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Calla Lilies

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Roger opened the door to Bertie's garden room. Basically a makeshift greenhouse they all put together for him out of a spare space. Moments earlier, Bertie had called Roger on his walkie and asked him for assistance moving around some large pots. Roger was happy to help, as his job sometimes gave him more free time then was necessary, plus it had been lonely in the watchtower that day, and he was tired of being alone.


When he walked in the humidity, like always, felt uncomfortable on his skin. It was pretty cold being out on the water, especially in mid September, but it never ceased to be hot in the garden room. He took off his cardigan and set it on a chair before rolling up his sleeves. "Bertie, you still in here?" he called out to a seemingly empty space. However, moments later, he saw Bertie walking towards him, hauling a heavy looking ceramic pot behind him. "Thank god you're here, i thought i bones where gonna give out" Bertie sighs in relief. 


As Roger is about to answer, he can't help but give his coworker a look, up and down over his body, well- mostly his outfit but still. Bertie was wearing a long black skirt with two slits in each side, and a relatively revealing tank top. his long curly brown hair was tied into a bun and his glasses looked close to sliding off his nose. Roger couldn't help but blush. He knew his feelings for Bertie were entirely inappropriate, but it wasn't like he could exactly shut them off. 


Bertie let go of the pot, fixed his glasses and tucked a loose curl behind his ear. "She's your problem now" he huffed as he wandered to the back to the room to grab another pot. Roger assumed "she" was the pot sitting in front of him, so he picked it up and got to work.


With Rogers help, it only took them about 10 minutes to move them all to the correct place. The two men sat side by side on Bertie's work table, sharing a bottle of water. "You know, you're stronger than you look" Bertie quipped after handing Roger the bottle. "Now, i might LOOK like a cardigan wearing father, but i have had 2 years of combat training. I'm not as lanky as i seem" he shoots back, snatching the bottle from his coworker.


Bertie giggles, a sound that isn't at all unique, especially from Bertie, but a sound that Roger cherishes all the same. "Well i've gotten that now, haven't i?" Bertie says in an almost flirtacious tone. Roger can't help but choke on his water a little. He's like... 90% certain that was not intentional, yet it still effected him the same. Roger looked over to Bertie to see his soft brown eyes looking back at him mischievously. Now he's more like 70% sure it wasn't intentional. Then, Bertie kisses him. gentle and quick. and hes 0% sure it wasn't intentional.


Roger hopped off the table and set down the water bottle, taking long enough to make Bertie worry he'd gone to far and scared him off, but then Roger stands inbetween Bertie's legs and kisses him again. Nowhere near as gentle or as quickly as the last kiss. Bertie kisses back eagerly, wrapping his arms around Roger's neck. Hands snaked behind his back and to his waist and pulled him against Roger's chest. He made a small squeak, he hadn't been aware or prepared for how bossy Roger seemed to be. Actually, thinking about it, it was quite ironic. 


Bertie pulled his shirt off and let Roger work on his bra while he tried to unbutton the older man's shirt. It was hard to do while making out of course, but they managed. Shirts and bras respectively were thrown to the side. Roger kissed down Bertie's jaw to his throat, and from throat to chest. "Jesus, Roger, what are we doing?" Bertie laughs out. Roger pauses and levels with him. "Do you want to stop?" he asks, messing with the waist of Bertie's skirt. "Don't be stupid, of course i don't, i guess it's just kinda crazy to think about in hindsight" 


"Well you certainly wouldn't be the first person in history to fuck his boss" Roger said, not dully proccessing what he was saying before he said it. "You... want to go that far?" Bertie asks, feeling very flustered and riled up. Roger, now caught up with his own words, takes a beat and nods a little. Bertie kisses him again and starts pulling his skirt off. This was stupid, Roger knew that. It was insanely unprofessional, not at all thought through, and will most certainly be regretted in the near future... But damn was in impossible to say no to Bertie while he kicked off his skirt and kissed him like his life depended on it. 


Bertie moved Roger's hands to his waist and urged him to take the lead with taking the last of his clothes off. He hooked his fingers into the waistline of Bertie's panties and pulled them off, tossing them to the side with the rest of his clothes, when Roger realized he was still fully clothed himself, aside from a couple buttons Bertie managed to undo before getting distracted. However, he felt like he could work with this for a bit, and pulled Bertie's body closer so his wet opening would press against Roger's clothed cock.


Bertie let out a soft, sweet noise into the kiss, before pulling away to rest his head on Roger's shoulder. While Roger slowly and gently grinded into him, he took his hair out of the bun that was already in danger of falling apart. Roger knew this would mess up his pants, and that he'd awkwardly have to speed walk back to his room to change praying no one would notice the wet spot, but right now, he couldn't care about anything less. This was making such a mess of Bertie. He was so sensetive, melting into Roger's shoulder as they could both feel how wet he was getting. "Please, something, anything, i don't care just do something" Bertie whined and begged, and there was no way Roger could ignore something so pretty.


Finally, Roger started taking some of his own clothes off, starting with his pants and boxers. Bertie fumbled at Roger's belt, but he looked absolutely precious doing it. Eventually all those things were kicked away with the rest, and Bertie layed down on the table. "Do you have a condom?" Roger asked and Bertie nodded towards his bag. Once it was retrieved, Roger opened it up with his teeth and slid it on. He teased Bertie's hole with the head for a little bit until Bertie seemed like he might cry if he didn't get on with it. He gently pushed in and the sound Bertie made was heavenly. High pitched and weak. Roger held Bertie's legs up carefully and fucked into him.


"Ooh fuck!" Bertie whined. It had obviously been a long time since he had gotten any real attention from anyone else. Bertie had always been physically sensitive, it was something John adored and always knew how to play with. Roger's thrusts were slow and deep and they made Bertie want to cry. He put a hand over his own mouth to muffle his moans but Roger swatted his hand away gently. "No one can hear you, love. Just me, and you can be as loud as you want for me" he teased. Bertie let a small sob escape as Roger hushed him. He really was good at this, Rubbing his hands up Bertie's soft sides and thighs, kissing him here and there, praising him in a way he knew would make Bertie's legs give out if he had been standing.


"Mmmf-faster please" the smaller man begged as he held onto one of Roger's hands. Roger held onto Bertie's hips, digging his fingernails in a not so-unpleasant way, and shot into him. A slight twinge of embarresment filled Bertie as he could hear the wet sounds of Roger fucking into him. Roger had focus and intent on his face, and it was so hot. Bertie gently took one of Rogers hands and moved it to his throat. Roger looked a bit shocked, not assuming Bertie would be the type, but still happily obliged and gently squeezed.


The movements shook the table slightly and the smaller man felt so dirty. He hadn't fucked anyone like this since he was in college. It wasn't that he didn't like fucking in a comfortable bed, it was just that this felt so much kinkier. Knowing the man above him was desperate to fuck him into the table. The thought sent Bertie over the edge and he came. The soft pulse of his pussy was enough to make Roger cum too. He did as he gently pulled Bertie off his back and into a hug. In that moment, apart of Bertie wished they hadn't used a condom. 


Roger was so deep, he wished he could feel the hot cum pumping into him so far in. Knew for sure he'd get pregnant if that was the case. he shivered slightly at the thought as Roger pulled out. Bertie sat back on his elbows as he panted and Roger stayed standing inbetween his legs, trying to regain composure. Eventually they calmed down and started getting dressed. "I should go" Roger said as he buttoned up his shirt. "Yeah... uh, if i need help with my plants again would you be willing-" "yes" Roger interrupted. "I-... yes" he repeated sheepishly. "Well i'll be sure to take you up on that offer"