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summer matchmaking at hackett's quarry

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Despite being Emma's best friend, Jacob could never find himself having a non-awkward interaction with Abigail. Not only were they different in the classical stereotype way, being the jock and the artist, but their personalities completely 180'd each other. He sometimes even wondered how Abi attracted someone like Emma to her side so easily.

But it didn't surprise Jacob when Nick told him he had a crush on Abi, nor when Emma confirmed Abi was crushing on him too. Excited for the nerd to finally get some action, Jacob hired himself as Nick's official wingman, much to the australian's dismay.

Though Nick and Abi were perfect for each other, Jacob felt a little part of him die inside whenever they were together. Their attempts at flirting were painful for anyone to look at and he never understood how both of them could be so goddamn dense! It was so obvious to everyone, maybe even the campers, that the two had a thing for each other so why were they still pining so hard?

Having enough of his best friend's puppy eyes at the artist and just his poor excuse at winning her over, Jacob decided to take matters into his own hands. He had kitchen duty with Nick for dinner and desert tonight, telling the australian he'd help out in preparing it. Jacob is an amazing chef, even better than Nick despite him being the camp kitchen cook and supervisor.

Jacob didn't really want to go though, wanting to blow off his best friend and go with Em to the island or something. It sounds selfish considering the job of camp cook can be incredibly overwhelming on one person with the amount of campers, but in the jock's defense he covered for Nick that one time when he needed a break from the kids, so he thinks it would be fine as long as he got someone to stand-in for him.

And that's what led him here, waiting outside the art cabin for Abigail's class to end. He was already picturing Nick's reaction to seeing Abi waiting for him in the kitchen instead of himself, laughing a little to himself.

It didn't take long for the cabin door to swing open as Abi's class came flooding out, heading back to their respective cabins. He looked up to see the artist leaning against the cabin door, watching to making sure each camper entered their cabin's safely. The jock made his way towards her as he saw Abi's face twist from a smile to an expression of confusion at the sight of him.

"Abigaillll, Abiiii, Hey!" Jacob smiled as he dragged out his words.

"Um, Hi?" The artist hugged her sketchbook a bit tighter, Jacob noticing it as a sign she was nervous. The jock never understood how Abi could be so socially anxious and Emma's best friend at the same time.

"Yeah, so uh, I have kitchen duty with Nick tonight, but I'm feeling like so under the weather dude, so I was wondering if you could cover for me and help him with dinner?"

Abi's visibly got a bit red at the idea of being alone with Nick as she avoided Jacob's gaze. "I- I mean- Well- Yeah, yeah I can, um, do that, yeah totally." She looked up and started to investigate his face. "You don't look sick though?"

Jacob visibly panicked for second before controlling his expression. "Oh dude, no I'm like completely sick." Jacob hunched over and began to fake cough into his fist. "Yeah it's like super bad, man." He shot her a nervous smile as she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Um, anyways, thanks for covering Abi!"

And with that the Jacob ran off, leaving a very confused Abigail behind. She sighed to herself as she watched the jock disappear from her vision, it was obvious he wasn't sick but it was also obvious she had to take the stand-in job anyways because she didn't want to leave Nick under the stress of preparing dinner alone. So, she shut the door of the art cabin and reluctantly set off towards the camp lodge.



Nick stretched as he entered the camp lodge, quickly glancing around to see if anyone else was present. After confirming he was alone, Nick made his way to the kitchen, hoping that Jacob got here before him and maybe even got a head start on dinner. As he entered the kitchen, he was greeted with the complete opposite of Jacob sitting on the counter sketching something, obviously not noticing Nick's arrival.


Unsurprisingly, the sudden sound of his voice startled the artist as she closed her sketchbook, notably a bit harshly, and quickly scurried off the counter.

"Nick! Hey- Um- Hi?" Abi's eyes flew all around his facial features, too nervous to actually meet his eyes.

"What are you doing here? Where's Jacob? He's supposed to help me with the food tonight." Nick crossed his arms, obviously annoyed with his best friends absence, but at least Abi was here so maybe he wasn't all that annoyed.

"He, uh, said he was really under the weather and was coughing a lot, so he asked me to fill in for him. Is there anything you specifically need help with? I'm good at baking so maybe I could make the tiny desert for tonight."

Nick exhaled deeply, he knew exactly what Jacob was doing and he was 99% sure the jock wasn't even feeling sick. He knew telling Jacob about his feelings was a bad idea the second he 'hired himself' as Nick's personal wingman for fucks sake.

"Yeah that'd be great, thank you, Abi." Nick smiled at her and the artist felt butterflies in her stomach. She quickly recollected herself and grabbed all the ingredients she needed, immediately getting to work with Nick following after her.

It went silent for a few minutes. It wasn't awkward or anything, in fact it was quite comfortable just knowing they had each other around. But Nick knew Jacob set this up for a reason so he knows he should at least attempt to start a conversation.

"Are you self-taught or did someone teach you?"

"Huh? Oh- Baking? My mom taught me, we used to bake a lot together when I was in middle school! It was really fun to make random sweet treats for the family."

"Is it another hobby of yours outside art?"

Abi quickly shook her head at the question, "Nah, art is really the only hobby I have. My mom actually taught me how to bake so it could maybe get me less engulfed in my sketchbooks, but it didn't really work." The artist smiled to herself thinking about her mom, she missed her a lot during her time at camp. "What about you, are you a self-taught cook?"

"Nope, I was also taught by my parents. When I was younger my parents would be too busy with work to make dinner or arrive home too late to pick something up for me and my brothers so because I'm the oldest they taught me how to whip up quick meals for my brothers. Overtime I self-taught myself some other recipes but nothing too impressive." Nick grinned to himself as he looked back down to continue what he was doing.

The artist smiled at the story, "You seem like an amazing older brother, I'm sure your brothers look up to you!" She said, swiping some of the brownie batter she prepared into her mouth before tilting the bowl towards Nick as a way to offer some. Nick blushed slightly at the compliment and took her offer, quickly swiping some into his mouth with a quiet "Mmm!" sound.

"I doubt they do but thank you, I try." He shook his head, thinking about his chaotic brothers. "The batters really good by the way." Nick smiled at her and gave an awkward thumbs up.

Abi giggled and held the bowl towards him again. "Here, help yourself before I pour it in the trays."

Nick swiped his finger into the batter again, accidently flinging a good amount of it onto Abi's shirt.

"Shit, sorry Abi." He panicked a bit before grabbed a nearby cloth and wet it under the sink, handing it to her. She shook her head, swiping the batter off and throwing the cloth back on the counter.

"It's fine, No problem! Besides," Abi smirked to herself as she dipped her finger into the batter and flung it onto Nick's shirt. "We're even." 

Nick laughed as he reached for the cloth again to wipe it off himself. "Nice move, Abigail. You're really fun to be around."

Abi felt the butterflies return to her stomach. Nick enjoyed her company? She could just explode in happiness right about now. "You're fun to be around too, it's nicer being alone with you with no campers around." The artist smiled as she started to pour the brownie batter into all the trays.

"Ah- That didn't sound creepy did it? I'm sorry." Abi awkwardly taps the side of the tray in front of her, flustered.

Nick chuckled and shook his head, "No no! That actually makes me really happy." He takes all her brownie trays and slips it into the oven for her. "I feel the same. I love being around the campers but they can overwhelm me pretty quickly, Haha."

"They don't really overwhelm me, I was blessed with a quiet group of campers for my classes but I just prefer hanging out with the other counselors when their not around."

"Yeah, your class is definitely a quiet bunch but they always seem so happy when you're around, it's like they look up to you."

"I guess you could say that, yeah." Abi loved her classes genuine interest in her lessons, it definitely helped her reaffirm her doubts of being a boring teacher.

"Wait, Nick you've seen my class? The art cabin is like all the way out of the way." The artist turned red at the thought of Nick checking up on her.

Nick also turned red, realizing that he just indirectly exposed himself. "Ah- Well- It's just a shortcut I take is all." He laughed awkwardly.

Abi narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously before shaking her head, not being able to contain her smile. "Seems more like you take the longway instead of a shortcut."

The timer suddenly went off, startling them both. Nick shook it off and made his way towards the oven to take out both of their dishes. Abi quickly made her way to the cabinets to grab all the plates and cups for everyone.

Just as they both started fixing the plates, they could hear Kaitlyn and Dylan leading in their respective groups of campers, the quiet peace gone in an instant.

Abi reached for the knife to cut her brownies, but was met with Nick's hand as he had the same idea. They could both feel each others body tense, like they were both worried they made it awkward yet neither of them made an effort to move their hands for a long couple of seconds.

"You- Um- You can do it." Nick was the first to speak up, as well as pull away. Blush unfortunately evident on his cheeks as he handed Abi the knife, not like she noticed it anyway.

"Yeah, thanks." She shot him an awkward smile and they continued to fix the plates as they heard each of their friends enter to lodge with more campers.

"And done!" Nick sighed in relief, honestly wanting to just go back to his cabin and sleep instead of join everyone for dinner. Despite feeling drowsy, he still wanted to eat with Abi and the others so for her, he'll stay.

"It looks so good! You did an amazing job, Nick." She clapped her hands excitedly and made her way towards the door. "Now let's hurry up and serve these campers so we can eat and sleep."

Nick nodded, with a tired but genuine smile and helped Abi bring everyone their plates with the help of the other counselors as well. After making sure every camper was set he looked at Abi before awkwardly bringing her in for a hug.

Abi gasped quietly at the action, face extremely red now as she returned the warm embrace. It felt so nice she honestly didn't want to let go, feeling as if she could fall asleep in his arms right now.

"Thanks again for helping today, You're the best" Nick spoke quietly, the sound of his voice bringing Abi out of her thoughts. "You're giving me too much credit! But of course, I love helping out the people I care about." She pulled away and smiled at him, Nick returning it almost immediately. They stood there for a few seconds just admiring each other before Dylan's booming voice startled them, raising his voice at Kaitlyn after she probably teased him about something.

Abi disappears a second later, probably got dragged somewhere by Emma. Sighing to himself, Nick makes eye contact with Jacob who shoots him a wide smile and finger guns.

Nick's going to kill him one day.