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Solar Powered Always Wins

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Lena had no idea how they got here. It was always a little dangerous when the girl’s night attendants switched from rosé to scotch, but after the third empty bottle, there really was no chance for returning a conversation to something even remotely decent.

Nia brought up the topic of bondage when Sam, who was visiting from Metropolis, had finished a rather racy story of a one-night stand she’d recently had.

Lena and Alex were in a heated debate about the merits if using a thicker rope versus a thin, flexible one, while Nia was raptly listening to Kelly describing a knot to bind ankles in a graceful way that wouldn’t stop the circulation.

Kara got up, heading for the kitchen. Lena decided that Alex wouldn’t be giving in anytime soon, so she conceded, making an excuse to get something more to drink, and went after her best friend.

Kara stood over the kitchen sink, rinsing the viscous fruit syrup out of her glass before pouring an entirely new type of alien alcohol. If Lena had splurged a little for her, so what?

“You’re not really enjoying tonight’s conversation, are you?” Lena asked, her cheeks flushed from the alcohol, her words slurring just a tiny bit.

Kara shook her head, cheeks as red if not redder than Lena’s. “No, it’s very interesting. I just haven’t done any of that so I can’t really contribute.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I think you will.”

With that and her glass refilled, Lena went back to the living room. Her words only registered when she sat back down, but it was too late now to backtrack and anyways, Drunk Lena didn’t backtrack! She owned all her flirty mistakes and slip ups and worked hard to build on them rather than denying them.

She grinned at Kelly when she realized the conversation had once more shifted to sex and particularly masturbation and vibrators.

“I swear, my trusty old Magic Wand from ten years ago with the plug is still the best one I’ve ever had, okay? Holding on to old things pays off sometimes,” Sam said, taking a sip and gesturing greatly with her other hand to emphasize the point.

“Oh, totally!” Lena agreed, bumping her shoulder against Sam’s. “I’m still mourning mine whenever the batteries run out when I’m just about to come with the newer model. I’ve never thought I miss cables, but here I am. And you’d think I’ve learned my lesson after the first fucked up orgasm, but no. Let me tell you it happened three times already. Three times! I think I need to try out another model entirely.”

Everyone laughed way to joyously, drunken spills everywhere, snorting and seal-clapping like there was no tomorrow.

Kelly elbowed her, lifting an eyebrow to get her teasing point across. “Or you could just invest in somebody alive, no recharge needed except maybe water.”

There was laughter all around again, but Lena heard a distinct gasp from Kara’s direction.

“I mean, if somebody can afford a private sex worker, it’s Lena,” Nia snickered, lifting her glass in cheers.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I think Kelly meant a girlfriend,” Alex cackled, squeezing her wife’s thigh affectionately.

“It’s a good idea though,” Lena agreed, taking a sip of her drink, contemplating how much she should share. Drunk Lena was still in control though, so there wasn’t really a choice on the matter.

“I have to say, experimenting with a sex worker who knows what she’s doing, was one of the best decisions I ever made, back in Metropolis. She knew what she was doing and wasn’t against sharing and teaching me. I’ve learned a lot from her.”

Kara spit her drink back into her glass, while Kelly and Alex looked mildly intrigued. Sam clearly knew this story already, and Nia had been filming on her phone the whole time, shaking with silent laughter.

“You did have a private sex worker back in Metropolis who taught you kinky stuff?” she asked as if to confirm it for the video more than for herself.

“Yes, she used the name Dana, although I doubt it was her real name. She was really good at edging and pain play. And she always brought a really nice selection of vibrators. And we never had the battery problem.”

“We get it, she was really great!” Kara yelled. All eyes turned to her, but no one said a word. Kara didn’t hold eye contact with any of the women, instead she raised her glass with an awkward chuckle, “To Dana and her batteries! Thanks for making Lena come.”

Everyone repeated the toast with roaring laughter, but Lena kept her eyes on Kara. She was drinking in big swallows, drowning her glass and getting up as soon as it was empty again.

Lena moved to follow her to ask if she was alright but was stopped by Alex’s hand on her arm.

“Let me go talk to her,” she asked and squeezed once before letting go to follow Kara. Lena scrunched her eyebrows together but didn’t protest. Even though Drunk Lena was calling all the shots in her head, she saw that this required a sister’s touch rather than a best friend, teasing drunk touch.

The group continued discussing their experiences with edging after Lena had prompted that, but she only paid half-attention. Her eyes flickered back and forth between a talking Sam and the sisters in the kitchen. Their voices raised continuously until Sam stopped talking completely after taking a sip, listening in without shame.

“I’m literally solar powered Alex! No stupid batteries needed! Lena’s vibrator may run out of battery, but I won’t. Someone should tell her that!”

There was a pregnant pause in which Kara gestured to her own tongue, the open floor-plan of her loft doing her no favors to hide it in any capacity.

Alex looked about three seconds away from either throwing up or killing Kara, what urge would win was yet to be determined. Sam, Kelly and Nia looked absolutely delighted but Lena felt shell-shocked.

Superspeed, superpowered tongues, solar powered Kara, no batteries but still vibration, Kara’s tongue for her vibration, Kara’s tongue… Kara’s tongue on Lena’s body, her clit, her nipples.

Someone hummed in a pleased, low tone.

All eyes turned to Lena instead of the Danvers sisters.

Oh, so she had hummed. Interesting. But that fit, really, if Lena thought about it a little harder.

Harder, mh, yes.

Alex looked at her like she’d gone insane, then turned back to her sister who looked about as mortified as someone wishing somebody a good day on their death bed.

“I think you just told her yourself, stupid.” Kara looked like she was two seconds away from jumping out the window and never returning. She was beet red and actually sweating, something that Lena had only seen once when Supergirl had blown out her powers.

Lena smiled at her, but Kara wasn’t looking, so she moved to get up.

Before she could, Sam yelled very loudly, “Kara Danvers come here right this second and show me your vibrating tongue, I need proof!”

Kara’s eyes snapped up to Sam, then to Lena, who was looking at Sam like she’d saved the entire world singlehandedly.

Slowly, she came back to the living area, Alex a little behind her, still weary of the whole situation.

Sam grabbed Kara’s hands as soon as she was close enough and pulled her down to sit on the coffee table opposite from her. Everyone crowded in next to Sam to have the best view on Kara’s mouth.

“You won’t be able to see much, since it’ll vibrate at superspeed,” she warned them all before opening her lips and sticking out her tongue.

It was at this moment that Lena realized how far past drunk everyone was. Inhibitions was a foreign word in their group.

Kara started slow and sped up her tongue after about ten seconds. It became a red blur in the confines of her lips that Lena couldn’t look away from. Mesmerized. Hypnotized.

Even when the others gasped and cheered, Lena didn’t move. When Kara stopped and closed her mouth again, she was still staring at her lips, stained pink from her latest drink and glistening.

“I’ll be needing a repeat performance of that when we’re alone again,” Drunk Lena said, her voice so low it almost broke.

It did break Alex’s composure. She placed her glass down with a loud clank and practically ran for the door, only stopping to yell over her shoulder, “I’ll be waiting outside for our Uber, babe!”

Kelly shook her head affectionately, then squeezed Lena’s shoulder while getting up. “Take care of each other, okay?” she whispered only for Lena to hear before she gestured for Sam and Nia to follow her outside.

Before Lena realized what had happened, Kara and she were alone; Kara still sitting on her coffee table. She looked about as confused as Lena felt, but then her eyes found green ones.

“We’re alone now,” Kara helpfully pointed out with big gesture to her empty apartment.

“And you don’t need batteries,” Lena teased again, bringing the conversation back to what had started this mess.

“I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable,” Kara apologized, but she wasn’t done speaking, “but it was all I could think about when you talked about the vibrators. I’m right here.”

“And should I put you to use right now?” Lena asked with a quirked eyebrow, already standing up, so sure she would lead Kara to her bedroom the next moment.

Kara stood up as well, stepping closer to her in the process, but uncaring of the dwindling space between them.

“I’d like that yeah.”

They reached the curtain separating Kara’s bedroom from the living room simultaneously and stopped in front of it.

Kara held Lena by her shoulders, swaying with her slightly before they found their footing again.

“Do you think this is a good idea?” Kara whispered, her chin resting on Lena’s shoulder heavily.

“Probably not, but that’s how I made my best experiences in the bedroom.”

“That simply sounds unsafe,” Kara chuckled and stood back up, looking into Lena’s eyes to judge the situation. They were sparkling like emeralds illuminated by sunlight – Kara couldn’t look away.

She couldn’t move away either.

“I know you’ll always keep me safe,” Lena whispered right before she leaned in to peck Kara’s lips in a first hesitant kiss that turned needy in a matter of seconds.

Kara slid her hands up from her shoulders to cup her jaw and caress Lena’s cheeks with her thumbs.

“You’re so beautiful I wanted to kiss you all night.”

Another nip at Lena’s bottom lip, a light swipe from her tongue against them.

“All night, every night,” Kara continued to whisper and started to walk Lena backwards carefully, through the curtain and to her bed.

Lena whined softly when Kara lowered her onto the mattress without breaking the kiss, pinning her down. Kara’s  weight on her felt like the only real thing in the world. The sheets on the bed faded to nothing, all Lena felt was her. Kara. Kara. Kara on top of her. Kara kissing her. Kara holding her face so gently that Lena wanted to cry.

There was nothing slow or hesitant in her approach. Lena was freed from her clothes in a matter of minutes, so was Kara. The urge to feel skin on skin was all encompassing.

There was a hitch of breath when Kara tugged a little harder on her nipple with her teeth, a low, quiet moan when Kara’s  tongue first swiped through already soaked folds, but other than that Lena stayed almost silent.

Lena felt Kara watch her while continuing to eat her out – it was driving her insane. She bit her lip to focus on the sting, lest she loose control entirely.

Kara caught her eyes and slowed down, returning to placing lazy kisses on her thighs and hips, before she leant all the way up again to kiss her lips.

“Don’t bite them, they’re too pretty to bleed,” Kara whispered while she slowly traced a thumb over the indentation her teeth left.

A kiss on her jaw and cheek, then her lips again. “I can see you’re afraid of letting go, but you don’t have to be. I’ll keep you safe I promise.”

Now, Lena felt the actual urge to cry, so she bit the inside of her cheek and just nodded as an answer.  Kara wasn’t satisfied with that yet, so she kissed her so deeply that Lena had no chance to bite anything accept Kara’s lip.

“Don’t hide from me okay? You’re perfect just the way you are.”

“Fuck! Kara can you just, I don’t know…” Lena trailed off and turned her head up, offering Kara her neck again and simultaneously hiding her face.

Kara stopped entirely though. “Sorry, that was inappropriate. We don’t  have to do this, Lena. I can stop.”

“No! No, god no, I’m just not used to this, I’m  sorry.”

Kara tipped her chin down, but instead of continuing to kiss or do anything else, she just held Lena’s  face in her hands, stroking gently over her cheeks and holding her gaze.

“With all the experience you have?”

“This is different. I only have experience in one-night stands, mindless fucking.”

Kara closed her eyes at the brazen words, her lips crinkling slightly, but she focused back on Lena when she continued to speak, “Even though this started like just another hook-up I don’t think it is that anymore. It feels different.”

Kara nodded slowly and Lena could see that she was choosing her words carefully.

“And do you want different or do you want what you’re used to?”

Lena had the slight suspicion that this wouldn’t sound half as romantic if she weren’t this drunk, but right now, Kara couldn’t  have chosen better words. Kara had essentially just offered her the choice to decide if after tomorrow, there’d be the potential of more between them or if they’d stay best friends.

And truthfully, Lena was okay with both, but she really wanted the potential. It wasn’t  a great gamble after all. The adoration was obvious in Kara’s eyes, had been obvious for way too long, they both just needed a trigger.

Lena decided to make the shot.

“I want different,” she whispered and suddenly Kara was kissing her with a new kind of urgency that could only be paralleled to floodgates opening.

Kara kissed her, and it tasted like a chance of tomorrow, like a future.

There was nothing hesitant about her approach now. She kissed down her jaw, her neck and torso and was at Lena’s hips in moments. Lena had never felt as worshipped as she did right now, never as safe while having sex.

Kara paid special attention to her clit after swiping through her folds a couple of times to taste. She sucked and nibbled gently but Lena already felt close. This time, she didn’t hesitate to tell Kara how she felt.

“If you do the tongue thing now, I’m gonna cum,” she gasped in between of Kara sucking at her clit in close succession and licking through her.

Kara moaned at her words, the sound vibrating through Lena like sent from the heavens. If a simple hum could do that to her, she wasn’t sure she could handle Kara’s special talent.

Lena buried her hands in gold strands as Kara’s tongue started circling her clit. Circling quicker in smaller and smaller circles until there were no more circles but only the friction that was driving Lena positively insane.

Lena lasted about ten more seconds until she came, moaning into Kara’s pillow next to her to stifle the obscene sounds. Everything felt tingly and hot at the same time, her body could be mush for all she cared.

Kara slowed down gradually, gathering some of the liquid with her tongue to clean Lena up when she was back to human speed. Lena was still breathing hard when another accidental swipe close to her clit sparked the fire inside of her anew.

“Fucking hell, I need another one Kara, please, do it again please!”

Kara chuckled against her, placing some kisses against her thigh before she came up for some more kisses.

“Do you want to catch your breath first or should I train you for a marathon?”

Lena couldn’t speak, intensely aware of how much she had begged just now, her cheeks coloring a deep shade of red in shame. She just shook her head and buried her face in Kara’s pillow again.

Instead of trying to turn her head back. Kara just took the opportunity to kiss her neck and jaw some more. When Lena still didn’t move, she moved lower again, playing with her breasts first using her fingers, then her mouth.

“Are you trying to kill me, Kara Danvers?” Lena groaned at a particularly hard tug of her right nipple.

“Just trying to get your attention,” Kara grinned when Lena finally turned to her after another firm tug.

“Ready for one more?” That devilish, handsome grin had lessened into a soft smile. Almost too soft for the thing Kara was proposing, but it felt exactly right to Lena. There was no judgment in her eyes, only admiration and dedication. Dedication to her and to them, Lena realized.

Instead of an answer, she pulled Kara up from her chest to kiss her deeply. Lena wasn’t able to express her feelings through words, so she tried to tell Kara how much this meant to her through her lips. Everything that matters right now was Kara, and to some degree, this would hold true in the future as well.

They had been toeing the line of too close for best friends for a long time, but with this night, she was sure that they had once and for all crossed it and wouldn’t look back.

“Will there be more to come after this one?” Lena asked with a weak voice.

Kara chuckled lowly, before she playfully tugged at her lip. “If you can take more, you can have as many as you want.”

Lena blew out a heavy breath as an embarrassed smile made its way onto her lips. She shook her head a little and closed her eyes before speaking again. “I didn’t mean tonight. I meant everything that comes after tonight.”

“Yeah,” Kara whispered into her neck. She placed a kiss there, then onto Lena’s cheek and finally her forehead. Her lips leaving her skin made Lena open her eyes to Kara’s beautiful blue one’s staring right at her.

“I think we’ll have to talk about this tomorrow when we’re a little less drunk, you know. But, yeah, there’re definitely more to come.”

Kara kissed her again, taking her time to crawl all the way back down after she’d taken Lena’s breath away sufficiently.

“Are you okay for me to go on?” she asked, that soft smile playing around her lips again.

“Yes, thank you,” Lena answered endeared. She tangled her fingers with Kara’s that were resting gently on her hip and gripped the mattress with the other one at the first swipe of her tongue.

She didn’t have to wait long until the sensations felt overwhelming once more. All that mattered was every point where Kara was touching her and nothing else. Zips of electricity pulsed through her with every pass of Kara’s tongue over her clit, moving at superspeed.

Her second orgasm was even more intense than the first one, her body still worked up and ready to fall more easily. Every instinct inside her head still screamed at her to hide from Kara, to be quiet and compose herself as quickly as possible, but that wasn’t necessary.

Kara had been and always would be her safe place, that now apparently included the bedroom. She didn’t need to pretend to be fine, didn’t need to bite her lip to swallow every sound. She cursed as she came and whined while Kara cleaned her up. There was no holding back anymore.

Kara held her close as she came down from her high and didn’t let go for the rest of the night.


They’d probably both wake up with hangovers, queasy stomachs and a little too sweaty, but neither would care.

Kara would wake first, to the gentle rays of sun streaming in through the window, and she’d watch Lena sleep until she’d open her eyes groggily, squinting against the bright light.

Kara would kiss her temple, then immediately apologize for her bad breath. Lena would turn around in her arms, uncaring of the bad breath and kiss her, sober this time and fully conscious.

Lena would return the favor from the night before, and they’d end up in the shower together, wasting water and a perfectly good Saturday morning. But it wouldn’t be a waste, because it would be the first of many mornings together. Their first one as girlfriends and their first one without any weird tension between them.

Lena in Kara’s sweatpants at the kitchen counter, sipping coffee and watching Kara burn one pancake after another until she wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer and help. Kara making fun of her when she’d burn her first one too but happily eating it anyways with extra syrup.

They would spend the rest of the day taking a walk in the park and later watching a movie together on Kara’s couch, making use of it in some other way as well. And they wouldn’t need any batteries or private sex workers while doing so, only each other.