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Withered roses shined on by Yellow Stained glass

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The princess was humming a bright tune as she made her to her Yellow house. Along the perimeter of the path she was taking were derpy looking jack-o-lanterns. Every single one having a silly face instead of the usual scary look, giving the town a more inviting atmosphere. Hanging from the newly turned orange trees were napkins and tissue ghost that you could accidentally run into if you weren't careful. Dawn was decorated head to toe in decorations that Gem herself has made! She loved fall almost as much as she loved summer. With its orange and yellow leaves looking just like a glimmering sunset, and of course, Halloween.

It seems she wasn't the only one with Halloween spirit as the tavern was blasting spooky, but catchy, music to celebrate what's to come this October. Summer was behind them now, and soon the plants and flowers would follow suit. Leaving dead grass and bare trees in its wintery wake. Though she was going to try her best to keep some flowers from the summer so not all was lost. That's actually why she was on her way to the Yellow house now! She realized that since fall has started they had all gotten a little side tracked with caring for the plants inside, so she's going to do a check up today to make sure they're all still bright and healthy!

The Yellow house comes into view and its one stunning view for sure. The sun shimmers through the glass planes casting a mini sunset on the forest around her that rushing back and forth with the hissing wind. The same wind danced across her skin to make itself known, but the still high sun was protecting her from the harshness the wind sought to give. She gave a quick thanks to the sun before skipping into the Yellow house and immediately relaxing thanks to the moist and warm atmosphere. She stood there for a minute or two just breathing in and out the smell of life. Letting the sun warm her up while also feeding the plants their daily nutrients. The sun danced across the house like the bees jumping from flower to flower, a joyful dance that satisfied her.

Happily sighing she starts the flowers check up! Seeing what plants need more water, if the soil isn't working like planned. While also mourning the plants couldn't be saved. Gem went around to each flower and took her time watching the bees spreading their pollen before she contiued. Smelling each and every one and giving them the care they needed. She checked her potted plants, her bamboo, the experiments she did last time, and even the plants hanging from the celling. She too had been neglecting the plants and she scolded herself quietly as she was checking the spore blossoms. As she climbed down the latter she ended up right in front of the flower Sausage and Fwhip had gave her after their battle.

A Withered rose.

It sticks out like a sore thumb. With its pure black petals contrasting the green stem it spouted from. Its sharp threatening thorns that will prick and tear at your skin if you dare to treat it harshly. It was dangerous and could make you sick if you weren't careful but despite all that Gem loved it and found it to be her favorite out of her whole collection. Its not any of the suns colors or smell the best but it always makes her smile fondly at it. The rose never wilts or frails and only needed water rarely. As long as she gave it the care and love it needed it would always stay pristine and beautiful. Especially in this lighting, it looked ethereal. The yellow stained glass casted by the sun shown onto the flower and painted a beautiful picture of acceptance and alliance. Gem couldn't help but smile fondly at it. It was so different from the two who gifted it but was perfect in its own way. The petals are soft against her knuckles as she gently nudges it and the flower almost seems to preen at the attention she's giving it. Its so beautiful despite how it was found in the ribs of a defeated wither. Gem sighs, Fwhip and Sausage always seem to get in some type of trouble...It makes her nervous sometimes.

She knows they can handle themselves! She also knows they have better armor and weapons than her so they would be better off anyways!...Its just she cant stand the thought of those two getting hurt. They hadn't known each other for long but ever since the three of them had become an alliance, something had changed with how she thought of them. It wasn't a sudden change in thought but a slow slope the gradually grew.

She remembers the first adventure she went on when she arrived to this part of the world. It was with Sausage, whom she barely knew at the time, and it was very chaotic. Despite how he had no food or tools he was always joking around and having fun so Gem decided right there she could trust him. They spent the first couple nights together, sitting around a makeshift campfire as while asking random questions to each other. It started out as easy questions like, favorite foods or flowers, but then in slowly progressed into more personal questions. Such as, what do you believe in and what do you plan to make of your empire? That night Gem happily talked about how she wanted to make a place where it was warm and cozy for people to come and go with the suns blessing to shed a layer of protection onto them. When asked why specifically the sun she tilted her head back at the glowing moon. Closing her eyes as she laughed gently.

"The sun is such a wonderful thing protecting us all. It lights up the morning and protects us from the threating wind without us even having to say anything." She breathes in the smell of warmth from the fire, "It makes me feel safe knowing I have something as great as the sun watching over me so i want to extend that feeling to everyone else." Letting the noise of the fire crackling and the bugs talking to each other blend into her as she waited for Sausage to share his own plans. She peaked her eyes open as minutes had passed with no response, almost expecting for him to be gone as it was so quiet but he was in fact still there. "Sausage?" she finally took a good look at him and found he was fidgeting a lot. "Are you alright?" He looked at her as if he was fighting with himself on whether to say something or not when he finally opened his mouth,

"Gem. I can, um, trust you right...?" She immediately nodded. This man had been nothing but kind and understanding to her so far. Betraying his kindness was like turning her back on the sun, it didn't make sense.

"Of course! You can tell me anything!" Sausage looked at her warily, checked over his shoulder once, and then sighed.

"I grew up in a Empire that was filled with life and magic!! It was wonderful place… well until the king got jealous. He attacked and stole everyone's magic from them to become more powerful than anyone he ruled. I barely escaped as it is and i heard that he's still chasing after me to this day... I came here to build a place where people can be safe and hide from whatever they are running away from, no matter how dangerous." He picks at his clothing idly as he's talking and her heart shatters with what she's learned. She scoots over and grabs his hands, 

"Sausage. I want you to know that no matter what happens, you can always come to my place. Well once its built of course-," Sausage giggles as a embarrassed smile grows on Gems face, "But i promise you that you'll always be safe there. Ill make sure of it." Sausage will then go onto make fun of her for making him welcomed to a place not built yet but it was still a sweet night. In the morning they contiued to explore till it was time for them to head off on their own journeys and Gem got to work right away making the place she promised would be safe. 

She carefully pokes at the thorns on the withered rose as her mind drifts off onto someone also very sharp. 

She had met Fwhip right as she was finishing her watch tower. A little green man was stumbling down the mountain next to her land, making quiet the ruckus with that horn of his. So she just stared at him until he made his way over and exclaimed a question to her,

”Have you been to the End yet?!!” Gem blinked,

”What's that?” He blinked back and his shoulders slumped,

"You know... The big purple dragon and the egg and all...that kind of thing?" She put her hand to her chin and hummed. Then shook her head,

"Doesn't sound like something I've been doing!", she chimed, "You don't got to worry bout me I'm just building at the moment!!" They would continue to chat back forth about her newly named empire, Dawn, before he had to go continue asking people. But that wouldn't be the last time they talked as just later that day Sausage and his friend would come to invite her to finding out the problem with the end thing. Thankfully the dragon was already gone so it was a peaceful trip. But right before she left through the portal she decided to talk to the guy who invited them all in the first place. He was standing off away for everyone looking above at the spot where the crystals would of been. He had a frown on his face and Gem knew that couldn't fly, "Fwhip! Thank you for inviting us here!! This place is so cool!" He jumped as she nudged him with her elbow."

"Ah- well this place is spectacular yes but also a complete waste of time...Sorry for dragging you guys all out here" He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, "But on the brighter side of things we can now formally meet!-" Gems calloused hands were grabbed by Fwhips own smooth green hands, "I'm Fwhip, Emperor of the Goblands!" Gem rolled her eyes at the formality,

"And I am princess gem of Dawn! Now are you going to bow for me too?" He laughs and lets go of her hands,

"Don't get too ahead of yourself princess-" and the two laughed together as they joked around playfully. When it was time to go, Gem waved goodbye to Fwhip and he stuck out his tongue at her as she left. That day she wrote another tally on her allies board without hesitation.

The three of them have been together ever since and its been wonderful! Just… She's afraid of what will happen in the future. With Fwhip being the Ex-deputy to the sheriff, who hates the god and Sausage having a child with said god. Fwhip also has the bard to look out for, who knows what the bard is capable of if he actually defeated the dragon!! Sausage has been doing well but he's also been having those weird visions...He just recently told her about them as he said its getting more frequent and worse. Some days she'll find him starring off into space and not responding. She went to go tell Fwhip about it but found him starring at his badge in front of multiple signs from the sheriff. She couldn't bare to tell the news when he was also struggling so she tried to be there for the both of them. Being there when Sausage awoke and comforting Fwhip as he shook in her grasps.

She wonders to herself, with all the conflict going on, will they still be allies in the future? Will they still pull pranks and go on adventures just for the fun of it? Or is it inevitable that they'll be fighting each other when war calls? She lifts up the flower pot frowning. The sun has started to set and the yellow light is fading away. What if they don't view her like she views them? Do they know how much she cares for them? What do they-

Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of fireworks being shot and elytras gliding across the wind. The sound of familiar laughter and voices can be heard faintly and Gem feels herself relax.

"Gem! Gem! Gemmm!! where are you we want to show you-" A bright voice is cut off by another happy voice,

"Shhhh Sausage! Don't ruin the surprise!!!"

"Oh OH- Right! Gem we have a surprise for you!!!"

Gem smiles and carefully puts the pot back down. The sun is now barely peaking over the horizon and she thanks it again for sending the two brightest people she knows to protect her when the sun must rest. She starts walking towards the door but looks over her shoulder one last time. The Withered rose almost seems to glow in the pale light and it makes something inside of Gem rest. She looks back at the door and decides from then on to not worry about the future and instead focus on the present.

"Hi Fwhip, hi Sausage! So i hear you have a gift for me?"