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October collection of drabbles and short stories 2022

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We were standing in front of the house that belonged to our client. The building looked like something out of an old American horror movie. Even the surrounding was creepy. The forest seemed darker in the morning mist, making me shiver. It wasn't the first time our group had gone to this kind of place, but something felt off with this house. The owners left the keys with us because they didn't want to go near their inheritance before we made it safe again. Gram unlocked the door and let Black, and I, walk inside first. It was our usual method. While Gram and Yok examined the outside, we checked the interior. I personally didn't like the short gremlin. He was always grumpy and snappy, but he was the best when it came to our job. There was nothing to like about Black. 

The familiar smell of mould hit my nose as soon as we stepped inside the building. The floor squeaked with every step we took. We made our way further into the house, observing the antique furniture and art nouveau wallpapers. Someone seems to love the odd style. The living room was even more bizarre with its decor. The dust covered everything. I glanced around the spacious room, noticing the fireplace and giant portrait above it. It must have been the previous owner's family. 

"Upstairs." Black snapped, already walking up the nearby stairs. I rolled my eyes. He was so annoying. I hurried after him, catching him right before he went inside one of the many rooms. 

"Couldn't you wait?" I had the urge to snarl at him. He just showed a finger at me, continuing inside. We stood in the middle of the room. It was nothing special. Just the master bedroom, which used to be a fancy place before the ravages of time took everything from it. The temperature suddenly dropped. I glanced at Black, nodding at him slightly. He was feeling it too. We both sensed a spectral presence in the old bedroom. I took off my backpack, pulling out the EMF meter. It was time to do our job.