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A Glimpse of the Past

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In a room outside of time and space, in a place not one should be able to reach, a group of nineteen individuals appear, all from different times and places. Stunned, the individuals didn’t seem to take much notice of each other as they tried to reorient themselves.


The first ones coming to awareness probably realized that they were sitting in comfortable chairs that looked like they were from a movie theater. To fit the theme, there was also a large black screen in the front of the room.


The silence was then broken by a boy’s voice, a voice that was full of surprise, suspicion and disbelief.


“Peter Two? Peter Three.” The boy, Peter One asked. Peter Two stood up and nodded, as he looked around the room of unfamiliar faces who seemed to have snapped out of their dazes with Peter One’s words. Peter One, meanwhile, had his eyes closed, before he opened them again, suspicion fading.


“It’s really you.” He said, a wide grin on his face, before he rushed forwards, pulling Peter Two into a hug.


“What, no hug for your other brother?” Peter Three asked, a small smirk on his face. Peter One rolled his eyes, smile still in place before he pulled his other brother into a hug. The three Peter Parkers then pulled out of their hug, before Peter Two asked the question that had been on his mind since he noticed the others in the room with them.


“Hey One, Three, do either of you know any of these guys?” He asked, prompting Peter One to turn around, as Peter Three lifted up his head to get a better look at the figures.


“Mr. Stark? Aunt May ?” Peter One said, anguish and grief in his voice, as he shut his eyes again, relying on his spider-sense to tell him that this was real, actually real, and not another trick by Mysterio. 


Peter ?” Tony Stark said, his voice holding the same amount of grief as Peter One’s had. After all, they had both been pulled from times where the other was dead.


“What is going on? Where are we? Who brought us here and how is Peter alive ?” Rhodey asked, the shock of seeing the supposed to be dead teenager filling him with fear.


“That kid isn’t the only one here who shouldn’t be alive.” Steve Rogers said in a shaky as he looked at the forms of Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, the two men sitting to his left.


“What the hell are you talking about Cap?” Sam asked, his face showing confusing, and a small trace of fear.


“I think he’s trying to imply that you are dead. But that’s impossible.” Clint Barton said.


“I saw Bucky die in front of me! He…he shouldn’t be here! This is some sort of dream or nightmare…or…” Steve said, his eyes wide with fear as he tried to come up with an explanation as to what he was seeing. Bucky gained a sympathy expression.


“Steve, I survived the fall off of the train.” He said, assuming that Steve was talking about that time, as it was the only time he knew of where Steve would say that he had died in front of him. 


“I know.” Steve said, shocking him. Bucky was very concerned now. What was Steve talking about?


“Does anyone have any idea of what is happening? Maybe that would answer some questions we all seem to have, as well as explain the abundance of presumed dead men we have in the room.” Scott Lang asked, cutting into the conversation.


“Yes. I want to know what is happening. If what happened to bring them back to life is permanent.” Tony demanded, shooting a longing and hopeful look at Peter One.


“Are you implying that our brother dies in the future?” Peter Three asked, a protective arm in front of Peter One, who had been staring at Tony and May with shook and hope and fear in his eyes.


“Brother?” Ned, MJ, May, Happy, and Tony all exclaimed at roughly the same time.


“Pete, you don’t have brothers.” May said. That was all it took for Peter One to break, as the traumatized eighteen year old began to cry, barely holding back sobs.


“Peter, are you okay?” Happy asked, taking a step forward, surprising most of the others in the room at his tone of voice, the care and concern that was reflected on his face.


“I don’t think he’s okay, Happy. He’s supposed to be dead!” Pepper Potts exclaimed.


“Why do you keep saying that? What kills our brother? Can we stop it?” Peter Two asked. Before anyone could even think about trying to describe the horror that was Thanos, Peter One cuts in.


“You can’t stop it. Because it's already happened.” He said, causing his counterparts to give him horrified looks.


“One you died? You died between now and when we last saw you?” Peter Three asked, feeling the grief and pain of failure welling uno in him again. If he had only been there, maybe he could have saved Peter One from whatever killed him.


“No. I died long before I met you. But I was brought back to life.” Peter One said, causing gasps of shock around the room, aside from those who were from after everyone Blipped back.


Those who were aware of what devastation their universe had received, and was able to be partially cured from. 


But nothing would ever fix their universe completely.


“How is that possible?” Bruce Banner asked, with shock and hope on his face. The hope was reflected on the face of many others in the room, as they tried to wrap their heads around it. Especially Peter One’s counterparts, who in less than two minutes had learned their little brother had died and then been brought back to life.


“Time Travel, and the power of the infinity stones.” A disembodied voice said, causing the heroes (and the civilians with them) to tense.


“Who are you?” Natasha asked as she slowly turned, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from.


“Call me Aeron.” The voice said.


“Is that your real name?” Thor asked.


“Of course not. But it’s something you can call me. For now.” Aeron said.


“Why have you taken us here Aeron?” Stephen Strange asked.


“To show you some things. The past for some, the future for others. However, it's all important to show.”


“Show us what?” Sam asked.


“A way to defeat Thanos, maybe?” Bruce asked, hope in his voice.


“Who the hell is Thanos?” Scott muttered under his breath, as Aeron continued their explanation.


“Peter Parker, that is, Peter One’s life since the spider bite.”


“Peter One?” Ned asked, confused, sending worried looks to his friend, who was clutching to the arm of Peter Two like it was a lifeline. 


“That's me. That's…I think we need to do introductions. And say what time period we are from. To clear up confusion.” Peter One said, looking anywhere but at his friends.


“I’ll start then. I’m Bucky, and I’m from 2016.”


“So am I! Uh, Scott Lang. Or Ant-Man. Or-“


“I think they get it, Tic Tac. I'm Sam Wilson, and I’m also from 2016.”


“Well, I think we all know who I am, and I’m from 2018.” Tony said. 


“I don’t.” Peter Three said, causing almost everyone to turn toward him.


“You don’t know who Tony Stark is?” Rhodey asked. Peter Three shook his head.


“I don’t either.” Peter Two said.


How ?” Pepper asked.


“Well, probably because I’m from another dimension. My name is Peter Parker.” Peter Two asked. Another round of silence went through the room.


Peter ?” Tony said, looking pale.


“What the fuck?” Ned exclaimed.


“But you’re like forty!” MJ tacked on, her surprise overwhelming her calm.


“Yep. I am older than your Peter Parker. Just call me Peter Two.” Peter Two said with a small, shy smile.


“And I’m Peter Three, and this is Peter One. We are all from 2024 and we share the same name.” Peter Three said, wrapped his arm around the shoulder of Peter One.


“I’m guessing someone started messing with the multiverse?” Stephen asked, receiving nods from the Peters, “Great. I’m Stephen Strange, from 2023, and I'm no longer looking forward to the new year.”


“I can’t believe the multiverse is real. Bruce Banner, 2018.” Bruce said, his hands in his head.


“There are a lot of things about the future that seem unreal. Trust me, I've had to see my fair share of strange things. I’m Michelle. My friends call me MJ though.” MJ said.


“I’m Ned, one of MJ’s friends. I’m also from 2023.” Ned said.


“So am I. My name’s Happy, in case you weren’t aware.” Happy said.


“I’m May Parker, and I’m from 2023.” May said, causing new tears to well up in Peter One’s eyes.


“Natasha, 2018.” She said, shooting concerned looks at the barely holding it together Peter One.


“Clint Barton, 2018.”


“I’m James Rhodes, just call me Rhodey. I'm from the same year as Tony.”


“Pepper Potts, and I'm also from 2018, like most of the people here it seems.” Pepper said, putting a comforting hand on Tony’s shoulder.


“I’m Thor, also from the year of failures, 2018.”


“Well now that you’ve finished your introductions, would you like to begin?” Aeron asked, surprising some people who forgot they were there.


“Uh, yes. Where are we starting?” May asked.


“In 2016, with the Avengers break up.” Aeron said, as the screen in the front of the room flickered to life, revealing an image of New York, overlaid with the words “Queens”.