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Through the rift

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“SCAR!” I yell as I face him, his wicked smile on his face.
Pleased. He says “Get the hand!”
That’s what he is, he just killed him, my friend, my first ally, my only confidant, my king, gone. All I see is him and everything else around us falling away as I am engulfed in anger. I ran towards him pulling my sword back to swing hard at him, he dodged just in time. He has a bow and is skilled at it as he shoots me, even if we are in close quarters. I have to raise my shield as he continuously hits me. I swing at him one last time, just before he gets his shot, killing me.


I look at the rift in awe, as I look between it and the multiverse version of Grumbot.
“Amazing.” I said to myself, as I cleaned up the cavern a little, needing to work on the idea generator, but not wanting to yet.
It turns out distractions will present themselves when you want to procrastinate.
“No, no. That is not how it works, Scar!” I laugh as Scar tries to guess how the so-called content generator works.
Pearl, Scar and Bdubs all came into the cavern and started shenanigans, it ended up with us goofing off with the generator. It's now been a few hours and Pearl left to go work on some builds as Scar, Bdubs and I are still joking around a little.
“Are you sure it doesn’t work like that Grian?” Bdubs looks at me with a teasing smile
“YES! I am Bdubs,” I start the beginnings of a rant, “in fact if you want to-”
“What in the world?” I hear from Scar as I turn towards the rift.
‘No. It can't be spitting out something else already. Could it?’
“What is that coming from?” Bdubs exclaims as I turn fully towards the rift, its glow pulsating slightly.
“It’s the Rift.” I laugh in excitement, I mean it gave me Grumbot back. Well a version of him at least. So how bad could it be?
The glow from the purple portal in the wall starts to pulse faster, getting brighter, as the vworping noise becomes louder.
“Is that a good thing?” Scar asks in a panicky way as I feel both him and Bdubs come up behind me.
“I have no clue!” I start to bounce lightly in place as I wait to see what comes out.
“What do you mean you don’t know?” Bdubs yell as the glow of the rift gets so bright I have to shield my eyes.
“Exactly what I said. I have no clue!” I say as the vworping gets so loud I can barely hear myself think.
It comes to a finish with a final loud VWORP as a flash of light from the portal temporarily blinds me.


I regain consciousness in a rush of panic and adrenaline. I shoot up breathing heavily as I open my eyes, I look down at my hands and then pat my chest, I'm not dead? I lift my head to survey my surroundings.
I quickly notice I'm in a huge cave of some sort. In front of me I see a huge box, the front is outlined in copper, and the main face of it is textured black with lightly glowing blue dots all over it, almost like a mushroom. On the blue and black texture are two eyes and a mustache, all in a light green light block of some sort. It has pipes and other things attached to it but the front and ‘face’ is what gets my attention. I hear a groan, as I look a little closer to me in between me and the giant box are three people. Three recognizable people.
'No please, no no no no.'
I hear another groan, this one from a different person.
“Grian I don’t know what just happened but remind me never to be around when it happens again.” I hear as all three men get up and brush themselves off.
'Grian, it can't be, I just.."
I get up quickly too, checking my pockets, hoping I have a weapon or something to defend myself.
“Yeah! Give us a warning next time.” I hear from someone who I want to believe isn't, as I look at them again I see Grian. He looks like Grian at least, he has on a red sweater and beige pants with sneakers, with a pair of goggles on his head, and of course his signature wings probably stuck through the sweater. He's also looking right at me. I stand up a bit straighter. Hoping they can’t tell how scared I am, how defenseless I am.
“Uh Scar. Bdubs. I’m not just seeing this right?” Grian says as I take the other two in. They at least look like Scar and Bdubs. Scar has a black archer outfit on, it is mostly black except for an orange and blue arrow like v pointing down on his shirt, he also has sunglasses but they are currently in his hands, I haven't ever seen him in this outfit if it is Scar. Bdubs looks like Bdubs, dark colored pants, simple shoes and a white shirt, but he has on a hooded cloak like jacket that looks like it is made out of moss.
I take a step back, standing a bit straighter looking between them.
“Martyn? Is that really you dude?” I look at Scar. He looks at me a bit in disbelief, considering he just….yeah, I don’t blame him. There is also a bit of something else that I refuse to believe is happiness.
“Yeah it’s me.” I say in an as even tone as I can manage, but it comes off emotionless.
“How are you here? Why did you- how did you come through the Rift?” Grian asks in a light laugh of happiness. Scar seems to relax when he realizes it’s actually me. I cock my head to the side slightly.
‘Why has Scar relaxed? Why does Grian seem happy? I’m their enemy.’
“Where are we?” I ask instead of answering Grian’s questions, that I'm not even sure I could answer.
“Oh yeah, you’ve never been on Hermit craft have you? Well we’re under my base currently.” Grian answers casually, as if we have never fought. As if he hadn't just watched–
“Hermit craft? What-” I pause and take a deep breath feeling a bit more confident, “What happened? We were all just in Dogwarts, trapped in the third life server! Remember?” I get louder as I finally start to process the fact I just- I just…
“Hey Martyn let's calm down alright?” Bdubs walks forward slowly and has his hands up in a placating manner.
“No! Bdubs, do none of you not understand why I’m upset?” I yell at him as he stops halfway to me startled.
Grian takes in a quick breath, and then goes “Oh. Bdubs, it’s probably best if we ask someone else to come over to talk to him.” he kind of gives Bdubs a look as if to say ‘just listen please’ as he gestures for him to go back to the other two.
“Martyn,” Scar looks unsure as he takes a step forward, “What was the last thing you remember?”
“Scar no.” Grian says looking at him
‘“Oh like you don’t remember? I bet you were so pleased after huh?” I say bitterly, upset at the whole situation.
“Pleased after what?” He questions confused, possibly a bit timidly. I choose to ignore that part for now.
“Scar don’t, Bdubs take Scar and go find the king, please.”
“No, no please Scar, continue to lord over me. Please I insist, lord your vi-”
“Martyn!” I look at Grian. He's breathing heavily and has a somewhat pained expression. It's like he's trying to almost ground himself. “Scar doesn't remember, neither does Bdubs.” He says slowly
“Go get the king.” He commands them, careful of his wording. They look at him and then to me, then to each other.
“Fine but we want answers when we get back.” Bdubs says as he and Scar fly off out of the cavern with elytras. Scar trailing behind a little.
‘They have an End?'
“What do you mean they don’t remember Grian?” I ask feeling better now that it's just the two of us
“Neither of them remember,” He looks back to me after watching the two fly away, he sighs, “At least not in any way that matters that is. The fighting, anything from their red life, they don't remember it.” He walks up to me slowly.
“I- what? How is that possible? Grian? Scar just…” I take in a shaky breath, “he just took my last life, Grian. How am I here?” I ask, breaking down slightly and breathing heavily.
“Hey I know. Trust me Martyn I wish I could go back and change what happened.” He put his hand on my shoulder when he finally got to me. “But I can’t, we all did what we had to to survive." He takes a deep breath, "And that wasn’t the last time.”
“What?” I look at him, my eyes tearing up at the thought of doing it all over again.
“We had to go through it two more times. I wish I could say it was a one and done but I can't.”
“No, no Grian.. I can’t do that all again.”
“If I have a say in it you won’t have to okay?” He pulls me into a hug, and I let him.
Before everything within third life, we were close. We went through things together that very few know, and throughout it all we stayed friends. I helped him through the fallout of his high school experience. He helped me through the fallout of Evo. I wonder if there is a timeline where we ended up being on the same side of third life.
Where Dogwarts and the Sand people had an alliance, where we worked together, instead of against. I start crying more at the thought of Ren and Scar laughing after they scammed someone for use of the enchanter, me and Grian building up the defenses. Us all cleaning out the desert of sand. Maybe Scott and Timmy would have helped and got some sand in return.
He squeezes me tighter and starts whispering apologizes and promises of a safe place here.
After about two minutes I pull back from the hug, he doesn't drop his arms but loosens them, almost like he's afraid that if he lets me go I'll disappear.
"Grian, where am I? Why did Scar look so relieved it was me? Who is this 'king' you had them go get?"
"You're on Hermitcraft, the home server for quite a few people you know. It's safe here." He starts with a small smile. "And he's relieved because after we stopped the zealots of watchers that were behind…." He trails off the smile leaving him, "we haven't been able to find you, we've all been so worried."
"I-he was worried? But everything with Dogwarts and you guys, why would he still care about me? Why do you still care?"
"Because I'm still your friend. We both are." I look over Grian's shoulder and Scar is just a bit from us. I wonder how long he's been back. He frowns as he comes up to us, Grian lets go of me slowly, and turns to look at Scar.
"Bdubs found him and is coming here with him."
He turns to me, taking a deep breath as if trying to prepare himself.
"Martyn after- after third life do you know how long I avoided anyone that was there? I was so worried that they would hate me, I left all of them so many notes and apologies and gifts. I felt like I couldn't be near anyone. Because I didn't know what they remembered that I didn't. Especially Grian and Ren, because they remembered the most out of all of us. Scott remembered a lot too, but he's on empires, I didn't have to avoid him." He starts to pace back and forth in front of us, waving his hands as he speaks.
"I couldn't remember, there were gaps that I knew- still know are important. Pieces of memories that didn't quite fit, muted memories." He stops and takes a shaky deep breath. He turns to look at us looking directly at me, he has a sad smile on his face.
"You know who finally helped me? Who got me and Grian to stop ignoring each other? It was Ren." He looks away at the rift in thought, more staring through it than at it.
"He had someone lure me to somewhere random, I meet him and Grian there. I was going to run too. Then Ren started apologizing and I stayed, and we worked through it" He looks at me again with a sad look and takes another shaky deep breath, "Martyn, I don't know what I did but I know I did something. I am so sorry and if you want me to not be anywhere near I'll listen. Just-" he pauses " I just can't, I don't want to hurt you anymore than I know I already have."
I look at him in shock at this, Scar the man that can scam anyone out of anything. The man that held everything close to his chest and only let Grian see his cards. The man that didn't apologize for anything. He is seemingly at a loss for words, is apologizing, and is telling everything to me. This isn't the man that killed both me and my ki- Ren- in the span of ten minutes. No, this is the bumbling man that lost his first life in an accident because of a prank, who had the ambitious idea to take over all the sand. This is the Scar I met when Grian and some of his friends met me in Hypixel for some relaxation. The man that loves his cat more than life and his friends just as much. This is Scar, the one I made friends with; and oh how I've missed this Scar and this Grian. Because this Grian is the Grian I knew. The Grian that cares so much, is chaos but meaningfully so. My friend is no longer afraid of loud noises or someone moving too fast, and isn't immediately defensive at them. These are my friends I knew before third life.
I finally focus back on what is going on around me. Scar makes a pained expression.
"I'm gonna go, I got so much to work on," he turns to leave, "and you obviously don-"
"Please don't go!" I say quickly and maybe a bit too loud.
"Really?" He turns back to me, a worried expression on his face.
"Scar, you- that version of you, isn't who you are at all. That wasn't you and I know this so please just," I take a deep breath as I walk up to him, "just," I open my arms as an invitation.
He lights up, and smiles softly, meeting me and he has to lean down just slightly as he hugs me.
He squeezes me like he knows what he did even if I know he doesn't.
"I don't know what happened, but I have a feeling I don't deserve your forgiveness." He whispers softly like he's afraid if he speaks any louder he'll break something.
"You do because it wasn't you that was in control. Just let me hug you for a second, okay?" I say back just as quietly.
After a minute or two fireworks go off somewhat close to the entrance. It's loud and abrupt, I try to pretend I didn't jump at them as I pull away from Scar slightly, to try and see what's going on near the entrance.
Grian comes up beside me, "Martyn, can you promise you'll be okay with anyone who comes in here?" I blink at that, it's a serious question and I'm not sure how to answer it. I mean I have started the healing process with both Grian and Scar, I should be fine. Right?
"Yeah I should be okay." I say as Scar lets me go entirely.
"Grian, are you sure that him seeing Martyn is a good idea?" Scar looks at Grian as Grian turns to him, they seem to be having a conversation with only their eyes. Something I saw them do many times before, something I've done with my kin- something I've done before.
Grian sighs as he turns away, looking at the entrance, "Maybe not a good idea, but one nonetheless."
"Wait, are you guys talking about this 'king' character?" I question as it clicks on who they're talking about.
"Right, Martyn, you should be warned." Scar looks at me
"Warned about what?" I say a bit panicked.
Fireworks go off again but this time almost like they're right above us. I look up to the entrance to the cave, and see two figures flying down. One in green and the other in red. The two land a few feet in front of us, the red one stumbling a little from going too fast. The red clad figure straightens out as I fully see the face.
'Can it really be, it's him. My ki- Ren, it's Ren!'
"Dude sorry it took so long! Where is he please tell me he hasn't run off he does that sometimes." The red clad figure looks at Grian, not even fully registering me and Scar. I fully take in Ren, he's wearing a nice golden crown, with diamonds in it, a not blood red, red coat with white fur trim and blue embellishments in the white fur. There is a simple gold chain holding the top of the coat together. Under the coat is a black shirt and regular blue jeans with a pair of sturdy black boots. I look up at his face. As usual I can't see his eyes because of his sunglasses, but I can tell he's tired, his hair is only half way in it's pony tail the rest sticking out in unusual ways. The main reason I can tell, however, is because his facial hair is a mess. He once told me that good facial hair can make a man, while also saying I couldn't pull off a beard. Even with the differences between him right now and what he looked like the last time I can still tell it's him it's still-
"Ren" I breath out almost whispering
He whips his head to look at me
"Martyn, it's really you." He steps around Grian to get to me
"That's the thing Ren he's… well he's from the past, he from third life." Grian says turning to watch Ren. Ren stopping and turning back to look at him.
"What?" I hear Ren say, as if his entire world has been broken.