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—XisumaVoid Started The Group— Chat Fic

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—XisumaVoid Started The Group—

XisumaVoid: Add anyone you want to *pinned*

—XisumaVoid Added Evil XisumaVoid—
—XisumaVoid Added Keralis—
—Keralis Added xBCrafted—
—xBCrafted Added Jevin—
—xBCrafted Added HypnoTized—
—Evil XisumaVoid Added HelsKnight—
—HelsKnight Added WelsKnight—
—Jevin Added ZombieCleo—


—ZombieCleo Added JoeHills—
—ZombieCleo Added FalseSymmetry—
—ZombieCleo Added GeminiTay—
—ZombieCleo Added PearlescentMoon—
—ZombieCleo Added StressMonster—
—Stress Added Iskall85—
—JoeHills Added KingRenDog—
—KingRenDog Added BdoubleO—
—BdoubleO Added VintageBeef—
—BdoubleO Added EthoLab—
—BdoubleO Added DocM—

DocM: Time to add Redstone friends

—DocM Added TangoTek—
—DocM Added MumboJumbo—

MumboJumbo: What is this?
XisumaVoid: Just a thing for our friends at school.
MumboJumbo: Oh, so we can add whoever?
XisumaVoid: Ofc.

—MumboJumbo Added GoodTimesWithScar—
—MumboJumbo Added Grian—
—TangoTek Added ImpulseSV—
—TangoTek Added Zedaph—
—Grian Added ArianaGriande—
—Grian Added Taurtis—

XisumaVoid: I think that’s everyone. Now, introduce yourself. I am Xisuma or X I use He/Void pronouns.

—XisumaVoid Changed Their Name To Xisuma—

Evil XisumaVoid: Im EX use They/He/It/Void pronouns

—Evil XisumaVoid Changed Their Name To EX—

HelsKnight: I’m Hels! I use He/It/They pronouns! Respect them or I won’t respect your bloodline.

—HelsKnight Changed Their Name To Hels—

WelsKnight: Hels! Don’t bully our friends! Anyway, I’m Wels, I use the pronouns He and Him

—WelsKnight Changed Their Name To Wels—

Keralis: Shaswam! Hello everyone! I am Keralis, no nickname! I use the pronouns He/They/She! Not Genderfluid but my gender does change.

xBCrafted: Keralis!

Kerlis: Princess <3

xBCrafted: I’m xB, He/It pronouns please

—xBCrafted Changed Their Name To xB—

Jevin: Hello, everyone, I am Jevin or Jev, He/It/They/Slime pls

HypnoTized: Babes!

xB: Hello!

Jevin: Hii

HypnoTized: I’m Hypno and use He/They pronouns pls

—HypnoTized Changed Their Name To Hypno—

MumboJumbo: Oh, Intros? I am Mumbo Jumbo, or Mumbo if you don’t want to be formal. Umm, right, my pronouns are He/Him

—MumboJumbo Changed Their Name To Mumbo–
—Grian Changed Mumbo’s Name To Mustache Man—

Mustache Man: Really?

Grian: Yuup <3

Grian: Anyway, my name is Grian! I use He/Pesky! I am dating @/GoodTimesWithScar and @/Mustashe Man <3

GoodTimesWithScar: Wha? I’m busy! Don’t @ me!

Grian: Uggggggg stupid school work. Booooooooooooo

Mustache Man: Aaaand he’s offline.

Grian: @/Scar’s pronouns are He/Him too.

PearlescentMoon: ‘Ello! My name is Pearl! I use She/They/Moon pronouns!

—PearlescentMoon Changed Their Name To Pearl—

Pearl: @/StressMonster @/ZombieCleo @/FalseSymmetry @/GeminiTay

ZombieCleo: What? Oh
ZombieCleo: Yo, My name is Cleo and I use She/They/Crypt pronouns!

—ZombieCleo Changed Their Name To Cleo—

StressMonster: ‘Ello lovelies! My name and pronouns are Stress and She/Flower! <3

—StressMonster Changed Their Name To Stress—

GeminiTay: Hello! <3 My name is Gemini or Gem! I use the pronouns She/Sun! <3

—GeminiTay Changed Their Name To Gem—

FalseSymmetry: Yoo, pog
FalseSymmetry: My name is False! I use the pronouns She/They!

—FalseSymmetry Changed Their Name To False—

ArianaGriande: ‘Ello <3 My name is Ariana and I use the pronouns She/Her! MtF! <3

Xisuma: @/VintageBeef @/BdoubleO @/CubFan @/DocM @/EthoLab @/ImpulseSV @/Iskall @/JoeHills @/KingRenDog @/Taurtis @/TangoTek and @/Zedaph, you all still need to give your name and pronouns please.

Zedaph: Tango can’t give anything, he’s in ISS this weekend for beating up a homophobe.
Zedaph: But myname is Zedaph! Iuse the pronouns He/Baa!

—Zedaph Changed Their Name To Zeeda—
—Zeeda Changed Their Name To Zed—

ImpulseSV: How did you even mange to do that?

Zed: Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.

ImpulseSV: Oookaaay then…

ImpulseSV: Anyway! My name is Impulse! I use the pronouns He/They!

Zedaph: @/TangoTek
Zedaph: @/TangoTek

—ImpulseSV Changed Their Name To Impulse—

Zedaph: @/TangoTek

Xisuma: Okay, that’s enough

Zedaph: @/TangoTek
Zedaph: @/TangoTek
Zedaph: @/TangoTek
Zedaph: @/TangoTek
Zedaph: @/TangoTek

Xisuma: Zedaph, stop.

Zedaph: @/TangoTek
Zedaph: @/TangoTek

Xisuma: My void-

TangoTek: mynmae is tanog he/famle bye

Zed: “My name is Tango He/Flame bye”

—Zed Changed TangoTek’s Name To Tango—

DocM: Thank you, I wouldn’t have been able to read that otherwise /gen

Zed: <3

Impulse: Dang, already cheating on me? :(

Zed: Wha- No! Ofc not! <3

DocM: Oh, also
DocM: My name is Doc, I use He/They/It, thank you.

JoeHills: Howdy! My name is Joe Hills of the Says! I go by Joe Hills or Joe! My pronouns are He/She/They/Joe!

—JoeHills Changed Their Name To Joe—

KingRenDog: Hello, Joe Hills of the Says!
KingRenDog: My Name Is King Ren Dog! Or King Ren (orjustren) I use the pronouns He/Him!

—KingRenDog Changed Their Name To KingRen—
—Xisuma Changed KingRen’s Name To Ren—
—Ren Changed Their Name To King Ren—

Xisuma: Ren, we’re not going to have your propaganda in my chat.

KingRen: I won’t. But my name is staying KingRen.

Xisuma: Fine, whatever.

Doc: @/VintageBeef, @/BdoubleO, @/EthoLab

VintageBeef: Huh?
VintageBeef: Oh
VintageBeef: My name is Beef!
VintageBeef: I use the pronouns he/him

—Doc Changed VintageBeef’s Name To Beef—

Beef: Oh
Beef: Thx babe!

EthoLab: wtf is this?

Xisuma: Scroll up.

EthoLab: oh. uhhhh
EthoLab: my nae is Etho, He/red ig idk
EthoLab: bubs is busy.

—EthoLab Changed Their Name To Etho—

Stress: Baaaaaaabeeeeeee @/Iskall85
Stress: @/Iskall85
Stress: @/Iskall85
Stress: @/Iskall85

Iskall85: Oh, hello! My name is Iskall, They/Them please! Thank you!

—Iskall85 Changed Their Name To Iskaqll–
—Iskall85 Changed Their Name To Iskall–

Iskall: Cub is in an honors class rn. He has, ahem, eww, after school classes.

Xisuma: Someone remind them in an hour or two thank you.

*Two Hours Later*

Xisuma: @/CubFan @BdoubeO @/GoodTimesWithScar

CubFan: Oh! Hello! My name is Cub! I use the pronouns he/him

—CubFan Changed Their Name To Cub—

BdoubleO: Hi! <3 My name is BdoubleO, or Bdubs or bubs for my partners only <3 I use the pronouns He/Moss! <3

—Etho Changed BdoubleO’s Name To Bubs—
—Bubs Changed Their Name To Bdubs—

Bdubs: forgot a letter there dear

Etho: i didn’t

Grian: Scar’s still busy.
Grian: I’ll just do one for him
Grian: “Helloooooo! Welcome
Grian: Wait, wrong thing, ummmm
Grian: “Helloooo! My name is Scar and I use the pronouns He/Him!”
Grian: There we go.

Xisuma: Is that everyone?

Joe: Yuup! That’s everybody!

Xisuma: Well

Grian: Wait!!!!
Grian: wait
Grian: eait
Grian: @/Taurtis
Grian: @/Taurtis
Grian: @/Taurtis
Grian: @/Taurtis

Taurtis: Huh?
Taurtis: Oh
Taurtis: Hello!
Taurtis: My name is Taurtis, or just T, since my name can be hard to spelll, my pronouns are He/They!

Xisuma: Well, now,

Xisuma: Welcome Everyone To The Hermits Chat!