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The Angel's Kiss

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Chapter 1


The lights turned on and quickly shone on a single dancer, his name is Lee Taeyong. He turned around as the music started to play. Suddenly Taeyong started to dance gracefully to the music on the stage. To Taeyong, it was fun and he can express himself with contemporary jazz and ballet. He twisted and turned and even leaped which impressed the crowd.


His dance moves hypnotized the audience. It entices the audience to watch more. His body felt fluid like the flowing river but stiff a tree’s trunk, he balances those things. He loves being the center of the stage, an experienced contemporary dancer like him must always be on the center. He was proud of everything in his life. The spotlight makes his hair shine as well as make his eyes sparkle.


After the performance, the whole audience cheered loudly. Taeyong was panting from exertion. He bowed deeply to the audience before leaving the stage in tears.

Everyone knows about his pain. He is never seen crying but the sadness he holds within him is visible. Everyone knows about his past and his scars. Every time he dances, he carries a huge weight on his back as if carrying ten thousand pounds.


“Okay guys, act two is about to start,” The director said to the back up dancers and Taeyong. “Taeyong, just like before, you go to the center,” to which Taeyong silently nodded. Taeyong and the other back up dancers went to the stage and positioned themselves at the side, while the backup dancers were covering Taeyong, Taeyong stood at the center, ready at any moment for the right cue.


When the fast paced music suddenly stopped, the spotlight started to direct itself from the back up dancers. The dancer slowly bowed down revealing Taeyong like a rose’s petals revealing its beauty. Taeyong leaped and quickly spun around. He danced and danced, pulling out graceful moves. 


The audience clapped along with the audience.

‘This is my best performance so far. It was amazing!’ He thought. Taeyong felt happy as he heard the applauding people.

After dancing for a little bit longer, the music came back up to the top and Taeyong started to dance again. He continued spinning and dancing in different ways and styles. When the song finished the crowd clapped even louder, cheering for Taeyong to come back and finish their performance. 


As the other back up dancers danced at the side, Taeyong danced on the center of the stage just like what they practiced. All the effort that Taeyong gave finally paid off, he made his company and honored his late parents proud. If they were alive, they would be proud of their son. All was well, until when the back up dancers were doing their part. When one of the back up dancers noticed something. She looked up and saw a stage prop from above Taeyong, dangling loosely. She looked at Taeyong who was distracted from dancing. Suddenly it began to spark, “Lee Taeyong!” she yelled, Taeyong looked up and saw the broken stage prop before it exploded.


Taeyong froze as he saw the explosion. He couldn’t move as debris started to rain. Then the world suddenly stopped, he felt frozen, ice shut as the stage light began to spark again and the last thing Taeyong saw was two sharp shards of glass coming closer to his eyes, before the screams of the audience could be heard. 



Taeyong jolted awake and screamed on the top of his lungs. He realized it was all a dream. Then , he heard  the door opening and some footsteps walking towards him. He didn’t know who was entering his room. Taeyong held back a sob as he tried to calm himself, tears began to run down his cheeks and fall onto his pillow.

“It’s alright. You are safe now,” the man spoke softly. He sat on the edge of the bed and caressed Taeyong’s hair lightly.


He softened up as he heard a familiar voice, he sniffed “Taeil?”


“Yes, Sir,” A voice responded at Taeyong which made Taeyong and asked “Why are you here?”


“I heard you screaming again, sir,”


Taeyong breathed out a heaping breath of air, thinking about the nightmare. It felt so real yet, it already happened. He didn’t want to relive it again, but it already happened and it all had its consequences. “I know, it’s the nightmares, they can’t seem to go away,” He paused as he kept thinking and the image of him standing there looking up and seeing two shards of glass, coming closer and closer.


“They keep getting worse,” his voice slower and more depressed as usual to his normal voice. He felt Taeil’s hand on top of his hand, which made the dancer blush, which made the dancer blush. “Don’t worry about the past, it occurred 5 years ago maybe you should focus on the future,”


Taeyong shook his head, he wasn’t going to forget what his past had done to him. “But the past still haunts me,” his voice quieted down as he stared outside.

The older man took his hands off of Taeyong’s hand and gently wrapped his arms around him.


“Get off of me,” Taeyong grunted as he felt the overwhelming love that Taeil presented. Even though he’s disabled, Taeyong felt like he had all the support whenever Taeil and Baekhyun were there. “Now, come one, it’s time to eat,” Taeil lifted Taeyong up and helped Taeyong walk from the bed, up to the door. He then gave Taeyong his walking stick. Even though his vision was not clear and he can only see blurriness, he still has somewhat of an understanding of his surroundings. Once he was given the stick, he immediately grasped it tightly.


As they went to the kitchen, Taeil sat Taeyong down and sat down beside him servants presented before them. “What do we have for breakfast?” asked Taeyong to the servant.


The servant replied “Kimchi stew with savory pancakes,” Taeyong smirked and thanked the servant with a cold tone and shoo her away. The servant was surprised but down and went away. “Is she gone?” Taeyong whispered towards Taeil, to which Taeil nodded.


“Speak!” Taeyong spat at his loyal secretary, his voice filled with annoyance and impatience. “Yes sir, she’s gone,” Taeil replied with a frightened tone. Taeyong heaved “Good, eat now,” He laid on the side of the table, trying to find his utensils. He felt two long sticks with the braille indent “chopsticks,” he grabbed them and used them. 


“Where are the savory pancakes?” muttered Taeyong to Taeil. Taeil put down Taeyong’s hand and suggested “Maybe I should feed you instead,” but Taeyong insisted “No, I’m getting there. I just needed some time practice,” But Taeil smiled as he pulled out a knife and sliced the pancakes into pizza slices. “It’s on left of your side,”


Taeil then gave Taeyong the pancakes and placed them on his plate. Taeyong can feel the softness of the pancakes using his chopsticks. He ate his breakfast  peacefully. Taeyong was able to eat most of the pancakes without any problems. Taeil watched him finish eating and was content.


As he looked over Taeyong's face, Taeyong’s eyes glistened. His expression was calm and peaceful unlike how he usually looks. That made Taeil smile slightly knowing this might be the first time he truly smiles since his accident.

He looked up to see Taeyong smiling a very small smile. Taeyong smiled, he had never really seen him smile like this.


He knew Taeyong always tries hard to hide his emotions and expressions but when Taeyong was happy, he knew that his friend was truly happy. And for a moment, everything seemed fine; the two continued to enjoy each other's company. 



He looked at the sky, it was blue and white clouds rolled in over the blue sky, their centers as deep as any shoreline rock. The brilliant sunlight shines amid infinite hues of white, the clouds ruffling in ripples of if it were some divine wedding dress. There a guy sat at the edge of a building, smiling as he saw the capital of South Korea, Seoul from a bird’s eye view.


He swung his feet, dangling at the edge of the building. His smile is like a crescent moon but sideways. His eyes form two little crescents as he looks at Seoul from up above.

“Seoul, my home. I really wish I could see Seoul everyday for my whole life, but alas, I have to fulfill my duties as being,” he paused and he silently sighed. “As my final wish is for all the humans to be peaceful and harmonious together,” Suddenly, he spreads his wings and jumps off the building, peacefully gliding over Seoul and flying happily. He was no ordinary human but an angel named Jaehyun.


Jaehyun was an Angel. Not that many people knew. Angels don't typically exist and even fewer people understand why angels do not live in heaven and instead spend their lives serving those who serve them on earth. 


The most common reason is that angels need to be near humans to make sure no harm comes to them and protect them, but sometimes angels get tired from protecting those who they consider family and have to leave. This is also why an Angel is often portrayed in paintings, statues, or in songs as being a beautiful being. 


In other words, Angels are people in disguise. People would think they look nice, but once they enter society, it's a different story. They have a hard time trusting people easily or even making a friendship. In order to fit in in society, the angels need to blend into every crowd. They need to be good at acting and good at blending in, that way everyone trusts them.


Jaehyun flew around Seoul while singing a song that had been stuck in his mind for sometime. As he sang, he noticed a girl in front of him. She was dressed up in a black dress with red accents and had her hair cascading down her back and shoulders. Her light brown hair was flowing gracefully along with the wind. Jaehyun was mesmerized by the woman’s beauty but noticed something in his hand. An envelope suddenly appeared right in front of him. He opened it and it was a mission given to him by the angel headmaster.


Jaehyun looked up to see the girl still walking down the streets of Seoul. Her smile was bright and contagious as the wind blew. Jaehyun smiled at the girl as his wings flapped faster. His heart beating fast and hard against his chest, he felt butterflies in his stomach as he got closer and closer towards the girl.


“Hello,” Jaehyun said in a low yet sweet tone, he bowed down to the girl.

She looked up at him, her eyes wide and sparkling from excitement, “Who are you?! What is your name?! Where did you come from?” she said quickly.


Jaehyun just smirked and simply replied “I’ve seen you rushing through the sidewalk, might suggest you go back to where you came from, Ramona?” as he stood upright. He was about to speak again, but something else caught his eye, the girl had dropped her letter from the angel headmasters office onto the ground. Jaehyun picked it up and read it.


“An official angel letter? Who ordered this?” asked Jaehyun, his eyebrows furrowed slightly. Jaehyun’s question made the girl jump and looked at him fearfully. 


“N... No one ordered anything,” answered the girl, fiddling her fingers. Jaehyun didn’t seem convinced, he looked into the girls eyes and saw nothing but pure innocence.


“Are you sure?” asked Jaehyun, his voice stern and serious.


“Yes,” she replied, her voice shaking.


“Then why did you drop this?” he asked, holding the letter in his hand.


 “Because I forgot it,” replied the girl while looking away.


Jaehyun just kept staring into the girl's eyes, and she started getting nervous, “Please don’t kill me, please,” she pleaded. 


“Why would I kill you?” Jaehyun asked, puzzled.


“Because, the headmaster would punish me if I don’t complete the mission,” these words made Jaehyun realize that he is talking to an angel. 


He grabbed her by her arm and dragged her to the nearest cafe and sat down. “Talk,” he said sternly. She gulped “Well, you see, I was sent here to fulfill a mission and if I fulfilled this mission I would go back to heaven and be an angel,” she paused “I was given 100 days but I spent 80 days being a human, taking care of a child that I forgetting my duties, and my mission was to help convinced a soon to be parent to adopt a child from a certain orphanage, which is the same child I took care of,”


“Wait,” Jaehyun raised his eyebrow, “You raised a kid?” Risun grumbled “You don’t know what it feels like to raise a kid,” “Okay, Ramona, good thing my letter doesn’t say ‘capture Ramona’,” 


“Then what does it say?” She complained to Jaehyun, Jaehyun instead gave her a death glare as he read the letter. “It read; help Ramona with her mission,” He slouched back and asked “How can we do that for a short amount of time? I’m pretty sure the adoption process takes longer than 3 weeks,``''Well not this orphanage that the headmaster sent me,” Ramona smirked which made Jaehyun raise his eyebrow at her.



Soon they were here, standing in front of the said orphanage. It was a large white complex, its walls painted with a dark shade of blue, the roof tiles matching the color of the buildings outside. They walked towards the orphanage slowly.


The entrance was covered with a blue curtain with silver trimmings. The inside is completely white except for the carpet and wooden flooring. It seemed like there were only a few kids inside, they were sitting in circles playing games, eating snacks, etc. A tall woman with long blonde wavy hair stood behind the counter.


Ramona nervously gulped and looked up at Jaehyun before taking a step forward. She cleared her throat, then said softly “Hello!” Everyone stopped their actions, they turned their heads to see who called them over. The room went silent.


“Ah, Miss…” the woman paused as she looked at her notes.


“Risun, but you can call me just Ramona if you want to,” Ramona smiled, trying to ease the tension.


“Alright, Ramona,” the woman smiled back, “What can I do for you today?”


“Um, well, I was told to deliver this letter to a certain orphanage,” Ramona said, handing the letter to the woman.


She opened the envelope and read the letter. She nodded and quickly typed the name of the child, she looked at them and replied “He’s at floor 3, room 4, right next to the play area,” 


“Thank you,” Ramona quickly thanked the lady before walking away. Jaehyun was about to follow but the woman asked him “So, you’re available tonight?” Jaehyun just turned around and replied “I’m not available right now, sorry,” before dashing to Ramona, who was waiting for him at the elevator door.