Maybe we should do something now."

Cater sighs. "I'm dreaming...this can't be real; the dust is going into my head. I should keep cleaning and go back to sleep. "

"Hmm," Kalim walks around, "dust over here and there...dust is everywhere! I can't believe this..."

"May I ask why he's freaked out?" Cater asked.

"Oh don't mind him," Lilia laughed, "he's one of our new faes, and this is technically his first human. I'm here 'cause I want to and a guide."

Cater nods as he and Lilia watch Kalim inspect the entire area, occasionally sneezing.

"That's enough, Kalim, you'll get dizzy sneezing like that."

Kalim grabbed his wand as he began to look around. He saw a broom and smiled wildly. "Now... what're the magic words."

"Magic?" Questioned Cater," what does he mean by magic?"

Lilia summoned his wand. "Oh don't fret too much, it's what we do. As fairy godfathers, we try to make you happy."

"I don't think I wished for happiness." Cater remarked, watching Kalim.

"But you wished for a better way to deal with this mess of chores. So, we're here." Lilia grabbed some cleaning supplies." Bibbity," he looks at Cater with a smile, "Bobbity," he raises his wand, "Boo!"

Magic surrounds the supplies as they magically begin to scrub the dirt and Lilia grabs the water bucket.

"That was it!" Kalim smiled and repeated it, causing the broom to sweep.

Cater could only stare at the magic before he rest by the fireplace.

"Thank you," he mustered, looking down.

Lilia sat next to him. "Of course, it's our pleasure to make you happy, but of course, we have our limitations."

"But," Kalim added, "We're going to be here with you, and we'll help you!"

"God...I feel...flattered," Cater mumbled and smiled.

"We'll keep an eye on this, you should sleep."

Cater yawns as he rests against the fireplace and after a few minutes, snores were the only thing heard in the room.


Cater yawns as he opens his eyes to a new, clean basement.

"Cater!" Yelled Rosalind, "That basement better be cleaned!"

Cater gets up and looks around, the supplies down and not moving, no sight of dust, and no sight of his fairy godfathers.

The door opens as Rosalind inspects the room, trying to find any spec of dust that Cater must've missed. "Hmm, I suppose you're not as worthless as I thought," she muttered, "and you already cooked breakfast. You....are excused,"

Cater exhaled in relief as he walked upstairs, coming to the kitchen.

"Wow, she screams loudly." Mutters a tiny voice from Cater's pocket.

"Hmm?" He looks to see a tiny mouse, yawning in his pocket.

"I guess so," he answers, "how did you get into my pocket?"

"It's easy when you have magic," he yawns.

"You're one of the fairy godfathers. Kalim, am I right?" He whispered, grabbing some food.

"Yep! We agreed one of us should stay with you. You know, for safety precautions."

Cater shrugs as he strolls up the stairs. "Where's Lilia?"

"Oh, he's an elder godfather, he's swamped."

Cater smiles and rests on his bed," it's just going to be like this for a while, so best to get comfy and plan our escape."

"Great! Don't worry, I'll help you whenever you need me!"

Lilia wanders throughout the hallways of the palace, hearing swords clink.

He smiles as he walks in, "Ah, Lord Malleus, practicing without me?"

"You were taking a while, Lilia," he mumbled, attacking the dummy once again.

"You had another argument with your grandmother? About your future again?"

"She's rushing me, Lilia. I don't know how to convince her to calm down and now there's a royal ball planned in a few weeks." He sits down.

"And you might think I could convince her? My apologies, but no one, even me, could change her mind. But don't worry, you might find that special some pretty soon."

Malleus nods. "I hope so, Lilia."

"I know so."