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don't tell me it's impossible

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"We're having a baby," Takemichi tells his mate excitedly when he returns home from work then he wraps his arms around him, and nuzzles against Haru's neck affectionately as he giggles. But Haru stiffens and his scent turns bitter for a few seconds before being covered in a burst of fresh strawberries.


However Takemichi had caught it, so he frowns as he backs away. 


Haru immediately reaches out for him though,  his hands circling around his hips as he brings him back in so they're chest to chest and his alpha stares down at him with warm eyes.


"I'm happy to hear it," the man says but Takemichi seriously doubts it. 


"You don't seem happy," he says suspiciously because he can read his mate too after all these years. The man had actually been distressed at the news before he masked it. And Takemichi wonders if having a baby is really that unsettling for the man. If perhaps it's not something that he even wants in their marriage. 


It's not like they've done a lot of talking since everything started off backwards. Their relationship was purely physical before feelings were involved. 


Communication isn't really their forte either yet they're able to make their relationship work because they're both good at perceiving each other.


But Haru likes to think he's better at it. Since he apparently has things to hide from him. But Takemichi knows a lot more than his alpha thinks, he just doesn't mention it because he wants to man to tell him on his own. 


Now he thinks he might regret that. 


Haru has a flicker of panic in his crystal blue eyes, but he releases his hold on him, so he's able to lift his hands to caress his cheeks.


"I am happy," his alpha promises vehemently, "I was just thinking of the future."


"And it didn't look so great?" Takemichi asks bitterly but Haru just chuckles as he leans in to kiss him, something that has any negative feelings ebbing away. 


Once Haru backs away so he's able to speak, the alpha explains, "I was worried about how competent we'd be as parents."


And Takemichi accepts that for now since it sounds plausible, so now he can just kiss his mate and enjoy the blissful moment. 




Sanzu Haruchiyo isn't a romantic. He's got a pretty face but no one would want to bond with him for life. Because he's clearly unhinged, especially when he's on drugs and when he's not, he's just angry as hell. Snappy and vicious. 


While he's fun when he's high, he's straight up manical and overly zealous.  


The latter of which he normally is when he's sober too, but it's just a completely different story when he's snorting crack. 


So the part where he falls in love with an omega he was attracted to wasn't anything anyone, most of all Haruchiyo, could've guessed.


But he'd been fucking the omega for the hundredth time it seemed back at one his penthouses, a place that is purely his, and the morning after things have turned a little domestic.


Haruchiyo had gotten up first and showered, then he'd started making breakfast because there was this intense instinct to provide that was controlling him, and he didn't think much of it until the omega eventually woke up and walked on out of the room, dressed in a silk robe as he sleepily scrubbed at his eyes. 


"Don't do that," Haruchiyo had said from the dining table as he set down the bowls of miso soup and plates of rice omelets that he might've gone overboard with, then added, "Go wash your hands."


He may have sounded fussy but he wasn't snappy or anything. He didn't feel any bubbling irriation, or the urge to scratch his skin or claw anyone's face off.


Takemichi had this soothing effect on him and possibly others though Haruchiyo tries so hard not to think about that because that did give him the urge to take out his sword and run it through someone. But the omega made sleeping easier too and not just because Haruchiyo would be tired from fucking him so hard. No, the omega was just so soft and and his solid presence was warm and settling. He even smelled so sweet. Like a whole fresh bakery. 


The omega had seemed so confused by the abrupt change in routine but had easily complied. He'd gone to wash up in the bathroom then came back moments later with his nose twitching curiously as he smelled the food that was beginning to cool off. 


"Eat," Haruchiyo had said because he didn't want to food to grow cold before the omega could taste anything. Takemichi was so easy to please though, he'd get excited just from having a simple conversation. But he'd rambled on like he needed to get everything out as soon as possible.


It didn't take all long for Haruchiyo to realize when he actually started to care that the other man didn't have anyone else, so he tended to say whatever he'd been holding it to whomever was listening. And Haruchiyo was a good listener. And surprisingly patient. 


"Wow, you're a chef, aren't you?" Takemichi had said after that with blushing cheeks and shiny eyes and Haruchiyo had snorted because they haven't really talked about themselves. 


But he supposed it was a compliment. "I'm many things," he responded because that is true. Technically he hadn't lied. 


The omega pouted. "You're a bad man," he said to Haruchiyo's shock as he loosened his grip on his chopsticks but then Takemichi giggled. "Holding back on me like this for so long when I could've been eating delicious food sooner. Thank you for the meal~"


Then he'd focused on the food like Haruchiyo wasn't even there but Haruchiyo had to cover his mouth as his shoulders shook because he was trying to silently laugh. For the first time he felt at ease and his heart was light. 


So he thought, why not continue this? Add it to their routine. 


He just didn't think that would've landed him here today. With his mate bite on Takemichi's neck and the omega is now pregnant. 


With his baby. 


There's a little Sanzu Haruchiyo growing in there. 






Haruchiyo isn't usually so careless, but he'd effectively scared off anyone that would try to bother him. Especially in his own domain. 


Even Ran and Rindou haven't dared to venture into his section of the base after he's cut off strands of their hair with the tip of his katana. He knows they'll come back seeking vengeance for that but they've smartly retreated with horrified expressions for now since he's prowling around like a caged up lion. 


"Are you going to tell me why you've been hoarding things?" Takeomi asks, popping up out of nowhere, but he stands there nonchalantly as he stares at the mountain of blankets near the wall, but Haruchiyo ignores him. It's obvious that the Haitani brothers have snitched on him and he's not in the mood for lectures.


But then considers it.


It being his entire secret life away from his business as a Bonten executive. Crime free and marital bliss.


Now he's going to be a dad, too. 


Takeomi is old as bones right now so he decides to share because there's a chance he might get a heart attack anyway, "My mate is pregnant and I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to do, so I'm freaking out right now."


Hoarding is a thing that alphas do when they want to provide for their mate, they'd collect all of the best objects to for them to use, but he's doing it because he's stressed out. He usually buys Takemichi whatever he thinks the omega needs on a daily basis anyway even though the omega had told him that he'd been spoiling him and acting like a sugar daddy. 


But he was just being a good alpha for his mate. 


The only good that he's capable of. 


Takeomi releases a noise like he's been sucker punched in the stomach. "W-what- when did this happen- how come I didn't kno-"


"Look, old man," he says crossly to the geezer, "that was the fucking point. No one was supposed to know. It's my life. And I wanted to keep it that way."


Life is Takemichi and their baby. Their marriage is the life he has to protect more than anything. Even more than Mikey. 


He didn't even think something like that was possible for him. 


He'd grown obsessed over the omega before he'd fallen for him.


Takemichi had attracted all of his senses when he first met him at the bar. The omega was pretty and delicate, and there was that surge of protection and ownership in his chest that was all alpha before he'd realized there was more to it. Because he'd wanted to sweetly kiss the omega and hold him too. He didn't just want to fuck him like some animal in heat. 


He'd wanted to court the omega like a mockery of a gentleman. 


Despite the fact that he'd already gone to the mating part first so he couldn't even do that right. 


But at least the omega belongs to him now. 


Takeomi releases a shuddery breath as he tries to compose himself then once his pale face is calm again, he says, "Can I meet your sweetheart?"


Haruchiyo laughs sardonically. "Fuck no." 


Like hell. 


His omega doesn't even know that he has a brother. 


The older alpha doesn't look surprised, he probably expected that answer. But he does say in a serious tone, "It could settle your instincts to know that there's another protector for your omega...and your pup. You know I wouldn't hurt them in any way."


Against his own misgivings, he knows his brother to be true. And he's right about that too. 


Still, he's agitated from the thought of somebody else entering his home even if it's supposed to be a packmate. His own blood brother even. 


"I don't want you to blabber off about anything," he says waspishly.


But Takeomi's face actually lights up as he promises to keep mum. 




Takemichi is wearing an frilly French maid outift that's short so his thighs are exposed but he has on knee high socks when Haruchiyo opens the door and walks in, and he rounds on his brother immediately because the older man has stepped into the penthouse, too, and seen his sexy omega. 


But baring his teeth with a livid growl erupting from his throat only has his brother shooting him an exasperated look then he raises his hands in surrender. 


"Haru-kun?" Takemichi's voice reaches him and any irritation ebbs away so he relaxes with the tense lines of his body softening and his lips even tug upwards.


He ignores the look his brother is giving him to focus on his omega. 


Takemichi's been cleaning up the penthouse, dusting the furniture with a feather brush, but Haruchiyo knows that the omega had set up a scene. He's only dressing like that and pretending to clean to set up the mood for them.


Ever since he's gotten pregnant, he's become even more insatiable.


He'd find ways to seduce Haruchiyo into fucking him, then he'd whine and cry about how sore he is afterwards, and Haruchiyo has to comfort him. Overall, he's needy but Haruchiyo doesn't mind it one bit. He's exasperated at times but he's mostly fond. 


However Takemichi isn't looking at him. He's staring at Takeomi with a curious frown on his face. And Takeomi shifts awkwardly under the omega's attention before he stiffly nods. 


Dear God, Haruchiyo thinks sadistically delighted. His brother has acted so cool earlier, but he can't even utter a simple greeting.


"Darling," Haruchiyo says after a moment passes by, and he doesn't care for the audience as he approaches his omega and takes him into his arms. "That's Takeomi, an estranged brother of mine. This whole time I thought he was dead...but he was here all along. It took a while for me to come to terms with it." 


And yeah he's straight up lying right now which he avoids doing because he doesn't want the lies to pile up and ruin everything he's built with the omega eventually, but he doesn't have a proper explanation for Takeomi's existence. 


He honestly never imagined a scenario when they'd meet. It's something he hoped would never happen. 


Takemichi expresses sorrow for him and gets up on his tip toes to give him a kiss and Haruchiyo stays like that for a while, glued to his perfect omega who's trying to comfort him up until a sharp clearing of a throat shatters the sweet moment. 


He glances back at his brother with a sharp glare but the man raises a brow. 


"I'm Akashi Takeomi," his brother says. 


"Akashi?" Takemichi asks with a furrow in his brow. 


"I changed my surname," Haruchiyo is quick to say. His omega just nods in understanding.


"Um, welcome, I suppose, uh," Takemichi starts becoming bashful when he seems to realize that the whole set-up he's done isn't going to be rewarded with sex because they have a guest.


But Haruchiyo is ready to chase Takeomi out, however Takemichi suddenly smiles at the man. 


"Do you have any childhood stories about Haru-kun?" His omega asks eagerly and Haruchiyo watches in horror as his brother melts. 


"Tonnes," the man says, breaking the promise he made to Haruchiyo to not be a big mouth. But Haruchiyo doesn't raise any protests because Takemichi looks so excited. 


His heart clenches.


Takemichi seems to enjoy knowing more about Haruchiyo, but unfortunately he isn't good at talking about himself nor can he say anything about his life as a criminal. 


But Takeomi tells Takemichi all these stories that makes him giggle and exclaim about how cute or cool Haruchiyo is as he sits there next to the man on the couch, neither minding that the omega is still wearing a maid costume. 


Haruchiyo has to leave after a while because he can't handle listening to whatever Takeomi is saying about his youth.


It sounds all whimsical and pure.


Like Haruchiyo isn't a mad dog or a ruthless murderer. 




It seems like hours later until Takeomi leaves because it's gotten a bit dark, and Takemichi eventually slides into bed to snuggle up behind him as he lays down on a fetal position; the omega's hands immediately touching whatever part of him that he could while he mouths down the back of his neck. And he swings his thin leg over Haruchiyo's legs as tries to get as close as possible while simultaneously holding onto him. 


"I love you," Takemichi says in a hushed voice and Haruchiyo knows but the omega doesn't say it often and neither does he. They keep it for really special occasions. But it's got his heart pounding in his chest as his stomach flips and warmth tingles over him so he's no longer numb. 


"I don't care about anything else," Takemichi continues, "I just wanna be with you and have our baby so that we can be a family. Does that make me bad?" 


"Of course not," Haruchiyo says hoarsely. And he takes the omega's hand that had been pressing against his chest to hold and he kisses his knuckles like a devotee. 


"Well, I know I'm selfish," Takemichi says, voice a bit drowsy, probably tired from the social interaction he had with Takeomi because he still doesn't have many friends. He still seems so content to be with just Haruchiyo. "I don't care as long as you're here, and whatever you're keeping from me...I won't pry, because I trust you. I know you love me, I just hope you could love our pup, too."


"I do," he says vehemently, turning so he can face his omega and the man has a dazed look on his face. "I love our pup...but I guess I'm scared. Of being responsible for such a fragile life." 


Takemichi stares at him intently, his eyes roving over his entire face before he leans in to kiss him for a brief moment. "I'm scared too," the omega admits, but then he smiles. "That's why I feel so good about this because I'm going to try my best and I know you will too, after all you've managed with me." 


"I didn't raise you," Haruchiyo says in exasperation and Takemichi giggles about him being his sugar daddy again, but whatever depressive cloud that had been hanging over him clears always so it's like a bright and sunny day. 


And he basks in it as he holds onto his omega.


One day, he thinks as he drifts off to sleep, I'll tell him. 


But not now.