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One Of The Good Ones

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Wilhelm has always been pretty rebellious in comparison to his brother. Crown Prince Erik of Sweden was the perfect child, the smartest teenager and a studios young adult. Crown Prince Erik of Sweden took his studies and his role as future leader of the nation in stride, with pride and seriousness.

For his mamma Erik has always been perfect.

And Wille, well…

Wille was the exact opposite. Where Erik would bring home a trophy for rowing, Wille would cause a scandal; were Erik would bring back good grades, Wille actually regaled her with a parent attendance for indiscipline in the classroom. In Wille’s defense, it wasn’t his fault if the Queen herself banned him from speaking about political issues in the Economic and International Relations class.

Wilhelm has always been a problematic child. Has always hated the attention and somehow has managed to bring the attention of phone’s flashes and the press alike since he was fourteen. Is not like Erik was that perfect, but he is way careful then Wilhelm himself. So, when his cousin Henry offered him a post in charity and traveling to countries to help queer kids, Wilhelm hopped aboard.

And away from his family.

Diplomatic missions, his family will call it. In a way, it was. He has been all over Europe and Asia promoting the right of queer kids and adults alike, just as much as women rights.

And so, he met his first workmate ever: Simon Eriksson. A Venezuelan-Swedish peer with the voice of an angel and a tongue of a razor. Maybe more like a wood saw, but that’s beyond the point.

Since the moment his eyes landed on Simon Eriksson, he knew. He knew Simon Eriksson was pretty and gorgeous and has the smile of an angel, the voice of one and he wanted to be friends with him. If allowed, he would like to pursue a relationship wit him.

Until Simon literally trashed his family in ways he has never heard before. Without knowing Wille, Simon called him a scammer, practically. But, well… It is just half of the truth.

Wilhelm took offense fast. His cousin Henry, Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex, assured Wilhelm that Simon didn’t mean it as a way of offending him. More like Simon has a tendency to talk before thinking. Cute, but hurtful and so, Wilhelm kept his professionalism and his distance from the dark-curly young man.

“Wilhelm…” his mother’s voice brought him back to the present and away from the past four years. “I am being serious here. I want you home for the holidays.” Wilhelm swallowed. She sounded a little bit mad. “I know you are taking your role as Second Prince seriously than when you were a teenager, but we haven’t seen each other in two years. The nation is speculating about your death being hidden from them.”

Wilhelm snorted at her words.

“I’m very much alive, mamma,” he answered in stride. “I really can’t make it this year. I promised my boyfriend we will spend this week together…”

The Queen huffed.

“Bring him home with you,” she stated. It’s not a question, is not a request. It’s an order. “Bring him home with you Wilhelm II Gustaf Oscar Alexander Nicolas,” with each of his name is voice turned up a notch. “Or God help me.”

Great, now his mamma was mad at him for the boyfriend he doesn’t have. His imaginary boyfriend was already causing him troubles.

“Mamma…” he tried to refuse.

She wasn’t listening, like always.

“If you don’t come home the day before midsommar preparations, I will send the Royal Guard to find you and will inform my dear cousin, The English Queen, about the breach in the appropriate protocol.”

“I will be home,” he huffed out his answer.

“Bring that boyfriend of yours too,” she said, all ominous. “You haven’t been home in two years because of him. I think is time for the family to meet the object of your affections.” She states.

Wilhelm huffed a last time.

“Okay,” he replied back in a whisper.  

“I will see you soon, my son,” she replied, a hint of happiness in her voice. “Your brother is going to be so happy and relieved. He has been worrying a lot about you and your love life, or the lack of it during these past years.”

Wilhelm’s cheeks were blushing so hard, he is sure he can light up half of Lisbon with it.

“Okay,” he stated again.

“I love you, Wille,” she whispered after a beat.

“Me too,” he hung up on her, feeling a migraine on its way and closing his eyes. “Fuck.”

A thud on his desk made him open his eyes to peer at the person that interrupted his freak-out mini-session.

“So, Wille,” Alex Claremon-Diaz-Fox-Mouthchristen, Henry’s husband, smiled up at him. “What cursed has been throw on you for you to sport such a frown?”

Wille groaned.

“I need a boyfriend,” he stated bluntly.

After all this is just Alex, his cousin Henry’s husband. A great lawyer. A good person in general if Wilhelm is being honest. A bit of a party person, but well… That part just brought him together with the Texan man. Henry has always been so serious and stiff, like a stick. Wilhelm couldn’t understand it, because life, in his opinion, is too short to be that stiff and serious about fucking everything.

But that’s Henry and if Henry with a stick up his ass could land a husband, Wilhelm is pretty sure he can too. Someday. A far away someday in the future, because right now, he just has brain for the kids and women whose rights are being violated right, left and center.

“Well, I’m taken,” Alex answered after a beat. “But I know Klara in HR is single and Simon is too. Both good looking,” he winked at Wille. “Between you and me, you should go for Simon. He will keep you and your posh family on your toes.”

I laugh at his words.

No wonders in there.

My mamma will probably throw a fit if she ever heard Simon trashing her precious Monarchy system. Or worst, she might have a heart attack and then, Erik would blame me for putting the Crown and the title of King way too son on his way.

Erik, who has a one-year-old baby girl.

“No way,” I say to him, dreading that thought alone.

Alex arranged himself on my desk, looking me dead in the eye.

“Unfortunately, from this office Simon Eriksson is the only other employed who will be receiving Midsommar’s week off, because you and he are workaholics and I cannot kick you out of here soon enough to avoid a faulty-ticket for mandatory-leave against the foundation. So, this year you both are going to your home for a grand total of ten days, because I don’t have the money to pay a penalization.”

His hair is all over his face and Wille knew Alex was being truthful.

Yeah, he hadn’t taken one of those in nearly three years. So, there are seventy-one days. He went home for a weekend when they were working in Denmark and that was that.

“So, I will sign your leave paperwork and Simon’s,” he said, all handsome smile and bright eyes.

Wille found a new hate light for his cousin’s husband.

“I hate you, Alex,” Wille said to him.

Alex patted his back.

“No, you don’t,” he threw back. “We share names, Wilhelm Gustaf I don’t know what else Alexander,” he kisses my cheek. “We are family, so… I’m doing this for your own good, Willie.” He said in that weird American accent of his. “You left Sweden in bad terms with your mom. Life is not going to wait forever, Willie. She is old and when she is gone for good, you are going to regret it if you don’t let go of that grudge soon.”

There’s kindness in Alex’s eyes.

Wilhelm stayed silent until the older is gone.

“I will sign both papers soon,” Alex was getting up and away. “Explain things to him, Wilhelm. He is not going to refuse aiding you, even for a couple of days. He will even feel is his duty to shed light on your old family.”

Wilhelm snorted at his words. That sounds like Simon alright. He couldn’t help the smile that bloomed on his lips.

He had time to watch Simon during these years. Sweet Simon, always eager to help, always ready to take care of the people around him. Always ready to sacrifice himself for those he deemed worthy of his love.

And, oh God, how he wishes he will be the object of Simon’s love. Because Simon loves with everything. But Wilhelm is a coward, so he kept his distance from sweet Simon, watching him from apart and avoiding him like the plague.

Even if his heart yearned to be close to the Latino boy. Man. Simon might seem younger but, they are both twenty-seven now. To keep his heart away from hurting, he kept away from Simon. Because his heart is still reeling from fucking Peter and his betrayal. Peter, who outed him before he was ready. Peter, who made a sex tape of the both of them and blackmailed Wilhelm with it.

“Earth to Wilhelm,” Simon’s voice echoes around his head and Wille looked up at him. Bright brown eyes looking back at him. Simon’s hand connected softly with his forehead. “Are you daydream at work?” He left the paperwork on Wille’s desk.

“Nope,” Wilhelm was fast to reassure him.

“Sure,” Simon said in a deadpan. “I need you to give me your opinion about this, because honestly, I don’t know about posh people music tastes.”

Wilhelm opened the folder, reading carefully the options on the paper sheet. He highlighted a few with purple color.

“I put a few contacts in there. They have good finger food and they are small, local shops,” the blond added, looking up at Simon.

Simon was smiling down at the sheets.

“I like purple,” he stated softly. Like a whisper and Wilhelm had to strain his ears to hear those words. “Thanks, Wilhelm.”

I like you. But you are a prick, so I don’t like you.

Wilhelm cheek turned pink at his own thoughts.

“You are… You are welcome.” He retorted in the same way.

“Will catch you,” Simon said.

Wilhelm, panicked. Because Simon is here and the work day is nearly over and he still doesn’t have a boyfriend. He can’t tell his mamma that he broke up with his imaginary boyfriend because of her invitation. That would be weird, wouldn’t it?

“Would you like to be my boyfriend?” Wilhelm blurted out, making Simon stop abruptly in his retiring.

The latino looked at him. His eyes wide open, betraying disbelieve.

“Excuse me?” he asked in a dumb way.

But well, it wasn’t the best way to phrased his request.

Oh, well, here goes nothing.

“I told my mamma I haven’t been home because of my boyfriend…” Wilhelm started.

“You don’t have a boyfriend,” Simon retorted fast.

“How can you know?” Wilhelm put up his front façade.

Simon snorted.

“You are the first to arrive and the last to leave, you are even pals with the security guys,” Simon says accusingly. “You don’t have a boyfriend.”

Wilhelm blushed hard.

 “Well, I need one now,” he mumbled under his breath. “A fake one, I mean.”

“What would I gain from that?” Simon asked.

Wilhelm didn’t have to think that much.

“The opportunity to talk to the Queen of Sweden and showed her why the Monarchy is useless,” I put the offer on the table.

Wilhelm keep his breathe inside of his chest until Simon was opening his mouth to answer and even after that.

“That’s not enough,” he said, looking straight at Wille’s soul.

“What do you want then?” Wille asked, tiredly.

The migraine was starting.

“You are going to cover all the expenses and you are going to tidy my apartment for a month,” he says and Wille nodded his head.

“Okay…?” that was weird. What is Simon hiding in his apartment? They have been stationed in Lisbon for three months.

A ton of cat fur? A chest of drawers with bondage toys like the one from the Fifty-Shades of Gray? Maybe, Simon is a serial killer and is hiding a body and is going to make Wille get rid of those because of the Diplomatic Immunity.

Maybe is the last. But, it can be dead cats too. Or maybe a cat fur… to make coats.

“Okay,” he says. “I will be your fake boyfriend.” He said. “Now, pass me your phone.”

Wille was in defense mode instantly.

“Why?” he asked, looking worriedly at Simon.

“Because you need to change my name in there,” Simon stated like if he is talking about the weather or something.

“You got a point,” Wille mumbled.

Simon smirked.

“I always do,” he retorted playfully.

So, Wille ended up changing Simon’s contact to Simme and a purple heart.

“Better?” Wilhelm asked, showing him his phone.

Wilhelm is tired of keeping his distance from Simon. 

Simon nodded. The Latino took out his phone, typed a few things in it and showed Wilhelm. There it was: Wilhelm 👑💜

Wille gave him a shy smile.

“Thanks for doing this for me,” he mumbled again, embarrassed to his eyelashes.

Simon patted his cheek softly.

“Well, you are going to clean up my apartment,” he says all innocent. “Win-win.”

Once Simon is gone, Wilhelm let out the breath he was holding without noticing it.

Gosh, he is really going to introduce his fake boyfriend to his posh family. Not that Simon is lacking in the manners area. No, the guy literally has to rub elbows with millionaires on a weekly basis to gain money for the foundation. But Simon hates the Monarchy and Wilhelm is still not sure how he is going to break that to his parents.

Fuck. What has he done?

He doesn’t know. But it’s done now. So, he sure as fuck is going forward with his absurd plan. Because telling his mom his two years boyfriend broke up with him when he mentioned that he is a prince is way stupider than a fake boyfriend.


Wilhelm need to get ready for this shit in a few days. Meaning, he needs at least a crumb to back himself up. Meaning, his personal IG must show he have been a relationship. Granted, he has a few images of places he has been that were relaxing and away from praying eyes. He had captioned all of those with heart emoji and left the caption with those.

Time to post something that will back him up in his lie.

But first, he needed to complete the list for the upcoming event in July. So, he threw himself into his job. Sending e-mails, inviting people to the upcoming events, contacting authorities that would highlight their work and so on.

When Wilhelm looked up it was 20:08 and he was still working. The office was empty, except for Alexander working a few meters away from him.

He texted Simon.




Are you okay with me posting a picture of you?


Do you have a pic of me? O.o




You can post this one ;) boyfriend

They will know is a boy without getting too much to see :p


Genious. Thank you, boyfriend 😊


Night Wilhelm


Call me Wille


GNight Simon


Gnight, Wille.



Wille remembered that night. A band called to cancel last moment during a charity event and Simon took off his suit and put on normal clothes, called a few people from around Oslo and hopped up the stage. Singing covers and making a lot of people smile with his renditions. Wille learned that day that Simon Eriksson was a good person, but he had already put distance between us and he didn't know how to get closer to him without being awkward or seeming offending. 

So, the Prince left him alone. 

With a smile, the blond open IG, uploaded the photo Simon sent me. The caption will get him in trouble. Oh so much troubles, surely: "Life isn't perfect, but you are 💜" 

He turned off his phone, not wanting to deal with his family yet. 

Is going to be a hell of a holiday. Wilhelm smiled to his own toughts. 

He can't wait.