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Before the Three Broomsticks

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Mary took a drag from her cigarette, looking at the grimy windows of the shop across the street. She knew Dani was looking at it, looking to buy it.
“Well? What do you think?”
“I think it's going take a bit of work to make it into the pub you're thinking of. You'll probably need to replace the windows, fix the roof, do something about that horrid door.”
“Mary, you always only see the broken parts of things. Look at it through my eyes, please?” Dani Rosmerta begged. “Look at the windows, at how large they are. Everyone will be able to see their friends outside, invite them in for a drink. The roof can be retiled, yes, but look at the shape of it, the slant of the awning. And why would I do a think about that door? It's antique, adds to the charm of the place. I'm going to get one of those gold bells that rings every time someone walks inside. I was thinking about painting the walls something soft, maybe a yellow or a gold?”
“Red and gold, Gryffindor colors, it takes bravery to buy a rundown old building and turn it into a pub like you're imagining,” Mary said, snuffing out her cigarette on the wooden bench. A trail of smoke rose from the butt. She flicked it into the street. Dani glared at her.
“What? It'll grow into a flower or something come spring, they're enchanted.”
“It's still littering, and besides, it's still a nasty habit, one I'm not going to allow inside.”
“Gonna lose business that way,” Mary commented.
“Or not, we'll have to see. So, since you're so invested in how I need to fix the place up, want to join me, be my business partner?”
“No thanks, Dani. I hate people, and dealing with people, and the stupidity that people seem to bring to things. I'm perfectly happy being your girlfriend, let's not ruin that by bringing money into it?” Mary suggested, toying with her red curls. Dani sighed, but nodded. Mary had a point. Besides, the idea of someone being there for her after a long day of dealing with the customers, who would probably have moments of stupidity, was also a very nice thought.