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Pay Up, Nerd

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"Um, Izuku?" a soft voice called. He looked up, smiling at the first-year standing in front of him. He'd been tutoring her for a while now—since she'd nearly failed her first essay for Journalism Ethics and Practices.


"Hey," he smiled brightly. "Did we have a session today?" he asked, glancing over at his planner to make sure he hadn't forgotten her. The page was full, but there were no purple highlights—and he always used purple to mark out appointments.


"No," she replied. His eyes snapped back to her. She sounded nervous.


There was a low chuckle from...somewhere. Izuku scanned the room, his eyes landing on Kacchan within seconds. The blonde was biting his lip to hold in his laughter—offsetting his snakebites. His garnet eyes were crinkled in amusement, lined with thick black eyeliner that came off sultry and threatening.


To the casual observer, Izuku and Katsuki were as different as night and day. Most of them thought that the only thing holding their friendship together was their shared history. Even in school uniforms, they managed to look like polar opposites. Izuku wore his tie cinched tight and ironed his creases razor sharp. On his off days, he could be found in soft sweaters and argyle.


In contrast, Katsuki flouted regimentation at every turn. He wore his ties loose and his slacks low. He wore eyeliner and had nine piercings on his face alone. The administration had given up on trying to reprimand him for his uniform violations when he'd gotten illicit knuckle tattoos.


He was leaning against the classroom door—flanked by Eijirou and Denki, who were looking over in his direction. All three of them looked excited but in different ways. Where Katsuki's excitement looked amused and taunting, Ei and Denki's looked curious and bright. That's when he realized what was happening.


For most of their classmates, it had become a game. Whenever someone got ready to confess to him, they'd all gather in his periphery and watch as they wondered: 'Will this one be the one that he says yes to?'


They never understood why he said no. Most of the people who asked him out were excellent candidates for him. At least, they were excellent candidates if they only looked at the surface. Pretty, perfect, straight-laced people who couldn't see what he really craved.


His eyes flicked back to Katsuki, stomach trembling at the look in his eyes. Everything from his belly button down clenched and he could feel his heartbeat in his throat. Those eyes were burning into him, waiting. They had a deal, after all.


Slowly, careful not to reveal too much, he turned back to the freshman who was anxiously tucking her hair behind her ear. "How can I help you?" he asked, polite but subtly strained. He could feel heat creeping under his starched collar as anticipation set in. It was a miracle that he wasn't panting.


Saliva was pooling in his mouth—a pavlovian response to what was about to happen.


"I uh," she swallowed thickly—the poor thing was nervous. "I really like you. Would you like to go out sometime?"


He smiled at her kindly. She deflated—it wasn't the kind of smile that suggested acceptance. Just that he was flattered that she liked him. "Thank you for telling me," he said earnestly—quietly. He could feel Kacchan's gaze on him like a brand, burning into his skin. "I'm honored, really. Thank you, but no thank you—I've already got my heart set on someone. Don't tell anyone, though."


Her face softened. "Oh," she breathed. "Thank you for telling me. She's a lucky girl."


He didn't correct her. The misconception made the secret easier to keep. And the secrecy of it all made it so much more...electrifying. Dangerous. Thrilling.


"If you'd like, I can recommend a different tutor," he offered. "I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable while you're trying to learn."


She shook her pretty head. "That's alright," she replied, smiling—still a little sad but genuine. "It's just a crush, and you're an amazing teacher."


He scanned the room again, unsurprised by how many eyes were on them. But his favorite pair of crimson eyes had disappeared. "I'm glad you think so," he said. "Let me know if you change your mind."


She smiled at him, and it was a little sad. "Thanks, Izuku." His pocket vibrated, and he knew what it was gonna say.


"No problem," he replied hurriedly. He stood, grabbing his books. "I'll see you later, alright?"


He rushed out of the room despite the people clamoring for his attention—no matter how loudly Denki yelled to ask him what happened. No matter how persistently Ochako asked why he turned this one down. He fished his phone out of his pocket.


From: 💥 🧡💥

You know where to find me. Pay up, nerd.


He blushed violently from the roots of his hair, probably to the tips of his toes. He felt hot all over and he could feel his pulse in his lips and fingertips. Kacchan never failed to set him on fire.


He could already feel hot, strong hands in his hair and it was turning his insides hot and liquid, like magma in his veins.


With shaking hands, he typed out a hasty reply.


To: 💥🧡💥

I'm on my way.


Katsuki watched the clock, wondering how long it would take his shitty little nerd to make it from the student center. He'd seen the look in his little slut's eyes.


As soon as he realized that little freshman extra was going to confess to him, green eyes had found his immediately—surprised and excited. And that was their deal.


For every idiot that asked his nerd out, he got to fuck his sweet little motormouth wherever the fuck he wanted. This time, he wanted to fuck that pretty freckled face in the library. In the open, right in the middle of the stacks.


Fuck, he was hard just thinking about it—his closeted freak of a boyfriend desperately holding back whimpers and whines as he choked on his dick in the quietest place on campus. He knew they'd get caught eventually, but until then he'd have the time of his goddamn life trying to get his little slut to break.


His phone vibrated.


From:  🥦💚🥦



He rolled his eyes, then turned around to take a picture of the spine of the nearest book.


To: 🥦💚🥦

🙄 Polo

[img: book spine w/ call number]


If there was anyone on the goddamn planet who could read the Dewey Decimal System like a map, it was Deku. He hated that it was a turn-on. Fuckin' dork.


Deku appeared seconds later—dumbass curls windswept and wild, cheeks red, and short of breath like he'd sprinted there. He smirked at his disheveled appearance. The horny loser had probably vaulted the security turnstile to get here faster.


His baby loved getting on his knees for him.


"So, what did you say?" he asked, as though there was any doubt.


Deku, for his part, looked offended as fuck. "Obviously I said no," he huffed, angelic cheeks puffing out as he pouted. "Why would you even ask that?"


"Dunno," he drawled, eyes burning down his frame. "You've been spending a shit ton of time with her. Spark Plug thinks you'd be so cute together."


"I'm her tutor, and she's really not good at writing essays," Deku replied, smiling when Katsuki snorted in amusement.


"Well then, you better pay up," Katsuki murmured. "If I gotta watch shitty nobodies hitting on you, you better make it worth my while. Remind me who you belong to, Deku."


Even whispered in the quiet of the library, Katsuki knew he sounded mean—the kind of mean that made his masochistic nerd weak at the knees, which was good because he should have been on his knees as soon as he got here.


Deku glanced around, checking to see if the coast was clear—not that he'd be able to from here. He'd have to peek his head around the bookshelves and that was a risk he wasn't gonna take. What if one of his shitty tutoring students was here? Constantly clamoring for his attention when his attention belonged to Katsuki. "I'm waiting," he warned, as though he wouldn't wait for-fucking-ever.


He could see Deku's jitters returning now that it was actually happening. They'd never been this exposed before and while the average idiot might think Deku was nervous, Katsuki knew the truth. His buttoned-up slut was excited, vibrating out of his skin, salivating, hard as a fucking rock in his dorky-ass khakis.


He stepped in close, crowding Katsuki up against the bookshelf—standing on tiptoe to kiss him. Sure, they came here to get nasty in the stacks, but his baby was a goddamn sap, cupping his face and kissing him slow, like he was something to savor.


Katsuki wanted to grab him by the waist and flip them around and fuck him right there against the most boring books in the universe. He wanted to kiss him back, soft and slow until Deku melted into him. But right now wasn't about showing Deku how he felt.


It was about their bet. About proving that Katsuki was right—no matter how dorky Deku was, half the school wanted him. About proving Deku right—no matter how many people wanted him, he belonged to his Kacchan.


Katsuki pushed his hips into Deku's, reminding him why they were there. Get a move on.


Deku broke away, pupils blown and mouth wet. Katsuki's dick throbbed in his jeans. He couldn't wait to fuck that pretty mouth open. "Wasting time, nerd," he drawled. He dropped to his knees, scarred hands gripping the back of Katsuki's thighs as he kissed and licked over the bulge against his zipper.


Katsuki sank his hands into emerald curls, mean smile curling his lips. "Desperate little slut," he murmured. "I wonder if all those boring losers would still want you if they knew how fucking cock-hungry you are."


Deku whimpered and sucked at his dick through denim. A moment later, he was sliding the zipper down and pulling Katsuki's jeans down just enough to pull his cock free. Katsuki hissed as his hot hand wrapped around him—the ridges from his scars rasping over him. He groaned low through gritted teeth.


Deku peered up at him through his thick, pretty eyelashes and kissed his weeping tip. "I love you," he whispered, hot breath ghosting over him and sending a shiver down his spine. Before he could respond, Deku swallowed him down—enveloping him in slick heat as his dick hit the back of his nerd's throat.


"Fuck, that's good," Katsuki growled, gripping Deku's hair harder and grinding into his face. Satisfaction curled in his gut as he pressed deeper and Deku choked—tears already gathering in the corners of his eyes. "Like it when I choke you, loser?"


Deku moaned and pushed forward even closer, throat convulsing around him. He wrapped one hand around the back of his thigh and hooked the other through the holes in his jeans at his knees, attempting to pull him closer even though his nose was already pressed up against his pelvis.


He knew what Deku wanted. He wanted him to fuck his face open until he was sloppy with drool and cum covering his chin and his pretty freckled cheeks were wet with tears.


He was never good at denying his nerd the things he wanted. "Desperate," he cooed, smile mean despite the way his breath had gone ragged. He pulled back and pushed back forward with a quiet groan. "Slutty little dweeb," he punctuated each word with a short, hard thrust.


Deku's mouth was fucking perfect. Hot and slick and sucking him so fucking hard that he was pretty sure the nerd wanted to suck his soul out. He let out an imploring whine—vibrating along his length and Katsuki lost it.


He pulled out just to shuffle them around, caging Deku against the shelves so that he could brace himself. "Open up, slut," he growled. Deku opened his reddened mouth, tongue flattened obediently over his teeth. "Keep it open," he demanded as he slid in again.


He curled his hand around the back of Deku's head protectively. He was gonna obliterate his throat, no need to brain him on the bookshelf in the process. His fingers threaded through the curls there, gripping tight.


He started to thrust into his perfect mouth, each stroke hard and long and fucking bruising. Deku gagged around him every time he fucked forward, grinding his pretty face into his crotch each time those plush lips met the base of his cock— sweet throat making obscene slurping noises each time he pushed into it.


He braced his arm on the bookshelf, neck curved so he could watch his cock disappear into Deku's stupid freckled face with each thrust. Deku was sobbing and whining beneath him—tears slipping down his cheeks and drool escaping his mouth to drip down his chin and make a mess on his dumbass argyle sweater vest.


Katsuki wanted to ruin him—grip tightening as he fucked harder hand faster, pleasure lancing through him each time Deku choked and throbbing with lust when he'd gasp for air around wet gurgles as he made Katsuki's dick sloppy with spit and tears.


"That's my slutty little loser," he snarled, thrusting as far in as he could and grinding, hissing as Deku's throat spasmed around him and his pretty green eyes went wide with alarm as he tried to breathe. "You're mine," he snarled, hips moving in barely-there thrusts, enough for him to feel good but not enough to give Deku any reprieve.


Deku whined, sealing his lips around the base of Katsuki's dick—corners of his pretty mouth white with strain—and sucked hard, hot hands pulling him closer as he fucked his own throat open on his length. His slut was so fucking good to him.


"Fuck, you look good like this," Katsuki groaned, hips moving a little farther and a lot harder—tattooing himself into the back of Deku's throat. Deku blinked up at him with shining teary eyes, pleading for something. "You keyed up for me, nerd? Hard because I'm fucking your slutty mouth?" he teased, driving forward again and again, watching his cock disappear behind plush lips.


Deku whined plaintively and tugged on Katsuki's leg—fingers finding their way back into the holes in his jeans. When Katsuki didn't move—he tried again, this time tugging at the strap on his waist and whining loud when all he did was pull Katsuki's pants down further.


Katsuki snickered, heady and out of breath but amused by his antics. "Come on, tell me what you want," he cooed, tone nasty. "Oh, wait," he continued, pushing forward again and fisting Deku's curls so he couldn't turn away. "You can't, can you? You just gotta hope that I feel like you've earned it."


He nearly came at the determined look that flashed through his teary eyes, swearing as Deku redoubled his efforts. He slurped and sucked messily at the cock in his mouth, fucking himself forward as hard as he can and moaning as Katsuki stroked a hot hand through his hair as he spilled satisfied praise.


"So fucking good for me," he panted. He was close now, losing his pace as he fucked into Deku's mouth—using his perfect face as a fleshlight. "Did so fucking good for me, nerd, fuck you feel amazing," he gasped.


Deku moaned, tugging on his jeans again, eyes pleading. "Okay, baby, you can cum," he agreed generously, sliding a foot forward so that Deku could hump his leg like a bitch in heat. "Can you imagine the look on that stupid freshman's face if she saw you like this?" Katsuki snarled. "Humping my fucking leg like a desperate whore while I fuck your mouth open?"


Deku whined and spasmed against him, cumming in his ugly-ass khakis as he sobbed and moaned around Katsuki's dick. He couldn't fucking take it anymore—the wet choking and slurping and the vibrations of Deku's slutty moans in the near-silent library.


He gripped Deku's curls tight and pulled him forward—Katsuki's balls against his chin and Deku's nose buried in his crotch as he came down his throat with a strangled growl, nerd still sucking at him like he'd never tasted anything better—nuzzling into Katsuki's crotch like he wanted to take him even deeper.


Katsuki ground into his face as he came and then as his cock softened in Deku's pretty, ruined mouth—spasming with every suckle Deku made against his overstimulated dick. Finally, he eased his grip on Deku's hair and the nerd released his dick with a wet pop, panting as he slumped back against the shelves.


Katsuki stepped back just enough to help him to his feet, then pushed forward again—pressing Deku back into the metal shelves as he kissed him hot and lazy. His nerd's arms wrapped around his shoulders, and Katsuki felt something in him settle.


Deku fucking loved him. Somehow, no matter how many extras threw themselves at him, he came back to Katsuki every time—almost greedily. Like there was no one better than him in the whole world.


As much as he hated to admit it, there was someone better than him, and he was currently sucking at his tongue lazily. It was wet and sloppy—his face still covered in tears and drool and probably cum that he didn't manage to swallow—but Katsuki didn't give a single fuck.


"Hey," he whispered against ruined lips.


"Hm?" Deku mumbled seeking him out and trying to pull him back in. Katsuki pressed a chaste kiss to his mouth and he opened his eyes. Katsuki didn't do chaste unless he was serious. "Kacchan?" he breathed. His voice was raspy and raw and it felt electrifying. Katsuki wanted to ruin him all over again.


"I love you too," he muttered instead, ears going red even as he stared into emerald eyes with purpose. He drew his sleeve up over his palm and wiped at Deku's cheeks. "You know that right?"


"Mhm," Deku smiled, a little hazy. He leaned up to kiss him again, sucking on his bottom lip and worrying it with his teeth—ruining him just a little too. "I'm not just yours," he whispered. "You're mine, too."