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My heart is hotter than day, as you are now

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"Wake up, Kagi-kun. The sun set almost an hour ago," A gentle voice called out to him and slender and soft fingers caressed Kagiura's cheek, making him blink into consciousness. When he finally opened his eyes he was met with a pair of warm and kind blue eyes. "There you go," Hirano ruffled his hair and Kagiura squeezed his pillow, a content sound reverberating on his throat, "your nap was longer than you probably wanted but I wanted to let you sleep a little longer."

When Hirano sat down next to him, Kagiura turned around to lay on his back instead but still feeling drowsy from his nap. Meanwhile Hirano looked at him as if his patience was infinite, waiting for him to fully regain his senses. And it took Kagiura a whole minute to be properly awake and when he did he tilted his head at his boyfriend.

“Are you done with your essay, Hirano-san?” Hours before when he laid down on the couch to take an intended short nap, Hirano was midway of completing some assignment he had for university. But apparently he had slept longer than anticipated and now it was dark outside, but it was still early for dinner time, so Hirano probably had enough time to finish his work.

“Yeah, I finished it not long ago,” Hirano replied as he sat down next to Kagiura, leaning down on his shoulder, “and now you are rested and I’m tired, what are we going to do about that, hm?” His tone was half teasing, half laughter.

“You could help me work out then? And then we can prepare dinner and go to sleep early,” Kagiura suggested brightly. Yes, he had recently woken up from a long nap but he could always sleep more and especially if he was cuddling with Hirano.

Hirano laughed contently at the suggestion and when he slumped over Kagiura’s lap his cheeks were dusted in pink. “I wanted to do another kind of activity though,” He had a certain glint on his eyes that made Kagiura blush because just then he understood the full meaning behind Hirano’s words, “I’m pent up too, y’know”

“H-how do you know…?” Kagiura sheepishly asked, he felt so transparent in that moment.

Hirano chuckled and if Kagiura was given the option to survive only of those, he would.

“The other day you woke up with morning wood,” Hirano replied, cutting Kagiura’s sappy pondering, “but we couldn’t take care of it because you were already late to an exam, remember?”

Kagiura did remember and he knew he shouldn’t be feeling guilty just because they hadn’t been able to have sex because both of them had been very busy with their respective university work. However, Kagiura still felt responsible as he had a busier schedule than Hirano. And perhaps his feelings showed too clearly on his face or Hirano was secretly a telepath, only tuned to Kagiura, but he reached to his cheek and caressed it softly.

“Don’t think much of it. Want to do it?”

And who was Kagiura Akira to say no to his wonderful boyfriend?

Instead of a reply he leaned down and kissed Hirano on the lips, chaste at first. Exactly the way he loved to kiss him: with all the love and time in the world, as if they had the time to indulge in sweet kisses. However it did not take long before Hirano deepened the kiss to which Kagiura followed in earnest.

When Hirano started making noises and tugging Kagiura's hair, he took it as a signal that they should be moving into a more comfortable position. But Kagiura didn't want to interrupt their kisses even if his neck was starting to hurt.

He couldn’t even move because when Hirano pulled away, gasping for air, Kagiura asked the heavens to help him: the look on his boyfriend’s face was of absolute hunger which made something twist in his stomach.

"Bedroom," Was the only word Hirano muttered and Kagiura could have combusted just from the heat it provoked on his chest.

Kagiura followed Hirano to their shared bedroom and when they arrived the heat of the moment had died down a little but when Kagiura sat down on the edge of the bed, Hirano sat down on top of his legs, straddling him. His hands were circling his neck and they were looking at each other with affection and Kagiura could really keep himself lost in his Hirano's eyes.

Hirano smiled so brightly whenever he was with Kagiura and that filled his heart with warmth and devotion that he leaned in to kiss his partner on his cheek on a whim. When he pulled back he noticed the hunger from earlier was still there but it was mixed with something softer.

Taking off his shirt leisurely, Hirano tossed it across the room. Well there goes dragon shirt number 13. When he spoke again, his voice was low but somehow it still sounded sweet, "What do you want to do today, puppy?" He asked while he toyed around with the dog tag around Kagiura's neck and he could feel it being slightly pulled.

He felt that more than touching Hirano, he wanted Hirano to have his way with him, give him the lead and control. He couldn't explain it with words but his body was screaming for one thing:

"Hirano-san, please fuck me"

Hirano smiled and kissed Kagiura on the lips once again, the eagerness and heat was back in his kissing and Kagiura returned every single one of the kisses with enthusiasm. Hirano usually liked to ask what Kagiura wanted when he was more into a mood to top, but if he wanted Kagiura to fuck him he would outright say it and Kagiura loved that about his him. It was his roundabout way of telling Kagiura 'I want this but you can still choose if you want something different' and honestly his answer usually aligned with this arrangement.

Slowly Hirano took Kagiura's shirt off. Oh and that was another part Kagiura loved: Hirano would sometimes do things on a rush and light the fire almost violently, other times like now, he would do them with patience, lighting the fire step by step keeping a steady pace. And just for fun Kagiura likes to whine just so Hirano can smirk and return to kiss him fervently.

Kagiura placed his hands on Hirano's waist as soon as his shirt had been taken off, rubbing circles with his thumb, eliciting moans from Hirano, the sensitive skin burning under his touch.

Once again Hirano licked Kagiura's lips, asking for permission to deepen the kiss and Kagiura eagerly let him in. Making sounds and hearing Hirano do them as well. And kissing felt really good and he could do it for hours but Kagiura was growing more and more horny because of the kiss when Hirano kept grinding on him.

"H-Hirano-san" Kagiura tried to get his attention but he was too busy kissing his cheek, chin and neck. Kagiura could smell the chamomile in Hirano from the tea he had been drinking earlier in the evening while working and it was so distinctly him that it was enough to soothe him any day.

The position was starting to feel tiring so Kagiura moved his arms below Hirano's ass to lift him up slightly, so they could lie down on the bed with Hirano on top of him. The action caused a gasp from him and that made Kagiura smirk.

"Now this is better," Kagiura said and Hirano flashed him a grin before giving him a short smooch to Kagiura and going back to kissing his neck.

Hirano liked to give special attention to Kagiura's chest because he is very sensitive there. Feeling the soft muscles relaxing under his touch, Kagiura sighed once Hirano started giving him small licks and feathery kisses on his skin. He could feel the dogtag cold against his heated skin and drown in the slow ripples of pleasure building up inside him.

Meanwhile Hirano was busy smothering Kagiura's chest, he could barely register Hirano taking off Kagiura's trousers and briefs and then his own with one hand, very slowly and Kagiura could feel the fabric of Hirano's pants sliding away too.

After maneuvering with their clothes Hirano went back to kissing Kagiura's chin and trailing kisses until he reached his lips with chaste ones and at some point Kagiura had closed his eyes until Hirano kissed one of his eyelids, just then he opened his eyes to find Hirano giving him the fondest look possible. His cheeks were dusted pink and somehow he was smiling very gently and yet his pupils were blown over with lust.

Hirano moved his hands from Kagiura's cheek to his bottom lip and asked almost in a whisper: "Tell me how you want it."

And Kagiura almost left a moan at that. He took Hirano's hand that was on his lip and kissed his wrist and gave him small pecks until he reached his fingertips, making an act of thinking it over.

"Do me from behind," Kagiura replied enthusiastically like he had been waiting to be asked that question for days. And maybe he had. Then Hirano kissed his cheek and asked another question, always so cautious and ready for his boyfriend's needs.

"I will be gentle today, you will be having matches this week right?"

"Yeah I do, but!" Kagiura pouted, trying to object a little but Hirano chuckled and quickly leaned in again to give him another smooch.

"No buts, darling. After your tournament you can have it rough as a reward"

Kagiura pouted a bit after the kiss because he wanted to feel Hirano all over and inside of him. Besides, his boyfriend showed a different side to him when he allowed himself to be rougher and Kagiura loved that.

"Okay, okay just a little. And no marks anywhere that can be seen, are you good with that?"

"Yes!" Kagiura immediately replied, despite all the years together Hirano was just as weak to Kagiura's pout. and Kagiura knew it worked only when Hirano wanted to as well.

They had lost a little steam amidst their conversation so they ended up kissing and laughing again. Hirano occasionally bit on Kagiura's lips only to lick them right after.

With Hirano laying down on top of him Kagiura had a quick access to Hirano's waist and the way it fit so well on his calloused hands always made something burn inside them both, easily tuned to each other through touch. Hirano moved his hands lower until they were holding Kagiura's butt, massaging it while he trailed his kisses lower and lower. His hands teasing closer to Kagiura's hole meanwhile his lips were giving him feathery kisses on his neck.

"Hirano-san," he slurred the last syllable, the touches and kisses quickly making a mess of him once again. He felt Hirano bite him in his collarbone and he yelped

"Say my name"

"T-Taiga-san" he called at the same time he felt Hirano's fingertip teasing the ring of muscle.

"Just my name, puppy" he kept kissing lower and lower while teasing him with his fingertips.

"Taiga, go faster" Kagiura said and instead of acknowledging what he had been told, Hirano started to nibble Kagiura on his chest and one of his hands had moved from his butt to his waist to keep him in place.

From the added pleasure, Kagiura had initially closed his eyes but he opened them again to glance at his boyfriend having the time of his life while smothering his chest and Kagiura went red all over his face, whimpering.

The sound made Hirano look up and he smirked when he noticed Kagiura was looking at him before biting harder in the spot he was busy kissing. Kagiura was always marveled at how teasing Hirano had become after they had started dating. He was already teasing when they were still friends but it increased tenfold after they landed on the same wavelength. He wanted to tell his past self: ‘All of this that he is doing, he is unknowingly preparing you for what's to come'. He really didn't see any of this coming but he was not going to complain.

Except for the being taken by Hirano part. See, that was the part he had expected, or rather what he had wanted the most. Even after he had discovered he felt sexual attraction for him he didn't know what everything entailed. He only knew deep down that it would be this way. He still adored to fuck Hirano into oblivion as well but there was something enticing about the things left unsaid about how Hirano looked at him when Kagiura was the one asking for Hirano to do it instead.

Hirano bit him again on one spot at the bottom of his chest, shaking him off his thoughts and Kagiura whimpered again.

"You're already leaking from this?" Hirano stroked his half-hard length that was resting on top of his stomach, playing a bit with the pre-cum his dick was leaking.

Kagiura hid his red face behind his arms, he had missed Hirano like this. "Y-you are attacking my ass and my chest at the same time I can't help it.”

"Does it feel good?" Hirano asked as he pressed softer kisses on his abdomen.

"It feels really really really good.”

Hirano took the praise and made a pleased sound, leaving more enthusiastic kisses on Kagiura's stomach and Kagiura was left arching his back chasing for more Hirano contact. When Kagiura thought Hirano was done teasing him and he would go and fuck him, Hirano detoured to give the same treatment to Kagiura's thighs.

"Taiga-san–" He felt a bite on his inner thigh accompanied by one of Hirano's fingers pressing harder on his hole. Kagiura groaned at the feeling. "Taiga. Stop teasing me and fuck me already" Kagiura pouted and stroked Hirano's hair. It felt so soft to the touch and grounded him down to earth for a second before Hirano bit him again.

"I'm taking my payment for being pent up for days"

Kagiura could easily turn the tables and get on top of Hirano to ride him. But there was something fascinating about the way Hirano kept moaning on Kagiura's skin from only kissing him and his slender fingers kept massaging his ass. He was all bark but he wouldn't rush Hirano when he was so eager to touch him with adoration that he had missed so much.

"Hm? Did you wash down here?" Hirano suddenly asked, curious.


“Were you expecting this?”

The question went unanswered and Hirano kissed his stomach, all the way to his neck and arrived again to his lips. "Turn over for me."

Hirano leaned away for a bit so Kagiura could maneuver and turn on his belly and as he was about to let all his body rest on the mattress Hirano caught his hips and propped his ass up, "We can't have you grinding on the bed and let all this work go to waste. Can we, Akki?" Hirano whispered on Kagiura's ear, pushing his body onto Kagiura's. He felt electricity in every point they were touching and Kagiura couldn't help the noise escaping his lips.

"You are a meanie," Kagiura said and propped himself up on all fours. As soon as he said that, Hirano started leaving soft kisses down his spine. his hands holding his hips, not so far away from where he wanted them.

When Hirano arrived on his ass he bit again on the soft muscle. He even dared to drag his bite a little more than usual which added to the pleasure but the corners of Kagiura's eyes started to water and he was left panting.

"You say that but you are enjoying it," he left no doubt in that statement. To that point, when Hirano was tuned to Kagiura's reactions he could notice right away when he was feeling overwhelmed either in a good or bad way.

"I would enjoy it more if you actually fucked me" he lifted his ass a little more as he lowered his head on the pillow. Hirano was so overjoyed with Kagiura's proactivity that he rewarded him with the sound of a drawer being open.

Finally. Kagiura confirmed his suspicions when soon enough he felt Hirano's cold fingers, covered in lube, pressed on his hole. It made Kagiura melt and whimper when he felt the tip of Hirano's finger slowly make its way through
"You have no shame, puppy." Hirano leaned in again and kissed the bottom of his back. "Being so loud when it is barely 7 p.m." He whispered the last part and when he finished he added one more finger at the same slow pace.

"Taiga…" Kagiura started, he was getting impatient. He wanted to get directly into the main course. "Hurry up."

Hirano chuckled and instead of moving faster as Kagiura had asked, he removed his fingers from his ass and started massaging the muscles. "Akki," Hirano kissed one of his asscheeks and Kagiura let out a groan. It was still a nice sensation but it is not what he wanted right now, "Tell me, do you prefer going fast and finish quickly? or do you want to drown in the feelings for longer?" Hirano's tone of voice was curious, he was genuinely asking Kagiura what he wanted and he was giving him that control. This was the window of opportunity to ask anything he wanted. And just the action itself was extremely alluring.

"Just don't tease me for too long," he said instead. Depriving himself of the control he could have was something almost addicting when it was with Hirano.

"Alright, alright" Hirano said and returned his fingers to Kagiura's ass, they were colder as he probably had applied more lube and made sloppier work. ‘Less soreness this way’ Hirano had said once. When he did so Kagiura couldn't avoid arching his back a little into Hirano's fingers. His pace of going in and out was excruciatingly slow but as soon as Hirano leaned down to leave more kisses and bites on his asscheeks, he added a third finger in and increased his pace just a little. With his other hand he sneaked down Kagiura’s waist to his abdomen to find his dick and when he started stroking him, Kagiura almost felt his elbows and knees give up. Hirano absolutely noticed that.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to work out? Stay up” There it was, the commanding tone Hirano used when he totally ignored his request to not tease him much. Somehow Hirano was a fanatic of testing how long Kagiura’s strength could hold up and it always worked to rile Kagiura up.

Hirano’s hands were finally working at the exact pace he loved, Hirano was great at multitasking afterall. Feeling the upcoming overwhelming wave of pleasure Kagiura could hear his own voice become louder and right when he announced he was going to cum everything stopped. Or well, Hirano stopped his ministrations and Kagiura groaned in frustration for having his orgasm denied and also feeling cold where Hirano’s hands had disappeared while the rest of his body was aflame.

“Taiga! again?!” Kagiura whimpered as he tried to lay down on the bed once again but was stopped by Hirano encircling his waist with his arms.

He didn’t even try to apologize and he just giggled, smothering kisses atop Kagiura’s back. which he always loved so that was some sort of soothing, he guessed.

“Sorry,” surprisingly for Kagiura Hirano did apologize this time –between giggles though– and helped him turn around and face him to hug him. he had denied his orgasm but now he was hugging him and smothering his face in smooches and that made Kagiura happy, quick to forgive the offense.

“Why do I let you have your way with me every time?” Kagiura pouted. he knew the answer perfectly well but he adored that it made Hirano kiss him even more.

“Because you love me,” Hirano said matter of factly with a self-satisfied grin. “Also I want us to cum together” he whispered right into Kagiura’s ear, and if that was not enough he also bit his earlobe.

How was Hirano Taiga so sweet and so rough in equal amounts? How was Kagiura Akira so smitten to every side of his boyfriend?

“You better make up for it,” Kagiura said, trying hard to look at least a little more defiant, “do it without a condom.”

“Then no cumming inside,” Hirano nodded after barely one second, “you have games this week.”

If Kagiura replied then he would be accepting those terms, however Hirano owed him a little indulgence for ruining him without warning. To distract Hirano from the reply he was expecting but was not going to get, Kagiura pulled Hirano in to kiss him.

In this position he could feel both of their arousal grinding against each other and that was making Hirano pant into the kisses too, he was barely holding his restraint just like Kagiura was. After not a long time Hirano finally shuffled them around in a more comfortable position for them to do it face to face.

Kagiura really liked to watch Hirano’s focused face while he was applying a generous amount of lube on his dick, it was mesmerizing as any other thing that he did for Kagiura’s sake. It was easy to forgive the many times Hirano teased him. Though at the end of the day, those were things they both enjoyed and Kagiura especially liked when Hirano was a little rough with him because he knew he was capable of being gentler too.

Slowly and smoothly Hirano sheathed inside Kagiura after what felt like hours. Despite being denied to cum earlier, Kagiura was still feeling impatient and he wanted Hirano to feel good too so he held his hands to signal him he was ready for Hirano to start moving. And allowing himself to take his time to find a steady and pleasurable pace, Hirano took Kagiura’s legs to place them on his shoulders. Their height difference wasn’t too big but when Hirano fucked him in this position he had trouble reaching Kagiura’s face to kiss him, which both liked a lot. He didn’t immediately set up to kiss the lips and instead dived in to kiss Kagiura’s thighs and the sight was worth thousands of stars.

Hirano didn’t kiss like a hungry man in a desert –despite his eyes glinting with lust when they made eye contact– instead, he kissed like he had the time of the world, like Kagiura was a meal he must savor at every bite. Oftentimes he would literally bite as well but he had promised no marks until his games were over not that Kagiura really cared, he liked when others saw them, but Hirano insisted only he must see them.

‘No other person is allowed to see you like this’ Hirano had said back then. And Kagiura was over the moon whenever he remembered those words. Thinking back on it he shivered along with the graze of Hirano’s teeth that happened to slightly scrape his skin right at that moment.

When Hirano was done kissing along one thigh he set on moving onto the other, only to indulge Kagiura even more and touch again his neglected dick. The response he got was the symphony of sighs and moans coming from Kagiura. Hirano himself was barely holding onto his slow pace.

On the other hand, Kagiura was feeling oversensitive due to Hirano working him from both the behind and the front at the same time. The cold of the sheets and the warmth of the hands holding him up were a huge part of unraveling him. Kagiura felt close again embarrassingly sooner than he expected. His mind was not thinking anymore and as the sensations dragged on and Hirano’s pace turned erratic. He could only register his own voice repeating Hirano’s name when he let go of Kagiura’s legs and dived down to kiss him on the lips.

“I’m c-close,” Hirano uttered against Kagiura’s lips, who took the opportunity to lock his legs behind his back. Hirano whimpered and shivered when he felt Kagiura’s ankles sink on his skin.

“Cum inside,” Kagiura said between groans and moans. The command worked smoothly as Hirano’s movements came to an abrupt stop and Kagiura could feel Hirano filling him inside. He followed right after and for a moment of bliss he was unaware of anything but Hirano.

Kagiura laughed once he was back to all his senses again and Hirano pulled out, because Hirano had said he wouldn’t but if Kagiura asked, he would drop all pretenses. Hirano liked to claim Kagiura that way, they both knew that and it made both of them happy. Was it going to hurt later? Probably. But it was worth it.

“Akki,” Hirano’s hoarse voice sounded content and relieved, if just a little tired and Kagiura couldn’t help feeling happiness from that. “Let’s get a bath and then food?”

Kagiura glanced at their nightstand and realized it had just passed 8 p.m. They were in need of both things but just as much as some parts of his skin felt sore and sticky, he didn’t want to leave his place in Hirano’s embrace yet, so he hugged him tighter.

“Oi. No second rounds”

“Just five more minutes?” Kagiura asked with a pout and all he heard for a reply was a chuckle and felt Hirano tighten the hug even more. It was nice to get confirmations that he was no longer the only one being needy.