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Yelena Doesn't Like to Share

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Kate wasn’t really sure how she ended up here, curled in a ball and groaning in pain. The smell of her pheromones were heavy in her apartment, her heat lay stiff over her body, taking over every rational thought in her brain. No matter how many times she got herself off, she knew that her heat would not be satiated until a thick knot was shoved inside of her.


So she had two options.


A). Suffer for the next four to five days alone.

B). Find an alpha to spend her heat with.


Two problems.


Kate didn’t know many alphas. Her two closest friends, Greer and Franny, were an omega and a beta, respectfully, so they were both no-gos. She knew a couple of Alphas from her time at college but wasn’t sure if it would be alright to ask them to help her through this heat.


Kate’s fingers itched to text Clint Barton, resident omega of the Avengers, to ask for advice. She hadn’t had a heat in many moons, taking suppressants to prevent them from coming. But, the omega had flown back to Ohio the day before Christmas, telling Kate that she was welcome to join him and his family for the holidays. Clint seemed different after his interaction with Yelena after the former Black Widow assassin had tried to murder him, but she didn’t (evidently) and Kate hadn’t pressed for the details.


That had been nearly two months ago. 


Two months since Kate had become the new Hawkeye, met her mentor and met Yelena Belova.


Kate never did take Clint up on his offer for the holidays.


The archer groaned when her mind drifted to much more explicit thoughts about Yelena. About the white suit she had worn, about her spicy scent that had flowed over her as they fought in an office, about how cocky the assassin had been when she broke into Kate’s apartment.


(“I am much too talented for that Kate Bishop,” her thick accent rolled off her tongue in a way that made Kate clench. “I simply allowed myself to enter.”)


Fuck. Kate’s heat was not getting any better and thinking of the Russian alpha were only making things worse. She lamented and grabbed her phone, calling a friend of hers from college. 


“Hey, Kate! Long time no see, how are you doing?” A friendly voice spoke on the phone.


“Bella,” Kate gasped, “I need help.”


“Kate? Are you alright?” Kate could almost smell her worry over the phone.


“I’m in heat Bella and I don’t have anyone to help me,” the archer wheezed, “Can you come help?”


The alpha was silent for a couple of heartbeats before speaking, “Of course Kate. I’ll be right over. Same address, yeah?”


“No, no, different address,” Kate groaned, “I’ll text it to you.”


After the tracksuit mafia had burned her last place to the ground, Kate had been determined to unfreeze her bank accounts and buy a new apartment. The hacking had taken close to a month, but she had finally cracked through all the firewalls that her mother had put up around all of their finances. When all was said and done, Kate was a multimillionaire again and had a fortune-500 company to run.


Kate had spent the last month stressing out over the company, over her mother, and her new responsibilities. She had hired new employees, with new department heads, and Bishop Security stocks were higher than ever. It had been a good month financially and a good month overall. 


But, Kate had gone to see her mother in prison a week ago, and seeing the normally proud alpha so beaten down and sad had broken Kate’s heart. Kate had never been able to resist her mother, her omega didn’t allow for her to really resist any alpha, but her mother had been especially hard. Eleanor had been furious the first time Kate had visited and the archer thought she had every right to be so. Eleanor had blasted Kate with every angry and disapproving pheromone she had in her body, hitting Kate so hard that the omega had dropped to her knees in the prison meeting space.


Kate had been escorted out of the prison by two guards after Eleanor had stopped yelling at her, yelling at her omega daughter and telling her how worthless she was. How an omega could never be as good as an alpha.


Eleanor always wanted an alpha pup.


Kate shuddered with the feeling that she wasn’t good enough.


Subconsciously, Kate knew that what she was experiencing was a stress heat. A heat that only came on when an omega’s pheromones got too much to handle and the omega’s body needed some way of releasing them. That was the true purpose of heats. To remove any negative pheromones and emotions from the omega by doing it in a very pleasurable way.


It was also for omegas to get bred by their alphas, to get pumped full of their seed and claimed. To get railed, pounded, and marked as property by their alphas.


Kate moaned at the thought.


She knew that being the CEO of Bishop Securities wouldn’t be easy as an omega, that many alphas would try to take advantage of her and her biological nature (this was one of the main reasons Kate had hired so many betas to be department heads inside of the company). But, Kate had never half-assed anything in her life and she wasn’t about to start now. She would be the best damn CEO she could be, omega or not.


Omegas weren’t weak. No matter what the media portrayed them as anyone with a bonded omega knew that they were not weak. They were the backbone of society. Without omegas, alphas would run around confused and scared, unsure of where they belonged. Omegas provided stability and comfort to their alphas, they were the rocks that held alphas upright.


So, Kate knew she would submit under just about any alpha, but she also knew that alphas would flock to her side to help her the moment they released distressed pheromones. Alphas had a deep biological urge to help and aid omegas, but this wasn’t something that most omegas liked to take advantage of.


This is why Kate had turned away the two neighbors that had knocked on her door at the start of her stress heat. She didn’t want to use them and didn’t want them to feel used. Pheromones could make anyone crazy and Kate didn’t want some random hookup to come crashing through her door just because her body was craving an alpha's touch.


Instead, Kate had trashed her apartment. She had closed all the windows and sealed the bottom of the door so no more potential suitors came to her door and then, in her blind rage, she had broken several lamps, most of her plates, and nearly ripped apart the fabric holding all of her pillows together.


Too many months without a heat causes a buildup of emotions, and that buildup often exploded out in three stages.


The first was anger, which Kate had already experienced in full effect. She knew she was going to have a lot of cleanup to do when all was said and done.


The second was depression, which Kate had experienced the day prior. She spent the full day wallowing in bed, crying and shaking, and sending off wave after wave of sad pheromones.


The third was the stress heat. Kate’s body needed an alpha. She needed someone strong to be there for her, to be here with her.


Kate rolled her body against the bed, searching for some type of relief against the growing pressure in her lower abdomen. She just hoped that Bella would be here soon. She couldn’t wait to have Bella’s cock inside of her, to have the alpha pounding into her and shoving her knot into her wet heat.


A loud knock came from the front door and Kate moaned in relief. Bella had gotten here even faster than Kate thought she would. The archer dragged herself out of bed, bent over and gripped her stomach as painful cramps washed over her, and made her way to the front door. 


Panting by the time she arrived, she unlocked the three locks she had (not that she was paranoid or anything) and peeled the door open, expecting to see a beautiful Latina woman standing there, a goofy smile lighting up her brown eyes.


What Kate was not expecting to see was Yelena Belova. The Russian stood in the doorway, her eyes wide with an emotion that Kate could not decipher in her current state. Kate let out a pitiful moan and fell to her knees.


Yelena’s scent was wrapping itself around her, making itself known, and not at all helping Kate’s current situation.


“May I come in?” Yelena’s voice was deep.


Kate shuffled awkwardly to the side and fell onto her side, gripping herself tightly in pain. Yelena shut the door behind her, relocking all of the locks, and then kneeled down beside the omega. “You are having a stress heat.”


“They should really name you Hawkeye,” Kate spat sarcastically. She was not in the mood for games. She was in the mood for the growing bulge she could see in the front of Yelena’s pants.


Yelena ignored the snapping remark and placed one hand on Kate’s cheek, running her thumb gently over the archer’s sweaty skin. “Let me help you through it.”

Kate’s skin burned where Yelena touched her, her own body longing to be closer to the Russian alpha, to feel her skin on her skin, to have her knot shoved deep. “Why are you here?” Kate choked out.


Yelena took her eyes off of Kate temporarily, surveying the apartment with a quirked eyebrow then turning back to the omega, “I have been watching you, Kate Bishop.”


“Wha-?” Kate cut herself off as a painful spasm overtook her. She needed to be fucked. Now. 


“You have been on my mind since Christmas,” Yelena ran her hands soothingly down Kate’s body, “I have had your scent all over me.”


Kate pressed herself further into the comforting touches. Her mind reeled with the information that Yelena was dumping on her, “Yelena,” she gasped, “I have someone coming already to help with my heat.”


The Russian narrowed her eyes dangerously, “Ah yes, your ‘friend’,” Yelena growled, “I sent her away. I am a much better choice of alpha to spend your heat with.”


Yelena sent Bella away? Kate shook her head. This wasn’t happening.


Kate had been dreaming about Yelena, about her scent, about the way she could protect and provide. Kate’s inner omega-core had already determined Yelena to be the perfect alpha, but Kate had ignored the thoughts, knowing that she would likely never see Yelena again.


And yet here she sat, right next to her, offering to help her through her heat. The alpha that her omega had been craving.


She’s my alpha. Kate’s mind screamed. No one else can have her. 


“Do you not think I would make a good alpha?” Yelena asked, tilting her head. Her blonde hair perfectly sculpted her face, tied up in a loose ponytail.


“For my heat or for,” Kate hesitated to say the word ‘mate’. Kate had used her security privileges to research more about the Red Room, something that Clint had mentioned in passing over one of their phone calls. Kate had nearly thrown up reading about the torture that Dreykov had put on the Widows, and especially on the alpha ones.

They were harder to break down.


Yelena hummed softly and leaned down until she was looking Kate in the eye, “My alpha craves you.”


Kate gasped as her body became unbearably hot. She began to strip herself of all of her clothes and gripped Yelena’s shirt in her hands, “Take me to bed.”


Yelena nodded and hooked her arms underneath Kate, lifting the archer bridal style and carrying her up the stairs inside of the apartment to Kate’s new bed. “I like your new place,” Yelena murmured.


Kate groaned, her body aching and ready for Yelena. She could feel her wetness dripping down her thighs and clenched her legs together. “I’m going to take good care of you my драгоценная омега, just let me take over.” Yelena’s voice was doing wonderful things to Kate’s body.


The Russian laid Kate down gently and made short work of Kate’s underwear, the only piece of clothing that Kate had left on. Yelena drank in the sight of Kate laying there, her body shiny with sweat, the pheromones in the room swallowing the alpha whole. Yelena bent forward and kissed Kate deeply, a gentle way to bring Kate to focus on her.


Yelena wanted Kate’s entire focus on her.


Kate moaned into the kiss, bringing her arms up to wrap around Yelena’s neck and pulling her closer. Kate pulled away from the kiss with a sharp gasp when she felt Yelena’s bulge press against her. “Please, Yelena.”


Yelena let off some comforting pheromones, trying not to lose control at the overwhelming smell of Kate’s arousal. The Russian pulled away from the omega, eliciting a whine from Kate, and began to strip herself down.


Kate’s eyes glued themselves to Yelena’s body. The Russian was gorgeous. She was well-muscled with scars decorating her body, fine lines giving everything away. Kate gasped when Yelena pulled her pants down and cupped herself through her boxers. Just from the imprint, Kate knew that Yelena was packing .


“Do you like what you see Kate?” Yelena asked, smirking. She was fondling herself, giving the omega a show.


Kate bit her lip and nodded, “Please Yelena, this heat...It’s killing me.”


“Do not worry Kate Bishop,” Yelena hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her boxers and pulled them down. Her cock sprang forward, slapping against her tight abs. “I will take care of you.”


Kate groaned and shifted herself on the bed. Suddenly she only wanted Yelena in her mouth. She wanted to worship the beautiful monster cock in front of her. The archer pulled Yelena forward by her hips and wasted no time putting her hands on Yelena’s cock. The Russian gasped and bucked her hips.


Yelena had been hard since she first smelled Kate’s heat, and having Kate’s hands on her was making the alpha weak in the knees. Kate began with slow pumps of the warm shaft in front of her, running her thumb over the tip and smiling when Yelena responded with short gasps.


Kate was amazed by Yelena. Her cock was nothing short of amazing. When beads of precum began to form at the tip, Kate wasted no time in licking it off. The Russian nearly fell forward at the sensation. Yelena put her hands on Kate’s shoulder steadying herself.


The omega smirked and her heat spasmed through her body once again. Kate could not afford to wait another second. She bent forward and took Yelena into her mouth, hollowing out her cheeks on her descent. Yelena moaned loudly above her. The sound was music to Kate’s ears.


With Yelena firmly in her mouth, Kate could taste the alpha more clearly now. She tasted of the woods, of the earth, and fresh air. Kate loved the smell and the taste. She wanted it all over her. She wanted to bathe in the scent. Kate took a couple more inches of Yelena into her mouth, trying to take as much of the alpha as she could.


Kate had been with alphas before, she had even taken knots before, but none of them felt as good as Yelena. Kate’s inner omega howled with pleasure, happy that the alpha it had chosen was choosing her right back,


Yelena had been watching Kate since January, secretly worried about the omega and secretly falling for her all the same. Their fight in the elevator had given Yelena a ton of time alone with Kate, alone with the omega and her wonderful scent. Yelena’s alpha had chosen Kate right then and there. It was an odd feeling, something Yelena was sure she would never experience due to the Red Room and all of their chemical alteration. But, here she was, with Kate Bishop below her. 


Tonight was the night Yelena made Kate hers and hers alone.


Hearing Kate call her friend to come over to help her through her heat had sparked a fire underneath Yelena. She had growled at the approaching alpha, issuing a challenge against Bella. If Bella wanted Kate, she was going to have to go through the Russian. Bella had backed off rather easily and Yelena puffed her chest with pride.


Now, looking down at Kate, her cock stuffing the omega’s mouth full, Yelena knew she had won. Kate was hers. 


Kate began to move her head back and forth on Yelena’s cock, savoring the musky taste. The archer used her hand to grip the base of Yelena’s shaft, where her mouth could not reach.


She was sure that with time and practice she would be able to take all of Yelena into her throat.


Kate pulled all the way back and began to give special attention to the tip of Yelena’s cock. The alpha bucked her hips forward, humping slowly. Kate smirked and dipped her tongue into Yelena’s slit, licking up all of the precum she could. The archer could feel Yelena’s knot forming at the base of her shaft. It was much bigger than any other knot she had taken.


The omega pulled off completely and began giving long licks to the veins on the wonderful cock before her. She moaned, her pussy clenching around nothing, and wrapped her tongue around Yelena’s knot, trying to picture it deep inside of her. Yelena was a mess above her, fully enjoying the view of Kate worshipping her cock. It made her feel like the biggest alpha in the world.


“Yelena,” Kate moaned out, putting just the tip back in her mouth and licking around the bulbous head, “I need you.”

Yelena pulled her cock out of Kate’s mouth and pushed the omega back up onto the bed, “Spread your legs pet.”

Kate whined at the name and did as she was told, spreading her legs far and looking at Yelena as the alpha stalked towards her like a lion. The Russian positioned herself above the archer and lined herself up, “Are you ready for me?” Yelena asked, an alpha’s growl underlying her words.


Kate nodded, biting her lip, and tilted her hips up to allow Yelena better access. The alpha slowly pushed herself inside and the omega moaned at the stretch. When the Russian bottomed out inside of her omega, Kate shuddered. The omega could feel her alpha straining above her, ready to pound away at her. “My alpha...” Kate whispered out.


The alpha’s eyes hardened with lust and she snarled, “My omega,” and snapped her hips forward, beginning a brutal pace. “No one else’s.” Yelena began to pound away, gripping at Kate’s hips and bending her legs forward.


Kate arched her back in pleasure, Yelena’s cock was touching her in all the right places. She was big and warm inside of her, her knot slamming against Kate’s wet slit, ready to push its way inside. The omega moaned with every thrust, pushing back to meet Yelena’s harsh thrusts. 


“Every alpha before me was nothing!” Yelena spat, craning her neck forward and sucking a big hickey into Kate’s night, right above where her mating bite would go. Yelena knew that’s how the night was going to end. Kate was hers. 


Yelena increased her pace, the sound of their bodies slapping together filling the room. Kate was a wet mess below her, her pussy gripping down hard on Yelena’s cock as she came for the first time that night. The alpha moaned with pleasure above her, the tightness around her shaft becoming more and more unbearable in the best of ways.


Kate, coming down from her first orgasm, moved her legs and wrapped them around Yelena’s waist, forcing the alpha to have more shallow thrusts. Yelena took the hint and began fucking Kate harder. She used all of her Widow strength to push her cock as deep into the omega as she could.


“Yelena, please...”


“That’s not my name,” Yelena snarled.


Kate knew how to play the game rather well, “Master, please...I need your knot.”


Yelena groaned with satisfaction and reluctantly pulled out, “Hands and knees Pet.” She was feeling antsy being outside of Kate.


The omega was quick to obey, getting on her hands and knees and putting her chest on the bed. She used one hand to spread her wet pussy lips apart, giving Yelena a show. Kate could feel her own wetness combined with Yelena’s precum dripping down her thighs and onto the bedsheets.


The alpha came up from behind, digging her fingers hard into Kate’s hips and snapping forward, her cock sliding right into the omega. The pheromones in the room were enough to make them both feel drunk.


Yelena moaned at the wet heat, setting another fast and hard pace, fucking into Kate with everything she had. The alpha moved her leg forward to give herself more leverage and began trying to force her knot inside of her omega. Kate was drooling into the bed, she was sure she was going to have bruises on her hips after this night. Yelena panted with the effort of her fucking, but relished in the feeling of Kate’s warm wetness wrapped around her. The omega’s cunt was perfect for her cock, warm and wet and tight, gripping down hard on Yelena, begging for her cum.


With a final snap, Yelena pushed her knot into Kate and howled with pleasure as she came. Her alpha was doing happy circles inside of her brain, and the knowledge that her cum was filling up her omega was making her cum harder than she ever had.


Kate became undone underneath the alpha, gripping down hard on the knot and shuddering as they became locked together. Another orgasm ripped its way through the omega and her pussy milked Yelena’s cock for all she was worth. The alpha was shuddering above her, the knot tying them together expanding inside of Kate’s cunt and making the two of them moan.


Kate had never felt so full in her life.


Yelena took a couple of minutes to calm down, her heart pounding so loud she was sure that Kate could hear it. Kate’s body was still twitching underneath her, but the powerful scent of her heat had calmed. Yelena preened and puffed out her chest.


The alpha adjusted her stance, ready to lay down next to her omega and wait for her knot to go down, but as soon as she shifted Kate let out the loudest moan of the night. Yelena quirked an eyebrow and tugged gently at their tie. Kate gave the same moan.


“Ohhh,” Yelena smirked, “Does my little Pet like being fucked on my knot?” the alpha pushed her hips forward. Although there was not much room to work with, Yelena could feel her knot dragging at Kate’s inner walls.


“Fuuuuuck,” Kate gasped out, fisting the bedsheets, “I do Master, I do.”


The alpha cataloged the information and wanted to give the omega what was she was craving, “Flip over.” She commanded.


The omega moaned as she slowly turned around, careful not to ruin their tie or put too much pressure on Yelena’s knot, and soon they were face-to-face again. Yelena was hard already, her cock standing at full attention inside of the warm omega.


Yelena began slowly rocking herself back and forth, biting her lip at the pleasure coursing through her. Her knot was incredibly sensitive and felt amazing pressed up against the soft walls of Kate’s pussy. The omega wrapped her arms around Yelena’s neck and pulled her down, “Fuck, Master...”


The alpha growled with pleasure, continuing to fuck the omega with her knot. Her second orgasm was quickly approaching. “You’re mine Kate Bishop,” she pushed her knot in as deep as she could, “My little Pet.”


“I’m yours,” Kate gasped, arching her back with another orgasm, “All yours Master.”


Yelena snarled and bent forward, digging her teeth deep into Kate’s scent gland. She came instantly when the omega returned the bite. Her cum splattered against the inside of Kate’s walls, large quantities filling up the omega. Yelena bit down harder until she tasted blood, solidifying her bond with her new omega.


Kate was in heaven. Yelena had just mated her, the alpha’s knot firmed stuffed inside of her, and her teeth deep in her neck. Kate saw flashes of memories past across her vision, Yelena’s memories. Kate suckled gently at the mating bite when she finally pulled away, then kissed the blood away.


The alpha collapsed next to her omega. Yelena smiled. Her omega. Truly and wholly hers. Kate was hers. “My omega,” Yelena whispered, kissing Kate and then giving soft kitten licks to Kate’s new mating bite.


“My alpha,” Kate said back, kissing Yelena with all the love she could muster up.