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Autumn Warmth

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Early morning. The sun was only just starting its ascension, giving the sky its blue tint at the first rays of sun. It was chilly that morning. Not cold enough to warrant concern, just cold enough that you wanted to stay in bed all bundled up in blankets. Paintbrush blurrily opened their eyes, blinking sleep from them. They found themselves on their back, with each of their arms tucked under their partners and back over top of them in a loose hug.

Lightbulb had placed her paws on Painty’s chest, tail circled around and intertwined with their rope-like tail. She emitted a soft light in the room that pulsed softly, occasionally going in and out likely due to her dreaming.

Meanwhile, Silver Spoon was turned facing the other direction, but found himself clinging onto Painty’s arm that draped over him. He hugged their arm close, legs curled up and tail tucked gently to his side.

Paintbrush gave a content sigh, feeling warm bubbly mushy feelings bubble up, which seemed to manifest into real life as they began to heat up. This wasn’t their a fiery outburst though, it was a reaction more akin to a hot water bottle. Warmth and happiness radiating from their fur.

Silver Spoon made a little “mmphf” sound, nuzzling his face further into Painty’s arm, trying to soak up any warmth he could. Paintbrush smiled at this, pulling Silver closer to their body, slow enough as to not wake him. With the offer of more warmth for his metal body, Silver happily snuggled close. His long noodle spine twisting his legs around but keeping his upper body where it was, he managed to intertwine his legs with Paintbrushs, who tried not to wince at his cold paws. It was fine though, as Silver’s metal composition happily accepted the heat and warmed up to Painty’s temperature in no time at all.

Meanwhile, Lightbulb was mumbling something in her sleep about crab birthday parties. It was uncertain if this was a party themed after crabs, or a party for a crab. She nuzzled closer to Painty, squishing her cheek against their chest and moving her arm to drape across them further, managing to make her way over to Silver’s side where she easily was able to hug both Paintbrush and Silver closer, given both their thin anatomy. She seemed to almost smile in her sleep, giving a content sigh into Painty’s fur.

Paintbrush smiled, eyes growing heavy as sleep was starting to overcome them again. They felt comfortable and loved. What more could you ask for.