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A Little Out of the Ordinary (but not so much as you might think)

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"She's just Infuriating!"

Akko's fists were clenched tight. Her face red, and her hair more frazzled than usual. She looked fit to burst.

"Akko," Lotte said in a soothing voice, "Diana .…"

"Diana! Diana this, Diana that! It's always Diana, isn't it?!"

Lotte winced, tentatively reaching out. Gently placing a hand on Akko's shoulder.

Sucy stood up from her workbench, grabbing a flask containing a thick, purplish syrup. She handed it to Akko. "Here."

Akko grabbed the flask without hesitation or question.

"Akko! Hey, Sucy?!"

And Akko tipped the flask over her lips, downing the liquid in three gulps.

Sucy grinned. "Okay."

"Sucy, what was that?"

"Just watch."

"Hey, that was actually pretty good!" Akko's face had returned to a more normal color. Her fist, not wrapped around the flask, had unclenched. A slow grin formed on her lips. "Whatever that was it ...."

"Akko?" Lotte asked.

Akko burped.

Sucy snickered. "Watch this."

Akko blinked once. She trembled. Then her skin turned vaguely bluish.

"Um. Sucy?"

Sucy blinked. "Hm."


Akko gradually turned a shade of lavender that, under other circumstances, would've been quite fetching.

"That wasn't supposed to happen," Sucy muttered.

"What? Sucy, what did you do?!"

Akko was beginning to grow a coat of fine, lavender fur.

"Beats me," Sucy shrugged.

"Do something!"

"Yeah, sure." Sucy sat at her desk, and started flipping furiously through her notebook.

"Sucy? Hurry up!"

Akko's eyes twitched. A second set of eyelids closed.

"Nictating membranes," Sucy muttered.

"Anything yet?"

Sucy started to jot down notes. "This is cool."

"Sucy! You're supposed to be finding a way to cure Akko!"

"Why? This is far more interesting."

Akko burped again. She started to wobble. Not wobble on her feet, but more like how a mound of gelatin wobbled.

" 'Some adverse effects,' " Sucy muttered as she wrote.

"Adverse effects?! Sucy, Akko's turning into ... I don't know what."

"Yeah, me either. Kinda fun to watch though, huh?"

Akko lost her shape, as though she was melting. Her purple furred face ran in purple rivulets, her hands dripped off her arms, her legs folded under her, and a puddle of purplish goo spread where Akko was standing.

"Oh. Oh, no. Sucy, you've killed her."

Sucy sighed, and stood up. She looked carefully a the puddle of purple goo, in which Akko's clothes floated. "She's not dead."

"She isn't?"

"Probably not, anyway." She reached over and grabbed a test tube. "I need to take a sample .…"

"No! Sucy, you are not taking a sample of Akko!"

Sucy fixed her with a neutral expression, sending a shiver down Lotte's spine. She sighed. "Fine. I suppose we'll have to ask someone for help then."

The puddle of Akko made a gurgling sound.

Lotte and Sucy looked down at it, Lotte in alarm and Sucy in detached fascination.

"Wow," the puddle bubbled.


"Hey Lotte! This feels really, really weird!"

Lotte looked at Sucy, who grinned.

"Can you be more specific? How exactly does it feel weird?"

"Sucy! Akko, don't worry. We'll have you back to normal soon."

"Oh, don't worry about that Lotte! Just hand me my wand."


A tendril of ooze stretched up in Lotte's direction. She grimaced, but grabbed Akko's wand, then, very carefully and at arm's length, placed it in front of the tendril.

"Thanks!" The tendril wrapped around the wand, and it was pulled back into the puddle.

"Metamorphie Faciesse!" the Akko-puddle sloshed.

There was a puff of purple smoke, and a normal, though very naked, Akko appeared as it cleared. She was grinning ear to ear, and clutching the wand.

Lotte's face turned bright red.

"Huh," Sucy muttered.

"I don't know what that was, but it was pretty cool," Akko said.

Sucy nodded, grinning. Her eyes ran down Akko's body.

Lotte, blushing furiously, followed Sucy's gaze. "Um .…"

"Shh," Sucy said. "No one will notice that. Besides, it should go back to normal in a few days."

"What?" Akko asked. She glanced down at herself. "What?!" It took her a moment. Then she blinked, and her face turned a shade of blue. "Sucy?"

"Like I said, no one will notice. You'll be fine after a few days. Oh, be sure not to shower when any one else is watching. I mean, unless you want someone to see. I'm not the boss of you, after all."