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October collection of drabbles and short stories 2022

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He barely remembers the previous night. The club was too loud, and alcohol was just everywhere and the girls too. His head hurts. Khai stretched his stiff muscles, letting his fingers brush along the soft, warm body lying next to him. He grinned, realizing he must have scored again. Turning around with his eyes closed, he shuffled closer, wrapping his arms around a tight waist. His eyes snapped open, spotting the familiar hair. His hands were shaking as he slowly turned the person to face him. It wasn't possible. His own body was lying beside him. Khai jumped off the bed, almost tripping on the blanket. His heart was racing. 

"Khai." The familiar voice echoed in his head, snapping him out of the horrid stupor. 

"Third?" He asked, trying to locate his best friend but to no avail. 

"I am here." Third said. 

"Where? I can't see you." Khai cried out. 

"Go to the bathroom." Third instructed, and Khai did as he was told. He looked into the mirror,  gasping for air, not believing what he saw. 

"I don't know how, but your soul possessed my body, Khai." Third's voice trembled. His tiny best friend must have been as scared as him. 

"Where is your soul then?" Khai asked unsurely. 

"I am here too. But I can only speak to you. You have all the control of my body." Third answered, and Khai could sense his fear. 

"I am sorry, Third. I promise to get us back to normal again." Khai glanced at the mirror determinately. 

"First, we need to find out what happened last night." Third said, and Khai had to smile. Third was the brain of their gang, after all.