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Wen Kexing, a female Zhou Zishu and some interesting things going on

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Part of being a fox was apparently having the ability to shift genders at will, but the first time he accidentally became female during mating season. The first thing he noticed, mostly because of his ingrained habit to sleep in his pants only, was a set of bouncing breasts on his chest with light pink nipples, and if that wasn’t enough, he was missing his dick. He did have to consider that if a man could be turned into a full blown fox, replacing genitals was probably not a big difference, so this was likely explainable and reversible once he found his wife in the den. “Lao Wen, how do I turn back into a man? Is this some kind of seasonal fox thing, I’ve noticed that the kits can change genders without much effort and that must mean it’s an ability they learn.”, he asked, covering his jiggly chest self consciously. Wen Kexing had decided to be a woman too on that occasion, although he actually knew how to make the decision and had a whole wardrobe for being female.
Seeing his husband with the boobs and big ass he always dreamed of being able to indulge in was mesmerising, but he had kits to feed and breakfast wouldn’t make itself. First he would finish making twenty servings of fish porridge and see that the kids went to Gu Xiang and Cao Weining for extended training, then he and Zishu would both go to the bedroom and finally, he would creampie his virgin husband-wife in bed multiple times. “Watch the kits eat while I find you some clothes and I’ll explain everything once they leave for training. It might take a while to explain how to control then transformation, but Huli Jing babies manage to stay in their preferred gender in the six moons of their lives.”, the red haired fox replied casually, handing a bowl of porridge to the bewildered looking black haired husband turned wife. Creamy and Peridot had already finished eating, and were fighting under the table because they had too much energy after a good night’s sleep, Diamond wanted another bowl of food and the rest of the sextuplets needed help putting their hair up, as usual in the chaotic Wenzhou household. The millet porridge was superb though, almost enough to block out of the chittering of eighteen fox kits, and in his mind Zhou Zishu knew that this gender situation was bound to end in hot sex somewhere.

Kexing handed a pile of silks to his husband wordlessly, clearly expecting him to understand the process of women’s clothing which was highly optimistic, and rounded up their gaggle of kits for Huli cultivation school, very eager to see them trot to the Boqing Bu on paws and feet. Some of the Huli in the skulk simply preferred trotting on all fours to balancing on two feet, as Wen Kexing did whenever he was fat with more kits or if he had babies hanging onto his back fur, but debating about walking styles was not as fun as the clueless idiot in the den bedroom. There weren’t many opportunities to rail your husband’s pussy or have worry free dual cultivation without considering the possibility of making kits or going into a week long heat.
Zhou Zishu looked at the small triangle of cloth with several strings that was supposed to be his underwear in confusion, delight and horror, what would his savage wife do to his poor virgin lady hole?

Zishu felt shy standing in front of the bronze mirror, unfamiliar breasts perky and nipples peaking out of the insanely thin duoduo that he was given to wear, but the feelings weren’t all uncomfortable as he was learning. Even before he worked out how to tie the strings of the cloth underwear to form a suitable covering for his female parts, the thought of Lao Wen seeing him like this made wetness come from his cunt and the lack of fabric on his bottom half did nothing to soak the clear slick up, almost like he wanted something in his new hole to fill him up. The cold air made his chest become hard and pointy through his clothes, and he honestly doubted that any number of layers would be decent in public with nipples pointing through his duoduo and the wetness from his new hole. Forgetting about putting more clothes on, he decided to explore another aspect of the female form, sex! His whole body had become more slender, including his hands and fingers, so he was less hesitant to stroke a cut nail against the slick dripping down his thighs and taste what women tasted like. Wen Kexing always tasted sweet like fruit when he was in heat, in both genders, but his own slick tasted plain and ever so slightly salty. It wasn’t unpleasant, nor was the feeling of his hole pumping out more on contact.
Horny wife Wen, the original sex bunny of Ta Lo and founder of the privacy cave system for having uninterrupted sex away from the family, chose to walk in as Zishu was stroking his pussy lips over the thong he had been clearly enjoying. “Ah Xu is getting ahead without me, I will have to punish you maiden Zhou. Tsk I haven’t had a chance to get naked myself yet, and you never seemed to get dressed beyond my special underwear or learn where the toy draw is.”, he exclaimed dramatically, shedding his sensible three layers of robes.
Besides the raw sex appeal his wife extruded, the pink silk of his pink cherry blossom Ruqun was in perfect harmony with his ivory inner robes and almost laughably modest for a shamelessness creature like Kexing. It became very obvious that wife Wen was extremely immodest and must have had Creamy predict the future again to know that he would have his first unconscious transformation, because he was wearing nothing under his white inner robe and pants. In direct contrast to Zishu, Kexing had a more voluptuous bust, wide hips probably from bearing their kits and a very neat attitude about body hair apparently, since he had shaved his pussy hair clean off and the only hair on his person was the waist length jumble of red hair on his head. Foxes changed hair colours at will, part of their instincts to blend in with any surroundings. “You make me feel scruffy Lao Wen, and horny. Teach me what women do to feel good laogong, take my lady virginity.”, he smirked, seeing the clear slick run down his wife’s thighs. He wondered what it would feel like to be shaved clean all over this new body, thinking that having Wen Kexing that close to his most private parts for a prolonged period of time would be testing yet pleasurable. Except he couldn’t have the time to wonder when his wife threw him over one shoulder like dirty kit robes and rushed to the bathroom, to show him exactly what his new body could do.

The female form had a lot more secrets than men previously thought, as Kexing showed him his lewd reflection in the bathroom mirror and introduced each of the parts to bring a woman to orgasm. First he got to know that the little pearl hiding under his labia, the clit, was extremely sensitive and if he played with it he experienced a mind blowing orgasm, but his clit wasn’t very available with all his pubic hair in the way. He had never considered the bush of hair above his dick an issue before, mostly because his dick stuck out from the hair , however, his wife resolved the mild problem with a wave of fox magic and he could see everything Lao Wen told him about, especially his swollen little clit full of blood. “You should know that the first thing I was attracted to was the way you cast fox magic. It’s a much less combative cultivation style and has wider applications,