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~The End of Bikini Tops~

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As soon as the door closed in their room, Mina was whipping Unagi viciously with her bra, while Unagi cowered with a stupid grin on her face.

"They're so energetic," Poi said with a snicker.

"With them around, I don't have a choice but to have fun," said Tam.

"I'm happy for you."

Poi slipped her fingers in between Tam's and tightened them. Tam gripped back. It was good Tam had at least that much attention on her.

She was still full of adrenaline from that experience which couldn't be called a match. Everyone else was feeling the same. It was clear from the way Tam was smiling softly at their melodrama, how Mina was flushed more from arousal than anger, and Unagi's... everything, how this was going to go.

What was her role in this going to be? In DDM, sex wasn't that serious. Whoever was together and in the mood at the time would do it. But Cosmic Angels didn't have that vibe.

Tam had already left to go appease them, probably wanting to get involved herself. They looked perfect together, three hot girls in bikinis with their skin flushed, everyone linked somehow whether it was Tam's hand low on Mina's back or Unagi tugging Tam closer to her side.

Poi swallowed as Unagi ducked and lunged forward and tried to rip off Mina's towel, only to get pulled back by the hair and groped. Mina wasn't angry anymore, probably never was.

Well, taking a pre-emptive strike was never a bad strategy.

"Your spat would be a lot more fun to watch if you were both naked," Poi called out.

They stilled and looked at each other, exchanging some kind of dubious nonverbal communication.

Mina marched over to Poi. "I haven't forgotten about you, Natsupoi."

"You can't make me insecure about my boobs. It won't work, I know my appeal."

"Yeah. You're the babygirl and Mina's the mommy," said Unagi.

"And you grope girls in public," said Poi, embarrassed.

"Gyan!" said Unagi, shameless.

Before she knew it, Mina had ripped off her towel and stuck her palm on the wall behind Poi, looming over her. "I see the way you look at us. It's okay if you're jealous. Until... well, Mirai, there was no one in DDM that could satisfy you with boobs like this."

Natsupoi was a bit intimidated now that they were thrust in her face, begging to be touched.

"Don't be nervous," said Tam. Ah, her hand was already suspiciously doing something behind Unagi's back. "If you touch her boobs now, she won't bother you as much later."

"Fine, if it'll make you feel better," said Poi, and sunk her hand in. What the fuck, Mina was already making a porn face.

Poi was fascinated by how into this Mina was. She brushed her fingers over Mina's nipples, and Mina shuddered. She pinched and rolled them between her fingers, and Mina became loud and insistent. Oh how the smugly possessive Mina had fallen.

"Keep doing that. I swear you'd better keep doing that, or I'll-"

"Okay, mommy," said Poi. But nobody was paying attention enough to laugh, including her.

It was a little silly, that their pool toys were around them on the floor with their bikinis. Tam lay over a flamingo with her eyes and her legs wide open as Unagi ate her out with loud, sloppy sounds. Yeah, okay. Poi could get used to seeing that.

It wasn't embarrassing when Poi began sucking on Mina's tits after all, because for one, it was hot to choke on things, and two, an ultimate heroine never let an opportunity to be great at sex go untaken. She wasn't embarrassed even when Mina wrapped her arms around her, trapping her in an embrace she wasn't sure she'd ever feel again.

"Good girl," said Mina. Poi moaned around her.

She felt someone else touching her gently, rubbing up and down her back.

"Very good girl," said Tam.

Poi looked up for a moment and saw that Unagi and Tam were settling next to them. Tam's boobs brushed against her arm as she laid back down.

It was a little too much. They were like cats, a weird kind of family that couldn't stop clinging together and licking each other. Mina was yanking her hair, she didn't want to stop, but she wanted to get naked too, to have all their bodies and their attention on her at once, to be a part of whatever this was.

"Welcome to Cosmic Angels," Unagi said cheerfully, and ripped off her towel. Poi shivered in both horniness and anger, finally empathizing with Mina.

Unagi was annoying, but she knew what Poi wanted. And Mina was annoying, but she was fun to quarrel with. Tam really was annoying, but she loved Poi no matter what. It was going to be a tough adjustment, but Poi had always savored being challenged.