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The Daily Shenanigans of S and D tier (Plus others)

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I would like to point out that this time it is actually not my fault" they say proudly with a large grin on their face gesturing to the 10ft hole in the wall with falling debris behind them.

"Do I even want to know what happened?" Morgan says not trusting Alex's smile one bit

"Probably not but before I fix your wall I was wondering do you want a window here or not? you could use some sunlight" Alex says

"Alex just put the wall back to how it was please the last thing we need is to draw more attention to this place" Morgan says going to the kitchen and making the in Alex's opinion hellish concoction known as the blood of Morgan's enemies. How Morgan could actually drink that awful concoction was beyond Alex.

With a snap of their fingers Alex fixed the wall and sat on the couch waiting for Morgan to return.

"What have you been up to anyways I haven't seen you in a while" Alex says to Morgan

"I've been planning a heist" Morgan says entering the room with their drink and laptop "as well as avoiding Chad"

"Chad is still bothering you? if you want, I could rip his legs off as well" Alex offers standing up ready to go do just that

"Thanks, but no I'll deal with him my way" Morgan says and begins typing on their laptop

"Ok but if you ever change your mind" Alex responds smiling at Morgan sitting back on the couch as they notice the mug Morgan is using is in fact an S tier mug. Alex had given it to Morgan as a birthday present and they smiled every time they saw Morgan use it

"I'll let you know" Morgan replies standing up to cross the room to get some paper and trips luckily Alex catches them before they fall

"Falling for me already? Alex jokes before noticing the state Morgan was in "Morgan when was the last time you slept?" Alex asks noticing the dark circles under Morgan's eyes.

Morgan lets out a deep sigh knowing it was better to just be honest with Alex "Tuesday"

"Morgan it's Sunday you are definitely taking a nap" Alex says snapping their fingers before Morgan had time to argue and a moment later the D tier was asleep in Alex's arms. Alex looked at Morgan and smiled before tucking their friend into bed and returning to the living room to watch some TV after putting Morgan's laptop away. However, Alex struggled to find something to watch so they just flicked through the channels until they saw a news report about Rex Roofers latest scheme interested in what the villain had done this time Alex watched the news report Roofer had been stopped by the Chadster and some C tier heroes. Of course, it was the Chadster Alex mumbles to themselves and keeps flicking through the channels until they find one airing reruns of an old detective show 3 episodes in, they fall asleep thinking of all the plans and schemes they could accomplish with the help of Morgan. That night Alex dreams of ripping off the Chadsters legs and giving Morgan's parents a taste of their own medicine waking up with a smile.